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Co-workersI found her on an Internet site while looking for women close by with similar interests to my own. It’s hard to be that blunt in an ad though.”Extremely sexual 50 year old woman seeks women for wanton, sweaty sex. Loves your taste, smell, the way your voice shakes when you’re getting the best oral sex of your life. Loves being the one giving it to you.””Latina lesbian” looking for women. My breath caught in my throat. It wasn’t surprising that I worked with lesbians, in fact it is quite common. Most are very young or in committed relationships. Me I didn’t want a committed relationship, I wanted the freedom to be with any girl I wanted.My intentions were usually pretty transparent. While I managed to not drool at the sight of a delicious looking woman, my thick nipples grew hard and pushed against my bra and shirt. If she noticed, and stared, I knew I had a chance.I just didn’t know Kylie was lesbian. If I had, I would have gone out of my way to be more outgoing with her. I wondered if she’d be fun. She has a bit of a dominant side and enjoys commanding people around. Her hair is curly and short, but feminine although it was clear that she was interested in conveying a professionally androgynous look.Once I had sex with a hot butch who was very generous with her toys and tongue. My pussy was pleasantly sore to remind me of our night together. That one had a fat, wood turned dildo that she tortured me with for an hour before letting me cum. The question for me was Kylie really butch, or just hoping a younger woman would think she was?Then Kylie started posting ads for a sub, promising to teach her students how to please her. I wanted to be that student. I wanted her lips on my ısparta escort nipples and I wanted her to chew, bite and pull. I wanted my orgasm with her to be hard won, slightly painful and intense. I wanted to feel her hot, wet pussy sliding furiously up and down my thigh as she pushed her knee into my own wet pussy. I wanted a good old fashioned hump with this one. I wanted to feel her breath on my neck as she worked, grunting. I wanted to feel her tits brushing against my own—sweaty, consumed, focused completely on our mutual pleasure. But I worried about work. I didn’t want my sexuality on display, or out and if we had sex, would it be different. She worked in a different part of campus and we weren’t exactly work buddies.We exchanged anonymous e-mail, me telling her about my fantasies about her, and she begging for my picture. My picture. If I sent it, then it would be clear, no turning back. So I took a chance. My lust won out over reason. I feigned a reason to go over to her her building hoping her door was open when I walked past. It was. We made pleasant chit chat, talked about work, the weather, vacation. I made sure to take my coat off, revealing that my breasts were pushing against my sweater and when I saw her gaze drift down, my nipples grew hard.She blushed a bit, lost her train of thought.I licked my lips and said, “Kylie, we never talk, do you want to go to dinner?”She swallowed hard, and then said yes, but that her car was in the shop. I volunteered to pick her up. I got directions to her house and went over at 6. When I knocked on the door, I had no intention of us going to dinner at least for a while.She answered the door and we greeted each other. She offered escort ısparta me a co-worker hug, which I took further and held her a little longer and made sure to press a little too tightly to her body. Her pupils were large and she breathed a little hard, searching for whether or not she got the signal right. “Have a seat,” she offered the couch. Her hand was shaking a little. She had some artwork on her walls, and one was of an abstract of two female figures entwined. “I love this piece,” I offered without turning around. “I think that women can appreciate each others’ sexuality in ways that men will never understand.”There was nothing but silence. I turned around to see her looking at my face, full of questions.”Kylie.” I began. “I’m girl raven.” “What?” she asked with incredulity. “I’m girl raven. I’ve had a lust crush on you for years.””You’re gay?”She asked, her voice rising in pitch.”I am a big fan of sex with women,” I replied. “Nothing is more deeply satisfying to me.”I went over to her, and she stood up. We embraced, kissed, exploring each others mouths with bad intentions. When her thumbs and finger landed on my protruding nipples and pinched them, I moaned. I was sopping wet. In a matter of seconds we were naked, facing each other in a different way.We stood for a moment and then ran our hands over each other. I felt the curve of her back and my hands landed on her round cheeks. It was electric.As I had hoped she took control and flipped me around and pushed me up against her table and bent me over. I could feel her hands on my back, and the moved down and around my ass. She kneaded me and spanked me. When I smiled, she spanked me harder. The sensation of heat ısparta escort bayan spread across my ass cheeks and it coupled nicely with my hot cunt.She rubbed her body up and down my back and I could feel some of her juices as she slide across my ass. Then she flipped me around and bit, chewed and pulled my nipples, making them puffy and sore.”Fuck me” I whispered in a combination of lust, pain and frustration.Without ceremony, she jammed two fingers up my pussy and twisted back and forth, her free fingers pushing against my now protruding clit. I pushed down to suck more of her fingers ino me and she furiously pumped me with a fierce look on her face. My knees started to buckle and I could barely stand. Her pumping got faster, and harder. I watched her tits jiggle and move as she worked. She grunted and breathed hard as she worked. I ground my hips into her hand like a whore. But I was her lesbian whore.I could feel myself getting closer and let myself get lost in the sensations. I was circling my hips, bucking against her and then the waves started. I could feel the orgasm building deep beyond my cervix as she pumped me deep and hard. I felt like I was floating as my whole torso clenched and rippled from the brutal orgasm. I was gushing all over her hand. “Tell me!” She commanded.”I’m your lesbian whore.” I whined. The orgasm shuddered through me as I let the truth and my being be consumed by her.I fell to the ground, spent, my eyes half-closed in ecstasy, exhausted.Kylie oozed herself on top of me and I explored her breasts and ass, and slit with my right hand as she burrowed into my neck with her face. I knew she was ready to cum. Her knees spread my legs and we found our spot together. She was nearly as soaked as me and I marveled at how her ass rose and fell as she humped my thigh. I pumped against her thigh and we writhed together in perfect timing as we loudly came together. I begged her to let me ravish her with my tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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