Couch abuse

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Couch abuseSo my boyfriend has this friend of his thats like 20 years older than him. I’ll call him Frank. Frank is from Germany and is quite an awesome man in my book. I had met Frank on two prior occassions at parties and get togethers and had liked him immediately. I could tell he took a liking to me as well. Once in the recent past we three went to the movies to see Black Swan. I sat in the middle of the men and squirmed the whole way through that flick. If you havent seen it you simply MUST see it. It had my juices flowing the last hour for sure. I wore a tight black mini skirt and a tight fitting blouse with no bra on. Boyfriends hands were stroking my leg through out the movie and I became extremely aroused. Prior to the movie we had dinner on Frank’s dime and I was well on my way with two glasses of Chardonnay plus we got high on the way to the movies. Lets just say I was feeling grand!After the movie we all went to my boyfriends pad and sprawled out on his leather sofa. Chris put on the TV and was browsing the channels when one of those Soft Core jobbies caught my attention and I said lets watch this. They readily agreed it was cool with them. We got a little more buzzed and each of us had our own little running commentary on the movie. I placed my head in Chris’s lap for awhile so he could massage my scalp. After a few minutes of karabük escort me groaning good ole Frank asked if he could work on my feet. Sure, why not I thought. Chris is ultra cool with so many things so I placed my legs in his lap as he scooted over closer to me. Ten minutes later my head was swimming from everything and I felt like a princess with so many hands running over my skin. Chris MUST have given a signal because as his hands ran down my back, Franks fingers were inching up my bare legs and encompassing even more of my tingling skin. “Do you boys need more skin?” I asked. With their agreement I got up and took off my blouse. Chris pulled me over and pushed down my skirt. I stepped out pantiless and asked “Heels on or off” You can guess the answer of course. As I stood exposed to these lustfull men Chris asked if he could get me a refill of my wine and asked Frank what he would like. Frank nervously said he was looking at IT! Chris laughed and off he went to the kitchen. Frank then motioned for me to sit next to him. I did as he asked. He didn;t waste any time grabbing my head and proceeded to kiss me passionately. I moaned as he tongued me and signalled my willingness by massaging his crotch. He was semi hard already. Chris alerted us to his return by clearing his throat in the hall. Frank had his arm around me as karabük escort bayan we seemed to be watching the mindless chatter on the screen. Chris placed my wine on the table and took his place on the other side of me. Looking at the screen Chris simply stated “where were we?” Frank laughed his infectious laugh and said “right here”, and replaced my hand on his bulge. I looked at Chris and he nodded his approval. At this I went to undoing Franks belt and pants. Frank hiked up his hips to aid in me lowering his pants. Frank was also commando so out sprang his cock. I took his semi hard dick and began to stroke him. Frank placed his hands behind my head and ever so gently pushed my lips down to his dick. His smell was pleasant and it got me wet again. I licked ever more hungrily on his shaft and took his head into my mouth. As his cock grew in my mouth Chris hiked up my leg and began to rub my wet pussy. Within 5 minutes Frank had reached his full hardness and his precum I could taste. His breathing intensified and so did mine as I could hear my wetness in Chris’s hand. I stopped and asked Chris to get the Mineral Oil in cuppard. Franks hard on was pulsing as I went back to work on him. His need was apparent but I paced myself by alternately licking his shaft and balls.Chris came back with the oil and started to lube me up. escort karabük My pussy was wet enough but he knew where I wanted it. His fingers stroked my hole and finally he started to finger fuck my ass. Frank joined in and soon I had two of their fingers in me probing deeper with each stroke. I moved down to the floor and engulfed Franks ample dick with my tongue. Soon Chris was down there with me as he began to fuck me in my ass. Frank began to rock his hips into my sucking him and I was thankful for his 5 inches as I can easily take all of that and not gag. As Chris saw this his thrusting became more furious. My flinching from Chris’s cock in my ass was doing a number on Frank since without warning his sperm began to shoot into my throat. This gagged me a little but I held his dick in me and let his cum leak out as I milked his cock more and more. Quickly after this Chris spilled his load into my ass and onto his hardwood floors. He stayed in me flinching from his orgasm until his cock slipped out of my tight hole. Frank was spent but he stroked my hair as I placed my head in his lap. Chris rolled me onto the couch on my back and proceeded to finger my pussy and sucked on my clit until I came, looking straight into Franks eyes the whole time. After I regained my composure I excused my self to the bathroom. When I came back out Frank had left but told Chris to tell me how much he enjoyed our evening together and hped we could do the same again real soon. Hope you all enjoyed my story as much as I did!Till next time, all my love to you all and thank you so much for the wonderful comments!

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