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CARRIBEAN RUM AND CUM (Part 2 of 2)Hi, thanks for reading for best enjoyment please read part 1 at the link below. Enjoy. I woke to another sunny Jamaican morning I heard the rattle of china. I looked across the room and saw my wife Sarah standing naked making coffee. I observed her for a minute, admiring her long legs and peachy bottom, that on so many occasions I had gently sunken my teeth into. After the revelation from her yesterday that she had enjoyed some rough passion from a Jamaican barman perhaps I shouldn’t have been as gentle I thought with a chuckle. She turned and walked towards the bed with two coffee cups, her fabulous breasts gently swaying as she walked then hanging down as she placed a coffee on my bedside table before leaning forward and kissing me, “Good morning darling” she said. I sat up, lifted the cup and turned to face her as she climbed into the other side of the bed. As I did so I saw the cum stained bikini bottoms she had dropped onto the bed last night before she told me about the rough fucking she had received behind my back.She looked at me and smiled. “I’m not so sore this morning” she said, “would you still like me to go back to that bar and get another helping of his rum and cum?”“I would like it very much” I said as I felt my cock stiffening at the thought and pulling back the bed sheet to reveal my semi erect cock. “Look at what just the thought of it is doing.”“Mmmmn” she said “Perhaps I better have some of your cream in my coffee” She took another sip from her cup. placed it down on her bedside table, leant over and took hold of my cock and stroked it a few times before lowering her soft and very warm mouth onto it and giving me an incredible blow job and swallowing my morning load.We got up and showered then went for breakfast. Went to the pool and chilled. We enjoyed a few drinks and a light bar snack before Sarah announced she had booked a facial at the spa. She went off telling me she would be about an hour. Once she had gone I started to think about the fact she was going back to the bar to get fucked again later and although it was as horny as hell her telling me I really wanted to watch but didn’t want her to know as it would have spoilt her fantasy of doing it behind my back.I decided to take a walk down to the bar we had visited the day before. I got there and the barman was all smiles and asked me where my wife was today. I told him she would be down later and she wanted him to fuck her again. He looked at me slightly shocked. “Yes” I said. “She told me all about it” He started to look panicked so I quickly told him it was ok, and we often enjoy sexual fun with other people. He smiled and told me he thought it was cool and that Sarah was a very sexy lady.I told him that I would love to watch him fucking her later that day but didn’t want her to know and asked if that would be possible. He thought for a minute and asked me to follow him in the back. I saw the table and chair where he had fucked Sarah the day before and smiled to myself. He showed me into another room at the back of his shack which was like a store room. There was a bed in the corner and he told me if he finished really late after a party night he niğde escort used to sleep there to save going home. He pulled a curtain across and told me I could watch from there. Then he walked to the back of the room and opened a door and told me if I walked around the back of the bar I could get in through the door, he would leave it unlocked.Perfect I thought. I asked him if he could put a chair in and he went off to get one. He asked me if there was anything else I wanted him to do. I thought for a moment and then said. “ I don’t suppose you would have a friend who would like to join you, my wife loves the attention of two men?” He grinned and told me he knew a guy, it was one of his younger bar staff. I asked him if the younger guy was as well equipped as Sarah had told me he was and he nodded telling me the guy was very young and very big. So all sorted I headed back to the pool. Sarah returned from the spa about 10 minutes later. Her long blonde hair had been tied in a plait and when I enquired she told me the girl in the spa had done it as it was easier to keep the hair from blowing in her face while the lotion she had put on fully soaked into her skin. “Looks good on you” I said as I waved over one of the guys to get her a drink.About 4pm we headed off to the beach bar. I could tell that Sarah was excited but we didn’t actually talk about what was about to happen as it all helped with the fantasy element. We got there and the barman smiled and asked us if we were both ok. I told him we were all good and we just thought we would pop in. “My wife is in the mood for a couple of special cocktails” I said with a smile. “Coming right up” he said. He served Sarah a cocktail and me a beer, had a little chat and went off and served a couple more people. As the sun started to drop people started to leave until just Sarah and I were there. I asked Sarah if she wanted to go before she got chilly and she told me she fancied one more cocktail. I told her I fancied a quick soak in the jacuzzi before dinner and the barman told me it was no problem, he would make sure she got back ok. I asked Sarah if that was ok, she nodded and I kissed her and told her I would see her back at the room later.I walked down the beach about 50 yards and turned around, I saw Sarah hop down off her stool and walk behind the bar. I started walking back to she bar and around the back, found the door, it was open and I went in. The curtain was drawn and there was about a 4 inch gap at one end. I sat on the chair and saw that the table and chair had been moved so I had a perfect view of it. He asked Sarah to take a seat and then he asked her if I was definitely not coming back. She told him I wasn’t so she had more time than yesterday. He smiled and told her that was good as he had a friend who wanted to give her some of his special cream as well and asked her if she would like to try it. “Oh yes please” she said.He shouted a guys name and he appeared out of a side room. He was very tall, very lean and very young, probably about 20. The bar guy introduced him as Bobby and told her his name was Des. Sarah told the guys her name and smiled. Des squeezed one of Sarah’s breasts and asked her if he was going to get to play with them today. She stood up, dropped escort niğde her shorts to reveal a freshly waxed pussy and kicked them away then pulled off her bikini top and said “You can enjoy all of me today”Her breasts hung there and her nipples were fully erect the guys cupped one each and squeezed them before lowering their heads and sucking hard on her nipples. Des lowered his hand down to Sarah’s pussy and began to rub it and Bobby squeezed both her breasts. Dez said to Bobby “remember what I told you, she likes it rough. Sarah began to sigh as Des rubbed her clit and her hands began to rub their cocks through their shorts. It was obvious they were both hard.Dez pushed Sarah down onto the chair and they both dropped their shorts revealing their cocks. Jesus I thought, Sarah had told me Dez’s cock was huge but I didn’t realise how huge. No wonder she was sore yesterday. It had to be 10 inches and very thick. His bell end looked like a giant plum. Bobby’s cock was even bigger, probably no longer but thicker and his balls were huge. They both shoved them in front of Sarah’s face and she grabbed them both and began tugging on them while alternately sucking on their bell ends.I could see that Bobby was already starting to dribble pre cum and Dez pulled her up out of the chair and bent her over the table so she was side on to my view. He pulled the chair around sat in it pulled her cheeks apart and started to lick her pussy. Sarah began to groan loudly before Bobby muffled her groans by shoving his cock into her mouth. He put his hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth really hard. Dez stood up and rubbed his bell end against her pussy a couple of times before shoving it all the way into her and I heard a muffled scream.Both guys started to thrust into her really hard then Bobby suddenly stopped, his face grimaced and he started to jerk. It was obvious he had cum and was pumping it into Sarah’s mouth. He jerked about a dozen times and I saw Sarah’s throat swallow after every 2 or 3. Dez could see that Bobby had cum and he reached forward and grabbed at her plait. He pulled on it hard causing her head to lift up and release Bobby’s cock from her mouth. He pulled her harder and her body lifted off the table. As Dez pounded her even harder her breasts swag back and forth and she shrieked every time he thrust in. Her eyes were closed and her face grimaced. Bobby grabbed hols of her swinging breasts and squeezed them. Des started to grunt and breathe harder. He told Bobby to pinch her nipples hard and as he did she let out a shriek and then a long groan as she orgasmed.As she shuddered Dez pulled out of her and keeping hold of her plait dragged her off the table, pushing her down on to her knees before shoving his cock into her mouth and fucking it until she was gagging and after about a minute he let his orgasm go and pumped his cum into her mouth making her swallow it all.Sarah knelt on the floor, breathing heavily and letting out a little whimper or two. The guys stood over her massaging their cocks. Bobby had already gotten hard again and it seemed like he had taken on board what Des has said about Sarah liking it rough. He grabbed her plait and lifted her up then pushed her backwards onto the table and shoved his niğde escort bayan cock up her. Sarah groaned loudly as it went in and he began thrusting with slow hard stroked whilst he began to rub her swollen clitoris with his thumb. As he began to speed up his rhythm Sarah began go gasp and jerk, it was obvious her clitoris was super sensitive. Des leant over her and began to suck on her swollen nipples before he stood up and pinched them “Oh my god no” Sarah said and let out a cry of almost pain as her body spasmed and she came again. She lay there gasping for breath and Bobby continued to thrust into her but much more slowly and she sighed every time he plunged his cock deep into her.Des then began to gently massage her breasts and he took her hand and wrapped it around his cock and encouraged her to stroke him which she did. as he began to stiffen Bobby began to increase the pace of his thrusting. Des was fully hard again and he turned Sarah’s head to one side so he could shove his cock into her mouth. Bobby began thrusting even faster and after about a minute his head went back and he groaned loudly as he unloaded into Sarah’s pussy.After he finished twitching he pulled out and Des’s cock replaced his. Fucking Sarah frantically while Bobby sucked on her nipples and rubbed her clit. They both went faster and Sarah came once more, shrieking and gasping as Des continued to relentlessly pound her until he too jerked and unloaded into her. As he stood there twitching away Bobby walked away. Des stopped and pulled his dripping cock out of Sarah. She lay on the table motionless and groaning. Des walked to the other end of the table and put his hand under her neck, took hold of her arm and lifted her up, then he guided her off the table and sat her in the chair. Bobby re appeared. He had a bottle of water which he opened and put on the table and handed Sarah a damp flannel and a towel. She put the flannel to her face and sigh and let out a deep breath. “Oh my fucking god!!!” she said.She drank some of the water before standing and tipping some of it onto the flannel before pressing it against her pussy and wincing. “Fuck, that’s sore she said” She put the flannel on the table and began to rub herself down with the towel. Des retrieved her shorts and bikini top and Bobby began to get dressed. Sarah put het shorts and top back on and Dez handed her a T shirt with the bar logo on it, Jamaican Juice, I chuckled, and said “ Here you can have this, its chilly out now and hopefully it will remind you of a fun evening? Bobby will walk you back.”I took my leave and ran back from the bar to our room. I started a bath running and got a bottle of fizz out of the fridge and put it in the bathroom in an ice bucket and a couple of glasses. Just as the bath was done I heard Sarah come into the room. I shouted out to her she walked into the bathroom. “Nice T shirt” “I said. I thought you may like a bath”Sarah stripped off, I could see her nipples were red and swollen she stepped into the bath and sat. She winced as her pussy hit the water then sank into it. I handed her a glass. She drank from it. “Good evening?” I asked. “Oh yes” she said “But I cant talk about it right now”“There is no need to” I said. “I watched the whole thing”Her eyes bulged and she looked at me. Before she said anything I told her I didn’t want to talk about it now either. All she needed to know is that it was amazing. “Now relax” I said.She smiled, we drank, we bathed went to bed, cuddled and slept.

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