Cajun Ass Queen Part 5

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Cajun Ass Queen Part 5Cajun Ass queen Part 5By lilguy lilguy4147@Yahoo.comTwo Plump ass Women fight over a man, victor enjoys the spoils of warCajun Ass Queen Part 5Author Note- This was a commission I did for more info walked into the door way of the house. She smiled with an evil smirked on her face. Her auburn hair hung down, medium down to her shoulders. At 5.6 Caj stood the pentacle of big and beautiful. Her skin and cellulite oozing out of every inch of her to tight outfit She wore a tight blue shirt skirt, two sizes too small. Her thick fat ass was wide as a billboard with more shake then the ocean. The skin was wrapped tightly around her skin, latex. Her ass was pushing through the skirt, threaten to rip it apart. Caj always showed off her ass. Most young women, tiny skin teeny bopper didn’t get it. She knew better, Caj was a hot 42 year old cougar and she been around. Trends come and go but voluptuous ass was always in style. The trend as the skinny models was a short and recent trend. She remembers the big ass models army guys used to hang on their walls. It wasn’t the skinny, d**gged up models look that men wanted. It was Betty Paige, Marlyn Monroe, and it just got thicker as time goes on. She knew art, she knew when true artist painted women they painted women with curved, fat, that had thick ass and rows of flesh to grabbed onto. When the famous painted drawn to represent true beauty they didn’t draw some skinny bitch to be the goddess of love. The true women with asses. Now it moved on into modern times. Rappers had big booty girls in their videos, and later it began adopted by culture. Men pretend not to like them in front of their girls, but she knew men. There were some women that hated on it, but she knew she was a true ass queen, and ass loved would drool over it. That how she had most men wrapped around her fingers. They would throw away everything, just to have a taste of her ass, show they could pressed her face into her thick warms ass cheeks. The loves seeing her pounds of ass engulf them all around, crushing up and down on them and giving them their full weight. When they were inside her, their cocks turned into butter. Their cocks were practically melting inside her thick butt cheeks, filling her with cream. She would fuck them into tears of pleasure giving them the best sex of their life. They soon fail in love. She loved the look at the younger girls face when she stole their man. Sometime she would make them watch, show they could see their men have a face of pure pleasure they never seen. She was very good in bed, and expert. She took what she wanted and lived life to the fullest. This It had she won this house. She seduces Tom, as ass lover but showing how superior her ass was to her wife Jane. Fucking in another woman house she wanted to make it special. Her thick ass was oiled up, glistening under the light. She had order Jane to oil her ass down, as her husband watch. This was after she stole her husband of course. Jane tried to fight in anger, but she was no match physical for her. She beat and humiliated Jane. She sat on her face while her Husband ate out her pussy. She had told him to tell her hot tasty it was, how his wife pussy tasted like pure garbage compared to her. How the scent of her pussy should be bottled. The Husband tom happily did all of this. She had thick chubby legs, and smooth creamy skin. The oils dripped down her legs showing off every curved. Caj wore pink sandals that showed off her painted pink toe nails which match her finger nails. Her shirt was a white button shirt with a couple of the button undone, showing her mounds and mound of cleavage. Her breast looked huge and pillowy. Her breast jiggled as she walked, showing a peak of a fat nipple. Her lips were thick and had on red lipstick. Her lips were nice and wide and she always seems to have a wicked smiled on her. Men loved looking at those lips. They loved the idea of what they would do their cocks. Caj could make even the most stubborn cock squirt in under a minute with her blow job skills but she liked to make it laugh. Her voice was thick and sultry and drove the man wild. Her face was beautiful. Around her neck she wore a necklace that had Jane and Tom wedding rings on them. It was a trophy. She had necklace at home with several other rings.“Come here…hurry you small titted cow” Caj SaidThe leash had Jane connected to it. She was on her knee and seems bruise with a look of pure defeat. Now it was now that Jane wasn’t beautiful herself. She was gorgeous. She had a face of one of the sexy pin up girls from the 40’s. Her hair was short and black and she had a rich upper class beauty. She was always dress up to the nine, with huge tits, and thick ass that made the men swoon. Jane figure was an hour glass figures straight out at the comics book. Like a plump Jessica Rabbit brought to life. She would show it off, dancing grinding against her husband making him fall in love and worship her. She couldn’t get his hands even around one cheek; they were show thick and juicy. She wore heavy eye shadow and was used to getting what she wanted. She was used to being worship. She had her husband washed and kissed her ass every day show it would keep it in top shape. Despite this she was nothing compared to Caj. Caj made any woman look barely like a woman. Caj, ass was thicker, her tits were bigger buca escort and she was a hotter. Caj made Jane tits look like that of a boy, and her ass look flat. She won the contest of the asses with ease and overpowered her even more. Now she had a dog collar on being pulled by the leash. She was naked with the word “Pig” written on her forehead in lipstick“Yes Caj”“What was that” Caj Said pulling the leash hard“Goddess Caj” She whimperedHolding the door open was Tom. He was a tall strapping man. Tom was a strong strapping man over 6 feet tall. At 40 years old he still looks like a movie star. His muscles were big and she had a huge dick. His hair was short and black. Before he met Jane he had women wrapped around his fingers. Tons of them fail in love with him. He was considered a stud. That was until he ran into Jane, who made him his love slave. He had a weakness for ass, the bigger the harder it was to resist. Jane had him wrapped around her fingers around it. He worships her. That was until he ran into Caj his secretary a while back. He had won her over, and he now worships Caj. He wore a suit and tie.“Nice Place” Caj Said dragging Caj and then ran her fingers through Caj hairTom walked behind her, always, taking view off her ass. Caj walked in comfily. The place was nicely furnished and showed a nice level of wealth. “Show me to your…I mean my bedroom” She SaidThey were walking deeper inside the house and she saw a hot tub room“Mmmm where going to have some fun there” She said rubbing his hard through his pantsThey walked into the room with a big giant bed. There was a fire place in the room. On the desk were some wedding photos“We won’t need these anymore” Caj said picking them up and tossing them in a garage. The was a mirror in the room. Caj smiled and grabbed Tom by the tie and pulled him to her. The kiss, she wrestled his tongue down and they suck each other. Their lips pressed against each other swapping their spit.“Grab my ass” Caj SaidTom took big chunks off her ass. Jane whimpered as big as flesh went between Brad fingers. She let Bra give it a nice slap.“Who has the greatest ass you ever seen” Caj Said unzipping his pants“You do” He Said“Better than your small tited pig of a wife” Caj Said“Yes Goddess”“Take off your clothes. Start the fireplace…and bring me some of fine wine with some ice from the kitchen…me and Jane need to have some girl talk.” She SaidTom did as told removing his clothes. While he was doing Caj bent over showing off her thick ass. She slowly pulled her skirt down and tossed it across the room. She spread her thick ass cheeks“Do think you’re though you could COMPARE to this…glorious ass…these glorious tits. You flat chest whore. You fat pig. Look at these tits, look how firm they are, like two big pillows. Look how smooth my skin is…look at my beauty. I am older then you let still 10 times more gorgeous. My hair is perfection…not a strain out of place. I am stronger then you…that much is clear after the easy ass kicking I gave you. I am wiser…and more skilled in bed, more beautiful…stronger sex drive. You’re really no match. I am quite confused how you even thought you could compare to me with that ugly ass of yours. Hell you were sooooo sure that Tom would pick you over me, your rich spoiled bitch. You were rich spoiled little whore that probably look down on me full with Jealousy. You didn’t know how lucky you were and what you had, till of course I took in from you. I so loved seeing the look on your face when he picked me. When you saw his cock gets hard at the site of me. I had an affair with many of husband but yours were so much fun. Knew you may find out and try some sort of challenge, I had no idea it would be some sort of fashion show…which you were destine to lose. I mean look at me. My ass is pure perfection. You don’t even begin to compare to its greatest. Apologize…for thinking your worthy…apologize to my thick ass” Caj Said“Sorry” Jane Said defeated“Kiss”Jane walked over and kisses her ass. Caj laughed.“Oh you’re quite pathetic. Yes that it kiss. I show enjoyed sucking your husband dick. Watch the cream melt in my mouth. He told me his wife never gave him blowjobs like this before. Soon his ass was buried into my ass cheeks, licking away as his Jack that lovely thick cock of his. We fuck for hours in every position, in every hole. His cum tasted as sweet as sugar” Caj Said kicking off her shoes.Tom walked in and put down the wine in a bucket of ass. The fireplace was roaring.“Tom my deer brings me what use to be her jewelry…wants to see my new thigns. Keep kissing. Things will change around her. You will be divorce of course. I and Tom may hook up…married if he treats me right. Of course all the bank accounts will be in my name. I will keep you on maybe as a housekeeper…would you like that piggy…keep kissing”Tom walked over with a box of jewelry. His cock was rock hard. She had Tom stand as she looked through the Jewelry. She tossed away the ones she didn’t want and kept the ones she wanted. She slipped on some of her diamond rings, and put on the diamonds rings that Tom got Jane for her universe. They were classic hand cut diamonds. Very expensive. Caj then put on some pearl bracelets that were passed down during generations. Jane always got the bed stuff from Brad. She turns around and stood in front of him. She took a gripped of Tom’s cock, keeping it inches from Jane’s face. She stroked it, escort buca letting the pre cum dripped out. She poured herself from wine“Bet you never got him this hard this quick…look at the pleasure in his face” She smiled. “Answer me pig”“No” Jane SaidCaj smiled and slowly undid her top. Her heavy breast dropped down, show big nipples. She slowly licked her hand and started stroking him. She put her hand under Jane’s chin so she was force to look at her. Caj stroked him cock faster, squeezing it and using it with a skill of an artist.“Touch my tits Tom…yess suck them. Tell me who tits are bigger and better” She Said“Your Caj mmmmm” Tom moan“Who more beautiful” Caj Said squeezing his balls“You are” Tom felt himself ready to come“Who the true ass queen” Caj asked“You are my Queen…you are, always. Your ass is the best I ever seen” Tom said “Ohhhh God…I am about to cum”She grabbed his cock hard pointing it toward Jane. He started to cum, squirting long streams of cum hitting Jane’s face. Caj laughed holding his cock, as cum dripped down her hand. She greedily started licking her fingers, tasting every bit of it.“This the closest you will ever get to his cock again whore” Caj laughed “Don’t bother to clean that off…want you to remember your face like that”Caj took a some wine and took a long drink. She kissed Tom and pushed him on the bed having him lay on her back.“Just a soft cock now…hhmmmm what can get it hard” Caj Said “What could get a big girl lover like Tim rock hard…every time”The bed was huge, with silk seats. She grabbed some oils that were on the table. She walked on the bed and put her ass over. She stood over him showing her big ass making it jiggle. She poured the oil on her ass, letting it drip down showing off ever curve. Tom eyes widen as he was in ass heaven. She looked back at Jane and gave her a wink. She dropped her ass down on his face, burying him in the bed. She rubbed her cheeks together, slapping his face with her ass. He saw blackness as he was covered in ass. She smiled letting him smell her.“Well…Well look who awake” She SaidShe grabbed his hard cock and stroked. It felt like steal in her hands.“How much time has you felt this lovely cock Jane? How many times you felt this soft face pressing against your butt cheeks. I can see why your married him. His tongue feels wonderful against my asshole” Caj Said“You horrible bitch” Jane muttered under her breastShe got up and bent over.“Fuck me….Tom. Don’t you dare keep your eyes off me” Caj SaidHe got up and slipped his hard cock in her eyes. Soon the room was filled with the sound of her moans and his balls hitting her ass. Her breast sways back and forth as he slammed deep inside her“Ooooo think him getting even bigger inside my ass. Bet that never happen to you. Look at her Tom. Look at SECOND best” Caj laughedHe grabbed her hips thrusting deeply, harder than he ever did. Her ass cheeks squeezed around him as she was slamming her ass against him. She moaned licking her lips as she was being fucked faster and faster. His entire cock was slamming into her.“Ohhh Yess…like that”He grabbed her tits giving them a good squeezed. He watches his cock disappear into her ass, as he used every muscle to fuck her. Both Caj and Tom were dripping with sweat. Tom muscles flexed as he drove his cock inside her.“Ohhhhh Yess grab my tits” Caj SaidHe was grabbing her tits giving them a nice squeezed.“Ohhhh Goooodd this feels amazing”“Don’t you cum let” She Said squeezing her ass “Don’t cum till I cum”She moved on her hand down between her legs.“Finger fuck me as your fuck me ass. As your whore pig wife watch. Feel my ass working on that cock, sucking it in with ease. It much feels great to finally fuck a real woman. The finally feel how it feels to get fuck my and older woman with skill and wisdom. Come on baby feel what my ass is doing to you. Feel how it handles that thick cock. Yesss move your fingers higher. Right there…deeper…Lower ohhhh shiiit…don’t you cum let”Jane wanted to look away“Don’t you dare….look at me? Rub your clit” Caj Said “That’s it…deeper. Do I have to teach you like a pig? Oink bitch. Oink like a pig as you finger yourself. Imagine this ass he fucking”“Oink Oink” Jane SaidJane did as told, pushing her finger deep in her. He wasn’t to this kind of vile treatment. She was riding her fingers moving it faster and faster as her watch her husband fuck. Despite her humiliation she was getting turn on from watch her Husband fuck this woman. Jane was force to make pig noises as she fingered herself not wanting to cross Caj“Think she about to cum…Tommy….think she about your squirt from her pussy” Caj Said“Ohhhh Gooodd” Jane said face blushing“Deeper Jane…I want you knuckle deep you little slut. Want your husband to see what a dirty whore you are.” Caj SaidHer body started to shake as Jane cum. Her pussy juices dripped down on the floor as she hit with a multiple climax“Suck your fingers…wipe it on your face” Caj Said“Yes Goddess” She Said“Take your fingers out of your pussy whore. That all the pleasure you get” Caj SaidCaj ran her fingers through her hair and laughed. She felt fingers deep into her pussy as Tom fucked her ass. She looked back at Tom and gave a wicked smile.“Still holding in there. I know how weak you are when it comes a fat ass” Caj Said“Yes…but ready to blow“Almost there….yesss…pushes your finger deep. I am cumming” Caj SaidHer body shook as she came. “Shoot it buca escort bayan in me” Caj Cried outTom let out a moan as he came deep into her ass. Her moan as streams of cum shot deep into her asshole. Her fail down on her back.“Mmmmmmmm nice on lover”She laid him down on the bed and stood up on the bed giving a little dance. She turns around showing him to cum dripping from her ass. She parted her ass cheeks showing her deep asshole. Tom was intoxicated by this woman. She used her foot to play with his semi hard cock“Hey slut…turn on some music. Something with a salsa beat. And then give me that wine bottle” Caj Said“Yes Goddess Caj”“Get the camera too. I want to remember this. I want you to snap some picture so your never forget this”Jane turns on some music. The speakers played a hot salsa song throughout the room. Caj started to dance to it, grinding over him. She kept his asses over her face. She moved, matching the beats perfect. Jane walked over with the wine bottle. Caj took the bottle and some of it down. She let the wine get her drunk a bit. She snapped her finger pointing toward Jane, making her snap pictures of her. Caj wiped her mouth and poured some of the wine on her tits. The wine dripped down her breast like a waterfall. She bent down.“Drink up LOVER” She SaidHe started to sip, drinking from her tits. She stuffed her face, holding his arms down.“Bet it taste better on me” Caj Said“Ohhhh Yessss” Tom Said“Make sure you zoom in on this ass Jane” Caj Said grabbing Tom’s cock “Mmmmmm look like someone hard again”“Always for you Goddess” Tom Said“I know” Caj laughedShe turn around and poured some wine on her ass. Tom hungrily licked her ass, tasting the wine. Caj finished off the bottle as she pushed her ass cheeks into her face.“Mmm another bottle….fucking your husband makes me thirsty” Caj Said “Make sure it’s expensive”She turns her body around show her pussy was in his facing riding him up and down. Her legs squeezed around his head.“Lick me there….ahhhh shiiit….higher baby…lower….right there…gooood right there” Caj SaidJane handed a bottle to her. Caj took the sip, feeling her husband lick her pussy. He started to suck on her clit. Tom seems to love her scent of her licking like a wild man. She rubbed her pussy on him faster fucking his face faster. The smell of her pussy pilled his nostrils as he tasted her juices. It dripped on his face staining her.“Yesss…ohhhh Gooodd” Caj SaidShe took a sip letting the drink go down her lungs. She smiled letting it dripped down her chin. Her body started to shake as Caj felt herself have a multiple climax“Don’t you stop….drink up all my juices” She Said “Suck it right there, want to cum on your face again? Jane gives me a show. Want you to suck those pimples you cause tits”“Yes Goddess”Jane put fat nipples in her face and started sucking. She watches pure joy in Caj face as she rode him. She grabbed him by her hair driving his face in, smother him with her pussy. She put all the weight on him as she rode him up and down. Her had trouble breathing. She would lift herself ever so slightly when he was close to passing out.“Suck it right there…ohhhhhhhhhh goooood” She Said “Damm your husband a good little pussy licker. Suck those tits faster Jane…suck those cow tits.”Caj came again, filling his lungs with pussy juice. He loves the feeling of all this pussy on him. She gave her as a slap making it jiggle.“Jane Dear…brings me your dresses. Finest one. I want to see which one I keep and which one I will burn. You get to keep two I choose…that your only clothes from now on. You will walk around this house naked” She SaidJane whimpered as she walked into her closet. She opens it up show Caj can see.“Nice dress…blue…thinks I keep that. Those hot pants look expensive keep that. Tossed that in the trash” Caj SaidShe had her go through the wardrobe. She let Jane keep the ugliest one in the pile. “Are those pants with holes cut in the ass cheeks…think I keep that you naught girl. Now Now Tom…don’t stop licking” Caj said20 minutes later, Caj was dripping with sweat as she rode his face. She lifted her pussy up as she came one more time.“Do you LOVE me” Caj said“Yes…I love you…I adore you. I worship you”“Of course you do” Caj laughedShe got up and pushed his cock inside her pussy. Her pussy was squeezing his cock tightly as she rode him up and down. She grabbed his hair making the bed shake as she fucked him hard.“Yessssss” Caj Said“Ohhhh Gooood” Tom moanedHer pussy juiced dripped down his cock. She gave Jane the middle finger as she whimpered in the corner. Caj was lifting his body up every time she slammed down on him. Her pussy felt so wet and tight. It was fantastic“Cumming 3 times in one night…bet Jane never did that” Caj laughed“Ohhh FUCKKKK” Tom SaidHe came deep inside her. Her pussy was overflowing with cum. Her pussy suddenly tightens around him, making him hard by stretching it.“Oooooo bet your cock so sensitive…think you got more for me” Caj Said“Ohhh GODDESSS”“That it…shoot it in me…shoots till its air” Caj laughedCaj body shook as she came. She shook his body with her climax. She held him down.“Fill me up baby…want to look in your eyes as you cum”“Fuck Cajun” He moanedHe started to cum with the best climax of his life. She gave his face a playful slap“I am going easy on tonight. I let you rest for a bit. But I expect my men to go on all night” She SaidShe got up, with her pussy dripping cum. She put Jane on her knees.“Come with me and run me a bath slut. Lets you’re Husband rest for a bit, and let me wash this gunk off. Then he can join me. I think I am going to enjoy living here” Caj Said“Yes Goddess” Jane Said

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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