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BUSINESS AS USUALOne Saturday morning, I got a surprise call from Mrs. De la Vega as I was doing maintenance on my pool cleaning equipment.“Hello Tony, How are you doing?”, she asked.With a smile on my face, I replied -“Hello Mrs. De la Vega. I have been good. I’m trying to balance my time between pool cleaning and school. How are you?”Mrs. De la Vega paused momentarily then remarked, “I’m looking at my pond and I noticed something dirty. I know you must be busy but could you help me Tony?”I checked my cleaning pool list and I noticed that I had just cleaned their pond about three days ago. I tried to make excuses but she was persistent. So I agreed to go at their house.When I got to the house, I got out my cleaning equipment and let myself in. I was surprised when I saw Mrs. De la Vega by the pond reading a book with her top open, revealing to me her big 32G assets. I made a lot of noise to let her know I was there. She looked up to my direction but did not do anything to cover her breasts.“Hi, Tony! Thank you for coming here!” She replied rising up from the lounge chair slightly to let me know she had an ample bosom. With a smile on my face, I replied“Sure, what’s canlı kaçak iddaa your pond’s problem?” Then she gave me a remarked that does not answer my query,“My husband is out of town on business and I need some help on something. Could you take the time to help me?” I replied innocently,“Uh sure, I could do that. What is it?”She then reclined on the lounge chair, closed the book and place it by her side. Then she commanded me, “Put your equipment down and come over here!”I did as I was told. Then she began rubbing her breasts and pussy right in front of me. My jaw dropped as I was witnessing something that I have been fantasizing before. Right in front of me was a 50-year old MILF obviously enjoying what she was doing.Instantly, I have a raging hard-on on my shorts as I watch her play with breasts. Perhaps noticing my bulge, she confronted me, “Tony, do you want to play with my ‘front’?” she smiled at me and licked her lips. “No one will notice; we are all alone.”I chose not to be asked twice. I immediately began groping her ample tits.“What size bra do you wear, Mrs. De la Vega?” I asked, trying to be casual about it and pretending that I rub women’s tits güvenilir casino every day of the week.“I wear a 40DD. Why Tony, you like them? They are real, not plastic.” She replied proudly.“Yes, I do like them, a lot!” I answered rather enthusiastically. “They feel wonderful!”While I was massaging her massive globes of beauty, she reached over, felt my cock through my shorts, and gave it a squeeze.“Wow, I am having quite a reaction on you Tony!” she said with a wicked grin on her face. Then she had me paused momentarily and said,“Hold on for a second Tony.”She stood up and removes her polo, her jeans and her panties. My greedy eyes stared at the most beautiful shaved pussy I probably have laid my eyes on.“I need you to rub me right here,” she said pointing at her pussy.I obliged. I rubbed it…driving her crazy with desire. After a long couple of minutes, I rubbed the outer lips of her pussy. Never having seen one before, I took my fingers and spread her lips apart. I saw what I would learn later to be her glistening clit. I rubbed it as well and she began squirming under the pressure of my finger. I saw this hole, which I correctly assumed, was for making güvenilir casino love.Curiosity got the better of me and I put my finger inside of it, and then two fingers. Yes…she’s wet! I don’t know why, but I instinctively began to move my fingers in and out of her while still rubbing her clit. She let out a gasp and her pussy began contracting repeatedly around my fingers.“Tony, fuck me! Fuck me right now!” she demanded.I took off my T-shirt and shorts while she watched.“Good heavens Tony. I didn’t realize how big you are. This is going to be fun!”I entered her easily as her hips thrust upward every time my cock went deep inside her. Three minutes later, I could actually feel her pussy tightening around my dick. I let lose a stream of my juice deep inside her. I must have squirted six times and every drop of semen I had squirted inside her. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had! Now, I was no longer a virgin where women were concerned. Her own orgasm subsided and she relaxed.“My god Tony that felt good! How many pools do you have left to do today?”“Just one. Why do you ask?”“Let’s take a shower. We are both already naked. When you are recharged, we will go for round two. Sound like fun?”“You bet, Mrs. De la Vega. I am up for it.”She began laughing at my pun and ran to towards their shower room. I quickly followed. I desperately wanted to suck on her massive tits. Almost as much as she wanted me too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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