Dad’s Best Friend

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Angela White

Dad’s Best FriendJake had a thing for Kim since she was twelve. He watched her body begin to mature and her tits begin to develop. She was his best friends daughter and he wanted to fuck her in the worst way. He knew better than to try any thing till she was of legal age then he was determined to stick his cock in her and fuck her like she had never had it before. His friend had told him he had to ground her because she was getting wild and having sex with boys at school. Her mom had put her on birth control to be sure she did not get knocked up. But she was pretty and sexy and hard to control. Jake worked for a magazine for men. He saw these sexy girls come in all the time for nude photo shoots. They were gorgeous with nice big tits and great round asses. He had fucked several of the young horny ones. He was well hung and the girls had spread the word and wanted to feel his cock in any hole he chose. He had installed a lock on his office door for privacy not that any one cared who was fucking the naked models. Most of the male employees fucked them as a fringe benefit. They were beautiful and sexy and horny and loved to fuck. He had a good time with twins the other day. He watched their sexy photo shoot and saw how they were not shy touching each others bodies and invited them to his office behind his locked door. He took turns sucking their enormous tits and then fingering the bald pussies. After he fucked one the other sucked his cock till he was hard and ready to fuck her. As he fucked her in the ass the wilder one tongued his asshole. Now Kim was eighteen and he was going to fuck her. He couldn’t wait to ram his big thick cock deep in her wet cunt and fuck her deep and hard. After her birthday party he asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner. He told her he had a gift for her. She agreed and they took off together. He drove her to a remote place out of town and kept staring at her tits which she seemed to like. Then he pulled into a quiet road and turned the car off. He grabbed her and pulled her close and kissed her. She responded and kissed him back. He then slipped his hand under her top and began to feel her tits. She did not object. After several handfuls of tit he soon had her top and bra off sucking on her nipples. She had nice firm round tits and he squeezed them together and sucked them back and forth as she arched her back letting him suck them hard. He then reached under her skirt and put his fingers inside the leg of her panties and played with her pussy as he kept sucking her nipples and kissing her tits. She spread her legs and gave him an easier feel of her güvenilir bahis wet pussy. He then moved the seat back and pushed her on her back and removed her panties and began to lick that wet pussy. He sucked on her clit and felt her pulse and cum. He then went to her hole and licked the cum and then pushed his tongue in. He tongue fucked her feeling her cum many times as he kept her fuck hole cleaned out. Then he slid his hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her and began to lick her ass. He sucked her asshole then tongue fucked it till he heard her scream and felt her cum hard. It did not take him long to finish undressing her and taking his own clothes off. His cock was now rock hard and she stared at the size of it. He was going to shove every inch of that monster in her cunt and fuck her hard and deep. He was going to show how good a man could fuck a sexy body and make her loved his huge cock. He then tongue kissed her again and then got between her legs and started to push that thick rod into her wet hole. She was no virgin but still tight for his big cock. He loved how his cock felt entering her tight hole. He lifted her to him and kept pushing into her as she felt better as each inch moved in to give her the hardest but best fuck she had ever had. He had eight inches in her and he could feel the walls of her cunt throb against his cock. He then pushed the rest of the shaft in her and then began to fuck her hard. He rammed his cock in and out of her fuck hole hearing her gasp but not complain. He felt the walls of her wet warm cunt against his thick cock as he pounded her deeper and faster. He now had her moaning and cumming many times as he felt her cunt pulse against his fucking cock. When he grabbed a nipple and sucked it she screamed loud. He really fucked her tight hole hard before he gave her a big wad of his cum. Then he kissed her mouth as his hands ravaged her tits more, squeezing them and pulling on the nipples. Then he pulled his cock out of her cunt and slid down and began to lick her fuck hole and taste the combination of their mixed cum. He had his tongue deep in her hole as he then felt her cum. She was suck a horny fucking slut and he was going to really show her how a man fucks many different ways. He ate her pussy and cleaned her cunt then sucked on her clit as she kept moaning and cumming for him. He loved her young pussy and how she kept pulsing and her clit throbbing as he tongue fucked her keeping that hole clean. He had been wanting to stick his cock in this wild c***d for years and he was going to give her many good hard fuckings before he took canlı bahis her home.He then pulled her face to his cock and told her to lick him before she would suck that big dick. She began to lick his cock and he felt it jerked as her tongue slid all over the big member. She was no stranger to cock sucking and he was going to show her how to suck a big cock and take it and the cum down her throat. Then he put her mouth over the tip and she sucked and licked as he began to drip cum. She kept him licked clean and then he grabbed her by the hair and shoved more cock in her mouth and began to fuck her mouth moving his cock in and out and every so often shoving more cock in her till she gagged. She had her mouth open wide to take the width of his hard cock and he kept mouth fucking her. He had eight inches in her and she was not gagging as much and he knew if the more times she sucked him she soon could suck the whole big cock. Then he held her head tight as he fucked her mouth more feeling the tip of his cock on the roof of her mouth. For a young girl she could suck good. She seemed to like sucking cock. He let her suck then he would shove another inch or two in her and make her gag then pull out and fuck her more. He kept this for a long time watching her mouth open wide for his big hard shaft. Then he felt the urge to cum so he held her head tight to him and filled her throat with cum. He watched as she gulped his cum down and did not gag once. He pulled her up to him and really worked her tits over, sucking and licking them till he was sure those sweet nipples were sore. He then put her on her hands and knees and shoved her face down to the seat raising that thick ass in the air. He began kissing her ass cheeks then spread them apart and licked her asshole and kissed it. He licked it getting it wet and then he shoved a finger in her and then removed it and shoved his tongue in her. He now understood why her dad was upset that she was acting like such a slut. She did not care what he did to her. As he tongue fucked her ass he shoved two fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her. He then took his other hand and twisted on her clit feeling her cunt pulse and cover his fingers with her cum. He put a third finger in her cunt and shoved them all the way in fucking her hard as he now was really working her clit over feeling this sexy slut cum again and again. His tongue was going in and out of her asshole as her worked her cunt and clit over fucking her rough and deep. His hand and fingers were covered in cum as the young pussy came hard and güvenilir bahis fast. She was horny and loved fucking in every way. He loved making her cum and she was covering him with her warm juice. Then he got on his knees behind her and shoved his hard cock back into he cunt and started fucking her so hard and out of control. He just wanted to keep his cock deep in her fuck hole and fuck her again and again. She was the best fuck he had had in a long time and she was a beautiful sexy slut. He liked that she acted like a slut and she loved fucking and sucking and was learning to be a great cock sucker. He knew he could train her to suck his whole cock down her throat and suck him like a vacuum. He was going to get her some nude photo shoots with his magazine then fuck her in his office. She was already looking at apartments and would need the money she could earn at the magazine. Sexy and horny as she was she could make some great porn movies. He would love to make one with her. He now had his cock buried in her cunt fucking her hard and deep. He reached under her and gave each tit and slap as he kept pounding that throbbing cunt hole. He then knew it was time to leave and they stayed naked as he drove back to the city. He then asked her to spend the night with him and he would take her to work the next day and get her some nude photos and help her find an apartment. She was thrilled and wanted to pose naked. She then began to stroke his cock as he drove. He was rock hard and his cock would rub against the steering wheel then she bent down and sucked him and licked his balls. She sucked or stroked him all the way to his house. He rubbed her back and fingered her ass. Soon as they got to his house he swallowed some pills to keep his cock hard for hours as he planned to fuck this sexy nympho all night. He laid her naked body on his bed and started sucking her tits then ate her pussy till his face was covered with her sweet tasting cum. He fucked her hard after that and a few more times. She sucked his cock and got better each time. She loved swallowing his cum and licking and kissing his ass. She soon was finger fucking and tongue fucking his asshole like a pro. He loved his cock down her throat as she had three fingers deep in his ass fucking and sucking him till he exploded cum for her.The nude photo shoot went very well and they then fucked in his office for three hours. Then they went to his house and she has since moved in with him even though her dad was so against it. Jake was making her his woman and the sexiest nude sex symbol to hit the press. They did several tripple X porn movies together and they sold as fast as they could get them to dealers. Many people thought she was his daughter not his lover and that helped the porn sales. They made great movies and it was amazing how that young girl could suck that monster cock, every inch of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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