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DADS BIRTHDAYWhen my Dad and Mom got divorced eight years ago I was pissed. I had always considered them the perfect married couple. They did things together, and laughing was high on the list of things they did together. They also played golf together, loved movies, the same kinds of foods, staying fit and going on vacations.One day I called my Dad, eight years ago, and during the conversation I asked how Mom was doing. “Well enough, I guess.” That was his response. He then went into a little detail about how he had just that week helped her move out and file for divorce. I was shocked! I had no warning. Nothing had prepared me for the split.When I spoke to Mom I got her story and it sounded like they had written their stories sitting together out on the deck of the family home. “We just grew apart, needed some changes and we are still friends.” That isn’t how divorced people act. I pretty well stopped calling and seeing them for a while. Well, four years actually. Then I got invited to Mom’s for Thanksgiving and she told me my Dad wouldn’t be there. He would be on a cruise with a new lady in his life. I went to Thanksgiving and had a good time. I met some of Mom’s new friends, some old friends she had kept after the split and a guy she was dating. She made the traditional T-day dinner I remembered from c***dhood and sent leftovers home with me. The woman I had been dating made it mean a lot that I had taken her “to meet my Mom.” It meant we dated about six more months and she was out of my life. I wasn’t ready to have meeting Mom mean what she wanted it to mean.I spent Christmas that year with Dad. We spent the day together and no mention was made of the lady who went on the cruise with him. He had gone on the cruise because he had always wanted to go to the Virgin Islands. I had never heard him mention the Virgin Islands once in my life, but he had always wanted to go, so he went. We started doing some things together. I’m still not the golfer he is but I play and once every couple months we spend half a day wandering around a golf course. I have met some of the people in his life that way. They play golf too and we would see them at various golf courses. Most of them were women. Nice looking women.A few months ago he invited me to stay in the old house while he went on another vacation. He again had “always wanted to cruise to Alaska.” He had booked the cruise for his birthday week. I would take him to the airport and pick him up two weeks later. I would live in the house and take care of it while he was gone. I needed a break from my own life at that time so I agreed. All the work I needed to get done, I could do from a computer, so being at Dad’s wouldn’t hamper my work and being unreachable by phone would be a blessing. I told only one person where I would be the two weeks. Kelly. Kelly was the woman I had been seeing for the last four or five months. She was an IT wizard for a big bank and when she wasn’t busy with that loved to be naked in my bed. At least that was how I saw our relationship.During most of any week she was unavailable. She dove into projects up to her neck and lived in the mainframes at the bank for days at a time. The instant she solved the problem my phone would ring and I would hear her sexy, low voice asking if I would like some company. She never cared about going out for dinner. She would cook, happily, or order in or I would cook. She didn’t want to go to parties or golfing or ride bikes at the beach. What she wanted was for me to get naked with her and stuff her pussy full of my cock.Please don’t read that as a complaint. For months that was what I saw as a perfect relationship with a beautiful workaholic. After months of it though, it was starting to bug me that the whole thing was at her convenience. It wasn’t about me being horney or wanting to spend time with her. It was about her having time to play and me being the toy of choice.Anyway, I had told her I was going to Dad’s and she said that would be nice for me, especially since she had a new project that looked like it would take the entire month of May to complete. Dad was to fly to Seattle on the second of May and fly back from Alaska on the fifteenth. I arrived at Dad’s the evening of May first. I brought suitcases of clothes and a present. I got Dad a digital camera. I figured that since he wanted to go on these vacations the best I could hope for was that he would take a few pictures to show me when he returned. He seemed to like the camera and we spent some time that evening learning how to use it and how to save pictures on a memory stick. When I looked in his refrigerator I saw that someone had stocked it with dinners. Not store bought dinners but the “I made this for you” dinners delivered in plastic storage containers.”Eat some of those, would you? The women who made them think I’m too skinny.”I said I would eat some and when he came back they would all be gone.Early the next morning we loaded his stuff in his car and headed for LAX. The cops at the airport let me drop him at the curb, get a quick handshake and then told me to move along. He moved his two suitcases into the line to check them and I drove away. Men take each other to the airport well.When I got back to his house I looked at my car parked out front. It looked neglected. The paint was faded and dirty. There were three dings that made it look like I don’t know how to drive. My car drives well and is fun but two things bug me about it. First, it has never been the color I wanted. Second, the dings bother me. Since I had the use of Dad’s car for almost two weeks I decided I’d have the dings fixed and have the car painted. In two weeks I could have the Mustang I really wanted, a bright yellow 2005 Mustang convertible.I called a couple nearby body shops and they agreed to drive me home if I brought it in. By noon my car was in the shop and I was back in Dad’s home. I did some work and late in the afternoon sat out on the deck and enjoyed watching people going by on the walking/biking path. It was warm enough that many of the young and the not-so-young women were in bikinis. I drank a beer as I enjoyed the scenery.That evening I ate one of Dad’s dinners and watched a Dodger game on TV. Dad has a sixty inch plasma TV and even a Dodger didim escort game is fun on a TV that size. At a little after Leno’s monologue I shut the house down and went to bed. The night before Dad left I was on the couch. I moved into the bedroom that night.Sometime in the night I heard a noise and woke up. I didn’t move right away. I wasn’t sure what I heard. I opened my eyes and watched a woman enter the bedroom where I was. Just inside the door she stopped and pulled off her t-shirt and shorts. She stepped out of her shoes and moved to the bed. She came around behind me and softly slid into bed with me. I knew two things for sure at that moment. The first was that the woman was not Kelly. Kelly didn’t have that much hair on her head. The second thing I was sure of was that she didn’t know who she was in bed with.Within seconds of her sliding into bed with me I smelled wine. She had had a little or a lot of wine before joining me in bed. She spooned against my back and butt and very quickly fell asleep. I thought about the situation for at least twenty seconds and then I went back to sleep.Sunlight filled Dad’s bedroom and I woke up. Not because of the sunlight but because someone I didn’t know was holding my morning hard-on in her hand and gently stroking me.When I stirred a little she said, “Good Morning. I hope you like company.”I smiled. She still thought I was Dad. I answered, “I do like company.”She jerked her hand back and sat upright in bed. I turned and looked at her for the first time in light. She was a good looking woman about fifty-something with nice boobs made of the finest plastic from the plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills. Her eyes were wide open and looking at me.”You’re not Jack!” she said.”Actually, I am. I am Jack junior. And, you are?””Helen. Where’s Jack?””Jack had to leave on a trip. I’m house sitting for him. Glad to meet you Helen.” I held out my hand like for a handshake. She looked at my hand and her peripheral vision saw her tits and she covered them.”I’m so embarrassed. I thought surprising Jack this morning would be fun.””You did surprise me and so far it has been fun. Would you like to continue what you were doing when you woke me up or shall we find something else to do?”Her face turned redder and she looked at the sheet covering my cock. She looked back at my face and said, “I don’t even know you.””I’m Jack’s son, Jack. I work in Burbank most days on computer problems. I’m younger than you and my Dad. You look great to me and since we have already slept together we might as well complete the transaction you came here for.””I’m too old for you.” She held the sheet up a little higher on her chest.”I have no idea how old you are. I do have an idea how you look and how you felt spooned up against my ass. I’m needing to use the bathroom and when I get back I’d love to start our day together by getting to know you better, Helen. If you are still in bed when I get back I will believe you want that too.”I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Helen watched me go. I didn’t close the door. When I was done draining my radiator I noticed some mints in a bowl near the sink. I took one for me and one for Helen. I walked back into the bedroom. Helen had moved. She had been on the right side of the bed. Now she was in the middle, on her back. The sheet was still covering her up near her neck.I popped a mint in my mouth and popped the other one in her mouth as I got into bed with her again. She smiled as she tasted the mint. Then I leaned to her and kissed her. Her lips were warm and very soft. I didn’t hurry. By the third or forth kiss her lips had parted and invited me to proceed. I rolled her up on top of me and felt her breasts press against my chest. We kissed some more and I explored her back and ass with my hands. In a short break in the kissing I said, “Helen, you are a great kisser.””Given how wet I am, you must be a great kisser.””You don’t get wet easily?””I used to. Seems that age makes wetness a memory most of the time.”I pulled her farther up my chest and used my hand to probe between her ass cheeks and down into her pussy. She was wet. I pulled my hand up to my face and smelled my fingers just before I tasted Helen on them.”You are Jack’s son alright. He says he loves the smell and taste of pussy.””Must be something genetic.””Touch me again, please.”My hand found her opening again and gathered more of her juices. I slowly probed inside her, savoring the feel of her.”Are you Ok with me laying on top of your tool?””It bothered me when you were on my wrench but now you’re on top of my screwdriver and it feels good.” We laughed a little and she shifted a little on top of me. My cock pressed against her opening.”Would you be inside me now?””Yes!” My hands went to her shoulders and pushed her down towards my feet. My cock slid into her and she moaned.”That’s what I need. Jack, I can’t tell you how good that feels.””I think it might even feel better if you sit up and get all of my dick inside your little pussy.”She smiled and kissed me again. As it ended her hands pressed on my chest and she sat up across my hips. Her nearly hairless pussy pressed all her weight (there wasn’t much) against my pubic hair.”Oh my, Jack. You’re bigger than your Daddy.” She lifted herself and dropped back down again. I noticed a tiny bit of bounce in her breasts. I held them.”It feels good if you pinch the nipples hard.” Her voice was becoming strained with sexual tension.I pinched her nipples hard and she arched her back and moaned. I didn’t let go. I pinched harder still and bucked my hips, pushing my cock up into her.”Yes, Jack! Like that!” She leaned forward a little and grabbed the headboard, using it for stability, as she rode me hard and fast to an orgasm. My thumbs and first fingers held a firm grip on her nipples and areola.Helen gasped for breath and then froze and she screamed. She could have gotten a role as the screamer in a horror flick with that scream. I figured the neighbors would call the cops. I still don’t really know why they didn’t.As she calmed down from her orgasm she gently removed my hands from her tits. Then she moved from her cowgirl position and took my wet cock in her mouth. Her name could have been Helen Hoover. She sucked me to an orgasm escort didim with the enthusiasm of a s*******n year old and the knowledge of a fifty year old. It was great! It would have killed me in another twenty seconds and… it was over too soon. She swallowed, jumped from the bed and came back with two more mints.We snuggled for a while, dozed a little and then she woke me saying, “I’m food hungry.””You feel like cooking or getting dressed and going somewhere?””If we get dressed and go somewhere, can we come back and get naked again?””If that is what you would like, yes.”We dressed after a shower and headed for a neighborhood place Helen frequented. When we walked in together the waitress looked me over carefully and pointed us to a table. As soon as we sat down Helen said, “This might have been a mistake.””Am I ruining your reputation?””No! As a matter of fact I may have jumped way up on the hottie scale this morning. But, someone will tell Jack they saw me in here with you.””Hell. Stop worrying. I plan to tell him myself!””You wouldn’t!””The hell you say! Men love to brag! You are someone to brag about!” The waitress brought me a menu. She greeted Helen by name and asked if she wanted her usual or one of the specials. She asked for the pumpkin cinnamon pancakes. I closed the menu and said, “Me too.”When the waitress was gone I leaned a little toward Helen and asked, “Do you really not want people to know we slept together?””I do and I don’t! On one hand I’m proud that we did and on the other, you’re young enough to be my son.””Make up your mind. Which way do you want it?”She looked around the restaurant and then at me. “I just don’t know.””Then tell me this, am I going to see you again this week?”Shock hit her face and she said, “Oh my God! I totally forgot! I’m going to Palm Springs for a golf thing and I’m leaving today! We may not even have time for another round before I need to go!””Ok. I know what to do.”Our breakfast arrived and it was great. We laughed and ate together like we had known each other for all my life. When the bill came I took it and said, “Let me treat you this morning, Mom. You’re always so good to me.” The bill came to twenty-eight and change. I left two twenties and we walked out arm in arm. When we got back to the house we were still laughing. Inside Helen decided we did have time for a little more fun. She stripped and threw herself on the bed. I ate her to three great shaking orgasms and then we showered together. We kissed at the front door as she left. I watched her walk three doors down and go inside.Back in the house I stripped the bed and tossed the sheets in the washing machine. I remade the bed later in the day, after I opened all the windows and doors and let the room air out.I went for a long walk on the beach and relaxed most of the day. I had lunch at a small place where I used to eat sometimes when I lived there. No one recognized me. Back at the house I watched a movie on HBO and drank another beer. After dark I drove to Redondo Beach and had dinner at a good Mexican restaurant. Then I walked around the pier and by ten I was home again.As I got ready for bed I realized that the next day was Dad’s birthday. I shut down the house, showered, shaved and went to bed. As I fell asleep I thought about Helen.I heard a noise again and thought, “Helen blew off the golf and came back for more Jack.” I opened an eye and sure enough a woman stepped into the doorway to the bedroom. She was already nude! It wasn’t Helen. Short blond or gray hair, nice sized tits that moved when she did, long legs, good shape and no dark patch. Either she was bald or very closely trimmed. She moved across the room like a dancer.Like Helen she slid in behind me and spooned against my ass. Different from Helen she did not smell like wine or fall asleep. She reached for and found my cock. Very quickly she got the reaction she wanted and when I was hard she rolled me on my back and went down on me. Her warm, wet mouth swallowed all of me and her hand held my balls as she worked on me. God, I thought Helen knew how to suck! This woman was better! Her tongue knew every nerve ending in my cock and played me like she had been sucking me for years. My hips began thrusting on their own and she moved on the bed so her ass was up near my shoulders. My hand caressed her ass and found her pussy. She sucked harder on me when I slid two fingers into her dripping gash. She was tight and moaned as I slid into her.Every stroke into her got a moan from her, muffled by my cock filling her mouth. I reached under her and held her breast in my hand. My thumb played across her nipple and I felt it tighten and swell to my touch.She felt my balls tighten up and she felt my cock swell as it got ready to unload. I almost expected her to back off and finish me by hand. She deep throated me and I unloaded every swimmer I had into her throat. She held still as I unloaded and then licked me clean.Her head was under the sheet. Her ass and pussy were up by my face. When she had cleaned me she moved around and snuggled against my chest. She said, “Happy birthday, Jack!””Thanks, but it isn’t my birthday.” I whispered. She leaned over and turned on the bedside lamp with a practiced touch. The instant it went on I was in shock. So was she. She sat up and said, “Jack!””Mom!”I looked at her and she looked at me for a long time. She still had my cum in her mouth and I still had wet fingers from being inside her. The sheet covered her back but left her breasts hanging just above my chest. God, they looked so good. Finally she was able to speak. “Where is Jack?””On a cruise for his birthday. Mom, what do…””I don’t know. God. I can’t believe what we just did.”I didn’t say anything. I touched her shoulder and pulled her down against me. She molded her body against mine and I covered us with a sheet. After a minute I shut the lamp off. It took a while, but I did fall asleep.When I opened my eyes she was still right beside me in bed. She looked up at my face and said, “Can you ever forgive me?””Why would I need to forgive you? You didn’t know it was me.””Did you know it was me?””No!””What do we do now?””What do you mean?””I’m here in bed with you, naked and we’ve already had sex. Now what?””You’re asking me?””Yes!””If didim escort bayan two people have sex does it make it worse if they do it again?””Not if it was Ok in the first place.””Did you enjoy it, before the lights came on?””Yes.” She whispered.”I did too. As fact, it was the best suck I’ve ever had.””I don’t want to talk about it.””You aren’t going to talk about it. Neither am I. I can tell you what I am going to do and I can tell you what you are going to do too. Lay on your back.”She rolled a quarter turn from me and held the sheet up to cover her from her shoulders down. “Now, don’t resist me. Don’t fight me. Don’t talk.”I moved so that I was close to her and I kissed her. I had kissed my mother thousands of times and none were like that kiss. The instant our lips touched she surrendered. I felt it happen. A conversation about right and wrong, about guilt and recriminations had been going on inside her and the instant we kissed the conversation ended.My tongue entered her mouth. Her tongue touched mine. Her hands held my chest. More kisses followed and I moved my kisses from her mouth to her neck. From her neck I kissed to the edge of the sheet and then I pulled the sheet completely off us. I looked at her body. There were stretch marks on her belly that I knew were mine. Her breasts were full and tanned. The nipples and areola were dark and swollen. I leaned to her and her hands guided my mouth to her breast.Like a baby, I sucked on her again. I remembered hearing her and her sister, my aunt Elaine, talking when I was a teen. Mom had said that breast feeding me had given her an orgasm almost every time. Her sister had said all she got was sore tits. This time she held my face to her breast and knew a man was sucking her for pleasure. She moaned.I moved so I was between her legs with my mouth still attached to her breast. She opened her legs and I felt something wet touching my lower belly. Her legs went around my body.My face moved to her other breast and I sucked harder. Her back arched and she moaned again. I heard her whisper, “Yes, Jackie, suck me. I’m almost there!”I sucked. My fingers found the other nipple and I pinched her. The pain mixed with the remembered feelings from long ago pushed her to the orgasm. Her body shook and trembled. Her breath came in gasps. Her legs clamped around my body. I loved every sound, every feeling, every smell.After letting her calm a little I moved up her body and felt my cock find and enter her vagina. I moved into her ever so slowly. Our eyes locked and I watched her face closely as I felt my cock moving onto her. She lifted her head and kissed me. Our mouths opened and tongues danced as I felt our bodies join as deeply as possible.My hips moved us together and apart in a slow and tender way that would eventually lead to me filling my own mother with my seed. I kept thinking about who I was inside of and how I wanted to shout my joy.She pulled her mouth from mine and said, “Cum inside me Jackie. Fill me with your seed.”She met every thrust. Her hands touched me everywhere they could reach. I felt the pressure rise and knew I was cumming. My back arched and I bellowed as I filled her cunt with my seed. I saw stars and thought maybe I passed out for a second or two. She shifted just enough that I fell beside her, not on top of her. Her arm held my face to her breast and we stayed still for a long time.I opened my mouth and touched her nipple with my tongue. She started. Either she thought I was asleep or she was dozing when I touched her nipple.”Ok, Jackie. What next?””Lunch?””Not what I meant. What’s next for us?””I will be visiting you more often than in the past. We will be enjoying each other on a more intimate level and Dad’s birthday will never be the same again.””You are Ok with this?””I’ve loved you all my life. If we hadn’t done what we did without knowing who we were doing I probably would never have tasted you again in my life. Now that I know how we are together, I want more. Sex with you is more connected than it has ever been with anyone else. We won’t make babies. We will enjoy each other.””What about Dad?””Let him find his own girlfriend.””That won’t ever be a problem for him.””I know. I met one of his women the other day. His fridge is full of food from women.””I’m hungry.” We dressed and went to a different restaurant. They didn’t have pumpkin cinnamon pancakes but they did make good omelets. We walked on the beach hand in hand and stopped twice to kiss. Back at the house we stripped the bed and I moved the washed sheets into the drier before starting the washer with the fresh load.Mom stayed for a week. She discovered that I love eating pussy even more than my Dad does. She found out that making love all over her old house was just as much fun as when she used to do Dad in the same places. When she was ready to get in her car and drive up to Malibu she handed me a key to her house.”You don’t need to call first, but if you do I’ll meet you in the bedroom naked.”I watched her drive away. Back inside I folded and put sheets away. Dad had lots of sheet sets. He was a busy man. On the fifteenth I drove to LAX and picked him up. He looked rested and happy. He showed me lots of digital pictures of his trip. There were women in almost every picture. He asked if there was any food left in the fridge. I told him no. I told him I had met Helen. He asked if I noticed she had plastic tits. I smiled and said, “Yes, I noticed. I also noticed she likes them pinched really hard.””She came over in the night?””Yup. Thanks Dad.” We smiled but said no more about his vacation or mine. The day I got back home I got a call from Kelly.”Hi. The project got cancelled and I have three days off. Want some company?””I don’t think so. While you were working and I was house sitting I reconnected with someone from when I was younger. We’re going to give it a go and see what happens.””What about me?””You only wanted to play with me. I have decided I want more than play.””So, that’s it? We’re done?””I’ll never forget you. In fact I know your name will be on my mind every day. Thanks for all the great memories and fun we had. Good-bye.”It was over. I made a call to a number in Malibu. A woman answered and said, “Jackie!”I said, “Kelly, your new boyfriend is on his way to your house.””Kelly? I guess calling me by my name is appropriate. I’m already nude. I was sitting out on the deck getting relaxed. You want some iced tea when you arrive?””No. I want to have Kelly for lunch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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