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camping outwell after my last adventure,i decided that i loved the outdoors,expecually if i can be naked.i started to sunbath naked in my garden,just to feel free and this always finished with a good wank.any way one day i was laying in my garden naked feeling the sun beating down on my chest when i heard was my landlord he had let himself in and was now walking towards me.busted!.he didnt mind that i was laying there buck naked,he told me that he new of a place called st osyths that had a nude beach that you can camp on for the weekend.he also told me that i shouldnt be worried about being naked around him.any way that was it i decided that i would go to st osyths that week end.after a train ride and a few bus rides i was there,with tent and other bits and wasnt long before i was on the beach and walking towards the nudest area.once on there i dropped my shorts and continued to walk on.i was fine about this as i hadnt seen a soul,just me and the beach.i walked as far as i could then set up my tent for the had taken me a while to get here and the summer evening was drawing in.the sun was going and i was ganna stay the night naked outside.this really excited me to think how free i felt,and it didnt take long for my cock to stand to attention.i stood in the dunes with the soft summer breeze kissing my naked body and hard cock.i couldnt help but grip my cock and start to wank.i squeezed my nipples with my other hand as i wanked i looked around me i spotted some çankırı escort people walking about on the beach.shit i thought,i dont want to get caught with a erection so i dove into my tent and layed down on my waasnt long before a few lone men walked past the tent ,hmm they wasnt seemed to be all clear so i stepped out of my i turned i saw three men standing close by,they stood there looking at me ,with thier cocks in heart of the men walked over to me and said hello,he reached out for my cock and it jerked as he gripped it with his strong hand.he nelt down in front of me and started to suck my cock.this felt great.i slowly pumped my hips backwards and forwards into his warm mouth,he reach up and grabbed my buttocks as i of the other men came over and wanked his cock as he watched us perform.the last guy seemed to shy to come to wasnt long before i gave out a groan and came into the mans mouth.he moaned as i shot it into his mouth.the man who was wanking close by came closer to me and touched my bum cheeks.his fingers probed my bum crack until they found my warm hole.”on all fours”he said.i dropped into the sand on all fours.he took position behind me and spat onto my open bum crack.i felt the head of his cock as it nudged my enterance.he entered me slowly,the feeling was great,my bum was full of cock again for the second time.he pumped into me slowly .the last man came closer now ad i took his cock in my mouth.this escort çankırı was lovely.the man in my bum started to get harder now ,he gripped my his tight and got faster,he reached down and took my nipples and squeezed them.ohmy god it was fantastic.suddenly he gave a groan and pulled his cock out of me ,coming all over my back.the man in my mouth came next all over my i sat in the sand and watched the men walk away i felt happy to be was dark noww so i entered my tent and settled in for the must have been about one oclock in the morning,when i was owakened by some one unzipping my sleeping bag and pulling my me outside by my was dark and cold now.i smelt drink in the air and heard a voice.”im ganna fuck you”.as i peared up to see who was grabbing me i saw a large unshaven guy with his trousers round his ankles and a cock that looked like it should belong on a horse.i tried to struggle as the thought of his large cock entering me scared me.he turn me round and pulled my bum into the air.”looks like youve alreadyhad a fucking tonight”he said”your arse is winking at me”he took his cock in one hand and pushed his large head at my bum hole.i could feel its large size trying to eneter me,stretching the door to my bum.he push hard with a grunt and my door gave in to his on felt like i had a small arm entering my bum.”oooohhh its to big”i said.this just made him grunt at me as he fed my bum to his cock.he fucked me hard making me scream.”thats it çankırı escort bayan keep that arse in the air whilst i fuck the shit out of you”he said.he pulled it out which was a relief only for him to ram it back in again.on and on he fucked ,my bum hole stretching to its max.after wot seemed like ages he gave a moan and filled my bum with his hot wet cum.he pulled out of me,wiped his cock on my bum cheeks and stoodup and walked into the night.i lay there my throbbing bum hole looking up at the moon.wot the hell was that.i felt round behind me,my fingers slipped into my gaping bum hole.they made a wet slurping noise as i felt my insides.sperm ran down my fingers as i peared at my hand.i stuck the fingers into my mouth and swallowed the salty spunk.mmmmm,ill have to do this again,i thought to myself.i lay in the dunes in the dark naked and wanked furiuosly until my come flew all over me leaving my chest and thighs covered in hot spunk.the next morning i waked down to the sea naked and washed myself.i stayed for the rest of the weekend with other men coming and going.some stayed to fuck me others just wanked as they looked at the time i got home my bum hole felt sore and cock was swollen and looked quite impressive as it was bum hole had changed after that weekend,everytime i get horny now my cock jerks and my hole becomes soaking wet just like a girls pussy.a few days later the phone rang and i pick it up.”hello i said”.”hello dirty boy,its the man who found you a few months ago in the woods naked”.my heart beat fast,it was the old man that had taken my virgin bum in the woods.”im ganna take you back into the woods boy,your ganna do wot i want and youll love it”.thats whwre my next story begins.

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