Cabins in the Snow

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Cabins in the SnowWe were heading up to our cabin. My husband and I were avid boarders (snowboards) and had a cabin in ski country. We tried to get there at least once a month during snow season. We left the k**s with grandma and grandpa and left the day after Christmas. We were going to come back the day after New Years. I was looking forward to the break. My husband Conner and I were 35 and 32 respectively. Between k**s and our busy careers we barely had time to breath. We were both looking forward to some reconnecting time. Don’t get me wrong. We love each other dearly, but sometimes schedules don’t leave you enough time to be a couple. This was our time to ourselves to get back to ‘dating’ each other. The cabin is fairly secluded, about 8 miles from town. We pass one other cabin on the road up. We’ve met the couple who owned it. They were in their late forties and great people. Often, if we knew the other was there, and we were running into town, we’d call each other and ask if the other needed anything. As we drove by we saw 3 cars in the driveway. They must have had company. We got to our cabin and settled in. Turned on the heat, unloaded the food, turned on the water. All the things you normally do when you arrive. During the winter we kept the freezer stocked with meat and lots of canned goods around that way all I had to bring up was fresh fruit and produce. It made it easier to come as often as we wanted. The cabin was small. Two bedrooms and a great room. One bath and a deck, the deck had an overhang to keep the snow off it and a hot tub. Inside we had mostly electric appliances and heat. It was more expensive, but that’s how we bought it and we couldn’t really afford to convert right now. The cabin did have a big wood stove though that could heat the entire cabin. We kept two cords of wood on hand to heat the cabin when we were there. We lit a fire, ate dinner, opened a bottle of wine, and snuggled up on the couch. After a few minutes of cuddling I wanted to get comfortable. I was wearing jeans and a big sweater. I looked cute. I’m 5’5″ 145lbs. I have nice curves and can still rock a bikini but I’m no flat bellied college girl. My long brown hair comes down to the small of my back. I can wear most clothes and look good. I stood up and removed my jeans. Basically wearing the sweater as an extremely short dress. I knew I looked cute. I knew my husband always loved that look, he loved my legs and ass. I snuggled up next to him. He wrapped his arm around me with his hand landing on my ass. It felt good. I love that after eight years and two k**s he still wanted to grab my ass. “Mmmmm,” I purred. “I love your ass,” he said. “It’s a shame you have to keep it covered. Everyone should see it. I love being his lover. Sometimes a lover, sometimes a slut, I can let him see all sides of me. I snuggled in closer. “All yours baby, all yours,” I replied. He turned to kiss me. I love his kisses. We made out for a while. His hands under my sweater. Sliding from my ass to my shoulders. Finally he pulled my sweater up over my head and dropped it on the floor. My bra followed. He pushed me back on the couch and kissed his way down my body stopping at my breasts and playing with my nipples. I was getting wetter by the minute. He continued down my body. His hands hooked in the waistband of my panties and dragged them down over my hips as his kisses reached my pussy. I spread my legs a bit more for him. With his head between my legs he lightly sucked on my clit. Then rolled his tongue around it. I shuddered from the pleasure. As his tongue probed my pussy and clit I started moaning. I wanted him inside me. I pushed him away and started helping him out of his clothes. When he was naked I laid back and pulled him on top of me. I reached down and slid his cock into me. It felt so good. “Fuck me,” I said. “Fuck me hard.”He started fucking me, hard and fast. I loved it. I pulled my knees back to my chest so he could drive deep inside me. “Unghh, unghh, unghh…,” I grunted with every thrust. I felt my orgasm wash over me, “Yes, yes, I love you, yes.”I felt him pull out of me. It was his turn now. I pushed him on his back and took his hard cock in my hand. I then wrapped my lips around it. I’m no deep threat porn queen, but I give a pretty good blow job, if I don’t say so myself. I swirled my tongue around his cock lightly sucking it clean. I could taste my pussy on his cock. I loved the way it tasted. It was not long before his body stiffened up. I clamped my lips around his cock as he exploded in my mouth. Jet after jet of hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could. What I couldn’t swallow dripped down my chin. I wiped it away with my fingers and licked my fingers clean. We headed to bed. There was supposed to be light snow the next day, but not so bad we couldn’t hit the slopes. We snuggled off to sleep.I woke up early and looked out the window. It was just daylight and everything was white. The ground was white, the houses were white, the sky was white. While we’d been snuggling the storm had upgraded itself. Snow was coming down. Our car was snowed in. There was no way we were going boarding. That’s ok, we had tv, videos, plenty of books, and games to keep us busy. Since we were just staying in, I threw on one of Conner’s T shirts and nothing else. I made breakfast and we settled in to wait out the storm. About 10am we lost power. It was fine, we had plenty of wood for the fireplace and wood stove, we had 2 propane camp stoves, and plenty of battery powered lanterns and batteries. We just relaxed. Around 1 in the afternoon there was a knock on our door. It startled us. We had no idea there was anyone around. We looked out the window. There were four very bundled up people on our doorstep. Conner opened the door. “We’re sorry to bother you,” one said. It was a girl in her early 20s. “We are staying at my uncle’s cabin down the road. We were leaving today but we are snowed in. We don’t have power or heat or food. We were wondering if you could help us.” “Of course,” said Conner. “Come in, get out of those heavy clothes.” It was a group of four k**s in their early 20s. One girl and three boys. Her name was Cindy. Theirs were Mark, Bobby, and Rick. Cindy and Rick were a couple. Conner turned to introduce me. “We are Conner and Alicia.”All of a sudden I remembered that all I was wearing was a T shirt and not a very long one at that. I greeted everyone and then said, “Well, if we’re going to have company, I better put on some clothes.”I headed to the bedroom to change. As luck would have it, when I turned I tripped over a shoe and fell forward. I caught myself but my T shirt did not stay in place. My entire ass was on display and to adjust my shirt I’d have to get up and my pussy would be on display. There was no helping it. As I realized what was happening I had a strange thought. Thank god I just shaved my pussy was the thought. I normally shave it, but sometimes I’m lazy and let it go too long and it looks awful. My husband and one of the guys ran to my side to help me up. They were holding my arms so I couldn’t adjust my T shirt. Finally I stood up and assuring them I was ok, pulled my arms away and pulled down my shirt. “I’m so sorry,” I apologized for flashing myself. Everyone assured me everything was ok and they were only concerned for me. I assured them I was ok and headed to my room to change. I was breathing heavy and shaking. I couldn’t get the thought that I’d exposed my pussy and ass to these strangers. You’d think I would be horrified, but I wasn’t. Frighteningly, I realized I was kind of turned on. I pulled on a pair of yoga pants under my T shirt. I didn’t bother with underwear. I headed back out to the main room. Everyone had taken off their heavy coats and were sitting chatting with Conner. I offered drinks, and they all accepted. I noticed when I came in that Cindy had her arm around Conner’s arm and was talking quietly with him. After I served diet cokes and beer, I joined the group. Conversation came easy. They were hometown friends and decided to spend Christmas boarding. The snowstorm caught them by surprise and, since it wasn’t their cabin, they had no supplies. My mind couldn’t help but occasionally wander to the fact I’d flashed these people. I spent some time just checking them out. Cindy was sat next to Conner. She was 21 and a tiny thing. 5’1″ maybe 100 lbs with long blond hair. When she talked she’d pat his arm or often touch his thigh. The guys were long and lean, about Conner’s height, 5’11”, but much thinner in that way boys in their early 20s are. I wondered if they enjoyed seeing my ass. No one but Conner had seen my ass in ten years. I wondered if these young guys enjoyed it, or was I too old. Eventually it was dinner time. The snow had not let up and we asked the k**s if they wanted to stay. They were grateful, especially because they didn’t have any food left. I told them we had plenty. Cindy offered to help in the kitchen. As we started dinner I again apologized for earlier. “Don’t be silly. Probably the thrill of those boys lifetimes,” she joked quietly. “Plus, Conner didn’t seem to mind. Besides, with a body like that you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re pretty damn hot.,” she added. Whoa, that was pretty out there, I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I just said, “thank you.” Then I thought, wait? Conner didn’t seem to mind? He liked that my ass was on display? My mind kind of raced. I realized I liked the idea of three young men and this cute girl thinking I was hot. In fact, it kind of turned me on. Second, the openness with osmaniye escort which she said it kind of made me nervous, but also excited me. I was surprised when she went on. “Those yoga pants don’t hurt either. I hope I can keep my figure like you have after I have k**.””Good genes,” I quipped.”Then I’m screwed,” she quipped.We both laughed and went about cooking dinner. When it was done, we all sat to eat. Again the conversation flowed easily.After dinner the k**s offered to head back to their cabin. There was still no power and it was still snowing, we told them they could stay with us till we got power back. “Thank god,” said Bobby.”Thank god?” I asked “Yeah, it’s cold and dark there, and we didn’t really want to go, but thought it’d be polite to leave,” he laughed.”Well, you guys can stay as long as we’re here,” I offered. “After all, there’s no way to drive out anyways.”They all thanked us profusely. Since there was still no power we decided to play a game. There aren’t a lot of games for six players. We ended up playing Cards against humanity. Along with a few bottles of wine, we had a blast. We all got to know each other and spent the evening laughing. I noticed Cindy sat next to Conner and they bantered back and forth. Me flashing my ass came up more than once. It was finally bed time. The k**s again offered to go back to their cabin. We insisted they stay with us. Rick and Cindy would take the spare bedroom, Mark and Bobby the pullout couch. Cindy suggested that they go back to their cabin and get some stuff to wear. . I told them I could find stuff for tonight it was still snowing and too cold to go back. They all thanked me. I rummaged around in my room and came up with some gym shorts for the boys and one of Conner’s T-shirts for Cindy. I brought them out and handed them to the k**s. Cindy went to the bathroom to change. The boys just started undressing right in the living room in front of me. I don’t think they meant anything by it but they just weren’t thinking.I watch them take off their shirts. They were all long and lean with hard abs. I found myself admiring their bodies. All of a sudden I caught myself, excused myself, and went into my bedroom to change. Connor was already in the bedroom in a pair of gym shorts to sleep in. Normally we slept naked. I grabbed one of Conner’s T shirts for me to sleep in. Once I’d changed I went to check if anyone needed anything. Cindy was there. The T shirt fit her like a dress. The boys looked really hot in just gym shorts. The shorts were kind of sagging on them as Conner is a bit bigger than the boys. I tried not to stare. I thought back to me flashing my ass earlier. I inwardly laughed thinking I could freak them out by flashing it again. I asked if anyone needed anything. They all responded they were fine. Cindy came up to me and hugged me. “Thank you so much,” she said. “I’m not sure what we would have done without you.” Then in a low voice just to me she added. “I wonder if the boys are hoping you’ll fall again.” I was kind of shocked, but, maybe it was the wine, and since I’d been thinking the same thing, not too shocked. I whispered back, “I doubt they want to see my ass again.” “You k**ding,” she said. “Even I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.”I laughed, let her go from the hug and said goodnight. I stepped into my bedroom door. I was about to close it when I realized only Cindy could see me. A funny thought came to mind. When she looked at me, I pulled my T shirt up, turned around, and wiggled my ass at her. Then I closed the door. I could hear her laughing in the other room. My husband saw the whole thing.”What was that about?” he asked. He didn’t seem concerned. I told him about the conversation with Cindy and that I was flashing her my ass. He asked, “Are you sure the guys didn’t see!””I’m sure,” I replied.His response shocked me. “Too bad, I bet they’re sorry they missed it.”I asked what he meant. “Well, I’m sure Cindy told them what happened by now and they’re all sorry they didn’t see.”I kind of liked the idea. I surprised myself how much I enjoyed the idea. Between that, the wine, thinking about showing my ass off, I attacked my husband. About 2am I woke up and had to use the bathroom. I got up and walked out of the bedroom. Of course I completely forgot we had company and didn’t bother trying to put clothes on. As I came out of the bathroom I heard a movement in the living room. I looked and saw both Mark and Bobby looking at me.I shrieked and ran into my room. My shriek woke Conner. “What’s wrong,” he asked. “Stupid me,” I replied. “I forgot the k**s were in the living room and went to the bathroom naked.” “Did they see you?” he asked. “Uh huh, when I came out they were both looking at me.””Well, lucky them,” he joked and kissed me. “I’m so embarrassed. How will I face them in the morning,” I was not happy. “Who you k**ding, they won’t complain. Trust me, it’s the best thing that’s happened to them in years,” he said. With that he kissed me again. I realized his cock was hard. The reality was that the idea of me being caught and the fact my husband seemed turned on by it, turned me on as well. Conner pushed me to the bed. “It’s kinda hot. Was there a part where you felt turned on? Maybe a bit?” he asked. I could feel myself getting wet as he talked about it. “Shut up and fuck me,” I said. I got up in the morning. Conner was already up. I could smell coffee and hear people moving around. I didn’t have much sleepwear at the cabin. I pulled on one of Conner’s T shirts. It just covered my ass. I started to change but a voice in my head said to leave it. I did. Wearing just the T shirt I went into the main room. Everyone else was awake and as I poured a cup of coffee Cindy went right for it.”I hear you put on quite a show last night,” she laughed. Oh my god,” I said. “I am so embarrassed. I forgot you guys were here.” “It’s OK,” said Cindy. “I’m just sorry I missed it.” She laughed. I blushed a little but the conversation moved on. The snow had slowed down but we still didn’t have power. The k**s were making plans to go back to their cabin and get clean clothes. David had our giant pot on the wood stove heating water to wash up in. As I drank my coffee the guys stripped off their shirts and washed up with the hot water. I admit I watched more than I should. Cindy caught me staring at least twice. She just smiled at me. Finally all the boys were washed and it was Cindy’s turn. I was shocked when Cindy just whipped off her T shirt and started washing, she stood there in a tiny pair of boy shorts like it was no big deal. In fact, it seemed it was no big deal. The guys, except Conner, barely noticed. I marveled at what a great body she had. Great firm tits and curved ass. When she was done she held her T shirt in front of her covering her tits and said,”all yours,” to me. Why she held her T shirt in front of her while standing there but didn’t care while washing didn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe one seemed exhibitionists one seemed necessary. “I better go put on some pants,” I said. I was naked under my shirt. “What for?” asked Cindy. “I’m not wearing an underwear,” I replied kind of shyly. “So what,” said Cindy. “We’ve all seen your ass.” Then she added with a laugh in her voice, “some of us twice.” I looked around. All eyes were on me. Even my husband seemed to be watching with anticipation. What the hell I thought. I walked up to the pot. A strange sense of excitement came over me. I was going to be naked in front of all these people. Four strangers and my husband, and he didn’t seem to care. I realized as I stood there that I wanted them to see me. I reached the bottom of my T shirt and slowly started to peel it off. I did the whole arms over my head stretch type of pulling it off. Then I dropped it to the floor. I just stood there for a moment letting them look at me. I felt my heart beating fast and my breathing speed up. I went about washing up I noticed that all the guys were looking at me. So was Cindy, and my husband. I washed up as slowly as I could without making a scene. I was enjoying being the center of attention. When I was done I bent down to pick up my shirt. I could have done it by crouching, Instead I bent over, legs straight, ass out and up, and picked up my shirt. “Shows over,” I said as I stood up. I walked to my room naked carrying my T shirt. I got dressed thinking about what I just did. I could feel the wetness between my legs. Conner came in the room, swept me in his arms, and kissed me. “That was so fucking hot,” he said. “What, me naked in front of all those people?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said and kissed me again. “I suppose you’d like it if I went naked all day?” I chided. He kissed me again. Passionately. “Pervert,” I giggled and pushed him away. “Let me get dressed.”He left the room and I stood there deciding what to wear. I pulled on a pair of yoga pants, a thong, and a T shirt. The T shirt showed a bit of belly. Not what I’d normally wear in front of company but given the circumstances, what the hell. I was enjoying being looked at, my husband was enjoying it too. I left the bedroom to join the others. . As I joined the others Conner and the boys were all bundled up.”We’re going to head over the other cabin and get the guys clothes,” Conner explained. “We’ll stay here,” Cindy chimed in. The guys left, as soon as they left Cindy turned to me and said, “That was hot.”I was kind of taken aback. “What was?” I asked. Who are you k**ding. Seeing you naked in front of everyone. That was hot. I wanted to wash up again just so I could take off my panties. I wasn’t sure osmaniye escort bayan what to say. She was still in a T shirt and panties from last night. The guys were getting her clothes. She looked at me. “You look cute,but hold on,” she said. She reached to me and rolled down the waist of my yoga pants. I don’t know why, but I didn’t stop her. She stepped back looked and then rolled them down a bit more. They were now really low on my hips. The sides of my thong were showing. She had me turn around and adjusted the back so I could feel my thong and a small bit of my ass crack exposed. “That’s better,” she said. Just about them the guys came back. They had four suitcases full of clean clothes. As try came in they all checked me out. It made my heart race knowing I was being checked out. “You look great,” Conner said when he saw me. The k**s all started opening their suitcases and pulling out clothes for the day. Cindy took her suitcase from Conner and did the same. They all started to undress. I went in the bedroom so the guys would have some privacy changing. Not before I saw a muscled butt or two. Conner followed me int the bedroom. He took me in his arms and kissed me. His hands slid down the back of my yoga pants and he grabbed my ass. “I love you,” he saidWhen we returned to the main room, the guys were in jeans and T shirts. Cindy was dressed like me. Yoga pants rolled down to show a bit of ass and a crop top T that came an inch below her tits. Conner noticed. He also noticed the guys checking me out. We still had cell service. Setting up a phone as a hot spot we got online and Checked out what was going on. They would probably have the electric back later that day and roads plowed within two days. Since we had food we invited our guests to stay or at least join us for meals. The guys all decided to go out, clear the driveways, and brush off the cars. That left Cindy and I alone. “Did you see the boys checking you out?” she asked as soon as they left. “Umm… yes?” I replied tentatively.”It was kinda cool. You have an amazing ass,” she said. “You should show it off more. Wait. I know.” Wait? I thought. For what? I wondered. She again reached for the waistband of my yoga pants and rolled it down again. This time I swear a third of my ass was showing. I don’t know why I let her. The idea of being seen like that was making me wet. I wondered what Conner would say. I went about my day like everything was normal. I kept looking at the door wondering when the guys would be back. I whipped up some hot chocolate so the guys would have some when they came in from the cold. It wasn’t too long before the guys came back in. They took a moment getting out of their heavy clothes. I then offered hot chocolate, all eyes turned to me. “Thank you,” they all said. Conner added, “Wow honey, you look great.” Mark, commented, “Great thong, Alicia.”I blushed. Conner said, “It’s really pretty, you look great.””Isn’t it?” said Cindy “plus she’s got a great ass.” “True,” said Conner. Bobby commented, “We’re lucky guys to be trapped with such beautiful women.” “You guys just like that she’s showing some ass,” Cindy commented. Being talked about like that was making my mind race. I knew I should stop them and pull up the pants but I was loving it. Cindy came up and turned me ass towards the guys. She looked at Conner. “You don’t mind her showing off her ass do you? After all we’ve all already seen it.” I couldn’t see Conner’s face but Cindy smiled, “Good, then you won’t mind this,” she said. She reached out and put her hands on the waist of my yoga pants. Looking me in the eye she pulled them down over my ass. I was surprised Conner didn’t say anything. Cindy continued pulling them down. When they were around my ankles I stepped out of them. She threw them to Conner. “That’s better,” she said. “Don’t you think?” All the guys, including Conner agreed. Here I was, in my thong and T shirt, standing there in front of these guys. Three I hardly knew. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Not only that, Conner was cool with it. I just stood there for a moment. Then I got nervous. “I should get dressed,” I said. I reached for my pants but Conner pulled them away. “You look great,” he said. Not knowing what else to do I proclaimed I was going to read, sat down and pulled out my iPad. I just sat there in my thong and shirt checking mail and facebooking. Cindy sat next to Conner and was talking with him. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back Cindy was still sitting next to Conner. “That thong barely covers anything, does she even need it?” she asked. Wow, they were talking about me like I had no choice. The part that surprised me is I liked it. I stopped, stood in front of them looking, but didn’t say anything. I should have protested, but I didn’t. Conner looked at her, then at me.”Go ahead,” she coaxed. “You know you want to.” I looked at the other guys, they were looking on with interest. No one seemed surprised. Cindy made herself clearer. “If you want to show off her pussy, you’re going to have to do it.”Oh my god, everyone looking at me. All I could think was, I wonder if they’d see how wet I was. Then Cindy looked at me, “You’re not stopping him, are you?” She wanted me to admit it and to be honest, she was right. I was just waiting for it to happen. My breathing was a bit quicker. I shook my head slightly. “See,” she said to Conner, “she wants it.” Conner looked at me, then looked at Cindy. Then, as if he’d decided, reached out and pulled my thong over my ass and down my legs. When it was on the floor I stepped out of it. “Much better,” Cindy said. Then to her friends, “isn’t that better?” They all agreed. Rick spoke first. You were right Cindy. Alicia wants to show off, and Conner wants to watch. Don’t you Conner?” Conner looked at Rick and nodded. Mark jumped in, “Well, she’s pretty hot. I want to see her tits again.” “Yeah,” said Bobby. “Show us your tits.”Cindy placed her hand on Conner’s lap. “Tell her, Conner.”Conner looked at her, then said to me, “Show us your tits.” I looked at Cindy’s hand on Connor’s lap, then at the other guys. I felt like I was under some type of spell. I so wanted to be naked in front of all these people. I know I shouldn’t have but I wanted to. I crossed my arms, grabbed the hem of my top, and pulled it off over my head. I was naked. Everyone looking at me. My pussy was tingling, I wanted to touch myself. Just then the lights came back on and broke the spell. “I better get dressed,” I said and quickly headed to my room. When I got there I put my hands on the dresser to support myself and took deep breathes. My whole body was tingling. My heart beating. I felt alive. I felt naughty. I felt sexy. Conner followed me in. He came up behind me and put his arms around me. “You are so fucking sexy,” he said. He pressed up against me and I could feel his hard cock through his jeans. I moaned. He pushed my chest down towards the dresser. I heard rustling and realized he was undoing his jeans. I felt his hard cock against my naked ass. I spread my legs to make it easier for him. I was so wet he sunk right in. “Yes,” I moaned. “Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, yes,” I moaned as he pounded my pussy. It didn’t even cross my mind that they could hear me in the other room. “Dammit yes, give me that cock, fuck me, God yes, fuck my pussy, fuck me,” I felt my orgasm building. “I’m going to cum,” I screamed. “Fuck me, give me your cum.” My orgasm overtook me. I shook from head to toe. My knees buckled but Conner just used the dresser to support me. I felt him stiffen up. “Fuck baby, I’m cumming,” he said as jet after jet of hot cum filled my pussy. I came again. He turned me around and kissed me. “Fuck baby, you’re so hot,” he said. I felt hot, I felt sexy, I loved the feeling of my cum filled pussy. I pushed him away. “Now let me get dressed,” I pouted. “Do you have to?” He asked What he wanted me to stay naked? Cum dripping doesn’t my leg? I admit the idea appealed to me, but I wasn’t ready to do that. “Stop it,” I said as he zipped his jeans up.As he left the room I tried to decide what to wear. I found a cute pair of boyshort panties and a T shirt that barely covered my ass. I put them on and reached for my jeans. I looked in the mirror. I looked hot. My naughty side took control. Fuck the jeans, I thought. I left them in the closet and went to join the others in just a T and panties. I saw Conner’s eyes light up as I entered the room. Cindy and the guys all told me I looked great. I was coy.”It’s just a T shirt,” I said. “But you fill it so well,” said Cindy. I thanked her. Now that the power was back on I decided to take a shower. I went to the bathroom, turned on the water, and got in the shower. I heard a knock on the door. “Yes,” I answered.”Can I come in?” I heard Cindy ask. Thinking she had to use the bathroom I said yes. I didn’t pay attention. Next thing I knew she was naked and stepping into the shower. “Umm…,” I said. “Shhhh,” she said. “You have. A fucking amazing body. She took me in her arms, stretched up and kissed me. I kissed back. I felt her hands go to my breasts. It belt good as she played with my nipples. She lowered her mouth to my tits and took my nipple between her lips. I held her head to my breast as her tongue swirled around my nipple. Hot water cascading over me I moaned. Her hand slid down over my belly to my pussy. I felt her fingers play with my clit I moaned again. She slid two fingers into me. “Oh my god,” she said. “Your pussy feels so sloppy. Is that his cum inside you? That’s fucking hot.”It was hot. It was nasty. Her escort osmaniye fingers in my pussy covered with my juices and my husband’s cum. I threw my head back and came with a loud, “Oh my god.” We finished washing each other and got out. I put on my T and panties again. She, wrapped in a towel went into the bedroom to dress. I went back in the main room. I started checking the food in the fridge and freezer. I really didn’t pay attention. I bent over and reached for stuff. I am sure the guys saw my panties a ton of times. I only realized when Cindy came in and said, “Nice panties.””Oh stop it,” I responded. I wasn’t mad, I liked that she called attention to them and everyone looked, but I didn’t want to admit it. “They’d look cuter on the floor,” she said. I didn’t know how to answer. “What?” was what came out. I turned my head. She was fully dressed in jeans and a T shirt. “They’d look better on the floor,” she repeated. As she did she lifted my T shirt and pushed my panties down over my ass onto the floor. I didn’t stop her. I just stood there. She held my shirt up over my ass and asked the guys if that was better. They all agreed including Conner. “I take it you all want me standing here showing off my ass,” I said to know one in particular.”Yep,” was the consensus. “Fine,” I said and went ahead checking the food. I kept bending over. I knew I was showing off my ass and pussy and I was loving it. All of a sudden one of the guys got up. He walked over to me while I was bent over and grabbed my ass. “Man,” he said to my husband. “Your wife has been showing off all day. Mind if I fuck her?” Mind if I fuck her? Wait, this guy is asking my husband if he can fuck me? I stayed bent over. I don’t know why. I should have protested, but I didn’t. I just stood there, bent over, his hand on my ass. “Go ahead,” I heard. My mind was spinning. I didn’t move. Go ahead? He was telling someone to fuck me. Fuck me. Not touch, kiss, look at, he said fuck me. Worst of all, I wasn’t moving. I was going to let it happen. Just like that, just standing there. I didn’t even look to see who it was. I was frozen in spot. The one thing I knew, my pussy was wet. I heard the zipper behind me. I could’ve looked. I didn’t. Something about not looking made me feel even dirtier. I stayed bent over waiting for his cock to enter me. I was going to be fucked. The first new cock in ten years. My husband watching. And I was letting it happen. Not only letting, I was dripping wet. I wanted it to happen. I spread my legs a bit giving him easier access and permission. I felt the tip of his cock enter me. I hung onto the counter, I bent over as far as I could laying my chest on the counter. The rest of his cock filled me up. He was thicker than Conner. I felt my pussy stretch to fit him. He started pumping my pussy slowly. “That’s it Alicia. Take my cock. You like being fucked with everyone watching don’t you?” he said as he started fucking me. “Mmmmm…,” I moaned in response. “Your husband is watching me fuck you. I can see his face. He is loving it. I bet Mark and Bobby are going to want to fuck you too.”So it was Rick fucking me. I thought he was Cindy’s boyfriend. I heard Cindy, “That’s it babe. Fuck her good.” Then to Conner, “Your wife looks pretty hot and slutty.”Slutty? I liked the way that sounded. I couldn’t hold back. “Yes fuck me. Fuck me like a slut. Show my husband how much I like to be fucked.”It felt amazing. “Yes, yes,yes,” I cried as his cock thrust into me. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Let them watch. Fuck my pussy, yes, yes, yes.”This was the second time today I was bent over something and fucked from behind. I was loving it. All of a sudden he pulled out. I let out a moan of protest. He turned me around and pushed me to my knees. His cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth and took him in. He tasted of precum and my pussy. I loved it. Now, on my knees, I was facing the others. Cindys hand was in Conner’s lap. She was whispering to him. The other guys were watching, they had their cocks out and were stroking them. I wanted to put on a good show. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and licked it like an ice cream cone. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked lightly on it helping him fuck my lips. I pulled his cock out and rubbed it on my cheeks and lips then went back to sucking it making Mmmmmm sounds as I did. I could tell he was about to blow. “Where do you want it,” he asked.My answer just came out. I kind of shocked myself. I rarely let Conner do this. “On my face,” I said. He pulled out of my mouth with a pop. The first jet hit me on the cheek and nose. The next on my lips and chin. I opened my mouth. Whatever didn’t get on my face and hair went into my mouth. I swallowed everything I could. With a cum covered face I looked at Conner and said, “How does your wife look now?” “Hot,” he said. “Fucking hot.” I took Rick’s cock back in my mouth and sucked it clean. As I did Cindy got up and came over to me. She got down on her knees. She pulled my face off of Rick’s cock and kissed me. She got the cum from my lips and cheeks all over her face. She used her fingers to scoop it up and licked her fingers clean. She then pulled me to my feet. “Take off your T shirt,” she said. I didn’t hesitate and pulled it up over my head. Then she led me to where Bobby and Mark were sitting stroking their cocks. She pushed me to my knees again. “Use the slut,” she said and sat down next to Conner again. “Let me see it,” she said to Conner. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. “Jerk it,” she almost commanded. He started jerking it. Meanwhile Mark had stuck his cock in my mouth. I was trying to give him the best blowjob I could. Bobby positioned himself behind me and positioned his cock against my soaking wet pussy. As he thrust in he pushed me onto Mark’s cock to the point I gagged a bit. As he continued to fuck me I got my rhythm.There I was sucking a Mark and fucking Bobby while my husband watched. I felt so slutty, so hot, so sexy. I felt my orgasm start to grow. It felt like a fire in my pussy spreading through my fingers. I let go of Mark’s cock. “Yes, fuck, I’m cumming, baby, watch me cum. Watch your slutty wife cum. God, fill me up, give me that cum, fuck, fuck, fuck. I felt jet after jet of hot cum fill my pussy. I came again. As soon as Bobby pulled out Mark took his place. I was so wet from my own juices and a pussy full of cum he slid in easily. With my heightened senses and feeling so dirty slutty I felt my orgasm building again. This time it built in waves. They washed over me one after the other. As I came, I started moaning. “Cum in me. Fill my pussy. Make me a messy slut, fuck me. Give me your cum.” That did it Mark shot his load into my pussy. Even as messy as I was I could feel it. I came again. As mark pulled out I moaned. I wanted more. Rick stuck his semi hard cock in front of my face. I took him in my mouth and started sucking him again. I felt his cock come to life between my lips. When he was hard he got behind me. Instead of fucking me he stuck his fingers in my messy pussy. He then started spreading the juices all over the crack of my ass and asshole. All of a sudden I realized what he was doing. I’d never been ass fucked before. I’d always told my husband no. Now I was about to be fucked up the ass by a guy who was almost a stranger. “Oh my god Conner, he’s going to fuck my ass. No one’s ever fucked my ass. He’s going to fuck it. I know you’ve wanted to, but he’s going to do it.” Conner sat there and moaned stroking his cock. I felt the tip of Rick’s chick at the opening of my ass. I tried to relax. He went very slow. It hurt but in a good way. I felt the tip of his cock finally penetrate the ring of my ass. After that he slid in pretty easily. It hurt at first but he took his time. Eventually the pain turned into pleasure. “Look Conner. He’s fucking my ass. He’s buried inside me. It feels so good.” Then to Rick. “That’s it, fuck my ass, no one’s ever fucked my ass. My husband’s asked but I always said no. Fuck it, make me a three holed slut.” I was all loosened up now. Rick started to pound my ass. “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” I grunted with each thrust. “Fuck me, fuck that ass, fuck me.”This orgasm was totally different. It sucked the wind out of me. My knees. Started shaking. “God yes,” I screamed. “Cum in my ass. Fill me up, cum in me.” All of a sudden I felt my ass flooded with cum. It felt hot inside me. I came again. As he pulled his cock out cum leaked out of my ass down to my pussy. I was drained. My knees gave way and I rolled over onto my back. I lay there, cum on my face and cum leaking out my pussy and ass. Cindy was still sitting next to Conner. Conner was still stroking his cock. “Want to fuck her messy pussy?” She asked. “You know you do. You’ve been watching just like you told me.” What? He told her he wanted me to have a messy pussy? When did that start. I didn’t care. “Come here baby,” I said. “Fuck your wife’s messy pussy.” He climbed between my legs, I was so messy I barely felt him but I loved the fact that he was fucking me. As we fucked I encouraged him, “That’s it, add your cum to my pussy. Rick has had my ass, do you want to be second?”I’m not sure what it was. I couldn’t really feel him, but the idea of being as slutty as I was really turned me on. Conner came and rolled off me. “You are so hot,” he said.”How long have you wanted me to be a slut?” I asked “Since I met you,” he answered. “Well, now you have your slut. I loved it, and want to do it some more.” The boys and Cindy spent the night again. They took turns fucking me. I watched as Cindy fucked Rick. Conner took my ass. I lived up to the slut I’d become. When we got home I didn’t stop. I’ve fucked all of Conner’s friends and some coworkers of his and mine. I once came home from work with three loads of cum in my pussy. I’m now a complete slut.

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