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CARDS WITH sisThis story is set in the North of England in the winter of 2009/2010. As any readers from the UK will know, it turned out to be the worst winter in 50 years with snow around from before Christmas and well into the New Year. It was because of those weather conditions that this story occurred. My sister, Anne, and I had never been that close until about 5 years before that winter. She was 3 years younger than me and had had to get married at the age of 18 when she fell pregnant. She married Martin as a result of the pregnancy and despite that rocky start they had made a long and seemingly quite happy marriage.We both grew up in a small terraced house in a working class area of Lancashire with little in the way of home comforts. In fact even at the time that we were both in our teens we still had no inside toilet. The main reason for this was that the house only had two bedrooms. My mother and father had one and as the eldest c***d I had the other which resulted in my sister finding herself sleeping in a bed which was in the bathroom and the presence of a bed there left room only for a bath and washbasin.I often think that the desire for a bedroom of her own was one of the reasons why Anne managed to become pregnant at such an early age — it was one way of securing a bedroom for herself. For whatever reason the sleeping arrangements were definitely the source of some bitterness between us as she no doubt resented me having a room of my own and when I left home for college she had moved in there in a flash and whenever I came home for the weekend or on holiday I found myself relegated to the bathroom bed. I think another bone of contention had been the unplanned pregnancy. I think it had been the only time I had ever seen my father cry and I think I blamed Anne for the distress she had caused my parents.Once Anne had left home we did not see too much of her and it was not long before I was also getting married and moving about half an hour’s drive away which made our contact even less. It became just a weddings, funerals etc. kind of a relationship. We had never really fallen out but were never very close either. I guess it might have been different if she had been a brother but it was just one of those things.Martin and Anne did ok for themselves. They only ever had the one c***d ( the result of that unplanned pregnancy ) but got on financially as my sister got quite a good job working for a government department. Once their son was grown up and was with a partner and c***d of his own they bought a cottage up in the Yorkshire Dales and set about renovating it. They were now about 75 to 80 miles away from me and our contact got even less.In the late 1990’s we all attended a meal for our parents’ 50th Wedding anniversary and for the first time I noticed that Martin was looking unwell but did not think a lot of it.Then in 2004 our mother had a massive stroke which left her in hospital for some months and bed ridden and doubly incontinent when she did eventually come home. Both of us started to spend as much time with her as we could and met at least once a week. As a result we started to become closer than we had ever been when younger and as our mother’s condition deteriorated I suppose we realised the importance of family and both of us seemed to be trying to make up for lost time.2005 brought various bombshells — firstly our mother died, which was not unexpected, but Martin’s condition was finally diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. To make matters worse the doctors dealing with him seemed to indicate that the condition had not been helped, and may in fact have been brought on, by medication he had been taking for some time for a very minor heart problem.Anne was not one to accept this kind of thing lying down and her government job had the benefit of giving her lots of valuable contacts. Soon she had found someone who was interested in making a compensation claim on Martin’s behalf and as a lot of that claim surrounded his growing inability to work and his reducing income I offered my services using my accountancy knowledge to do anything I could to help them.Soon Anne and I were closer than we had ever been and I made regular trips to her home to meet up with medical experts etc. As usual with these things the case seemed to drag on forever and was no nearer a settlement when Martin’s condition took a turn for the worse and in early 2009 he died.In addition to the ongoing compensation case there was now Martin’s estate to sort out and as I have had experience of those things with one or two relations and also clients I again offered to do whatever I could.About once a month or so we tried to get together to bring things up to date. Often my wife accompanied me on my trips to see Anne but would often get bored very quickly as we droned on about things that were above her head and so in recent months I had gone alone.Christmas 2009 came and we had not met up for a few weeks because of the festivities etc and also the snow which had covered the North of England for so long. In the run up to Christmas the covering of snow had seemed quite pleasant and set the scene for the time of year but once January arrived it was something everyone was looking to see the back of. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.About mid January there seemed a break in the weather and I made arrangements to go off to the Dales unless things got any worse before weekend. My wife advised me that she was going to stay at home and recommended me to take certain things with me — a spade in case I got stuck anywhere — a flask and some food — and an overnight bag in case the snow returned. It seemed like she was being somewhat over-cautious but I knew from previous experience that she had a sixth sense about these kind of things and didn’t argue.So there I was mid-morning on the Saturday, setting off with briefcase, over-night bag and the various other things and promising to ring my wife as soon as I got there to stop her worrying.The journey took longer than usual but not as long as I had thought it might. The roads were quite clear until I got to the country roads for the last few miles and even then there was not too much of a problem. I was parking up just after lunchtime and Anne was greeting me on the doorstep. After ringing my wife to confirm my arrival we got down to work.The afternoon passed quickly and then we realised that we had only stopped for a coffee and that neither of us had eaten since breakfast. It was going dark outside and we decided to walk down to the pub in the village. It would give us some fresh air and the chance to stretch our legs and the pub also served good wholesome food, nothing fancy but just the thing to give us that lift to finish off one or two things before I set off home.The walk down into the village took about ten minutes and just before we got there we saw the worrying signs of snow beginning to fall. Perhaps it would only be a few flurries. The inside of the pub was warm and welcoming. A roaring log fire burned in the main bar and we settled down and ordered our food and drink. As we sat and ate and watched other people enter the pub it became clear that this was something a bit more than flurries. By the time we left the pub the snow was falling heavily and as it was Saturday there seemed no signs of any gritting crews trying to keep the roads open. The walk back to Anne’s cottage took twice as long as the walk to the pub had as we found ourselves tramping through soft, virgin snow. As we walked through the door the phone was ringing. It was my wife telling me how bad the weather was at the other side of the Pennines and it became more and more likely that I may have to stay the night. I agreed with my wife to give things an hour, which would give us time to wrap up our paperwork and then make a decision, although as I looked out through the window the decision was really already made.An hour later our work was finished and I went to the front door. Conditions were even worse than before and I was only waiting for Anne to make the suggestion that I stayed.”It would be stupid to try to drive home in this” Anne said “especially in the dark. Give Janet a ring and tell her you are staying while I go and check that everything is ok in the spare bedroom.”I rang Janet and she sounded relieved that I was not going to attempt the trip back home and I told her I would ring in the morning to let her know how things were.Anne had come back down from the bedroom and announced that everything was sorted. I nipped out to the car to bring in the overnight bag. I was so glad that Janet had had the foresight to make me bring it.Anne drew the curtains to conserve the heat and then looking at the logs lying unlit in the hearth I made a suggestion.”How long since you had the fire going??” “Christmas time” Anne responded “It never seems worth it just for me””It looked so inviting in the pub” I said ” Really cosy””Well its all yours” laughed Anne ” If you can be bothered to get it going then don’t let me stop you. I’ll go and fix us some coffee”It was years since I had lit a real fire but I was determined to give it a go and soon the wood was beginning to crackle and small flames began to flicker around the room.”Well done” said Anne as she at last accepted that my efforts were going to be successful.I settled down to drink my coffee and admire my achievement. “I’m wishing I had tried a pint of beer in the pub instead of orange juice” I said with a hint of regret.”If I had known I was not going to iskenderun escort have to drive we could have stayed longer””Perhaps we can have a walk back down there later if the snow eases a bit. It’s a long time since I had a serious drink” replied Anne, clearly excited at the thought of having some company for the evening “In fact it’s a long time since I did a few things”At that minute I did not pick up on Anne’s last words but I would learn more as the evening wore on what she was referring to.”In the meantime there is beer in the fridge — or wine if you prefer””How about both” I said ” It might be a long night. We can start on a beer and then move on to the wine”Anne nodded her agreement.”I can’t hold my drink the way I used to” Anne said “but let’s see where the evening takes us.” We made eye contact and there was something in her eyes that hinted at things that I hesitated to contemplate.I suppose I should say a little more about Anne. She was a little shorter than me and nowhere near as heavy. I think that I must have inherited my mother’s genes as, like my mother, I had always had difficulty in keeping my weight under control. I only had to look at a chocolate biscuit to feel the pounds going on. Anne, on the other hand, was slender and looked almost fragile. She had had her own health worries in her 40’s with a cancer scare and since then had always been careful to watch her diet. Despite the fact that she did not do any exercise ( other than walking her dog ) she had a body that many younger women would envy. From the neck down she would have passed for a woman far younger than her 57 years.Unfortunately her face let down the rest of her body somewhat. The worries which had been caused by her own health problems and Martin’s long illness had clearly taken their toll and her face had wrinkles that indicated her true age and her neck was a little scrawny too. All in all, however, Anne was still an attractive woman, especially when she smiled but that had not been too often over the past few years despite the ongoing attempts of her friends and family. She had let herself go a little but I sensed that when she finally got through this period of mourning and self-doubt she was the kind of woman who would pick herself up, give herself a serious makeover in terms of clothing and make-up and if and when she felt confident to get back onto the dating scene there would be no shortage of eligible suitors, and probably many more who were not so eligible.”I’ll go and get the drinks sorted out whilst you go and get yourself cleaned up after getting the fire going” Anne said as she left the room heading for the kitchen.”Yes and I can take my things up to the bedroom and get myself sorted out” I replied as I headed for the stairs.By the time I had returned from the bathroom and bedroom Anne had everything under control. Two cans of beer were on the coffee table with two beer glasses and then an opened bottle of wine and two wine glasses next to them. There was also a selection of nibbles to keep us going through the evening.The television was turned on and Anne was sitting on the sofa with her legs raised up. I took the two beers and poured them and passed one to Anne before settling down in the armchair.I looked at the television. “I just wanted to watch this programme” Anne announced ” I have been following the series. Then we can either listen to some music or find some other way to amuse ourselves” She turned to again make eye contact with me as she uttered the last few words. “Whatever you fancy”As Anne relaxed even more on the sofa the idea of “whatever you fancy” seemed strangely appealing. I had to admit that over the last few years, since our reconciliation, I had found myself more and more attracted to Anne and whilst I would never have dared admit it to anyone there had been occasions when I had fantasised about her. I think the long period of estrangement had meant that when we began to get close again I started to think of her as a woman and not just a sister.My own sex life had been virtually non-existent for several years and I was guessing that Anne’s may have been no better, especially knowing that Martin had been ill for many years.As I looked across at Anne relaxed on the sofa in her black t-shirt and faded jeans that seemed to touch her body in all the right places I must admit to a longing that she was not my sister and my mind drifted to the ways we might find to pass the evening if she were not.My beer was gone in double quick time and Anne advised me there was more in the fridge. I hesitated and decided that as the wine was already open I would try some of that and so I poured two glasses for us and returned to my armchair. Anne seemed quite intent in her watching of the programme and although it was not something that interested me I sat pretending to be interested for her sake.Soon it was at an end and Anne got down to the task of drinking her beer and wine so as to try and catch me up. I was on my second large glass of wine now and as she left the room to go and bring in a second bottle I felt the need to watch her walk across the room and out of the door. The jeans fitted so tight on her backside and I could swear she was walking in a way that accentuated it. Her hips seemed to sway from side to side and for the first time that night I felt a stirring in my loins that would get stronger as the evening went on.Anne came back into the room and asked what music I would like her to put on the player but as she stood there the decision was made for us. The television flickered, the lamps in the corner of the room went out and the room would have been in total darkness but for the flickering light thrown out by the blazing log fire.”Not again” Anne complained ” I forgot to warn you. This has been happening all winter with the snow causing such problems. Sometimes it can be off for just a few minutes whilst other times it can be several hours.””Lucky I lit the fire” I stated ” at least we have some light””Yes and heat too” replied Anne ” because the central heating will have gone off too until the electricity comes back. I have some decorative candles in the kitchen which will help things.”In a minute she was back with one or two scented candles positioned so as the light up the gloomier corners of the room whilst we relied on the firelight as our eyes became a little more used to the situation.”So what are we going to do till it comes back on” I asked.A few seconds passed until Anne responded. “What about a game of cards. There is a pack in the cupboard over there.”Without waiting for my reply Anne went to get the cards and sat down on the rug before me.”So what are we going to play” she said.I sat down on the rug quite near to her so as to make it easier to see the cards. After a few discussions we settled on a card game we had played as c***dren, a kind of rummy where you had to make up various tricks from 10 cards and the game got underway in the firelight.The first few games were ok but as with anything the novelty began to wear a bit thin after that. Then Anne suggested a variation.”Why don’t we make it more interesting ” she said taking a long slurp of wine.”How” I answered, unsure as to the direction this conversation was heading in.”The loser of each hand has to pay up” she added”Money” I questioned”No, a forfeit of some kind” said Anne”Like what” I asked naively”How about the loser of each hand has to remove an item of their clothing? And to make it more interesting every little thing counts , watches, jewellery, everything “I was filled with a mixture of emotions partly fuelled by the beer and wine. What harm could it do and any way the room was pretty dimly lit. A part of me also longed to see what Anne was wearing under those tight jeans.”Ok” I finally agreed “You’re on. Or off might be a more appropriate description. Deal the cards”The incentive of removing clothing and other things certainly enlivened the next few hands, or perhaps it was the drink. We were already halfway down the second bottle of wine.Soon each of us had a small neat pile of items removed. In my case it comprised of shoes, socks, my wristwatch, ring and the St Christopher I wore around my neck. The hands had been quite evenly contested as Anne’s pile indicated with her shoes, earrings, watch and rings neatly arranged.From now on it looked as though things might get a little more interesting and though Anne was my sister and there was something inside me that felt slightly uneasy with the situation there was a much stronger something that had me quite aroused at the thought of seeing her slowly undressing before me in the firelight.The accountant inside me was trying to make calculations of what items were left to remove but the wine was taking its toll and it was taking much longer than on a usual day in the office.I did a quick sum and figured I was down to 3 items, my shirt, trousers and boxer shorts. As for Anne’s situation I could only make an educated guess that she was down to 4 items, her t-shirt, jeans and presumably bra and panties. On that basis I was one item behind and even more determined to win the next hand.My determination was rewarded with victory and I presumed that Anne would remove her t-shirt. She obviously realised what I had been thinking as she flashed me a naughty grin before lifting the bottom of her jeans to reveal a silver anklet. ‘Damn!’ I thought as the realisation dawned on me that my lustful thoughts had been put on hold. But the delay only served to heighten escort iskenderun my state of arousal and I sensed that my cock was starting to harden. However much I tried to persuade it to behave more reasonably the harder it seemed to be to control it. Whatever my own thoughts were my cock seemed to have a mind of its own.As I mentally wrestled with my hardening cock I lost my way in the next hand and soon found myself unbuttoning my shirt and adding it slowly to my pile as Anne dealt the next hand. Somehow I sensed she was deliberately trying to keep things on an even keel as I seemed to win the next hand more easily than any recent one.It was my turn to deal the next hand and Anne’s turn to remove her t-shirt. I expected her to be a little embarrassed as she slowly started to raise it up her body but she made eye contact with me and as she took her time to lift it high above her head it felt more like a striptease that was being performed just for me. Soon the t-shirt was being folded and with our eye contact broken I took the opportunity to take a closer look at the upper half of Anne’s body. As I have said, she was quite slim and her tits were not the largest I had ever seen but they were covered in a delicious looking black bra. The bra was exciting and lacy and clearly had diamantes or something sparkly which glinted in the firelight.My arousal was now almost complete and I wondered how obvious this would soon become with the inevitable loss of my trousers. I didn’t have too long to wonder as I lost the next hand and was soon on my feet unfastening them. My belt had been removed earlier and so it was not long before they were falling around my ankles and the bulge in my boxer shorts was open to view. I looked across at Anne as I removed the trousers from my ankles but her gaze was firmly fastened on my groin area. There was a smile on her face that clearly showed that, even in the dim lighting, she had realised my condition and that she was becoming quite aroused herself at the thought that she was, no doubt, the object of my desires.I was now in a situation that I could not afford to lose another hand and again sensed that Anne did not want that either. I think we were both aware that the longer this went on the greater the anticipation would be and, as the night was still quite young, there was no need to rush anything. What would happen would happen and for myself I was happy just to take whatever would come.Anne lost the next hand and stood up immediately. Clearly she was as excited at the thought of getting out of her jeans as I was at the thought of seeing her that way. Soon they were falling to her ankles to reveal a sexy pair of black panties that matched her bra. She stepped out of her jeans and then turning she bent forward to fold them and place them away. In doing so she did not drop to her knees but bent forward pushing her panty-covered rear towards me. She seemed to hold the pose for several seconds as I contemplated that her ass looked even better without the jeans than it had with them on.Turning back towards me our eyes met and Anne was clearly revelling in the effect she was causing. I tried to ease the sexual tension by pouring out the last of the wine into our two glasses.”There’s plenty more in the kitchen if you fancy another bottle” Anne purred “Or is there anything else you fancy??”I think we both knew what it was I fancied but wondering if I might be jumping the gun I tried to act as cool as I could.”I’ll get another bottle after the next hand””That’s ok” said Anne and knelt back down before me and started to deal the cards.I guess my mind was a bit distracted by the view in front of me as we started to play the next hand. As Anne moved her bra and panties sparked a little in the firelight. I am not sure where my thoughts were but they were definitely not on cards as I soon found myself the loser again. This meant removing my boxer shorts. Should I shuffle them off as I sat on the rug and try to hide the fact that my shaft was now as erect as it had been in months or should I stand tall and take them off in front of Anne and give her a full view of what was available. I chose the latter. Anne seemed to have had no qualms in undressing before me and although she was still wearing her bra and panties I think we both knew where they were likely to end up.I tried to act slow and seductive as I slid my boxers down over my thighs and then let them fall to the ground. Anne seemed unable to take her eyes away from what I was revealing and whether or not my act of seduction was working I sensed she was impressed with what she saw and I was sure I saw the slightest hint of her licking her lips.”I’ve nothing left to take off” I said, stating the obvious.”Well we will have to find some other forfeits for you” Anne answered in a tone that was a mixture of naughty fun and desire.The next hand was over in a flash. I again sensed that Anne was not trying too hard. Partly I think she was distracted because, although I had now sat down again, my cock was as erect as ever and in her direct eye line and also I sensed she wanted to see what effect her naked tits might have on me and my cock. In truth I could not imagine anything that could make it any harder or more erect but Anne seemed determined to try her best.As I declared my winning hand Anne smiled at me and turned away. She hunched her shoulders and pushed her back towards me.”Would you like to help??” she said, clearly wanting me to help her undo her bra.My mouth was dry as I moved forward a little to help her. My fingers found the bra fastening and even with my fingers trembling it was soon undone. Anne clearly sensed the tension.”Don’t worry, I won’t bite” she laughed, ” Well not unless you want me to”The bra fell to the ground and Anne turned back to face me. As she leant forward to pick it up from the rug I got my first sight of her tits. They were small but exquisite and belied her age. Her skin was white and this only served to highlight the darkness of her areolas. Her nipples looked to be firm and erect as she raised her head and smiled at me.I wondered what forfeit Anne might suggest if I should lose the next hand and was tempted to lose deliberately in order to find out but the cards I had dealt to me left me with no need to take such action as the hand was over in what seemed a record time. “So what about my forfeit” I asked in a mixture of trepidation and excitement. I hoped Anne was not planning to get me to run down the street in my naked state whilst she laughed at me. Although the weather outside would, no doubt, have been one way of cooling my ardour. Anne, however, had other plans.”You seem quite fascinated by my tits” she laughed. ” In fact you seem to be having trouble taking your eyes of them” she laughed again.”Was it that obvious??” I stuttered.”Yes, but don’t worry, It’s a long time since a man looked at my tits that way, a very long time. And its been even longer since a man played with them or sucked them. So that’s your forfeit — I want you to play with my tits and suck my nipples”I was a little taken aback and Anne clearly saw my discomfort.”I won’t tell if you won’t” she said with a cheeky grin, “and besides that it’s starting to get a little chilly now that we are almost naked”I thought about saying something clever about the cold obviously being the cause of her nipples standing out but they were much too inviting. ‘And anyway’ I thought ‘if I wait too long she might start to have second thoughts’So throwing caution to the wind I moved the glasses from between us and took up a position kneeling before Anne. Kissing her, at this stage, felt a step too far and so I lowered my lips to her right tit and started to lick and suck whilst my right hand was caressing and fondling her left one.In seconds Anne was moaning, “Oh yes….. that feels so good John. I had forgotten how good it can feel. I think the card game is over for a while. I don’t want you to stop this until I tell you to”Anne had always been a bit of a bossy sister but right now I was happy to let her have her own way as I concentrated on her fabulous tits, alternating my sucking on each nipple and using my fingers to tweak and squeeze the nipple that was having to wait for my mouth.As I sucked on her left nipple and used my left hand to play with the other tit my right hand was alternating between the floor and Anne’s hips as I sought to make sure I did not over-balance and spoil the moment. Suddenly, by accident, my right hand was on Anne’s upper thigh and I could sense the proximity of her panties. The lace was brushing against the back of my hand.Anne made no attempt to disturb my hand. She was too carried away in the pleasure I was giving her and was leaving me in no doubt.”Oh yes…. suck them harder….. I want you to bite me gently””This feels so fucking good…………please don’t stop”I could not ever remember hearing Anne use that kind of language before but it stiffened my resolve ( not that parts of me needed any stiffening ) and I had only to move my hand a little to feel my fingers touching the crotch of her lacy panties. They were soaking and as I started to caress her pussy through them the lace on the front was coming in contact with her swollen pussy lips.”Oh my God … yes … if you carry on with that I am going to cum” Anne whimpered.I broke away from her nipple for a second “And would you like that” , I said.”Do you need to ask” Anne uttered through gritted teeth as I sensed the first waves of an orgasm iskenderun escort bayan were already starting to approach.I wondered about removing the panties but thought I would leave that for later as I gently moved the lacy crotch to one side and slid two thick fingers slowly into Anne’s wetness.She moaned as she felt them enter and then began to shake as I started to slide them in and out.”I’m cuuuummming” she moaned ” and it feels so fucking good”I felt Anne’s hot juices flow all over my fingers as they started to thrust deeper and harder into her cunt. She was so wet and getting wetter by the second and as my fingers really started to find the target she began to shout her comments rather than whisper them as before.”Oh yes, John, stick them in me so hard. I need this so badly. Please… please don’t stop”Her body bucked and writhed as her pelvis thrust against my fingers.”Oh my Goooooood. I’m cumming again” Anne moaned as she began to pant like a dog in heat.Her hands were writhing about and had come into contact with my cock and soon she had a firm grip on it and was taking out her energy on it as she started to come down from her second orgasm.”I want to suck it John. I need to suck your big cock now”With that I slowed my rhythm until my fingers were motionless inside her wet spongy cunt.She looked at me with a look that meant she was going to get what she wanted and eased me backwards against the sofa until my cock was in the perfect position for her to deal with it. She started her assault by taking a firm hold on my cock and licking and flicking the tip with her tongue before she gradually started to take more and more of it into her mouth. It felt amazing and I could do nothing but lie back and enjoy as she finally took all of it into her mouth. Anne’s head was moving up and down in a steady rhythm and I could feel her tongue flicking the underneath of my shaft.Occasionally she left her attention to my cock and her head moved lower and took one of my balls into her mouth instead. She licked and sucked on it and again her tongue was constantly flicking it whilst her hand was cupping the other one and fondling it till they felt they would have to erupt.Anne’s hand then strayed down towards my asshole and gently started to caress it and run her finger around the entrance.I was in heaven and had to tell Anne how it felt.”Oh Anne, that’s amazing….. fucking amazing. No-one has ever sucked me like this. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this without cumming”Anne seemed unfazed by my comments and had returned her mouth to my cock where her up and down rhythm had re-commenced and was getting even stronger and faster. I felt the approach of my orgasm and was trying to hold on as long as I could to experience as much as possible of the pleasure Anne was giving me but suddenly I felt her pinkie finger slide into my ass and I knew my time had cum.Anne was deep-throating me by now and I could hold back no longer as jets of my hot cum started to shoot straight down her throat. Her other hand moved to my balls in an attempt to squeeze ever last drop as she devoured it hungrily and then as my ejaculations stopped she set about sucking me dry and making sure that nothing went to waste.As I lay there and wallowed in the experience Anne looked up at me and licked her lips. Kissing her had seemed a step to far not too long ago but now I raised her to me and kissed her passionately, tasting the remnants of my cum still on her lips. Our tongues danced as we tried to devour one another’s lips. I turned her until she was next to me, into what seemed a more comfortable position and then my hand again began to head for her panties. Anne had just given me the most amazing experience and the gentleman in me knew I had to return that experience with interest.My hand was soon on the crotch which was even wetter than before. Her upper thighs too were soaking. The panties were obviously designed to allure and were not built with absorbency in mind. I started to move the crotch to one side again until Anne broke off from our kiss.”Take them off John” she pleaded “Take them off and fuck me…….now”She arched her body to lift her backside from the carpet and together we teased the soft fabric over her rear, down her thighs and onto the floor. My cock was already starting to harden again as I caught my first glimpse of her matted pubic hair and the outline of her swollen pussy lips.”Are you sure” I asked, hoping with all my body that she was sure.”Yes, John, I’ve been wanting you to fuck me all evening. I can’t wait any longer””Are you sure this is right” I asked, feeling it was my brotherly duty to give her one last way out. In truth my cock was still only 75% back to its erect state and every second would aid its recovery.”I’m not sure of anything any more”, Anne responded ” But one thing I am sure of is that I need to feel a cock inside me right now…. your cock. So fuck me. Pleeeaaase.”What more could I do but try to please her as I slid across her until I lay between her thighs. As I felt the tip of my cock brush against Anne’s pussy lips I realised that I was almost rock-hard again and with the slightest of thrusts I felt the first inch or so of my cock slide inside her. I watched her close her eyes and she gasped at the prospect of what was to come.I thrust further inside her and she moaned.”Oh, John, yes, that feels so good” she moaned as the muscles of her cunt took hold of my cock for the first time.”Fuck me! Yes John, fuck me!” she screamed as a little more of my cock slid into her wetness.”You feel so fucking good,” I moaned into her ear, making her squirm against me.I began a rhythm of withdrawing my cock before sliding it ever deeper within Anne’s delicious cunt. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist, locking her feet together. With each downward thrust Anne met me with an upward thrust of her own, forcing my cock ever deeper into her welcoming cunt. On every in-thrust she grasped me firmly with the tight muscles of her pussy till it felt that I would never be able to withdraw. With every thrust I could feel my balls slapping against Anne’s backside and she was clearly revelling in the experience of having a cock buried deep inside her again.I felt my own orgasm begin to stir deep within me. I wanted to try and make this last as long as possible. Anne deserved that and I wanted this to be something special, something that would re-awaken all the passions she had hidden within. I was trying hard to delay the inevitable orgasm but Anne was making it so hard for me as she began a one-sided dialogue telling me how good she felt, how big my cock felt and then started to tell me all the other things she wanted to share with me before the morning came and I headed home.”Oh John … this is amazing! Just fucking amazing!” Anne screamed as another orgasm started to arrive for her.I started to caress her tits as my thrusts continued and that was clearly the final straw as Anne’s body started to pulsate and vibrate. Her own thrusting stopped as her body became rigid and I felt the flow of her creamy juices pouring onto my cock. I had never seen a woman so aroused and it felt so good to know that I had made Anne feel like this.Anne’s sensations started to subside as I returned to my long slow thrusts deep within her. Gradually her eyes opened and we made eye contact.”This is amazing, John” she moaned “Now I want to feel you cum inside me. Give it to me hard until my cunt is dripping with your cum” Anne screamed with delight as I began to thrust even harder and deeper into her cunt. She met each thrust with one of her own as every bit of my cock disappeared inside her.”Oh yes John! That’s amazing.” she screamed.I just continued to pound my shaft deeper and deeper into her as she moaned and shouted my name.My pounding of Anne’s pussy was having its effect on both of us and I knew that I could not last much longer. Anne, however, beat me to it as she started to arch her back and shake as the waves of pleasure engulfed her again.”Oh John, that feels so good. Yesssssssss.” She screamed. She bucked and writhed under my hands and shouted my name over and over as she came.By now my thrusts were as hard as I could manage and I could wait no longer. I started filling Anne’s cunt with my cum. She screamed to feel the hot jets hitting the end of her pussy.”Oh, John. That’s just what I needed. To feel you cum inside me.” she purred.I fell into her arms and we lay there basked in the glow of the firelight. I felt my cock beginning to shrink and slide from her cunt and as it did the dam of our mingled juices broke and started to slide onto Anne’s thighs and ultimately the rug on which we lay.Minutes seemed to elapse without a word being spoken and I began to wonder if the silence was an indication of regrets beginning to surface in Anne’s head. Then she spoke.” Will you do something more for me John” she said in a way that sounded like a whisper after her recent frenzied outbursts.”If I can” I replied, a little worried as to what she had in mind.”Will you sleep with me tonight, and make love to me again””Nothing could be better” I replied as we made eye contact again.Anne smiled a smile that let me know that, if she had any regrets about what we had just done, she was not about to let them get in the way of future pleasures.”But what about finishing that game of cards before we go to bed?” I asked as I continued gazing into Anne’s eyes.She laughed as she also clearly realised that I had no regrets about our actions and that perhaps in the future there would be more opportunities to show our feelings to one another in a manner more accustomed to lovers than brother and sister.Just then the lights flickered and the television sprung back to life as the electricity supply returned.

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