Damsel in Dis-dress

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Damsel in Dis-dressI am having marital problems for the past year and you have been my confidant at the office. Listening so attentively as I cry on your shoulder about the latest husband drama. You are consoling, gently suggesting I consider leaving him.After months of me sobbing out the same shit over and over, you finally say rather sharply-“for Christ’s sake woman, why don’t you just leave? You have no c***dren, nothing holding you there.”This is when I burst into tears and through the sobbing I stammer out I have no where to go. My husband has had total control of the finances, I have no means to buy my own place. You offer to let me stay at your house for as long as it takes for me to get back on my feet. I look at you wide eyed and can’t believe your kindness. You tell me I will pay for nothing, food, rent, you’ll even put gas in my car. This has given me the courage I have needed-I’ll tell my husband tonight! A sense of relief floods over me as well as a slight sexual shiver. You are a sexy older man with a powerful position in the company. I am flattered you are even giving me a nod-never mind offering to share your home. I feel very emotionally frail right now and your strong arms around me as you give me the innocuous “there, there-it’ll be alright” hug, make me feel secure. That weekend I move into your house. You ask how my husband handled the news. You tell me he was furious and told me the locks will be changed and I will never be welcome back. Forget about getting any money-it’s been carefully hidden away over the past year. I am destitute and so grateful I have you. Ahhhhh-perfect. The “Damsel in Distress” is your favorite scenario. This is going to be easier than you thought! You sit me down once all my meager belongings have been moved in and tell me you have a few “house rules”…I feel a sense of dis-ease in my stomach, your voice and affect seems to have changed slightly as you explain the rules are non-negotiable. While I am living under your roof, I will be expected to tend to your domestic needs and maintain the home. Cool. I’m thinking, I can handle that- all day long. Also and MOST important whenever I am in the house I am to remain naked. No clothes-EVER. I will be allowed to pick out a pair of shoes each day, but they must have at least 3” heels. WHAT??! Did I hear you right?! You tell me if you are going to support me, there has to be some benefit for you. I will be totally kırklareli escort owned by you in every way. I think I must be dreaming. I look at you in shock. Where is the kind gentle man I’ve been confiding in all these months? Well, how bad can it be I am thinking? But it really doesn’t matter, as right now, I have no other options. Plus I have always thought you were hot. I’ll think of it as a spa, a “sexy vacation”.Your voice disturbs my daydreams as you bellow “You are in the house AREN’T YOU?!! Well then-take off your clothes NOW!” Your commanding voice startles me and I quickly start to strip. I stand in your living room totally exposed as you slowly walk around me. Your eyes feast on my tight round ass and firm high tits. Your gaze follows my long legs from my strappy 3″ black sandals up my toned strong thighs stopping abruptly to stare at the sweet pink pussy you know is all yours. Damn you’ve been patient, listening to all my whining and sniveling all these months. No wonder my husband didn’t want me you think. Shit he deserves a FUCKING medal. A lessor man would have thrown that whiny ass out long before! But you have plans for my ass. BIG fat plans. I begin the house duties, as I am washing your dishes you walk behind me and squeeze my titties and twist my nipples. I can feel your crotch pulsing against my naked ass. This isn’t so bad I am thinking…I pull out the vacuum and start in the living room. You are sitting back on the couch, leering at my boobs swaying with every push of the vacuum. The definition of the tone of my long legs emphasized with the height of my shoes. You unzip and your cock springs out, raging hard. You lunge out of your seat and grab my hips and pull me to you. Startled I drop the vac hose as you push my face into the arm of the couch. You spit on your hands, transfer wet to your rod and without hesitation you SLAM your angry cock into my cunt. I cry out but the sound is muffled by the couch cushion. Your hand is tangled in my long blonde hair firmly holding my face down and forcing an arch. My pussy is so tight and you can see the pink soft lips pull on your dick as you thrust. Through force of nature my tiny hole starts to get wet and your thick meat feels like it is being stroked by warm velvet. This is not sex, it’s fucking, primal, for your a****l need only. A few mighty thrusts and your done. You pull out, zip up and tell me to get back to escort kırklareli work. I push myself dazed. I can’t believe that just happened. You will NOT tell me twice! Get back to work SLUT!You come home from golfing with your buddies and find me nude in my heels working around the house. You start to pass me in the hall on the way to your bedroom and stop suddenly to drink in the view. As you see my little ass cheeks churning while I dust the furniture your mind suddenly burns with nasty lust. In that split second you are overcome with the instinct that can’t be ignored. You grab my ass, bend me over the table and hurriedly pull out your hard. Not again I beg, please, I am still sore from this morning. “Ok baby, I’ll leave your pussy alone for now”. Then my brief relief turns to panic as I feel the head of your monster stabbing at my ass hole. Again, you spit lube your pole my ass is offered no mercy, you slam into me HARD. I scream as your thickness tears into my tight tube. My screams tweak something in your brain that makes you pound even harder. You slap my cheeks hard and tell me to “SHAKE IT WHORE! Work it hard for the cock that’s supporting your worthless ass”.You yank my hair hard forcing my arch and slam deep into my tight little pucker balls deep. The clamp my small hole has on your dick and the sight of my round butt trying to pull away from your thrusts are burning a dark hole in your brain. Your hands circle my neck and I am choking as you pull me down hard to meet your thrusts. You ROAR as you choke me out and I feel a fierce rush of cum spraying deep inside my stretched hole. As a final assualt you pull out while you cock is still semi-hard. I lay bent over the table wimpering while you continue down the hall to your bedroom to shower and change.BTW-you call over your shoulder, some friends are coming over to watch the game, make sure you make something decent for us to eat. Three of your friends arrive and I am freshly showered and dressed in the kitchen preparing food. You and your buddies come in to grab some beer and you stop short. What the fuck BITCH! You know the rules. You are in the house aren’t you? “In front of your friends” I whisper meekly? ESPECIALLY in front of my friends you shout as you being tearing my clothes off. Your friends watch, eyes glazed with lust as I scramble to shed my clothes.Filthy ideas are screaming in their heads as they circle me kırklareli escort bayan like a wild pack. You grab my hair and lead me into the living room and you all settle in to watch the game. You order me to lie on the unoccupied sofa and play with myself. You want me wet when your buddies are ready to play……….Buddies???!Your friends glance over while looking at the telly, enjoying the show of the hot blonde fingering her twat. They are rubbing their bulging crotches and look to you, the “Alpha Male” my “owner” for direction. Halftime rolls around and you get up and sit on my tits. You slap my face with your heavy meat. Stick your tongue out slut-show me you want my cock. You fuck my face forcing your rod down my throat. Your friends have pulled out and are stroking their dicks. The sound of me gagging on your dick is making them crazy. Your rod swells and pulses in my mouth and you pull out quick, and while looking at your buddies laughing, shoot you load on my tits. You scoop your cum off my boob with your still hard cock and shove it back in my mouth.You signal to the guys with a nod in my direction that it’s their turn. One wastes no time in groping and rubbing his hard on my huge titties. He then roughly flips me over nearly crushing me as he lays fully covering me. You and your bud both watch as his ass bobs thrusting deep in my twat. Jesus this bitch is tight he mumbles. His hands are under me squeezing my boobs hard a he slams my cunt sick. Quickly I feel the familiar spray of cum on my body. He pulls out and I am told to lick his pole clean. Make sure you get every bit of that nasty slut juice off my dick. As I lap his semi-erect crank, I feel another hard thick pole bulls-eyeing my tight little twat.The last guy is ready his cock pointing at me, and mutters “Damn-the game is back on”. You all go back to your seats I am relieved as I lay limp on the couch. At the very next commercial the last man “standing” says “get your ass over here whore”. He pushes me in front of him and slaps my face with his fat angry monster and tells me to suck it good. He forces my head down on his shaft using my hair as leverage. As he groans he tells me to make it snappy, “suck HARDER you little cum WHORE-I don’t want to miss any of the game”. He cums down my throat just as the commercials are ending. He gives me a strong shove pushing me aside as I’m obstructing the view of the TV. You ask your friends “all good with the cum slut?” They mumble yes, barely looking up, engrossed in the game. You command me to get in the kitchen and make something to eat. But first take a shower you filthy cunt.I weakly stand, head for the shower thinking maybe my husband wasn’t so bad after all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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