Danger of Distraction

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Danger of DistractionWho would have ever guessed a simple phone call and distraction could cause such a chain reaction of events….It was a cool but sunny spring day, the kind that makes you just want to go and do something outside. You met a girlfriend for coffee, picked up some groceries, went shopping for a new top at your favorite store, and picked up the mail as you pulled back into your driveway. After parking, you start to unload the groceries, thinking how you shouldn’t have gone for that new top, having left the milk and other refrigerated goods to warm up in the car for over an hour already. You hurriedly bring the groceries inside and begin putting them away. Just after you finish, your phone rings. It’s a representative from one of your credit card companies, inquiring about some charges you’ve made and whether or not they are legitimate. You think back for a few seconds and then remember that you’ve just seen the statement, it was in the mail today and must still be in your car. You go out to your car, retrieve it and come back inside, pushing the door closed behind you with a playful flick of your foot. After a few minutes on the phone everything is cleared up and you decide to lay down on the couch and relax for a bit. You take off your favorite jeans and put on your favorite sweats, they’re soooo soft and warm. You sit on the couch and sip the rest of the mocha you picked up on your way home. It’s been a rather easy, but somewhat hectic day. As you think of the day’s activities and what you’ll make for dinner in a few hours, you begin to fall asleep. After what seems like only a few minutes later, you become partially awake, hearing a door close. Still half asleep you realize you’ve been sleeping much longer than you thought, it’s already dark outside. Your mind shifts from the sleep confusion to why you just heard your door close. “He must have had a change of plans and come home early,” you think, regarding your boyfriend who was scheduled to be out of town for another day. You roll over, not really wanting to get up from your warm, comfortable spot. After nodding off for a few more minutes you open your eyes and decide to get up and greet your boyfriend, you’ve missed him, though he’s only been away for a day. You begin to walk towards the kitchen and as you go around the corner you are startled as a black-gloved hand is slapped over your mouth and your shoulder is grabbed and pushed, effectively spinning you around. Before you can even react and try to make a sound, you are pushed hard up against the wall and you can feel your attacker bracing his body against yours to keep you there. As your heart tries to catch up with itself (after skipping a beat or two) you notice the breathing on your neck. The hot breaths are strong and consistent, the way someone powerful and confident in what they are doing would breathe. You feel his head fall forward, landing on yours and he whispers in your ear, “I came in here looking for cash and jewelry…but I think I found something else I like even more!” Just as the last syllable falls from his lips you feel the hot wetness of his tongue licking you, from your neck up onto your cheek, where he ends it with a little peck of a kiss. “I don’t want to hurt you but what happens, happens. You WILL be quiet or I WILL hurt you. Do we have an agreement?” You carefully nod your head to acknowledge that you agree, but only because you’re not sure how far he’d go with hurting you. You wonder how he got in, who is he, what does he want from me!? “This has got to be some kind of cruel joke,” you imagine to yourself, knowing only you and your boyfriend have a key to the door. As you ponder these questions your mind races through every event of the day, and it finally hits you with a deep sinking feeling. The front door. YOU left it unlocked. “Oh shitttttttttt, NOOOOO!!!” You realize that when you went out to get the credit card statement, you never locked the door behind you when you came back in, just closed it. “So this is definitely NOT a joke of any kind…oh my god, what is he going to do to me?!!!” Just as if he were reading your mind and offering you an answer to your imagined question, he pulls you away from the wall just far enough to get his arms around you and he slowly removes his hand from your mouth, waiting slightly to see if you’ll try to make a noise. You want to yell out, but you’re scared, so you just stand there silently as he begins to touch you. You remain silent as he turns you around and his touching becomes more intense and intrusive. With each passing second your body is kayseri escort becoming his property and you don’t like it at all. You feel nothing but his hands all over you. You try to squirm around and break free but it’s not helping. Well, it’s not helping YOU. The more you squirm, the more you can feel something very firm pressing against your backside. You realize the intensity of the struggle and the friction of the two bodies involved has caused the man to become rather aroused, making it even less likely that he’s going to stop. He starts shuffling towards your bedroom, kind of pushing you in front of him as he goes. Once inside the bedroom you continue moving forward with him pushing you even more. Suddenly you feel something catch your ankle and you start to fall forward, right towards the bed. “Fuck! He’s tripping me!” A split second after you feel his arms release you, you feel his hands on your back, pushing you very forcefully down onto the bed. It came as such a surprise, you had no time to even put your arms out to break the fall. Your upper body took most of the fall, your body springing up off the mattress a bit, only to be caught by the two hands that started it all. You begin to struggle again, trying to roll onto your back so you can at least use your legs to try and push him away. He senses what you’re doing and allows you to roll over. As you bring your legs up to try to gain momentum for a kick, he grabs each by the ankle and throws them apart, taking a quick step forward and leaning down to grab each arm by the wrist and force them down onto the bed, effectively restraining you. As you continue to try to squirm around, you notice the bulge in the crotch of his pants. Combined with the way he’s positioned between your legs and holding you down, it’s becoming quite obvious what he wants from you. He pushes your hands back over your head, and quickly pulls your black spaghetti-strap tank top up and off you, revealing the black lacy bra you put on this morning, it’s one of your favorites. You try again to push him away with your hands but he pushes them down and underneath you, keeping them pinned by the weight of your upper body. He grabs the elastic waistband of the comfy sweatpants you had put on after you got home, and starts pulling them towards your feet. Your squirming actually makes them come off easier and soon they are gathered around your ankles as he lifts your legs up to his shoulders. After positioning each of your ankles on each of his shoulders, he reaches up behind him and pulls the sweats the rest of the way off and tosses them across the room. He leans forward, stretching your hamstrings as he almost folds you in half. Both of your arms are still pinned under you and with the added pressure of him leaning forward, it’s even more difficult to try to pull them out. He cups both of your breasts as they are still hidden behind that beautiful bra, and pinches your hardening nipples repeatedly. He slowly moves his hands down over the smooth, soft skin of your toned stomach and right to the top of his own pants. He unbuttons and unzips them and lets them fall to the floor as he quickly pulls his underwear down, his throbbing cock springing out, ready for action. You try to avoid looking, but end up staring at it, knowing it’s going to be inside you soon. It’s not enormous, but a little more than average and you can’t help but wonder how well he knows how to use it. Your attacker reaches down and pulls a condom out of his pants pocket, his cock getting even harder as he rolls it on. It’s so strange, you think, “Why would he have a condom in his pocket if he were just here looking for cash and jewelry!?” It seems obvious now that YOU were his intended target all along, considering he hasn’t even glanced around looking for any cash or jewelry. “He must have been watching me all day, how else would he have known the door was unlocked?” Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound and feeling of him slapping his cock against your clit a few times. Focusing your attention on that part of your body, you realize it feels as if you are wet, but dismiss it as sweat that has accumulated as a result of your struggling. Just as you begin to wonder what he’ll do next, he lets go of his cock and pulls your panties down and off your hips, up your legs and leaves them around your ankles, just behind his head. He wastes no time and puts his middle and pointer fingers inside you, sliding them up until he feels your g-spot, then lets his thumb fall right onto your clit. He rubs your clit in a circular motion while escort kayseri moving the other two fingers back and forth across the only portion of rough skin on your entire body. Your hips begin to swivel around slightly and your back arches instinctively, but as soon as you realize these things are happening you try to stop them. After a few minutes of stimulating you, he pulls his fingers out, sucks them clean in his mouth, and then says “Mmmm, you’re ready.” He takes a half step forward and begins sliding his still hard cock back and forth across your lips and clit, then points the head of his cock down more and begins to increase the pressure. Slowly, he pushes past your lips and stops just inside you. He pulls back out just until your lips begin to close and then slides it back in again, repeating this a few more times. To your surprise it doesn’t really hurt, but you’re trying not to even think about what it feels like right now for fear that it will become a memory. Eventually he cannot hold back any longer and leans forward even more, letting his weight do the work of penetrating the most personal part of your body. He doesn’t stop until he feels himself bottom out inside you, up against the beginning of your cervix, and even then he gives an experimental little jab with his cock to make sure he’s all the way in. After afbsorbing the heat of your innermost flesh for several seconds, he slowly pulls out, just outside the opening again, and then squeezes it back in, alll the way in. He begins doing this faster and faster and then stops pulling out each time and just keeps it in, still gaining speed and momentum with each thrust. He leans farther forward, stretching your hamstrings even more as your ankles are still propped up on his shoulders, and he bites your nipples lightly through your bra. He licks your neck and plants several kisses on you as you turn your head from side to side, trying to avoid a kiss on the lips. Sweat drips from his face onto yours, in your eyes, you can taste it on your lips as he continues to fuck you as hard or harder than you’ve ever experienced before. Inside, you feel almost numb from the thrusting but you can feel him get even stiffer and thicker as he continues. After what seems like hours, the deep thrusting comes to an abrupt stop and he pulls out of you quickly. The next thing you know he’s grabbing your neck with one hand, hair in the other, and pulling up. You lean forward and try to sit up to lessen the strain on your neck. Through your tear-blurred eyes you can see the man stroking himself with one hand, holding your head by the hair in his other hand. You hear the familiar ‘snap’ of a condom being removed, then feel your head being pulled forward more as he grips your jaw with the other hand and squeezes, forcing you to open up. You try to stop it, but it all happens so fast. Before you can take another breath he’s shoved his cock right into your mouth, despite your attempts to block it with your tongue. With both hands on the back of your head he begins to push himself further into your mouth, almost starting to go down your throat. Your mind is racing now, “This is the perfect time! Kick and get away, kick him and run away! He’s not even holding your arms…DO IT!!” For what seems like an eternity you battle your own thoughts, wondering why your body won’t respond and just do what you’re telling yourself to do. Your mind is thinking one thing but your body is going into ‘survival’ mode as you begin to gag on his cock, both of his hands still on the back of your skull, pulling himself deeper down your throat. He senses you’re about to gag and spit something up so he pulls back out of your throat and hesitates in your mouth before starting a rhythmic in-out motion. You try to stop his enjoyment by biting on his cock the next time he pushes it back towards your throat. He pulls out of your mouth quickly and grabs your throat with one hand while slapping you across the cheek with the other hand, then immediately forces his cock as deep as he can, back into your throat. He still has one hand on your throat as you begin to gag again. Your attacker can feel each muscle motion that’s happening as you’re gagging and he leans forward causing you to fall back onto the bed with him directly on top of you. After a few more seconds of him trying to stretch your throat with his cock, he pulls out. There is still one hand over your throat/neck, holding you down, and you can see him start to stroke himself again. Just as you wonder, “OMG, Is he going to_______” he starts to cum, unloading kayseri escort bayan spurt after spurt of sticky semen onto your face and neck, You try to flinch and turn your head away but he holds you steady just as another spurt lands half on your forehead, half in your soft hair. You close your eyes and want to cry, but you can’t seem to make it happen. As you lie there trying to regain your composure, he rolls you onto your stomach, throws some blankets over you, grabs his clothes and leaves the room, leaving the house a few minutes later without even making a sound. After laying there for a while, you get up and immediately check all the doors and windows to make sure they are locked, then make your way to the shower. Not so much to wash him off but it just seems like the thing to do. His sticky semen is dried on your face and in your hair, you spend most of the time just washing your hair and refreshing. You put on a sweatshirt, a different pair of sweatpants and curl up on the couch again, you don’t even want anything to do with the bed right now. You end up sleeping most of the next day, but wake up in the afternoon, knowing you have to face the day. As you walk to the kitchen you feel the aches in the back of your legs and shoulders, as well as the occasional soreness deep inside from being pounded so hard. You make some coffee and then sit back down on the couch. You can’t help but think about what you just experienced. Again, you feel like you should cry…but something won’t let you. Is it because you’re scared? Is it because you’re humiliated and violated? “No, none of that” you think to yourself…and then you realize…it’s because you can’t get enough of what he’s just done to you. Sure, you didn’t want it and tried to stop him at every opportunity, but secretly, you’ve realized it’s one of the most arousing sexual experiences you’d ever had. By the time he forced himself between your legs and started to penetrate you, you were already dripping wet. You think, “What the fuck is wrong with me!?! Why did something sooo bad feel so good!!?” and vow to never tell anyone about it. “Why DID it feel so good??” It was raw, real…sex that made your body feel the way it is supposed to, not the way your mind makes it. Only after thinking about it for several more days will you realize it’s the mind that gets in the way. It’s the mind that controls your thoughts about someone, your desire for them, the hate and despise you feel for them, the satisfaction you allow yourself to receive from them, the ‘love’ you feel for them, etc. When the mind is stripped from the equation, the body is left to react in it’s most purest form. Every organ, every bodily function, every nerve, every muscle…is free to do it’s job…for as long as your heart keeps beating and your mind is preoccupied. You realize there was really nothing repulsive about your attacker; he had a decent body, didn’t smell bad, had fresh breath, used a condom, didn’t seriously injure you, was fairly well equipped and knew how to use it (though you couldn’t bring yourself to actually admit to having had an orgasm). The only thing ‘repulsive’ about him was the fact that he ****d you; you didn’t know him, didn’t want him inside you, yet he did it anyway. There was something primal and so masculine about his lack of regard for your feelings and personal space, he just took what he wanted and nothing more. It seemed so instinctual, as if it were a reminder that though we are humans, we are still a****ls and still have the most basic of needs. You eventually get dressed and start to straighten up the place a bit, throwing all the bedding and the clothes you wore yesterday in the laundry. A few hours later, your boyfriend gets home. Your mood instantly brightens as he gives you a caring hug and kiss. After some talk of his trip you both have dinner and he relaxes with a shower and then watches a game on tv. Later that night, the two of you make love in your bed…the same bed you were ****d in the night before. It feels good, as always, other than the fact that you’re body is already rather sore. You enjoy an orgasm or two and he enjoys his, but as you fall asleep in each other’s arms, you feel like something is missing. Something just doesn’t feel quite right. You tell yourself it will get better, that you are just feeling that way because you’re still somewhat in shock over what happened the night before. Over the next few weeks you begin to realize that things are not going to change, they are not going to get ?better.? Every time you have sex with your boyfriend now, it just feels so……boring. No matter what he says, what he does, what positions you try, etc…it just seems so boring anymore. From that day on, you decide that locking your door when he’s away isn’t really as important as you once thought. In fact, you try not to.

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