Dear Dirty Diary – part 16

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Dear Dirty Diary – part 16Dear Dirty Diary,Thanksgiving weekend all the Huntingdon stores started pushing their winter fashions, so Louise and I went shopping. Even with all the closet space in our new apartment, I had to do some fall-cleaning to make room. I dumped out my pantyhose and tights drawer on the bed beside my relaxing husband.Each pair I got rid of, Doug would pick up, carefully examine, then like an old fart would ask, “What’s wrong with these?”I’d point out the runs in the expensive ones and the starchy feet and sags of the cheap ones. I hesitated for too long before tossing out one old beige pair at the bottom of the pile so he immediately picked them up and checked them out. “These feel a lot nicer than the others,” he observed. I confessed they felt really sexy on, but pointed out their ripped open crotch and the frayed inner thighs (from being chafed so often by Louise’s flailing locket).“But they feel so nice,” he repeated then pulled one silky stocking across my arm.It indeed felt nice and shivered up all the tiny hairs on my arm. So I grabbed them from him and said, “Well if you like them so much, maybe you should try them on then, Hot Stuff!” I unbuckled his belt, ripped down his fly and jerked down his pants and under-shorts right off. “If you like the feel of them, maybe we should try a pair on your arms too.” I suggested as I rummaged through the castaways. I found another silky pair and smoothed the legs up his arms. I had him lay back toward the head of the bed, then with one quick move pulled his arms up over his head with the panty-part and hooked them over the bedpost before he knew what happened. As quick as I could, I rolled another pair’s stocking up my right arm then polished the skin of his penis’ corona shiny taut and vibrantly violet! “Dougie likes, doesn’t he?” I taunted then bunched the entire leg down over his erect penis. I held back his foreskin between my thumb and middle finger by lightly clenching both sides of it, just below his knob. When I pulled the stocking leg off slowly and steadily, his penis pulsed beet red with blood afterward!“Dougie likes that too, doesn’t he?” I teased. With sparkling eyes he nodded repeatedly. “If that’s the case, let’s find out what else your little soldier might like,” I suggested. I wound a stocking around and around his penis then whipped it off as before. Again it pulsed and throbbed. The more teases I tried, the redder his penis and his face became. “Dougie’d like it tied up tight, wouldn’t he?” I quipped as I decided to hogtie his dick. I spread my hosiery’s panty across his abdomen then stretched both stockings around the back of his up-thrust spread thighs. I crisscrossed each stocking around the lower shaft of his stiff penis then wound each end back under the same thigh. Next, I stretched the stockings out as far as they’d reach, wound them up over his legs then back down between them once more, to the tip of his penis. I looped the stockings’ feet once around, right under his knob then tied their toes in a single little knot. He was hog-tied and then some! I had to admit, I was really impressed with my handiwork. His penis looked strung as soundly between his legs as the fuselage of an old biplane’s to its wings.An experienced spider couldn’t have done better in immobilizing her prey. The Black Widow Spider raked her hopelessly trussed mate with the tip of her nails. He sat quietly, not moving whatsoever as he pondered her next move. He realized his time had come when the Black Widow licked her lips and maneuvered in toward his corona. Powerful venom dripped from her lara escort tongue and fangs as he prepared for the end. She slathered his shiny knob with nerve heightening saliva then went in for the climax!However, fertilization would elude her this time. Slurp and suck as she may, no semen would flow. Her mate was terrified and rightly so, for she would bite off his corona as soon as he inseminated her! Finally in abject frustration, the Black Widow tightened her bonds into a strangle hold then vibrated it mercilessly with the ET massager. The spider’s lack of patience had proven to be her downfall. The silken strangulation maneuver, combined with the intense jostling was more than he could stand and the precious semen was lost to his legs, her hands, the vibrator, the bedspread and her fabulous hosiery spider-web! What a mess he’d made, spurting all over everything! Mental note: Don’t peek at those bondage magazines of Louise’s again. Immediately revised mental note: Perhaps Louise’s harboring of all that suggestive erotica, at the back of her dresser drawer, underneath all her underwear, could be construed as a cry for help to a caring accomplice! Any sexual predator with a heart should surely help her in her time of need. I released my spent mate from his bindings, cleaned him up as best I could then gathered up all the semen-splattered, icky pantyhose for immediate laundering and went down to the kitchen. The pantyhose I used for locket masturbation would live to please another day.As soon as they were all washed and dried on the delicate cycle, I sorted and folded them all. As Doug slept, I tugged on my special pair, spread their trimmed crotch open wide then clipped Louise’s car keys onto my clitoris ring. I snatched up a pair of tattered pantyhose from the pile and strutted toward the foot of the stairs. Ten brisk paces immediately re-introduced me to the pleasure the swinging locket used to bring me. I d****d my laundry on the staircase banister then turned right and continued to walk. I paced through the living room, into the dining room then returned to the kitchen. I picked up another pair then pranced them down the hallway once more. Jiggles turned to tugs and I was on autopilot for the first time in eight months. I played a fast-paced Flamenco Star CD on the living room stereo then pranced around my circuit in self-induced delirium, dropping 8 or 9 pairs of pantyhose on the banister. I was really hustling along to Gypsy’s Dancing Rumba. Fast runway prances through the dinning room and living room flailed her keys out from between my thighs, just as I saw Louise peeking through the banister! With her head slightly tilted and that one eyebrow raised, her expression brought me to a screeching stop. She leaned forward, reached out then cradled her keys in her fingertips.“What’s this, first my locket and now the car keys my lawyer gave me after the divorce. They’ve never looked more lustrous, why even the remote is shinning from you unique burnishing technique,” Louise continued as she fingered them. After she swung them back and forth with a flick of her fingertip, she mused, “Isn’t it ironic that the only real pleasure these keys ever brought is to you. If Marc were here right now to witness this tribute to lesbian love at the expense of his treasured Grand Prix, I’m sure his face would turn purple with rage and his head would explode!”As Louise fingered through the pile of pantyhose beside her, she asked me what they were all about. I explained I’d laundered them all for future use in the Macramé handicraft patterning I’d recently originated. escort lara When she asked me to demonstrate further I could hardly contain my excitement! Thinking on my feet, I ushered her back up to her bedroom. I had Louise strip down to her birthday suit as I collected up all her glasses cords. As with my husband, I rolled a pair of pantyhose with a hastily snipped-out crotch up her arms. As with Doug, I immobilized her arms back behind her with another pair then began to truss her legs up with a third pair. However, there was an integral element of my patterning missing! Without an erect penis there was no pivot point. There was no May Pole!Being the accomplished performance artist I was, I thought quickly. Ah yes, it came to me that a May Pole could be had at a moment’s notice from her toy drawer. I grabbed the 18-inch double dildo we’d never tried before. Feverishly I spread KY all over the most practical object worthy of being the center of the Rites of Summer! Laura of Lockinvar returned with her Pagan offering to Louise of the Lake. With it shimmering with elixir of domination, Laura introduced the keystone to her lady fair who accepted the tribute most graciously. Whence it was firmly implanted in her Ladyship’s vermilion cave, Laura resumed the entwinement. In honor of past rituals, Milady’s thighs were encircled around the Maypole, thence back under the thighs then were tied in a true Lovers’ Knot at the middle of the lance. To join completely in the ritual, Laura of Lockinvar caused her vermilion cave to greet the free end of the offering then impaled herself upon it. To completely intertwine this ancient rite, the Lady of Lockinvar laced her thighs in an identical fashion with more silken sashes. To complete the union, Laura snared each other’s teats together with the Cords of Vision Enhancement and only then were they truly united in their bond of Sapphic love.Unfortunately their bliss was cut cruelly short by the Ogre of the Attic as he suddenly clomped rapidly down the staircase! The force of his bounds sprung the latch and released the boudoir door. The ladies’ bonds held their union firm. As his attention was drawn by the creaking open of the door, they were caught in their intertwined embrace.“Well, well, well, what have you done to yourselves now?” were the Ogre’s first words. He continued smugly with: “You seem to have yourselves in quite a predicament, don’t you? As I see it, the pair of you seem to be strung together so tight you can’t get apart, can you? So now it’s up to me to figure to how to separate you Siamese twins, joined at the cunt. I suppose I could cut these pantyhose legs with scissors, but that would end my fun way too soon.”With that he rummaged through Louise’s still open toy drawer, leaving the pair of us to exchange “Deer in the headlights glances.”He surveyed our entwinement carefully then announced, “The interlacing is superb but I see room for improvement.”He snatched another glasses cord from Louise’s toy drawer. I watched as in terror as he thread one end through my clit hoop then stretched it out over toward Louise. He brazenly laced it through her ring, pulled it back around the other side of the double dildo then tied the two ends together tautly with a snug little knot. As he hooked his middle finger under the lace, he said, “I guess I’d better check to see if this harp is in tune.”Well, the pair of us just about jumped out of our skin as he twanged away at the string pulling our clits! After about thirty down and dirty plucks he stopped and plucked his mouse vibrator out of her drawer. With bulging lara escort bayan eyes we gave him silent pleas for mercy. But to no avail, the bastard maneuvered it under the string, turned it on and lifted the cord taut with it!My clitoris was ever so swollen, ever so stretched and ever so hyper as my husband buzzed the cord! My pussy felt full, my nipples felt bulged and there was nothing we could do but prepare for the fireworks. Louise and I locked eyes and settled in once more to take it like women. The fuses were lit and burning down rapidly. My eyes were the first to break contact as the gunpowder within me lit up! The first concussion raked my head backward in a deep arch. That resulted in both our nipples being half pulled off! That, combined with that infernal vibrating fuse, then set off her powder keg. Surge after surge racked through our bodies as both of our fireworks erupted in fabulous displays of orgasmic delight!In time our quivering and spasms abated, but in the very next second my husband said, “It’d be a shame just to cut you two out of your masterpiece and put an end to this auspicious occasion, wouldn’t it?”In seconds he was up and back with our digital camera. Completely helpless, we chose to ham it up for the pictures he took. After he reviewed them he said our expressions were cheesy and lacked lustful abandon. The Bugger grasped our nipple cords and Double-Dutch whipped our teats up then immediately began to buzz the clitoris lace once more with the vibrator! In seconds I saw Louise’s big nipples and clit expand deep red with blood. That of course turned me on like crazy and my tender bits swelled to gigantic proportions as well! Dirty Doug had us both frenzied once more as the camera flashed away. By the look of the bulge in his shorts he was quite enthused over the photo session and if my mouth could have reached, I’d have given it a chomp he’d remember for a week or two. The thought of doing that teased my mind up more and my hips were in motion once more. That tugged away at Louise’s cords even stronger and she came again with me right behind her! The dirty old pervert kept that damned vibrator humming and the camera clicking right through our second orgasms and completely ignored our pleas for mercy. We were trapped by the pantyhose-legs tying our tender bits together and he knew it. Retaliation was completely out of the question. The slightest upper body movement pulled our snared nipples since our balance depended upon our arms planted behind us for support. Escape was impossible since our legs were held immobile by the silken bonds that I had so snuggly tied. And since he managed to stay out of biting distance, we were pretty much at his mercy. Finally after our third orgasms, the vibrator began to slow. The batteries were fading fast and so was our ardor. Still smirking after his power trip, my husband ever so slowly and tediously picked loose the bows and unraveled my performance masterpiece, stocking by stocking. When I was finally able to pull away from Louise, a shinny wet dildo-half slimed out of my pussy. As I pulled the other half from her strong vaginal muscles, I grumbled about being caught and humiliated by my husband. “Oh Laura, it wasn’t so bad. I don’t remember Marc ever made me cum, let alone three times in a row!” she comforted. As I stepped up onto my apartment’s floor, my mind dwelled upon revenge! I spent hours looking for just the right thing then stumbled upon it in the kitchen junk drawer. At 5:18 the following morning, I got up for a pee after the birds woke me. But when I came back to bed, Drowsy Doug paid little attention to my touch and the metallic click as I peeled back his foreskin and squeezed that combination padlock closed just beneath the corona of his penis!!!*****************************************

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