craving dark chocolate…2

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craving dark chocolate…2i looked in2 his eyes as i stood up & pulled malcolm 2 his feet, then pushed him back on2 the couch & knelt between his knees. his pretty cock was very dark & still soft, the mahogany glans still covered by his velvety 4skin. he sat with his legs spread wide & his cock hung down between his thighs, lying on his shaved ball-sack. i put my hands on the floor, next 2 the front of the couch & leaned 4ward, opening my mouth & letting his delicious cock slide between my lips, over my tongue & in2 my throat. as he moaned, i could feel his cock starting 2 harden & thicken & lengthen.i kept my open lips pressed against the root of his cock & started swallowing, over & over, as i felt it hardening & slithering deeper in2 my throat. when he was fianlly fully hard, it felt like his fat cock-head was all the way down in my stomach. i suddenly wanted 2 see his beautiful cock, so i slowly slid my throat off his length, then my mouth, then my lips & released him. he was deliciously long & hard & i was getting excited just looking at his beautiful, thick, foot-long anaconda. his magnificent cock was so heavy that it hung down, with this obscenely wonderful down-ward curve & i leaned 4ward again, letting his huge pole slide between my lips, pushing 4ward with my legs, until he was buried deep in my hot throat again. i rocked my body 4ward & backward, enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding so deep in2 my throat as he closed his eyes & moaned softly, ” i wanna feel my cock deep in your ass, again !” i slowly slid my throat off his fantastic erection, then stood & turned around, facing away from him. i was standing between his wide-spread legs with my feet close 2gether & i leaned 4ward at the waist, then i reached back & pulled my ass-cheeks wide, presenting my asshole 2 him. malcolm got the idea, because he gripped his pulsing cock at the base, making it point directly malatya escort at my jizz-greased anus as i started 2 lower my ass 2wards him. when i felt his fat cock-head pressing against my tight pucker, i pushed my ass quickly downward, gasping as his massive cock-head popped up in2 my slippery ass. as soon as the turgid head plowed in2 me, he gripped my hips, steadying me & guiding me downward. i reached back behind me, grasping his strong thighs 4 balance, then started 2 slowly lower myself down on2 him, loving the feeling of being stretched & filled at the same time. with my feet close 2gether, my ass was gripping him very tightly & i slowly lowered myself, inch by agonizing inch, until i felt my ass resting against the top of his muscular thighs. with my heels against the couch, i used my legs 2 slide back up, as my hands pressed against his thighs, helping me rise. when i was almost all the way off his thrilling cock, i just let my butt drop back down on2 him, taking his full length back in2 my horny body. over & over, i slid up slowly, then slammed back down on2 him, feeling every thick inch of his monstrous black pole stretching every fiber of my insides. soon malcolm had started 2 thrust upward 2 meet my downward drops, his gargantuan cock hammering deep in2 me with every long, hard, fast stroke. my oozing cock was hard as steel & dripping all over the carpet every time i would drop back down on2 his probing tool. every time my ass hit bottom, my erection would flop downward, splattering & dripping juice everywhere. no other man’s cock had ever been this deep inside my body be4 & i loved the sweet feeling !we had been fucking hard 4ever & my legs & arms were starting 2 shake from fatigue, so i slid all the way down on2 malcolm’s huge fuck-stick, just rocking my hips back & 4th, feeling his thickness touching me everywhere inside. he was stroking my cock escort malatya slowly, as i slid my ass back & 4th on top of his hips. suddenly he grabbed the back of my legs, pulling them up high, pressing my back 2 his chest & groaned loudly as he pushed 4ward & stood up, with his fat, black cock still buried deep inside my ass. i was gripping his arms 4 support, as he started 2 rock his hips, driving his ravaging pole deep in2 my tight, white ass. with my legs pulled upward so high he felt like a base-ball bat stuffed in my ass & every short, savage stroke was pounding in2 my prostate, almost making me pass out. as he pounded in2 me, my cock exploded, sending long gouts of sticky white man-juice splashing on2 the wall in front of me. i screamed, ” i’m cumming, i’m cumming on your big cock again !!”, as the spurts felt like liquid fire flowing through my twitching cock. malcolm groaned, ” i’m gonna make u cum that way every time i fuck your tight, white ass !!” when i was finally done cumming, he turned & walked in2 the kitchen, his rock-hard monster cock still buried deep inside my ass. when he reached the table, he slowly lowered my legs, setting me on the table. he pushed me 4ward on2 my belly & then slid my legs back, pulling my ass 2 the edge of the table & pushed my knees wide as he pressed my heels up against the cheeks of my ass. i reached 4ward & then gripped the opposite edge of the table, in front of me, as malcolm pressed my ass wide open & then started 2 slide the full length of his raging prick in & out of my clutching ass. i moaned each time he pulled back & let the fat head pop out of my ass, then groaned as he pressed 4ward again, his fat cock-head forcing it’s way back in2 my tightness. his hands gripped my ankles, pushing them up tighter against my ass, as he sawed his pulsating tool in & out of my ass, making me gasp with pleasure every time malatya escort bayan his balls slapped against me & i felt his deeply probing cock-head stretch me open deep inside. my own cock was trapped between my body & the table-top, but even that felt good, as long as his monstrously huge black-snake kept pounding deeper & deeper in2 my clutching asshole.i groaned, ” fuck me baby, cum deep in my ass, cum deep in me !!”when malcolm finally released my legs, i slid them out behind me & lifted my ass up 2wards his beautiful cock. i hooked my heels up behind his thighs & pulled him in2 me, as i pressed my ass backward against him even harder. his thickness in my ass felt so fucking good & i wanted him 2 fuck me even harder & deeper. i knew that he was getting very close 2 cumming, because he was ramming in2 my ass as fast & hard as he could. i begged, ” fuck me deeper & harder & faster !! fuck the shit out of my tight white ass & fill me with your white-hot cum !! explode deep inside me !! fill my asshole so full of cum that it overflows !!” he gripped my ass even tighter & rammed harder & faster & deeper in2 me as he yelled, ” i’m going 2 fill your fucking hot white ass with juicy cum !!”, & i pressed back hard as he slammed even deeper & groaned, his cock twitching & throbbing as i felt the first hot jets of gooey jam splashing all over my inner walls. he grabbed my hips & yanked me back hard, as his cock fired spurt after spurt of liquid love deep in2 my bowels. i ground my ass in circles on his spewing cock, as he emptied every drop in2 my willing ass. malcolm kept rocking his hips in short strokes, as his cock continued 2 pour splooge in2 my waiting fuck-hole, until it started 2 over-flow, seeping out of my gaping hole & around his big softening cock, running down on2 my balls & dripping on2 the table below me. he slowly pulled his rubbery cock out of my clutching asshole & i spun around on the table-top & then took his monster fuck-tool between my wet lips, sucking his softening snake all the way down in2 my throat & licking him clean. as soon as i released him, he staggered 2 the couch & flopped down on2 his back.

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