Daniel and Me Alone…

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Daniel and Me Alone…It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, I drifted through a park on the other side of town. There was a pick up basketball game going, I stopped and watched for a while. The guys playing, one team wearing t-shirts the other team no shirts.It was humid and the boys were ringing with moisture by the time I arrived, I sat under a tree near some other guys and girls. As the guys played, you could tell that some had skills and others were promising.I got caught up in the game and lost sense of those around me, after nearly an hour of watching the game I became conscious that some one had sat down behind me and had position their self so that it appeared I was between his legs.I started to move and looked back, my blood ran cold, their sat Daniel smiling at me. Before I could recoil, Daniel reached out and gripped my shoulder in a vise like grip. ‘Don’t act up,’ he said, ‘you on my side of town so at like you gt respect, hear!’I glanced nervously around, it seemed that no body was paying us any mind. Daniel motioned me to look back at the game, I sat uneasy between his lifted knees as he stroked my hair.Daniel whispered, ‘I like you, you take a good fucking and don’t hide. You came to school the next day like ain’t nothing happen and didn’t report us, I like that. I didn’t edremit escort want Bruce or Charlie to know, if they did they would try to fuck you up. Those ass holes are crazy sometimes, but they always find good boi pussy.’ I don’t know why I didn’t get up and run, I listen as Daniel sensuously stroked the back of my head, suddenly I realized that I was at eased with him touching me.Daniel started to get up, as he was moving he gripped my upper arm and lifted me to my feet. If you were looking you would have thought that the two of us stood independently of each other. Daniel said in hushed tones ‘don’t cause a scene, follow me.’I thought for a minute but decided to follow him as he moved away slapping hands with other guys in the small crowd. As we moved across the playing field, I struggled to keep up with Daniel, he wasn’t running but he was moving at a smart pace.Once we had reached the side walk Daniel suddenly stopped and turned towards me. ‘I ain’t gonna hurt you but if you act like a bitch I will slap you down like a bitch, you hear me!’ I nodded my head in the affirmative, but that wasn’t enough.”When I speak to you, you say yes sir! And nothing else, you hear me now!!!’ I looked at Daniel and answered ‘yes..yes sir.’ Daniel broke into a broad smile and said ‘alright, escort edremit let’s go to my place.’We reached Daniel’s home and went in, as soon as we had entered the door Daniel allowed me to pass than embraced me from the rear and started to rub my chest pinching my nipples through my shirt and grinding on my butt.Daniel worked his hands up under my shirt and found my nipples and twisted them between his forefingers and thumbs. I gasp in pain, Daniel kissed my on the back and sides of my neck.’Come on to my room and get out of those clothes,’ it was too late for me to try and run. Daniel was still behind me pushing me gently down the hall to a back room. Once inside, Daniel locked the door and turned on a box fan on a stool.Stripping out of his clothes Daniel turned to face me his cock standing out like a third arm with a tennis ball at it’s end. Daniel looked at me angrily and said ‘I want your naked ass on this bed before I knock the hell out of you.’He moved in my direction and I quickly stripped off my clothes and scampered for the bed. Daniel caught me by the arm ‘I don’t like having to tell you the same thing twice,’ than he tossed me to the bed.Daniel waste no time in crawling up my body, he started to kiss my stomach and bite my nipples. I clasped his head in my hands edremit escort bayan to keep him from injuring me with his teeth. He slid up, his rock hard cock poking me in my navel ‘yea bitch, we gonna have some fun today.’Daniel laid on top of me grinding his solid dick into my stomach, I could feel the pre-cum as it oozed from his enormously huge dick head. He exuded so much pre-cum that it made his huge dick head slippery as it grind between us.I was stilling holding his head in my hands when he moved up from my neck and kissed my lips. ‘Open your legs and wrap them around me,’ I trembled with fear as he spoke and followed his directions.His huge dick slipped down between my buttocks and nestled right at my puckering anal opening. Daniel was almost gentle letting his pre-cum lube up the out sides of my anal ring and gradually working his massive dick head up into my anal opening.’Daniel,’ I gasped ‘I can’t take you, you are too big, you’ll cause me to bleed,’ I pleaded. Daniel tried to kiss my face again as I turned away and stuck his tongue in my ear. ‘Don’t you worry bitch, I’m not gonna hurt your tight little boi pussy.”From here on, I don’t want nobody fucking this pussy but me, you hear!’ ‘Yes, Yes sir,’ I whimpered. Daniel whispered in my ear ‘when we fucking, you call me baby and daddy. We’ll get along just find if you do that, let me hear you.’ ‘Sobering through tears I whimpered ‘yes sir daddy.’With that Daniel started to hunch his massive shaft deeper into my receiving anal cavity…TOO BE CONTINUED…

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