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DinnerMeeting Honey For DinnerMMMMMMMM, I walk into the room and there you are, I notice you right off, because I adore and love hot, sexy mature ladies……. You are so hot and dressed so sexy. I walk toward you. You see that I’m already hard and excited. You are wearing black fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings, with black patent leather high-heeled pumps and a black short skirt, a tight red sweater that shows off your sexy form. I start my gaze from your sexy high heels, up your gorgeous nyloned legs, to your skirt, then take a deep breath as I look at your sexy breasts through the outline of your tight sweater. Getting more excited as I continue up, my eyes come in contact with yours, so sexy, and then your red, wet mouth. I am thinking it is just perfect for giving hot wet sensuous blowjobs. I walk toward you and pull you quickly to me, French kissing you long and deep. You then walk out on the deck, into the night to where the moon is shining, the scent of roses is everywhere. I’m so hard, and as we walk outside, I place my hand on your sexy butt, and give it a gentle squeeze. You reach around for my cock and rub it gently. I turn you toward me and kiss you deep again. MMMMMMMMMMM, it feels so good, hoping I don’t cum pre-maturely in my pants. French kissing you deep, our tongues probing, our mouths pressing tightly against each other. We won’t make it through dinner she thinks, both my hands are now on your butt, massaging that cute ass, lifting up your skirt, to feel your panties as I grind myself against you. You return my actions, I reach down farther and find you are wearing a garterbelt with your black seamed nylon stockings, feeling my hands on you, you are ready to tell him to forget dinner! My hands return canlı bahis siteleri to your front, feeling both breasts at the same time, massaging them, gently pinching your nipples, making them hard. I then reach up under your tight sweater, placing my hands on your lacy bra and continue to gently pinch and massage your hardening nipples. My body is so close and warm and you feel my hard cock against you. Your breathing is hard as I continue pinching your nipples, they are so hard and you feel yourself getting wetter by the minute. You then step away from me and with your eyes gazing into mine, slowly and seductively remove your sweater and unzip your skirt and let it fall to the ground. You are now standing before me, hot and sexy in just your black nylons, spike high heels, black panties and bra and garterbelt. You then reach for my belt, you seem so very masterful at what you are doing. Your hands slowly unzip my pants, as the belt lays on each side, you slowly slide them down my legs, my rock hard cock straining to be let free, and in one quick motion my pants are around my ankles.You now get down on your knees, blowing her hot breath against my groin, my cock is hard. You brush your wet, red lips against my underpants, rubbing your cheeks against me, then placing both your hands on each side, you slip your fingers in the band of my undershorts, sliding them down, and at long last my cock is free but only for a second,. My cock springs out, straight, almost hitting your red lips. You then quickly take it into your mouth, MMMMMMMMM, it feels sooooooooo good as you engulf my hard cock. Your wet red lips are providing a hot contrast on my cock, oh god don’t stop!! I’m trying to stop from cumming in bahis firmaları your mouth, you take it all and keep sucking for more. My cock is swelling, my balls aching, here it cums I tell you, I’m cumming, you keep up your hot and wild sucking motion and within moments torrents of my hot cum flood into your waiting mouth, now for your pleasure!! We turn and go back into the house, and into the bedroom. You instruct me to lay on the bed and you then slowly crawl up on my mouth, your pussy coming up to my waiting, open lips. I feel your wet pussy hit my lips, I then start by sucking you deep. You moan in anticipation, you place your high heels on each side of my cock, putting a little pressure as you do it. The sensation is unbelievable, I can feel them rubbing my cock as I suck, lick and tongue your hot pussy. I then start quickly flicking my tongue over the tip of your hardening clit. You move to the beat of your heart, “Oh it’s so good to have a man who knows what he is doing” You think to yourself. I continue sucking it deep into my mouth, your taste is exquisite, I lick, probe, and suck you as your moans get louder from the pleasure. You move your hot pussy all around on my tongue and grind it deeper, you pick up your pace. You keep humping my mouth, faster, pressing your pussy even tighter against my lips, you are so consumed with passion and pleasure that I almost can’t breath. MMMMMMM, I love eating your pussy. You are almost paralyzed with anticipation, ohhhhhh you start to scream, humping my mouth faster and faster, I can feel your high heels tight around my hardening cock. You taste soooo good, my tongue probing you even deeper, I can feel your orgasm building, your moans getting louder, faster, it bahis firmaları is time for you to cum. I feel your juices starting to flow and filling my mouth. Your sweet juices steadily flowing, I am ready for more as you hump my mouth and tongue faster, you then stiffen up and hump my mouth one last time as your juices again flood into my mouth, taking in all you are giving, licking, sucking, kissing. You shake with passion, almost convulsing. We kiss again, our juices inter-mixing as we deep French Kiss.I then roll you onto the bed, my cock now again hard and needing a warm place to play, I slide it quickly into your wet convulsing pussy. My cock fits so perfectly in your pussy. I slide in quickly and deeply, I then stop and am perfectly still, my hard cock pulsating and flexing deep inside you. You seem like you want to cum again, I then begin to slide it in and out, slowly, deeply each time, your legs tight around my body, your nylons feeling good against my skin. With each thrust into your hot pussy I pick up speed, and the quickness gives way to an urgency we both have to achieve together as we ride the wave in! Pumping my cock deep inside you, faster and faster, our breathing increasing, moaning you begin to thrust harder against me, faster and faster, I then tell you that I’m ready to cum, your eyes go wild, you pump even faster. My balls swell, then my cock, as I feel my hot cum traveling up and ready to shoot. I tell you NOW!!!!! I’m cuming, flooding your hot pussy with cum, wave after wave of hot cum shoots into you. You scream and moan in ecstasy, my breathing increases as I’m almost out of breath, my cum splashes inside you. After what seems like an eternity, I stop, out of breath and out of cum. You smile up at me. Reaching up, our mouths come together for another deep wet French kiss. We fall back on the bed together in a wet heap, kissing, holding onto each other, my cock still buried deep inside you. sleep comes easily as we drift away into bliss………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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