Bunny The Slave Wife, Fun down on the farm!

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Bunny The Slave Wife, Fun down on the farm!Or maybe we should call it Little Bondage House On The Prairie“Fuck you look hot!” exclaimed Bunny’s husband as his smoldering gaze travelled up and down his slave wife’s curvy body.She grinned back at her husband and answered in a soft cute voice, “Thank you Master”.Bunny was dressed in a plaid shirt, gathered up and tied high on her waist, with its top buttons all undone. Her ample breasts on full display, the areola’s around her pert nipples peeking out. On her bottom half she had on her favourite cowgirl boots and nothing else except a super short jean skirt, that he had chosen, and that barely covered her firm rounded bum. Allowing him to curve his fingers easily around each wonderful smooth cheek and fondle her most intimate parts, as he was doing now.Standing behind her now, running one hand all around her ass as the other reached around and slipped under her shirt, he cupped one breast and squeezed lightly. His lower hand sliding between her ass cheeks and playing very close to her most tender little hole.“HHMMM, Master will want to play with this later.” He said, as he pushed one finger two knuckles deep into her tight ass and played with her left nipple. With one final pinch of her nipple, he pulled out his finger. Causing Bunny to moan and throw back her head so it rested on his muscular flannel covered chest.“Don’t stop Master, please.” She whispered.“Ahh Bunny, you do like to fuck any way possible, don’t you?”Bunny just bit her puffy sexy bottom lip, craning her neck back to peer up at her husband and smirked as she nodded back.“Well my little slave, Master has a whole new experience for you today then. We are heading out to the big field, the fun way!”…….‘So this is what he meant by the fun way? Oh noooo’, Bunny thought as she stood there outside the barn. Her wrists were bound with rope in front of her and jammed sideways in her mouth, was the brown leather handle of the nasty little whip her husband was so fond of.“Now don’t drop that whip Bunny, or touch it! Or you know what will happen, right?” her husband asked as he tossed more rope onto the back of the old hay wagon hooked up to his John Deere tractor.Bunny slowly nodded her head up and down, keeping a death grip on the whip handle with her teeth. No way did she want Master to whip her with this thing sivas escort again. She hadn’t been able to sit for days after his last use of it on her. Of course that just meant he had kept her on her knees for days, and we all know what that meant. After a couple days her ass had stopped burning but her jaws had ached terribly…But that’s another story….“Okay Bunny come on over here, I need to load you up onto the wagon.” Her hubby Master said patting the wooden deck of the hay wagon trailer. A cloud of hay dust dancing in the sun on the old boards.Bunny strode over keeping her bound hands low in front of her, the result being her wonderful tits pushed together and jutted out of her barely buttoned shirt. As her husband put an arm around her waist and another under her knees and lifted her easily up onto the wagon, he growled lowly, “God baby you have such nice fucking tits!”Bunny was about to obediently say ‘thank you master’ but remembered at the last second that she needed to keep the whip handle in her mouth. Instead she raised her arms high as she sat on the edge of the trailer and thrust her breasts out so her husband could put his mouth around one of them. He leaned in between her legs, spreading her thighs apart with his hips and sunk his mouth down onto her incredibly beautiful breasts.Sucking slowly at her pert nipples for the next minute or so, he soon had Bunny moaning and groaning and he was delighting in making her suffer. She had to concentrate hard to not drop the whip as he nipped, bit and tugged at her nipples with his teeth, all while he had one had up under her miniscule skirt, rubbing greedily with his rough fingers all around her slick sex.As he slid two fingers up into her quivering cunt and sucked and pulled on her left nipple, she came. Gripping his flannel shirt so hard with her bound hands, she ripped three buttons off it. Pulling and wrenching at the flannel as her whole body jerked and spasmed, riding his fingers that thrust up inside her. All while biting down on the whip’s brown handle and screaming out her climax at the same time.As Bunny sat there hyperventilating around the whip, her husband leaned in and kissed her on the tip of her nose and then stroked her thick hair. “Good little slave wife, my Bunny. I can’t believe you didn’t drop that whip. Now let’s see if you can keep escort sivas it in your mouth for the next stage of our adventure.”Pointing to the middle of the old wagon, he made Bunny crawl over to the center. Soon he had ropes flying all over the place as he made her stretch out. Her hips he slightly raised on an old horse blanket. The effect being her ass rose up in the air and her pussy was framed and ready for perfect entering.He went about tying Bunny’s wrists to the head of the wagon, looking into her anxious eyes and smiling at his captive slave wife as he snugged down her wrist ropes. Moving to the end of the wagon, he wrapped more rope around her cowgirl boots and tied those off to the wagon’s rear corners.Finally, he coiled more rope above and below her knees and began to spread her legs further and further. She felt her jean skirt get snugger and snugger, her legs growing extremely awkwardly far apart as her master pulled on those ropes. She heard him mutter behind her, “hmmm damn skirt is gettin in the way.”Then suddenly to her shock there was a rip, the sound of fabric tearing behind her and then the feeling of her ass being totally uncovered and exposed in the farm fresh air. She tried to look behind herself, but she was too tightly bound to move much and the damn whip handle was still an obstacle.“Sorry slave, Master needed to spread your legs more. I want that perfect slave ass and cunt totally unhindered when I start pounding into you.”She watched with some trepidation as he tossed some more rope, a ball gag, butt plug, a large cow salt lick and pitch fork onto the wagon. Her brow furrowed as she surveyed all these items. She tried to mouth out a question around the whip handle, as she saw the end of the pitch fork was encased in a greased up condom and had a rope running thur it, ‘HE wouldn’t dare she thought!’But her thoughts on the lubed up handle disappeared quickly, as with her legs finally well secured and all the ropes knotted tight, her husband jumped up on the wagon and knelt between her legs. She could hear him unzip his fly and then felt him place the tip of his super stiff cock at the entrance to her glistening moist pussy. She was already trembling in anticipation for the hard fucking she knew was about to come.Fisting her hair in one hand and pulling her head back, he pushed sivas escort bayan his hips forward. Driving his cock deep into her cunt with one hard long steady thrust. Her flesh stretching around his cock as he pushed in until his abdomen slapped up her against her round luscious bottom. Bunny moaned deep and long as she felt him fill her feminine insides up.“He we go Bunny” he yelled as he began pounding her from behind with abandon. The furious sounding slap of flesh on flesh, as he repeatedly slammed into her, even causing the nearby goats to stop their munching and peer over at the two with curiosity.Bunny moaned and then began to scream in aroused pleasure as her master of a husband took the attack on her cunt to an even faster level. Her exposed breasts and aroused nipples scrapped tortuously against the old wood planks of the wagon as her whole body was jerked back and forth as he relentlessly and rapidly continued slamming into her.Tied spread eagle and exposed, totally at the mercy of her master. She u*********sly fought at the ropes as every muscle in her body began to tighten and a heated explosion began to build in her over worked sex.Gritting down on the handle of the whip, so hard it would leave permanent teeth marks, she exploded into her second orgasm of the afternoon. Moaning and panting around the now drool soaked leather whip handle, she held on with all her might as her master continued nailing her from behind. Until he too let out a roar and came buried deep inside her still trembling cunt, pulling her hair hard and calling out her name.“Bunny, you amazing little slave..Bunny, my fuckin Bunny!”….. A while later …..The wagon bounced around in the ruts of the muddy track heading for the back fields. Bunny’s spread-eagled body was well secured to the old wooden contraption, but she was still getting jostled around. Her nipples were taking a beating as they chaffed constantly against the rough old grey wood planks. The weight of her rope bound body and her out stretched tied up arms, helping to grind those lovely tits of hers into the splintered wood as the wagon shuddered and jerked along.She had tears in her eyes as this torturous little trip plodded along. The tractor, driven by her husband, pulling her along at a languid pace. Finally, when she was sure she couldn’t take it anymore and was prepared to drop the whip from her mouth and scream out for mercy, the trip came to a halt. She looked over to the nearby fence, moaned and then let out a long slow groan around the leather handle.‘It was another fucking post’ she realized…..

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