Date night

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Date nightA few months after I had started sharing Sarah with her ex boyfriend, our sex life had really ramped up. We were fucking more often and talking filthy to each other in bed. She would always tell me about fucking her ex that day or the night before and I would call her a naughty slut and so on.One day, we were okay in bed, kissing and masturbasting each other and she said ” baby I have something to confess””Oh yeah? What’s that?” I asked.”Well, I was in London for work on Tuesday and I stopped for a drink in a bar after work. I was in my own and this cute guy came over and started chatting me up…”My cock seemed to stiffen further.”Go on…””Well… Nothing happened, but we did talk a while, and we were both flirting and it made me really wet. I went back to my hotel room and fingered myself silly thinking about it””Mmm that’s really hot babe…”I kissed her passionately, and she kissed back.”… There’s another thing…” She said”Yeah?””He gave me his number, and said if I was free tomorrow night, would I want to meet him for a drink?”With this she tightened her grip in my cock and began to stroke it faster.”I see… So you want to know if I’m ok with that?”She kissed me “yes please, baby… He made me really wet and I could see his bulge through his suit trousers and I wanted it so much but I felt so naughty… Please can I fuck him? Please please please?”I thought for a moment”One condition…””Oh yes baby, anything, just say the word. I’m yours to command””Ok…I want videos. His cock in your mouth, your pussy. I want photos of you covered in cum…deal?”She smiled sweetly”Deal”We shook on it, and then had mind-blowing sex for hours. We both came three times that night as she told me what she planned to do to him. How she wanted to dress up in kinky lingerie and let him fuck her holes and fill her up with cum.The next night, around 10 pm, I was lay in bed, watching redhead lingerie porn, trying to imagine what my girlfriend was getting up to on her slutty adventure, when my phone rang She was calling me from her work mobile.”Hey babe” I answered “Ok, I gotta be quick. It’s going well, we’ve kissed a little, and he’s rubbed his hand to my thigh. Now, I’m outside waiting for a cab, he’s inside settling the bill, we’re going back to his and I’m totally gonna fuck his brains out for you baby.”Yeah that’s hot baby””I’ve had an idea though, I have two phones right?””Yeah””You wanna listen? I’ll leave this call open… You’ll be able to hear everything we’re doing and I’ll get him to record me sucking and fucking and everything else… How’s that sound?””I fucking love you… Your know that?”Love you too babe… Ok here he comes… Stay on the line., I’ll put us on speaker, Mute yourself, love you.. Mwah”I heard rustling sounds as the phone went into her bag. After that everything sounded muffled. I could hear voices but not what they were saying, the cab door closing. Their voices had a distinctly flirtatious quality to it. The can ride must have lasted about 7 minutes, but it felt like an age. I used the time to strip pendik escort down and get comfortable in bed, stroking my cock to more redhead lingerie porn.I heard more doors slamming, the cab, the front door, then what turned out to be the sound of her bag hiring the floor.She later told me that the second the door was closed, she grabbed him by the belt, pulled him close and stuck her tongue in his mouth, they stood there kissing for some time. I couldn’t hear much from the phone in the bag. But then she picked up the bag and I could hear her rummaging around. She player told me she was talking out both phones. She left her work phone on the side table, whilst she handed him her personal phone. Now I could hear everything.She kissed him again, I could hear the soft wet smacking of their lips and tongues coming together. Then, he asked in a deep voice”What’s this for?”She giggled.”I told you I’m a bit of an exhibitionistic…I want you to record me, in my knees, as I take out your big cock and suck it…”I heard the rustling of clothes as she dropped to her knees and hitched up her skirt. I heard the unbuckling of his belt and unzipping of his trousers as she reached into his boxers to pull out his erect penis.”My god, it’s huge!” She gasped, and my cock grew a few sizes too.She began to stroke his cock…I could tell because I could hear his belt buckle jingling as she wanted him back and forth, v and his deep breathing as she did. She was still taking though, mostly for my benefit…”oooohhh, yeah this is a big fucking cock, it’s so thick, I’ve never seen anything like it…oooh good I can’t wait to have this in my mouth and in my pussy… Are you ready?” She asked. She asked him but it was directed at me, the silent listener on the phone.”Mmmmmmmmmmm…..” I heard her moan as the big cock slipped into her mouth. The video would later show that her hand remained in his cock while she slowly devoted it, the immense girth pissing her full red lips as wide as they would go. She then began to suck on it while pumping the shaft. Making soft, playful exaggerated moaning and slurping sounds as she did so I could hear.” Mmmmnfff….. Shop, shlp shlp….mmmmdffff…, shop, shop….ahhhhh!!!! Good this cock is fucking delicious…. You want me to stick it some more don’t you? Mmmmmfff….slopp,shlop, shlop….mmmmmffff…. Ah!”She picked up the pace, “Shlp, shlp, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlp, shlp, shlp, shlp.Shlp, shlp, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlp, shlp, shlp, shlp.Shlp, shlp, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlp, shlp, shlp, shlp…mwah…ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Good I’m so wet I’m fingering my fucking cunt for you baby…. Don’t stop filming, keep going!”She went back to hungrily, greedily, sucking on his cock again. “Shlp, shlp, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlp, shlp, shlp, shlpShlp, shlp, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlp, shlp, shlp, shlpShlp, shlp, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlop, shlp, shlp, shlp, shlp”After a while, she stopped, stood up, kissed him and said ” upstairs now, I need this fucking thing inside me and I want escort pendik you all night long…ok? Just let me freshen up.” With that he stopped filming and went upstairs, she gathered her thing s and went into the bathroom. I heard her voice, clearer and closer now than before”Hey baby you still there?”b she whispered”I am… Holy fuck this is hot””Thank you so much for this baby, I’m so fucking wet, I’ll never forget this…””No thank you…I won’t forget either… What are you gonna do next?””Well I’m just putting in some more perfume, and taking off my dress. When he sees me next, I’ll just be in my lacy black lingerie, with the red ribbons that you like… And when he does he’s gonna wanna fuck me so hard. I don’t care about his neighbours I’m gonna scream the house down for you baby.”Keep me close…””I will, love you”I heard more rustling and adjusting and shuffling as she organised herself. Then I faintly heard a deep breath and “here goes”A few moments later, she tells me, she popped her head round the door of his bedroom, he was okay on the covers, in just his boxers, erection propping them up. She smiled, giggled and thrust her stocking clad leg into the room.”I got you a present” she said “but leave the wrapping on…I like being fucked by a big cock in my lingerie”She walked alongside the beef and dropped both phones into the bedside table, right by the pillows. He sat up to grab her and they embraced, locking lips as they did. I could hear the snacking of their lips and the rustling of sheets as they got comfortable. “Ooooh, I’ve waited long enough…” She said “get this massive fucking cock inside me now”.I heard more rustling as they got into missionary position, he pulled aside her panties and plunged his rock hard meat deep into her velvety folds. She gasped louder than I’d ever heard, and as they began to find their rhythm she moaned long and loud, all the while describing for my benefit..”Oh my god yes baby your cock is so big! It feels so fucking good filling up and stretching out my pussy. Yes fuck me harder, yes baby get in deep, oh!!! That’s it!!!! Yes!!! Right there that’s my fucking spot right there, keep hitting it, yes yes yeah, oh my god you’re so fucking good… You’re gonna make me cum tonight… Kiss meeeeeeeeeee!!;”After that I could just make it the rhythmic shuffling of the sheets, a light creak in the bed and Sarah’s muffled voice as she tried to moan with his thighs in her mouth and her lips on his.”MmmmmMMMMMMmmmmMmMMmMmMmmmm…..MMMmmmmmmMMmMMMMMMM…MMmmmmmmMMMMm…..ahhhhhhh!!!!!!” The soft smacking of their wet lips coming together followed by more moaning.”MmmmmmMmMmmMMMMMMMMmmmmm…..Mmmmm…Mmmm…Mmmmm…Mmmmm….MMm…MMmm..MMmmm.MM….Mmmm.Mmm..MMMmMMMMKMM.M.M.MMMm…..ah yeah baby….keep going…keep going…yeah grind on my clit…grind on my clit….I’m gonna fucking ccuuuuuuuuuiiuu..a.aaaaAAAAAAAAHHAHHHHHHHHHHHJ…..”With that the noises all died down to very little, just gasping and breathing, soft, slow rustling as opposed to fast, loud rustling.”Holy fuck..” she pendik escort bayan said…”I haven’t cum that hard in a long time.. you are very fucking good with that thing Mr….I want to do that again.””No problem… He said.She was quiet for a minute….”grab my phone… I want you to film me with this huge dick in my pussy”He reached over and I could hear rustling as he grabbed the phone “No not that, three other one!” She said, but it was too late. He’d seen that the call was open to me, my name with hearts after it.”What the fuck is this?” He asked.She took the phone from him, and grabbed his cock, kissed him slowly.”Look, I’ll level with you, my boyfriend is listening and I’m going to show him these videos tomorrow morning when I suck him senseless. Until then you have one choice… You can fuck me and I’ll make you cum like never before… Or you can send me away and wank yourself to sleep. Your choice.”.. They were silent for a minute… Then I could hear them kissing again, and the heavy breathing and rustling resumed.He bent her over and started recording as he fucked her from behind. She put the phone on the pillow right by her face and told me “hey baby, I’m bent over and being fucked with his massive cock from behind. You’re on the pillow next to me… And I’m gonna moan so much for you baby…I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and give you a sloppy bliwjob whilst we watch these videos together, I love you so much baby…. Thank you so much for this, this is so fucking hot.”And that’s how it went for the rest of the night, they fucked for hours and hours and made loads of videos and photos of my slutty girlfriend full of cock and cum, covered in cum. Cum dribbling our of her mouth and down onto her pale, heaving tits. Over the course, he tore off most of her lingerie until she was in just her cum flecked stockings. All in all she had six orgasms that night to his three. When he went to the bathroom afterwards, she spoke to me sweetly about how much she loves me and asked me if I’d wanked. I came three times listening to them fuck. The next day she got back around 10am It was Saturday so I was in bed. She crawled into bed with me and reached into my boxers.”I have a gift for you” she said.I rolled over to face her and she kissed my lips.”I haven’t changed, I haven’t showered. I’ve been wearing this sweaty, cummy lingerie under my clothes, I’ve had to first myself in perfume to hide the smell but I’m ready for you if you’re ready for me.”I am” I saidShe slipped her phone into one of my hands whilst putting the other into her panties. They were wet with her cum and his… It oozed out of her and sat in the gusset of her panties. My cock went rock hard.I opened her phone at the first video, the blowjob in the hallway and pressed playShe stopped the kiss and said “now, let’s start at the beginning…I dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock”She moves under the covers and put my cock in her mouth, just as she was doing to him in the video.”I hope you’re ready for this,” she said ” there’s over 2 hours of footage and we’re going to recreate it all.With that she went back to sucking me off and i gave into her completely.——. Hope you enjoyed that, just to add that her London lover is now a regular hookup and I listen to her getting fucked all the time!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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