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Caught Looking – older employerSince the recession hit, like many people I have had to take on extra work as my main job just doesn’t cover everything anymore. Mostly manual labour, helping with small jobs that the homeowner can’t do but which would be wasted on a fully qualified pro. I got a call from a nice sounding lady who had got my number from a previous client, she had a refined voice and spoke authoritatively when describing what she needed done – just to clear out her loft which she would then be converting. A days work, £60 cash so I wasn’t complaining, and arranged to do it the following week.When I arrived I was greeted formally by an elegant woman in her early 50’s, not pretty but definately not bad looking either, with a nice smile and, although I tried hard not to look, a very ample bosem, as well as a surprisingly shapely, and large, booty (something I am a fan of). After giving her (a not as subtle as I thought) quick look over, I introduced myself and she led me up 2 flights of stairs to the loft. As I looked around I realised this would be more work than I thought, as aswell as various boxes of junk there were 3 full size cabinets and an old set of drawers. I asked her what she wanted done with these and she replied that she didn’t care as long as the room was cleared – a nice bonus for me as I could load my van with them and hopefully flog them to a landlord for a some extra cash.After getting rid of all the junk boxes, with the 3 cabinets loaded in my van and I had finished cleaning out the whole room, I was left with just the drawers. As I manouvered it through the room, I realised it was full and so started çorum escort opening the drawers one by one and emptying them – mostly just old clothes which I put into a bag – if she didn’t want them the charity shop would. Then, just as I finished emptying the last draw an old photo pack dropped out – the type you used to get from the chemist when they returned your developed film. Intrigued, I had a quick look behind me to check she wasn’t there, and then opened them up. The first photo was of the owner in a bikini on a beach somewhere – she looked about 30 and boy did she have a body then – her tits were almost as large, they looked oversized against her petite frame. The next photo was even better – she was topless now and smiling cheekily at the camera, knowing full well where the photographers attention must be. There were a couple more topless shots on the beach, some with onlookers caught slyly taking a peak at her impressive rack. I looked around nervously as I thought I heard the lady coming up the stairs, but after waiting a moment I felt reasuured and moved on to the next picture – this was in a bedroom, looked like a good quality hotel, and this time she was topless but wearing panties instead of bikini bottoms. I quickly flicked through the next few photos – various shots of her topless, some on the bed, by the window but then the next photo stopped me short – she was bending over, completely naked now, her round bottom sticking up into the air with just a hint of hair and slit visible at the top of her slighlty parted legs. I was getting really horny now, and happily the next shot revealed it all. Lying straddled escort çorum on the edge of the bed, her giant tits squashed between her arms, smooth tanned belly leading down to a moist pinkness just visible behind a thick black bush – not like the girls in my night college, all shaved and hairless. Suddenly, a strict voice errupted from behind me – “What do you think your doing young man?”- and I jumped and dropped the photos all over the floor. “Im sorry” I said, sounding desperate, “they just fell out of the drawer when I was moving it… I didn’t mean to look”. Her glare said she didn’t belive me, but there was also a hint of something else in her eyes, the same glint as when those photos had been taken. For a moment neither of us spoke or moved, she just looked at me as I awkwardly half sat, trying to hide my (by now) semi. Then, slowly, she bent down and picked up the photos, flicking through them one by one just as I had done, a small smile becoming visible on her face. “Well” she said, “Did you like what you saw?”. This question surprised me, and for a moment I was unsure what to say – I wanted to get paid, and I didn’t want to get myself in further trouble by pushing it, so I simply answered “yes”. “Well, which one do you like best?”Now I was beginning to get turned on – I thought she would be pissed but this was getting interesting. “This one” I said as I reached across and took from her hand the one of her spreadeagled on the bed.”Show me how much you like it””How do you mean?” I repliedFor a second she said nothing, and then moved slighty closer to me and looked up at me in an intimidating fashion.”Take out your çorum escort bayan cock and show me how much you like it!””But…” I stammered.”You’ve seen me naked, now I want to see you. Take out your cock and show me how much you like it, NOW!” Her posh voice demanded. I stood dumbtruck for a second, and then slowly undid my trousers and pulled my boxers down to my ankles. My cock popped out, hard as rock by now, and she gave it a long, appreciative stare.”Now wank for me” she demanded, holding the photo up close to my cock, “Cum for me!”I did as I was told, slowly at first and then quicker, my eyes darting between hers and the photo, while she watched my furious beating. Then, she looked my right in the eyes and asked “Do you like my tits”. “Yes” I replied.”Yes Mrs!” she scalded.”Yes Mrs, I love your massive tits” I gasped, getting hornier by the second.”Would you like to cum on them” she coyley asked.”Oh yes Mrs, Yes”With that she stepped away and quickly pulled of her blouse, revealing an enormous old fashioned bustier from which she popped out the most magnificent pair of tits i have ever seen in the flesh. As soon as they were out, my beating, which had temporarily stalled as she undressed, returned harder and faster than ever.”Cum on my tits, cover me in your cum, spray me, SPRAY ME!” she shouted and then it was my term to shout as wave after wave of my cum spurted over her beautiful tits, neck and face – more cum then I have ever cum before plastering her from her forehead to her nipples. When I eventually finished, I sank down to the floor breathless, she began to rub my cum into her skin, covering herself with my scent. “Keep the photos” she said, her tone firm, “and if your lucky I might make some more for you, but only if you let me watch you enjoying them, do you understand young man?””Yes Mrs” I smiled – if only work was always this good.

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