College 12

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College 12***********************Right after hearing the guy say queer bait and faggot, all of us lookedaround in a state of shock. I knew who he was talking to by looking at thelook on Hayden’s face.”Who knows that dude?” Kris asked all of us and was looking straight at me.His face was getting red with anger.”I don’t,” Kendall said.”I’m afraid he was talking to me,” Hayden stated with his head down. “Helives down the hall and is a friend of my roommate.””Do you need for us to kick his weak ass?” Kris asked. “We’ll do it, justsay the word.””Nah, it’s his way of feeling superior,” Hayden said, quietly yetembarrassed.”We don’t take that shit for anyone, right Matt and Corey?” Jesssaid. “Kris has already to kick some ass once and probably is ready to doit again.””Thanks anyway,” Hayden said. “It would just cause even more problems thanI already have.””I see what you were talking about with guys being assholes,” I said toHayden.”I’m about used to by now,” Hayden said with us on our way back to ourdorm.”Used to it? You should be all up in their face,” Kris said.”It wouldn’t do me much good,” Hayden said. “They think it’s funny and gettheir kicks out of harassing me.””None of us are like that,” Scott said. “It makes sense why Matt broughtyou over. We don’t care if you’re gay or what, right, Corey?””Yeah, they’re cool, dude,” Corey said with a smile and seemed to be backin the fold but I was still not yet happy with everything.We kept walking until we hit the door for our dorm. Kendall and Noel didn’tgo with us and walked to his room on the first floor. We said goodbye andclimbed the stairs. Michael, Corey, Juan, his girlfriend and Robert headeddown the hall to their rooms while the rest of us piled in my room, whichwas the norm now.”Hayden, that dude was fucking rude,” Jess stated. “How do you take it?”Hayden shrugged, “Like I said, I just live it with it and go on. I cantell you guys are great just like Matt bragged on all of you earlier.””He knows he has it made here,” Kris laughed.”I know it, too,” I stated. “I can’t thank each one of you enough formaking it so easy.””No problem,” Kris said and patted on the back.”So Matt, is this your new guy to tease Corey with?” Scott asked.”No, we’re just have a class together is all. Not every gay guy I know ismy new guy,” I said smartly.”You do know that Corey and Matt had a thing going?” Jess asked.”I didn’t know but definitely don’t blame him,” Hayden laughed. “He’sdefinitely hot, Matt!””He’s a dick, too,” Kris stated.”I thought you were friends now,” I said to Kris.”We may be but that doesn’t keep him from being a dick,” Kris said. “He’sdamn sure is trying though. All of you do know he’s even thought aboutdropping out?””He told me that, too,” Scott said. “He was going for that sympathy thing.””Guys, give him a chance…” I said.”What the fuck, dude?” Jess asked.”Not that I’ll ever get back with him. At least try so he won’t leave andsomeday regret it because of a broken relationship. Just think howmiserable we’d all be if say Jess got into a fight with say Juan and it wastotally Jess’s fault. Say Juan turned us against you, Jess. You’d bemiserable…””Yeah, maybe for a little while,” Jess stated, interrupting me.”Guys, we all said we’re family. I know in my family if someone fucks up,we are pissed about but we try our best to get them back. Sure he’s a dickfor fucking around but he didn’t fuck around on us, just Matt. We’d all bea small part of the reason he left,” Kris said.”Matt, is it cool with you that we let him back in our circle?” Jess asked.”Yeah, it’s fine. If he pisses me off, I can leave the room or something,”I said. “I’m still deeply hurt and don’t know if that will ever leave.””At least, it is healing,” Jess stated.”Maybe,” I said.We kept talking and did our best to get Hayden involved. The best part wasnothing ever came out that Scott kaçak iddaa and I had hooked up. He did keep lookingat me and smiling but doubt the others caught on. Jess and Scott left theroom a short time later with the need to study or so they said they neededto.”Matt, you are so lucky,” Hayden said. “I’d kill to live here with all youguys.””Kris, I brought him along to show him what great friends I have here. Noone disappointed me. It makes me so proud to have all of them as friends,except for one,” I said.”We’re being normal. If you’re a decent person, then you’re more thanwelcome to do whatever,” Kris said. “I’ve been friends too long with Matthere to be any other way. I never look at him as being gay other than whenhe was with Corey and a few other things. To me, you’re just normal guyswho happen to be attracted to guys. It’s not like you act too gay aroundus. Hell, we go to parties together and do lots of things together. Neveronce has Matt ever hit on me. If he did, he knows the answer.””That’s the truth,” I laughed.”Well, I better head back and study,” Hayden said. “Thanks Matt and Kris. Ithink I now know some decent people here at college.””See ya,” I said. Hayden got up and headed out the door.”Is he the next conquest?” Kris asked once Hayden was gone.”We are just friends. Actually, a gay friend would be rather nice aroundhere. Not that everyone else isn’t beyond great here. You have girls thatyou’re friends with that aren’t your next fuck, I hope.””Well… maybe some but most I wouldn’t mind having a night with them totry them out,” Kris laughed. “I bet given the chance you’d fuck him.”I shook my head, “Maybe if all I thought about was getting my ass laid likeyour horny ass does. It would be nice to have a real gay friend aroundhere without being sexual with him.” I was really talking to me more thanI was Kris.”Hey, that’s half the fun,” Kris laughed. “Getting naked and your big dickup his ass. Matt, admit it would be…”I ran and jumped on him. We wrestled around on his bed some but he wasentirely too strong for me. I was gaining strength but so was Kris.Actually Kris was really getting a great body with all the work we had donein the weight room. He was almost all lean muscle and proud of it too, Imight add. It was a good break for us though wrestling around and having afew laughs with each other.After calming down and wiping the sweat off from our wrestling match, I satat my desk to check in with Mom. As always, it was great to hear hervoice. She knew asked how I was doing since she knew that Corey and I hadsplit up but I didn’t go into details. I said I was doing fine and bettereach day. I hung up the phone with Kris chatting away with his parents andsome others, one an old high school friend since he was going home theupcoming weekend.”Kris…” I said, looking at him. “Have you even cracked a book?”Kris smiled, “What do you think?”I pointed, “Our agreement. I can easily now stop getting out. I’d stillbe perfectly happy here studying with everything that is going on.””Damn,” Kris said and walked slowly to his desk. “This shit better payoff.””It will if you study and don’t daydream over there.”He opened his book. I sat there a few moments wondering where he would bewithout me. Then again, I wondered where I’d be without him. The dynamicswere working like I never imagined they could in my wildest dreams andhopes. Now I wish I could be totally over the hurt so I could move on andstart another chapter with some really cute guys that littered the campus.I could see my tastes were changing a little as far as the guys wereconcerned. I found myself really looking over the guys who appeared to berather straight with kick ass bodies like some in the rec center. Krisprobably knew the reason I went there at first was to eye the guys.Kris didn’t study that long but at least gave kaçak bahis it a try. He slammed hisbook closed, got down his boxer briefs and jumped on his bed. I surfed alittle on the internet and caught up a little on Facebook. Kris wasn’tthat into Facebook but did come see a few pictures our friends from highschool had posted.”Bet they aren’t having as good of time as we are,” Kris said, looking atone of his other good friend’s picture. “I begged Brady to get his ass tocome with us but he was dead set on that fucking school.”I went to the next picture that showed Brady and two more of our friendssitting around with beer bottles all around them. “They may be having agood time.””Shit! Look at the beer! Knowing Kevin it was all his though,” Krisstated about another friend of ours. “I hope they come home this weekendso I can catch up with those dudes.”After looking at the pictures, I regretted not taking more pictures otherthan the first game pictures I took. It was a shame since my camera, agraduation gift from Mom just for me for here at college, was sitting in adrawer and unused. The problem was I never ever thought about it untileveryone was gone just like now. I turned off the computer and joined Kriswatching TV. He was watching Sportscenter and catching up on all the NFLgames along with what was happening in college football as well. To me,the scores were just numbers despite our hometown having an NFL team. Inever went to the games or was that interested in them. Kris wasn’t a bigfan of our hometown team but I knew he had been and experienced. I askedabout how it was compared to games here. When he told me the prices, I wasshocked and knew I’d have to become a fan and get a little knowledge offootball before I’d even consider forking out those prices.Finally he muted the volume but kept it on. I turned out the main lightsbut kept on the one between us.Kris rolled to his side, “Matt, there is a little heart in you.””What?””Once I said about Corey leaving, you were out to make sure he didn’t leavebecause of you. He was dead serious about or putting on one major bluff onour asses.””If he was bluffing for sympathy, I’ll be so fucking pissed and let himhear about it too,” I said.”Oh, I wanna see and hear this,” Kris laughed.”Kris, I would. That’s not the right approach but I really think he wasserious,” I said.”I do too but how well do we know him or anyone here for that matter?Everyone could be playing us for all we’re worth,” Kris said.”I think everyone has shown their true colors now…””Scott is still not in my opinion. I am not sure but I swear I get thisvibe he really is waiting to jump in on you when you say so. The dude isfucking gay, I swear now he is. He was really giving Hayden the eyetonight too,” Kris said.”Maybe he is or maybe he’s not,” I said.”I know he wants you, Matt. I can feel it. I bet he tried shit with youFriday night but you won’t budge,” Kris said.”Kris, I will confess this. We did get high,” I said.”Damn Matt, you fucking dope head. I can’t believe you’d smoke weed likeyou have,” Kris stated.”I can’t either but you knew I did some in high school. Remember t 1000 hatparty over at Marty’s house?””Hell yeah, I do. You fucking ripped that bong. I totally forgot allabout that shit,” Kris said with excitement.”It was your sorry ass that got me to try it our junior year. Before then,I never even thought about even taking a hit,” I said.”Yeah, it was right about you told me you were gay. We were celebrating ina way.””I guess if you wanna call it that. You were picking me up basically andtelling me everything was cool. Kris, I had to tell you first,” I said.”I was a little shocked at first but then it totally made perfect sense,”Kris said. “So is there any hope of you and Corey beyond being friends?”I loved how we just kept changing the subjects with Kris never dwelling güvenilir bahis onthings that long.”I’m still not a hundred percent sold on that yet. You saw the hurt.””I did but…” Kris paused. “we all make mistakes in life, Matt. One day,you’ll see.””I hope not,” I said. “Kris, I’ll tolerate him the best I can.””You still care about him. I can tell that,” Kris stated.”Yeah, I do. We were in love and really had great sex…””Best sex of your life?”I laughed, “I don’t know and hope I never find the best sex. Then the restwon’t compare.””Oh shit, you are right there. Imagine me getting to fuck say Brittany, nowait, she’s a total whore. Bet her pussy ain’t that good any way now. Iknow Heidi Klum. I know you can’t but I can just imagine fucking her.What’s with her ass anyway, married to that ugly ass guy?”I laughed, “Seal must have a foot long dick or something. That face of hisgrosses me out.””Imagine me fucking her. Then everyone else would be dog shit up side thatfine ass pussy I know she has. You’re so right about the best. So was hedecent?”I smiled, “He was decent and getting better every time. Still couldn’tdeep throat my shit though.””Who could?””I won’t answer that,” I said.”Oh I bet someone has. Was it Jacob, your fucking emo boyfriend that youthought was so cute?””Not even close, Kris. Just drop it right there,” I said.”Matt, thanks for making me study. I need someone to remind or else I’dfail slap out of here.””Kris, thanks for dragging me out of the room. I can’t thank you enough,”I said.”No problem. Just think, there are tons we haven’t even met yet,” Krissaid. “There even guys on this floor I hardly even know.””There’s a shocker,” I laughed. “Good night, Kris. I’ll see you in themorning, bright and early.”I rolled to my side while Kris turned off the light. I know without herolled over and whipped out his cock. He always had to jack off before hewent to sleep. I guess that is one reason he wanted me to room with him sohe could do it and not catch hell.That night, I didn’t sleep that well. I tossed and turned all night withso much cluttering my head. I did whip out my cock and enjoyed one nicelong jack off session with memories of all my old boyfriends fueling myeruption. It did help me sleep better after shooting one really nice thatdid taste pretty good as well. It wasn’t the same as real sex with someonebut it did work for the time being.The next day Monday here in mid October, I finished the day with my test inart appreciation. I saw Hayden outside the door waiting on me.< e97 br /> “Matt, thanks for last night and showing me there are still some goodpeople left around here,” Hayden said. “I really had a great time with allyou guys. You really have a great bunch of friends.”We started walking out the building, “Stop by anytime,” I said. “As youmight be able to tell, we all just hang out in big groups now. It’susually a blast.””So how’d you do in there?””It was actually pretty easy,” I replied.”I thought the same thing,” Hayden said.”Hey, what’d ya think of my friends? Hot huh?” I asked.”You weren’t joking when you said you had some hot friends. Damn, yourroommate is so fucking hot…””Hayden, he’s so straight it’s not even funny. He’s not the least bitcurious…””Yeah, if he was you’d be all over that,” Hayden laughed and poked at me injoking way.”No, I seriously doubt that. I would never do anything that wouldjeopardize our friendship. Kris is like my brother.””That Scott is a hottie,” Hayden said. “He lifted up his shirt once Ithought I was going to die right there. I didn’t see one ounce of fateither.””Hey what about me?””Matt, you’re hot too. You know I would love a gay friend unless…””I told Kris the same thing. Sex just muddies the water like you saw,” Isaid.”I did and what a shame? That Corey is fucking built but damn all yourfriends are. What’s up with that?”I laughed, “Kris got us started working out.””It shows, too,” Hayden said with Scott approaching us. “He’s hot as fuck.”Hayden mouthed to me. At least, that’s what I think he said.******************TO BE CONTINUED…*******************

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