Confessions to a my female sex confidante…

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Confessions to a my female sex confidante…Two nights ago I had a very graphic erotic dream… it was with a girl from the office… which came to me as a huge surprise…. not only I had not seen her in over 2 weeks… but this girl is nothing more than the occasional friendly and polite greet with some rare superficial and brief conversations… nothing more… not even any unspoken energy exchange…over the last little while though something has been drawing my attention to her… from a distance I began to observe her more… after weeks of introspection I realized something… although her looks and appearance are totally different from you… something around her energy reminded me so much of you… a much younger version of you… you know, the one that tried very hard to maintain a polite composure in her everyday, while holding back an immense sexual playful energy bottled up… the same one you only allowed to come to life in very private settings for a long time… she appeared to me at an even earlier stage of self consciousness than the one you carried when we first met… I suspect that she is probably not even aware of her full potential yet… I can detect that she has layers of sexual depth… most probably untapped yet.. ones that only a patient and careful partner could help her unleash… and my sense of repressed sexual fire is seldom wrong… with time I grew convinced that this girl was a sleeping volcano… my most basic urge was to be allowed to help her connect with her deep desires… escort her down the path of sexual discovery… and peel her layers slowly, one by one… sadly though, I would have to content myself with projecting (or dreaming) rather than experimenting…that morning I woke up and the dream was still fresh in my head… something very rare… and that was a delight that… it was graphic.. both erotic and sensual and seemed to last forever… so detailed in fact that no effort was needed to piece it back together… laying in bed alone naked… I took my time… the first replayed scenes were mainly formed from vivid images… ones mainly composed of her abandoned body laying naked in my arms… no memory of any real build up to the story before that… just a raw footage of her naked body in my arms… no real visual details regarding her attributes or figure… during our occasional office encounters, she never displayed any visual queues, she always dressed completely professionally… back to the dream the sequence played on.. I contorted her figure in various positions… completely abandoned, she offered herself to me without constraints…. my hands were gently and slowly molding her… first brushing her delicate skin with a soft touch moving my hands all over her.. while avoiding direct contact on any sexual trigger points, I would allow my mouth to join the exploration… savoring portions of her bare skin with my lips and tongue.. while my hands and fingers continued to hover around, leaving no space untouched… all unfolding for what seemed an eternity… the soft erotic nature slow motion of the scene seemed to go on for a long while… it was a gentle slow build up… mixing gentle teasing with the occasional and more frequent assertive playful stimulation… I am not sure if we were alone or not… but it was on a beach… the background sound of crashing waves provided the perfect soundtrack while the sensation of soft gusts of wind cradled us perfectly…we appeared fully consumed in the moment… she was the center of all my attention… and she appeared even more relinquished to me… what had stayed with me the next morning is how passive and trusting she laid there… allowing me full access to devour her… letting me drive how soft or hard, short or long every touch needed to be… head rolled back, eyes partially closed and soft moans punctuating the expression of her satisfaction and her desire for more… and I believe that this was one of the trigger points of associating our your memory to that dream…. that energy I sensed in the dream was so familiar… it immediately connected me back to you… more particularly to our early days together… our early days of extreme naughty exploration and mutual sexual self discovery…back in the dream I was still taking my time with her… but slowly and gently pace was becoming more assertive and relentless… ordu escort although I wanted the moment to last forever… while giving her the slowest and most gradual build up possible, my own sexual urge was becoming difficult to tame…as i sensed her morphing urges through her louder moans and more noticeable movements… and her vibrant body radiating in extreme sexual energy as it laid there… the image showed it completely accessible… and that was an intense part of the dream… so intense in fact, that as I laid alone in bed, without any stimulation my penis morphed I into an epic erection… so hard it almost made me feel 18 again… staring at my thick erected my cock as it stood up before my eyes… all I can think of is how much I wanted to capture a still to share with you… almost felt like a waste that no one else got to see that epic display of my manhood… my throbbing jolts required an immediate physical intervention to satisfy its most basic needs.. unfortunately my cerebral arousal was so intense that only took some soft strokes to send me over the top… a gentle climax unfolded with multiple composed but hard ejaculations… as I felt my warm juices dripping along my hands I was so disappointed… I so wanted more… I so wanted to drag it longer and build it up a more… all leading to an even more intense climax… after ejaculating multiple loads, I could still sense my erection persist… I am certain that having had some longer privacy, I could have kept stroking myself to another epic climax…I wanted to engrave the images so I could replay them endlessly… while also building on it… but in reality there was a very specific part of the dream which sent me off in that instant… it was the following sequence of images that unfolded after being done with the slow teasing and the oral pleasures…. in that particular scene, I proceeded to lay her on her back in front of me…. then slowly spread her legs and thighs gently and just enough to reveal her glorious cunt… although not much detail came from the dream, I would complete the missing details of her bare tiny pussy with my own images.. I dreamed she would have one of those pussies that’s perfectly framed by some delicate and polite thin lips… admittedly using your own pussy attributes as my inspiration.. I imagined her pussy not holding anything back… displaying its full state of arousal with plumpness and excessive moistness… just like the one… the reference.. the one that remains engraved in my head no matter how many other ones I have seen after her… your magical pussy…laying on her back with her legs still wide spread she stared at me… her face showing an expression of anticipation… as if it was spectating a new experience about to unfold… her arousal intensifying, she began to vocally release more of her urges… offering herself to me in such raw and primal fashion was even more incredible than the sight itself… witnessing parts of her innocence being peeled away as she got more horny… an entire new slutty energy was taking birth and gradually being released without any effort of self restraint… something magical but that I had experienced before… with only one partner… and only with you… back then it was an additional factor that contributed to further cement our chemistry… but I probably did not know how to fully master it or enjoy it as much you deserved…back to the dream… after her legs remained wide open long enough and her expression fully shifted to an urgent impatient need… without words, her eyes morphed from asking to begging for more… but I wanted and needed more from her…. I wanted to more time… I need to peel more of her timid layers… while continuing to ignore her unanswered urges… I moved closer to her and paused again… remaining still while staring directly at her… her naughty eyes were displaying some whoring expressions as her tongue appeared… circling in full display around her lips while louder moans unmistakably expressed her urgent desire to be taken… pronounced forward hip thrusts would accompany her expression as she slid towards my pointed cock…I felt compelled give her some form of hope, so I moved a few inches closer to her and stopped again… by now, her fully displayed naughty urges were impossible to ignore…. her stare now escort ordu naughtier than ever while fixated on my tip as it stood millimeters from her inviting pussy… all of her timidity was now tucked away, her timid tongue fully extruded and while brushing around her lips, her fingers joined the party as she began to suck them like a dirty whore… while one hand stayed busy around her mouth at the same time, she placed her second hand on her pussy… with her middle finger she gently began to slide it along her throbbing slit… up and down along her moist plump pussy slit… her strokes were gentle but assertive.. as every stroke absorbed more of her finger inside her plump moist slit… as her hips danced with every stroke she would clearly express a clear command… come fuck me now she ordered me… it was now humanely impossible to ignore or resist…the dream would sadly end in the following short moments though… as we both stared down.. my penis would move closer to her slit and get so close it almost touched her pussy… then, with my hands placed on her knees, push her legs apart a few more inches… still under our mutual unwavering attentive stares… without any hand assistance… I would push forward and press my cock tip against her slit… once naturally aligned with her heavenly gate… proceed to slowly push myself inside her… my penis would begin its first highly anticipated penetration… as I watched my tip forge its way inside her parting pussy lips, this is when I sadly woke up…what came after did not really matter to be honest as most of the delicious part was already played… the scene was so sexually charged for other reasons than any specific visual triggers… sure the sensation that comes with that first penetration into a new pussy is exquisite, but the dream wasn’t about that… the triggers were mainly emanating from her visual displays and sensed energy of heightened sexuality… as they slowly unfolded witnessing her lose herself in the moment… and this is what connected to a familiar past and enjoyable experience…so for the rest of the day my brain remained extremely sexually pumped… despite some quick masturbation sessions, it remained very active… it replayed all sorts of random past sexual episodes in my head… with various partners at first and then mostly with you… especially from our early days… there were so many memorable episodes… and then I came across the archived episode below… although basic in some way, it was epic for many reasons… it would have started with your sexual playfulness… nothing else… what of the many aspects I always cherished about you… your endless accessible playfulness… although applicable in many other life scenarios… when your sexual playfulness appeared it was simply irresistible… it was what allowed me to keep pushing your arousal limits in many creative new ways… that was the most familiar sensation I felt in the dream… pushing the build up… delaying any gratification in favor of living the anticipation of the moment… it was cerebral stimulation at its best…back in those days I was still discovering your full sexuality and probably learning what to do with it… back then your effect on me was on multi levels… from the simple physical attraction to your naked beauty, to your fiery sexual drive all topped by a bestowed trust in me allowing me to do what I wanted with you… a combination of factors that I never found in one single partner after that… the truth…that day we both sat facing the sea while the sun beamed down… our eyes gazing into the horizon with no real focus… sitting right in front of me… your neck an inch away from my nose… still softly emanating that faint smell of what must have been your signature samsara perfume… a smell so unique, with time it became a sexual trigger by itself.. it was irresistible and led to an occasional innocent kiss on your neck… with no other motive but an expression of affection…sitting perfectly wrapped between my thighs, there was one hand wrapped around your waist.. then, as I sensed your energy softly ignite, I would send the other hand on a timid exploration mission… a mission that would be shy and faint at first, while gradually making itself felt.. your soft contortions would confirm your satisfaction… paying close attention ordu escort bayan to your expressed energy my hand would venture further… eventually working its way to your magical triangle… avoiding and delaying any direct contact, it would all be about teasing you… slowly, softly and never quite touching you directly… your thighs would spread wider offering more access… laying your back against my chest, you would roll your head back and whisper some words… sharing how amazing it all felt… how much I knew how to deprive you from the burning desire of instant gratification… ignoring your increasingly warm pussy while stretching your horny desire further… the occasional soft brush along your pussy slit still covered by your bikini would still reveal how hot and moist your pussy was getting… your pussy had always been the main dish of a multi-sensory memories… in that position I could not see it… it would all be about the touch… as my finger multiplied its slides along your slit, you responded with louder moans… then my finger during another random slide, it would cleverly push your bikini to the side, revealing your bare pussy…unable to admire it with my eyes I had to content myself with savoring its presence through my finger… the first touch was always electric… your dripping wet plump pussy would send jolts along my spine… I always adored how wet your pussy got.. it was an undeniable display of your horniness… with that first bare contact of my finger along your pussy lips… I am pretty sure you would have felt my cock throb against your lower back at that same moment… then, once I collected my composure… begin to gently glide my finger along your slit… your abundant and memorable pussy juices made the glides effortless… hovering at first… resisting the burning desire of touching, every glide increased its physical presence and contact… then the build up would continue… with every upward slide the light brush would continue against your fully erect clit… sending electrical charges of your own… up and down your feverish body… those strides would make your body feel frail as you collapsed more into my arms…It was all very slow… but very sexual.. each moment allowing us to capture the tiniest reaction to every touch… I loved reading your pussy through the vibrations of your body… as you let yourself go… you clearly exerted an immense amount of self restraint… allowing yourself some ultra soft moans… moans of both satisfaction and urge… torn between wanting it all but remain deprived as long as possible… adding fuel to the fire… everything needed to remain composed and imperceptible to the crowd sitting behind us… somewhere inside you, you loved the feeling of having your pussy stroked in the presence of so many people around us… while 8 people were sitting behind us completely clueless… you loved pushing the limits of your body movements, uncontrollable moans and the fear of being caught in the act..the scene ensued with my finger stroking your pussy in a more assertive rhythm… mostly avoiding your clit to continue stretching your stimulation… laying further back in my arms… you slid down your bikini along your thighs to offer me an even more unhindered access spreading your legs wider… staring at my fingers stroke your pussy, your hidden slut would come out and guided my hands… directly inserting my middle finger inside your pussy… pushing it slowly as deep as possible inside your warm tight cunt… although that presence was somewhat satisfying your matching moan was clearly craving for more presence inside you… the stipulation would have lasted for a long time until your inevitable orgasm would conquer you… I loved feeling your entire body gently convulse as the long awaited climax would finally arrive… my only frustration that day is not being able to lay on your back right after that climax and proceed to forcefully burry my stiff cock as deep as possible inside your pussy… just being able to just take you without restraint in the most primal and sexual way…in case it isn’t already obvious, I really don’t think twice about anything I write to you… and that is something that I treasure, always have and always will… although I will forever remain attracted to you and admit that I was never really able to just have sex with you… I wanted you to know that I share these stories because you’re the only one who would get what’s going on in my head and not necessarily interpret them as me making sexual advances… I think we’re past that..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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