Conclusion – Did MP shoot the video?

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Conclusion – Did MP shoot the video?Here’s what I know happened and then what I think might have led up to it. First the visit, MP was back in the US with his job and needed a place to stay on a weekend and since he was working in the area, I suggested to the ex that we invite him to stay the whole week before. It didn’t make sense for him to pay for a hotel room for a whole week. Our house was very big and we always had a good time when our friends visited. He accepted and arrived Monday just before dinner. He wanted to take us to dinner but the ex had already started to make the side dishes and I had the salmon marinating to put on the grill. He was cool with dinner in and said he was a little jet-lagged having just flown in from San Jose where he was at Stanford on Sunday. He insisted that on Saturday he would take us into the city and show us a good time. He had a busy schedule in the evening week entertaining clients and but he would usually be back at about 10:00pm. Except for then we didn’t see much of him. As background, I need to tell you that this all happened in early March and that it was very cold outside, but despite this we still took our evening “power walks” through the neighborhood after dinner. This was usually followed by us coming back into the house and stripping naked in the spa room and using the spa to warm up. We would soak in the two-person hot tub and talk mostly, but many times the luxurious warm water would do more than raise our body temperatures and we would end up kissing and petting in the tub and racing to the bedroom to consummate the act drying off as we went. You are probably wondering, “You didn’t make love in the hot tub?” Well there is nothing like hot water swirling around to wash away any juices from your genital area. Also, you should see what the “waterproof” personal lubricants do to a hot tub filtration system. I did early on, after a whole spa season of using them. It was a lot of work cleaning it out.We followed our routine on Friday, this time we poured two glasses of wine to celebrate the coming weekend and brought them and the rest of the bottle with us to the tub and got naked. We got into the tub on opposite sides, sat down, stretched out and leaned our heads back to relax. The ex looked incredibly sexy. When she leaned back like that her still perky 34Cs would float just on top of the water and her ultra sensitive nipples would harden and stick out of the water. (As an aside in my Photostream, there is a Video Capture of her in a similar position taking a bubble bath in a hotel “Jacuzzi” with her head under the faucet rinsing her hair. It really shows those nipples at attention. Comment here and ask to be added as a Friend)I was turned on by the sight and moved to her left side and kissed her on the lips she responded and moved her hand to down over my chest and gently touched “ducky”. I broke the kiss and slowly began nuzzling and lightly kissing first ears, then her neck, then her shoulders, and finally her breasts. I wanted to suck and tongue her nipples passionately hard but that was a sure fire way to end the session. I was allowed to kiss them as long as I didn’t linger more than a peck. It was also permissible to blow gently on them and she actually liked when I did that for a few seconds. I could sense by her breathing and sighing that she was get as aroused as I was. This was going to be another night to remember.I started to my way back up to her lips, when I saw a figure in the doorway behind us. It was MP. I stopped short and she started to protest when she saw him too. We were both embarrassed and she slid down so the water covered her shoulders.I asked, “How long have you been there?” “Not too long. My client had a family emergency and I’ve been here for about an hour upstairs reading. I came down when I heard you come in. You two were having so much fun, that I didn’t want to interrupt,” he explained.By this time the ex was beet-red but she regained her composure and asked, “Won’t you join us?”He countered, “Can I help Joe?”She looked back at him and cheerfully quipped, “He never needs help with that! I meant why don’t you get in the tub with us.”He looked at me and said, “I knew I should have quietly gone back upstairs. I karşıyaka escort bayan have ruined your moment.”I lied to put him at ease and said, ”We weren’t doing anything that can’t wait until later.”She was irritated at my remark and jabbed me in the ribs and said, “Is that so? How much later do you think you will have to wait?”MP said, “It looks like I should go back upstairs right now.”“Nonsense,” she said, “If you aren’t getting in, we’ll be getting out. What kind of hosts would we be if we left you alone upstairs while we made whoopee? Please get in!”“With my clothes on,” he joked back.“Nooo,” she said, “We don’t have ours on do we? Are you too embarrassed? I dare you! I double dare you!”With that he said, “I can’t refuse a lady.” He took off his clothes and quickly slipped into the now crowded hot tub. He sat or should I say reclined facing her on her right side. In order to make room I changed from sitting on her left to reclining facing her. Even though he got in the tub quickly, I couldn’t help but notice that he had a hard-on. With all of us jammed in there it was really uncomfortable so any thoughts that any of us might have had about a threesome in the tub quickly left our minds. Things got quiet for a while. Wine usually puts me to sleep and I relaxed entirely in the jets of warm, flowing water and I think I dozed off.The ex broke the silence, “MP doesn’t have any wine!”With that she stood up, turned to face MP and slowly got out of the hot-tub. I expected that she would reach for her robe but instead she pranced sexily into the kitchen to get a glass for MP. I was thinking to myself, “This could be a really memorable night!”Talk about awkward moments, I’m naked in a hot tub with I guy who had obviously been turned on by the sight of my naked wife. The water was started to feel cold because when you turned on the air jets in that tub the heater went off, so I turned off the air jets, the heater went back on, and the water got still. It was then that I saw his dick in the water. His hard-on was gone but I could see that he was well-endowed to say the least. All I could think of at the time was that his hard-on must have been poking her in the ass and that’s why she got out of the tub. She was gone for only a few minutes but the time dragged on and I was getting impatient and yelled out, “What are you doing out there? Are you making the wine glass?”There was no answer. She returned about five minutes later in her long white satin robe carry a glass and two of my robes and said, “Why don’t we go into the den a have our wine?”We both agreed and when each of us got out of the tub she handed us our robes and we went into the den. I turned on the stereo and played a classical music album instead of pop. I can’t remember which it was but I thought we could impress our visitor from Europe with how cultured we were. We passed the rest of the evening in conversation and retired about 11:30 because we were taking a train into the city the next day as we had agreed earlier in the week. The rest of the weekend passed quickly and without anything aside from having a good time in the city where MP surprised us by taking us to the symphony in the evening. He said he got the idea the night before when we were talking and the album was on in the background. At the time I never thought about it at the time but that Friday night, we went directly to bed and although I tried to snuggle and caress her she said that she was exhausted and that we had to get up early the next morning. The week after MP left, we had sex almost every night which was unheard of for us after 15 years especially during a work week.I have lots of questions six years later. Did MP slip his hard on into my ex while I dozed? Did she really get out of the spa to bring MP some wine, or did she get out in order to clean herself up? Was she really tired that night or just concerned that I might notice that her pussy was loose from MP’s big dick and full of his sperm? How could MP not have an erection in the tub after a woman stood up, practically put her pussy in his face and sauntered across the room and into the kitchen? Hell watching my-own wife walk into the kitchen gave me one that night.The break up was fast and escort karşıyaka painful for me. A few months later she said that she was feeling neglected in the sex department and thought I was seeing someone else. (I wasn’t.) She said that she was getting turned on by other men. I suggested that I was over 60 and that maybe she should take a younger lover and practically begged her not to leave. She said “Why should I do that? We did try for a few weeks to patch it up but I was so messed up by the thought of her leaving that I couldn’t get it up. We got a divorce and moved on with our lives.Final Part – Did MP shoot the video?I can’t be sure but I have been thinking about it constantly. I have analyzed the events from that Friday and have convinced myself that she and MP did the dirty deed in the tub while I was in my stupor. In my more paranoid thoughts I even wonder if they planned the whole thing. Maybe that is a little far-fetched but reflecting about some of the things she had related to me about MP it may be plausible. I remember the first time she found out he was going to be working in our area. It was in the summer of 1990, very early in our marriage and we were visiting friends of hers, F and E in Columbus. They were a gay couple that she had known since grad school. F asked the ex, “Have you heard from M lately? He is working back in the States for a few months. He was in Columbus at OSU on Monday and Tuesday. We ran into him there and he asked we had seen you.”When F asked the question she seemed a little uneasy, as though she was not ready for his name. She stammered back, “I haven’t seen a a a thought about him in years.”E said, “You probably will be hearing from him soon. He’s going to be working in your area and I gave him your number. By the way I only have your office number. What is your number at the new place?” With that the conversation turned to the big house we had just moved into and were starting to fix up. E and F both said that it sounded like the movie, “The Money Pit”. F said, “You’ve got to see it!”E said, “We have the tape. I’ll get it from the shelf and we can watch it now.”We sat for the next two hours and enjoyed the movie about a couple trying to fix a dilapidated mansion on Long Island. Enjoyed is not the word. It was very funny and it reminded us of what we were going through and the surprises you get while renovating. After the movie we all went to bed and while lying there I asked, “Who is M? You seemed uneasy when they mentioned him.”“That’s a long story,” she replied.“Tell me!”She said, “He’s a guy that I met in the UK when I was studying there 10 years ago. He was dating C, a friend of mine. C was having an affair with him. It was weird because S, her husband knew about the relationship and didn’t seem to care. She told me that M had a huge dick and knew how to use it and S was running around with an accountant at work. What C didn’t tell me and I found out later was that the accountant was another guy. Anyhow, M and C were only together for a couple of weeks. M worked at the University I was studying at and we got to know each other there. You know, talking about school and our lives. I stayed at his place the next year when I went to Europe as a present for myself for finishing my degree. We had stayed in touch. He called me when he was back in the States visiting family and I mentioned I was planning a trip to Europe that summer and he invited me to stay at the place he and his girlfriend shared while I was there. I took him up on it because I could save money and stay in Europe a little longer. ”“Why did you seem so startled when F mentioned his name?”“When I got to Europe I toured through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark and even visited C in Germany. I then went to MP’s address expecting to see him but was greeted by his girlfriend who was packing her things and cursing him. In ten minutes she was out of there and I was alone with him. He was sobbing and pretty much a basket case. “ He pulled himself together as much as he could and apologized for the scene I had just witnessed. I offered to leave but he insisted that I stay. As it turned out the place was an old one bedroom flat with a fold out sofa. I had expected something karşıyaka escort bayan larger but in Europe real estate was expensive and this was all there was available to a couple just starting their lives together. He offered me the bedroom and he slept on the couch. I stayed for 5 days and all that time he was still very upset that his girlfriend had bolted. We talked for hours about ourselves and our relationships. It was very platonic. It was as though I was his ther****t. “On my last morning there as I was about to leave he made a pass at me, getting all mushy. I was tempted very briefly but I had a plane to catch and didn’t want to get involved with such an emotionally unstable person. I haven’t heard from him since.”I accepted her explanation but she still seemed a little shaken. I held her in my arms and she responded by cuddling into me and we fell asleep that way.Now, twenty years later, I have connected the visit to Columbus with something that happened a few months later while she was out of town on business. I had decided to surprise her and finish remodeling her office. The project had been almost done for about a month. All I needed to do was to do some trim carpentry and a little painting. She would be gone for 5 days and the job would only take about five or six hours. I would do it at night after work. The first night I laid out the job and then went to the basement to use the miter and table saws, did the trim cutting and then quit for the night. The next evening I would install the trim. I installed it starting at the door to the room and worked around to her file four-drawer cabinet. I tried to ease it away from the wall but it wouldn’t budge. I decided to remove the drawers to make it easier to move. I removed the drawers, moved the cabinet, finished the job, and stopped working for the night. The next day I would paint, put the furniture back in place and clean the room.After work the next day I had a bite to eat and went upstairs to put the final touches on my surprise. I painted and then moved her desk, work table, chairs and empty file cabinet back in place and went to get the drawers. When I was replacing the drawers I noticed that the bottom drawer had only a couple of files in it, the rest being photos, memorabilia, and some audio and video tapes. I was curious as to what was in the files so I looked. They contained some old papers from college and grad-school and several letters. I glanced through the rest of the tapes and photos but was drawn back to the files and started reading her letters. This file drawer was full of so much stuff about her sex life that I could write a a lot of posts but, for the present, I will concentrate on just the letter that should have linked MP and “Magic Hands” in my mind twenty years ago. About the third letter I read was written on onion skin paper. (For you that are reading this and are too young to remember that airmail was a separate class of mail and was about twice as expensive as first class, people used onion skin paper to reduce the weight of their airmail and thus the cost of sending it.) It was a letter from C who was living in Germany. I now realize it was written just before her trip to Europe. In it she told about the trouble she was having and that her husband was a closet gay. He would be out of her life by the time my ex arrived and that they would have a great time going out carousing together. C expressed disappointment that she would only be able to stay for four days before continuing her tour of the Continent, but she said that she had heard through the g****vine that the ex had a secret lover that she was going to see. Word was it that he was a great lover and C wrote something that I remember vividly, “How long is his thing?”I was turned on by the thought of her being with a lover before we were married and imagined that she had a grand time on that trip. I wanted to ask her about it but I didn’t want her to know that I was reading her personal letters, so I never did. Putting the Columbus discussion together with this letter, I should have suspected that MP was her former lover. I will never really be able to know for certain who took the video but I think I have a scenario where MP had the opportunity, means and a motive to shoot it and circumstances after the fact are a bit suspicious on both his and the ex’s parts. I am tending to believe that he is the culprit but maybe this is a senior moment and I did take the video and can’t remember. What do you think?

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