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DaveI was standing by the sink looking out the window watching my folks next to the pool, I was wearing jeans short shorts and a bikini top as it was a hot summers day, I felt a presence behind me as my big hunky b*o walks up to and puts his big right arm around my little neck pulling me into him. I rose my hand up and held it as he kissed me and pulled me closer asking what I was doing, without realising it I was rubbing my pussy through my shorts as the heat always made me horny. Dave then slipped his left hand down and undid my button before sliding his hand into my shorts and onto my hot wet cunt, rubbing my clit before sinking his finger up into my cunt, rubbing his thumb of my button. I was so horny I was about to cum onto his hand when he stopped and pulled his hand out just as dad walked through the bartın escort kitchen. I was so taken by the moment I didn’t see dad coming into the house, he grabbed a couple beers and walked back outside as Dave tugged at my shorts pulling them half way down my legs, I wasn’t wearing any knickers so it made it easier for him to get to me. Dave slipped his hand between my legs fingering my cunt again making my all wet and horny, he took his arm from around my neck and was doing something behind me, he then took his left hand off my cunt and pulled my bum out a bit.He placed his right hand on my thigh as he ran his big thick cock between my bum cheeks, I tried to look at his manhood but he wouldn’t let me but it did feel thick and hard as he parted my legs a little and ran it against my wet cunt. escort bartın Putting his right arm back around my neck he used his left hand to position his cock at my pussy entrance, kissing me again he gently pushed his rod up into my tight cunt gently inching into me making me groan softly until his cock was as deep as he could get it. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode out of my chest has my b*o pulled back and slid back into me, holding my bum with his left hand he rocked me as he fucked my tight cunt every now and then squeezing my bum and gripping my neck tight. My brother whispered into my ear his was going to breed me, get my 18 year old tummy full of his baby, those words worked as my pussy dripped and gripped his thick cock. It didn’t take long before I could bartın escort bayan feel Dave’s thick cock swell in my cunt as he forced deep into me, his grip tightened again around my neck as he erupted into me, pumping his hot thick cum deep into my tummy as he breathed heavy into my ear, my cunt milking every drop of cum it could out of his cock.He held me for a minute or two his cock going limp in me before he let go of me, kissing my neck with little kisses he pulled my shorts back up as he put his cock away, looking out the window I could see mum and dad had no idea that their son had just fucked their daughter for the first time. We grabbed a couple of beers and went outside to join them laying down on the grass my b*o lay next to me rubbing sun block on to my arms and back, I could feel his cum gently dripping out of my filled cunt into my shorts. As my b*o rubbed my back and talked to our parents as if nothing had happened I thought maybe, just maybe I could have his baby in me. Smiling to myself I dozed off with my hand on my tummy.End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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