Closing Time with Jessica

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Closing Time with Jessica[Fiction/Fantasy]First Try at writing an actual story Sorry if it sucksI looked at the clock. 12:59. YES! Then I pull my phone out of my back pocket to confirm. 12:59. Hell fucking yes! Then I turn behind me to the timer/official clock. 12:59:35 25 Seconds till we close and are finally allowed to resume all the closing shit we have to do. It’s been a fucking crazy Friday Night, with more cars rolling through than normal. *Bonnnnnnnnnggggggguh* NO MOTHER FUCKING WAY! I look at my manager, Jessica and my face must have said “Please let me tell this car we closed”. She shakes her head! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! WHY NOW!!!! AAARRRGGHGHGHG!”Hello? It aint 1 yet so I know y’all still open” comes this damn guys drawl through the headset. Great. A white trash mother fucker from O-HIYAH. Just great.”Hi. Welcome to Wendy’s. May I take you order.” I don’t manage to keep the contempt out of my voice. Why now, I think for the 10th time in a second.”Four Number 2’s, all large with a Coke. Thanks.”I buried my head in my arms across the touch screen. Almost 30 bucks worth of food at 1am. Why now, WHY THE FUCK NOW! Then, behind me, I hear Jess open the window and say in her best fake polite voice “How you doing tonight? $26.79” Nothing. Jerk. I’m making his drinks and I had finished 2 of the guys large cokes when he says “No Ice”. I exhale loudly, drop my head and about punch the coke machine with my hand. Now I knew, this guy was trying to be an ass just cause. Fuck him then. I dump both finished drinks in disgust and start filling them with just coke, no ice just like he wanted. “Would you like a drink carrier çorum escort tonight?” I hear Jess ask. “Yeah.” …Fast forward about 90 minutes. Boring shit really, just me doing the mountain of dishes that get ignored all day. FUCK THIS JOB. …I’m almost done thank God. The last sink full of shit is in the power sink doing its thing. Now comes the worst part, consisting of waiting until they get clean. Technically I could clean them as they rotate in the sink, but I’m getting paid every minute im here and i need that money. New cars don’t pay for themselves.So, while I’m doing dishes and shit, Jess is busy doing her shit. Stocking everything. Cleaning EVERYTHING. I swear to God, she’s OCD. Oh well, she has to bend down alot. Gives me plenty of time to admire her PHAT juicy ass. (Another dude called it Thunder Booty. True Story.) In ninja mode, of course. Can’t be too dog like. So anyway I’m just chilling back there and she just walks up to me. “Almost done? It’s 2:30. I don’t want to be here all night!” She smiles as she’s talking. I am not. “Oh, its 2:30? I had no fucking idea. I thought it was 1:15. Sides, its not like you got a hot date waiting in your bed. It’s Two fucking Thirty. What are you going to do after this besides sleep?””What does it matter to you? You aren’t doing anything either! it’s waaaaaaay past your bedtime homeslice”. “Wrong. I’m going to be putting my balls all over guys mouths………” Her eyes get wide and her mouth opens wide. I wish I took a picture of that face but alas…..I was too busy being a shit. “…..In call of duty. On my XBox.””Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I’m sure.” She escort çorum rolls her eyes, then bends down to open the sink full of water to help me finish faster. In doing so, she gives me perfect view of her cleveage (About C Cup I’m guessing.) and her ass. The valve is literally six inches from the floor, so she bends perfectly to give me a show.”Oh come on. Now you’re just fucking with me chick. You trying to turn me on?!” The words come out of my mouth before I can stop them. I take a step back and cover up my shit, expecting a swift kick in the nuts. Instead, she simply smiles and says “Oh, so I turn you on like this?” She didn’t move or raise herself up. Just kept bent down there. Now I was pissed at myself and just wanted to get of here without permanent harm. “Forget it. I just want to finish and get the fuck home”. I step to the sink two feet away. Before I can turn have my whole body face the sink, Jessica gets up and puts her hand on my thigh. “I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to finish. The dishes anyway.” I look at her and our eyes meet. Then, I make my move. Gently, I move in for the kill and our lips touch. It starts slowly at first, then without any warning it gets really heavy. She starts unbuckling my belt with one hand while im playing with her wonderful tits. Her other hand is busy stroking me, getting me fully erect in no time flat. I begin to unbutton her shirt, and to my distinct pleasure discover she is not a fan of underwear. I don’t get much time to dwell on the thought before my pants fall to my knees and she bends down and begins to blow me. She is giving me a wonderful job, really çorum escort bayan sloppy and shit just how i like. I feel ready to burst and can only manage “Time to fuck”. She stops suckin me off and pulls her yoga pants down. No panties. This chick must be DTF 24/7 I think to my self.She turns and grabs the sink and looks back with a hunger in her eyes. She wants me baaaaaaad. So I give it to her. Wasted no effort teasing her and shit, just went right in bareback giving not a single fuck. In and out I pounded that ass going full out, making a classing WHAP WHAP WHAP as our bodies met. But in my haste and sheer carnal fury, I felt ready to explode all too quickly. Almost as quickly as we had started, I pulled out just in time to see a huge load land on her back and ass. She looked back at me and started to laugh. I probably turned a nice shade of red at that time and said “Well…….yeah……this was kind of unexpected……didnt give me a chance to……..prepare…….”, trying to save a little face.”I’m not going to lie thats the quickest you’ve ever finished.” more laughs. I went from red to close to purple. I’m Italian, and have a big temper that is scary to see when it comes out. “Fuck. You.””You did. For 30 seconds. What are you a virgin or something? I’ve never seen a guy blow so fast.” “No! It’s just you………are really tight and I was going fucking hard instead of pacing myself. I’ll do you better next Friday”. I crack a smile as I finish the sentence.”Looking forward to it. Now if you hurry up and finish those dishes we can all get out of here. Please and thank you”. With that, she dresses her self and walks back to the front.Yeah yeah I fucking know I read that whole fucking shit for THAT?!!?! What a shitty story. Like I said, My first time writing this shit. Gimme a chance, K? Next one will be better. I promise.Big J

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