Can’t Get Enough

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Can’t Get EnoughOne cool early spring evening, my wife and I went for a walk down to the city park. The moon shown brightly in the sky and the fresh smells of spring were intoxicating. We really like that time of year.After reaching the park we walked to a small playground area tucked into the back corner with trees on two sides, a spot where we could look out over the rest of the park. There was a swing and a couple of picnic tables off to the side of a large sand box.We always go to this corner because it was darker and more private than the rest of the park and we could see if anyone else came into the park. We would either swing together, or just sit and talk. After a while we would begin making out and as most other evenings, that would lead to more amorous activity.On this particular evening, she had initiated the heavy action by undoing my trousers and fondling my cock, coaxing it to life. She always liked the feel of it as it went from soft to hard and she always complained that it did not stay soft long enough. I told her that I could not control it, that it had a mind of its own and with he soft hands squeezing and tugging it did not take long before it was rock hard.We continued kissing and cuddling as she played with my now hard cock. She began slowly stroking it and then she stopped, looked around and not seeing anyone she pulled my trousers down around my knees to give her better access. I, of course, did not discourage this activity. I did not care that she was exposing me in a public place. I knew that it was very rare to see anyone else in the park at this time and that we could see them long before they could see us (or so we thought.)The picnic tables were metal and when I leaned back against one I was startled by the cold, but soon got used to it, especially because my wife continued to stroke my cock. After a few minutes, I reached over and played with her tits through her tank top, then reached inside and squeezed each tit, gently pinching her hardening nipples. She did not say a word when I pulled the straps of her top and her bra off of her shoulders, rolling them down revealing her perfect tits.I leaned over and licked and sucked on each tit, spending quite a bit of time on each nipple. She was obviously enjoying this as she had stopped stroking and was holding the back of my head to her breasts. We did not make much noise, so when we heard a rustling sound, both of us stopped to listen closer.The noise osmaniye escort stopped almost as quickly as we had stopped. We listened for a minute or two and then satisfied that we were alone, we resumed. She began stroking my cock, which had deflated a little bit, but it was soon hard again. I undid her short pants and slid them down to her knees, reaching between her legs to manipulate her clit and I could feel her juices begin to flow.I soon had her laid back on the table and had moved between her legs. She guided my cock into her pussy and I began thrusting slowly, then picking up the pace. All of a sudden, we heard a noise again and quickly stopped. I started to pull out, but my wife grabbed me and pulled me back inside of her. Rather than stop, she wanted to continue.I started slowly pumping in and out, yet keeping my ears open and glancing around. I caught some movement to my right and saw what I thought was an outline of a person standing in a break between two trees. I kept focused on that spot and whoever was out there was moving slowly closer to us.My wife encouraged me not to pay any attention, but to keep going. She said, “You love the idea of getting caught anyway, right?” I replied that it did add to the experience and I turned my attention back to her. I started thrusting faster and played with her tits as I did. She was moving to meet my every thrust and the pace picked up even more.As I was about to shoot, I felt a hand on my back, then two, then the smooth skin and unmistakable feel of two tits against my back. My wife just smiled and told me to keep going. The sensation of the two women, one beneath me and one behind me was very erotic. The women behind me just continued rubbing her chest into my back and she reached around and put her hands on my cock, guiding me in and out of my wife’s pussy.I do not remember my wife being this juicy and knew this was something that she had setup. Finally I got to see who the second woman was when she stepped around to my side and began kissing the side of my face. It was my wife’s best friend from high school, Karen. Her presence as I stated, only added to the wonderful feelings I was experiencing.She moved completely around in front of me now and kept one hand on my cock. She slowly moved her other hand onto my wife and slowly moved toward her tits, squeezing and caressing one then the other. My wife was thrashing from side to side as the feelings were escort osmaniye building in her. All at once her body lurched hard towards me, sinking my cock as deep as it would go into her and she then dropped back onto the table. She had experienced what she later described as the most intense orgasm that she has ever experienced.Since I had not cum yet, Karen took over stroking me and then sate down on the table and took my cock into her mouth. She licked off my wife’s juices like it was an all day sucker, taking her time in getting every last drop. She then pulled my cock into her mouth and I was soon fucking her face, holding the back of her head with my hands and thrusting as I was minutes earlier into my wife’s pussy.It took only a few short minutes and my balls tightened and I shot stream after stream of hot cum into Karen’s mouth. She swallowed what she could, but had some running down her chin as well. While this was going on, my wife had gotten off the table and was sitting beside Karen. After I came in Karen’s mouth, my wife took Karen’s face and turned it towards her then she licked my cum off Karen’s face and kissed her on the lips.Their embrace lasted for several seconds as they obviously had their tongues in each other’s mouth. As they continued to hug and kiss, I got down onto the ground and began to finger both of them. They were both very wet and my fingers slid easily in. First one, then two, then three fingers into each cunt. I would stop, lick my fingers, and then resume several times.My wife and Karen seemed oblivious to me as they continued, but they were also meeting the thrusts of my fingers as I finger fucked both of them. I then kept my finger in my wife, but moved down and began licking and sucking Karen’s now drenched pussy. After a few moments of these she reached her first orgasm of the night and slumped into my wife’s arms.Nothing had been said this whole time until my wife finally asked if this was not what I had fantasized about many years ago in high school. It is exactly what I had fantasized about and many years earlier I had shared this fantasy with my wife. I never expected this to happen, but here it was and it was even better than I had thought it would be.Karen then spoke saying that when she had called my wife a few weeks ago to let her know that she had gotten divorced they had gotten into a very long and deep conversation. The bottom line was that Karen had shared that osmaniye escort bayan her sex life had been terrible, which lead to the divorce and my wife had let slip mention of my fantasy by telling that I might be interested in helping her out. One thing led to another and they setup with rendezvous.I thanked them both for having the guts to go through with it, telling them that I probably would not have had the balls to set this up myself. Karen said she was glad I did have the balls and she playfully reached out and gave them a squeeze. That little move began round two and we were quickly all three on the lush grass entangled in each other’s arms.I was amazed at how this evening kept going. The three of us experienced each other in ways that we had never dreamed of, even the fantasies that I had been having and masturbating to for the past twenty years did not hold a candle to the real thing. We finally gathered up our clothes and headed to Karen’s car which was parked outside the park on the other side of the trees.Karen handed me the keys to drive to our house. She sat in the middle and even before I was away from the curb she was playing with my cock and bringing it back to life. My wife in turn had both of her hands busy with Karen, one on her tits and the other between her legs. I was having a very difficult time in keeping the car on the street; luckily it was only a few short blocks to our house.Still naked, we all jumped out of the car and hurried into the house. We only got as far as the living room and again were back at it. Karen and my wife were on the floor licking each other while I just moved from one to the other licking and kissing body parts while I masturbated. I would stop and rub my cock into each of their pussies as they continued tonguing. They would each stop and lick my balls as I toyed with them.No one was saying a word as the girls kept eating and I kept jacking. With both hands, I was concentrating on myself. One was wrapped around my cock stroking, while with the other I was playing with my balls and finally sunk a finger into my ass and pushed it in slowly as deep as I could get it. I then moved it in and out slowly at first, and then picked up the pace.I had my head tilted back and was not even paying attention to the girls. When I knew I was about to cum, I looked down and they were just lying beneath me watching me. When I saw their eyes on my cock, watching me masturbate, I could not hold back and shot cum all over both of them, waving it like a fire hose, shooting streams of cum onto their bodies. I collapsed on top of them and we all three rubbed our juices on each other.Karen broke the silence by saying that she was here for the weekend!!!

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