Club X – Part 1

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Club X – Part 1t was our first time at a new club in town. There were people everywhere. The lights were dim and flashing a rainbow of colors from the stage. The music was upbeat and playing just loud enough to be heard over the crowd. The sounds of pleasure and pain were all around us coming from near and far as the others began to make their way to the playrooms. You order us each a drink to ease into the scene as we made our way around, touring the space to see what was where.A wooden stage took the center of the main room. Tonight, it was divided up into a few areas almost like circus rings. There was a cross with a beautiful woman tied tight to it her backside was facing out and her breasts were squeezed tight up against it. Her tight latex skirt hugged her beautiful round ass just far enough that you could see the bottoms of her cheeks peeking out. Her hands were secured with blood-red rope to the cross beam with her arms spread wide and her head was turned to the side as she made eye contact with you and smiled. Beside her was an assortment of toys… floggers, whips, a crop, some vibes and dildos a gag, and a mask. The sign next to her read “property of club x use any way you please”.In another area was a table with a latex vacuum bed chamber. There was no one in it at the moment but it was open for use by anyone who was brave enough to climb in. The operator was a man dressed in black leather pants with a harness over his chest. He looked over at us and asked if we’d like to give it a try. I asked him what all it would mean for me if I climbed in and he said that would be up to us so I looked over at you and seeing the devious smile of trabzon escort yours I knew you couldn’t wait to get me sealed in place where I couldn’t squirm or get away. Hesitantly I walked over and could see the looks from all around the room as the operator called out to the crowd “we have a taker!” some of the guests made their way over to watch as I stripped away the skimpy pinup dress I had on revealing a purple satin corset and tiny frilly skirt. One by one I removed the strappy spiked stilettos and set them off to the side of the stage near you. “first time?” the operator asked and I shyly answered no, this will be my 2nd. “ahh good you know what to do then!” I nodded and smiled as he winked at me. I climbed in between the layers of think sturdy latex and looked over at you. “You are in charge Daddy. Who, what, when and how…. Whatever you say goes.” And with that, I was sealed in tight. I heard your chuckle as the air slowly got sucked out from around me. Immobile I lay there waiting…Not knowing what was to come … would it be just you touching and teasing my body or would you pick and chose who may join in or maybe you would just stand back and watch as I was opened up to the room like the girl on the cross…. It felt like an eternity as I lay there not knowing. I couldn’t see and could hear only muffled sounds as I felt fingers slowly tracing my curves from my waist down my hips… just one slow tender hand… it was too small to be yours and I felt my body tingle and tense at the touch. You must have sensed it because just then I heard your voice “shhhh….it’s ok babygirl…. Just lay back and relax” and felt your lips press down on mine escort trabzon momentarily cutting off the air opening. One by one more people joined in… there were hands all over my body gliding up and down and all around my frame. The only constant was your hand stroking my head and face in a constant reassurance that you were there and you were in control. No words needed spoken, I could hear it in your touch.I heard a familiar sound that I couldn’t place at first. It was my favorite wand winding up, but I hadn’t brought that along… my thoughts were racing just as I felt it brush against my nipples ever so lightly at first then firmly circling them. I let out a soft moan through the air tube as it began to make its way down my chest and belly to the small nook just between my legs… they were spread just far enough apart to wiggle it down toward my clit it didn’t reach all the way but with enough pressure it made my whole pelvis quiver and I could feel myself bringing to drip in excitement.The air tube was carefully removed leaving a small round opening in the latex just at my lips… and I took a moment to breathe freely just as my breath was cut short. I closed my lips down to find a nipple between them…. Who could this be I wondered as I started thinking about all the ladies I had seen around the club earlier… I tried to get a visual in my head as my tongue flicked and swirled around her soft skin. I heard you groan a bit in excitement as you sat there watching. Before long she had pulled away and I heard you say something to her, but Couldn’t quite make out the words. I felt her legs surround my head as she lowered herself down. My mind trabzon escort bayan and heart were racing as the strangers kept touching and squeezing all over my body and I couldn’t hold back at all. I let loose on her licking and plunging as deep and hard into her as I could manage without being able to move my head. I felt her begin to rock back and forth over my face, rubbing her warm wet lips all over my face and I heard her begin to moan…slowly at first causing me to just go harder and faster as I heard and felt her excitement grow into a full hard climax.You leaned in close and whispered in my ear “good girl. Have you had enough?” knowing full well I couldn’t speak or move to nod. “hmm I guess not!” you declared as I felt everyone pull away. I was laying there exposed now wondering what you had in store for me next… suddenly my mouth was full again this time I didn’t have to wonder who was standing over me, it was familiar, I knew the scent and taste well… you forced yourself deep into my throat as I began to gag a bit and you pulled back to let me catch my breath… “you can do better than that, baby girl…. Show them what you are capable of” limited motion made it hard to give you the attention I normally would love to give, but I did my best as I lay there without much choice in the matter anyway. You pumped deep in and out of my lips over and over till I couldn’t breathe and began to gag once again. You pulled out and zipped up for the moment. Once again stroking my head and kissing me deep and hard. Ok, I think that is enough for now…. You said as you nodded to the operator and he set me free again… As I stepped out of the encasement and down off the table I looked up to see the entire room watching and they began to applaud… I turned red as I scanned the room wondering who all was up there with me just moments ago… and who was the girl that I could still taste on my lips?

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