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Dirty SexI run my own building business developing properties for wealthy customers, I had worked for Zoe and John on their own property and we got on well. Their style was minimalist to say the least no clutter, no k**s or pets all the rooms where stripped back to basics timber floors and marble everywhere, not my taste but they loved it.John was obsessive about life he had a real tidy fetish everything had to be the right place etc, he was immaculate in his dress, Zoe was similar but not so extreme she was around 35 and had been a dancer/ gymnast in her youth she was still very fit and trained daily , she was around 5’8 blond and a size 8 great figure with small pert breasts .They had bought a weekender in the country and wanted me to do some works before they moved in, I met them at their house as agreed, Zoe greeted me at the door she was in a short summer dress with a strappy top and heels, she rarely wore a bra she didn’t need too her breasts being small and pert, the sun shone through her dress revealing a tight little thong, she had just come back from their Villa in Portugal and was looking bronzed and stunning,“ Hi Tom change of plan I’m afraid John is going to meet us their he needs to get something sorted in the office, can I grab a lift with you” suited me fine two hours in the car with Zoe was going to be a pleasure.“ Listen Zoe my car is in a state at the moment its full of crap sorry” I cleared off the rubbish on the passenger seat” “ Tom it’s not a problem I like mess actually it’s Tony that’s the nutter” she laughed out loud she was really relaxed, she stretched out her long tanned legs and giggled as her feet moved the debris of rubbish around the footwell she soon kicked off her heels she was barefoot she was loving been in this messy environment and soon started to flirt…………Tom you know it’s my birthday on Saturday hope you have my present sorted “ she laughed and giggled of course she knew I hadn’t“ Zoe you must be a nightmare to buy a present for talk about the women that has everything kastamonu escort ………….”She laughed and gently put her hand on my thigh & moved it slowly up and down “Oh I am sure you will think of something that I need” she winked and gave me a wide smile.I swerved a little & soon got the car under control again Zoe belly laughed and my cock was growing by the second, Zoe moved her hand closer to my bulging jeans and then started to stroke the bulge with her fingertips doing circular motion right on my bell end it was like an electric shock and my cock was straining in my jeans“ Oh Tom I think you’ve got my present right there …………….have you got cruise control “ I nodded as I slipped on the cruise Zoe undid my belt and zipper within seconds her fingers were around my stiffening cock she eased my hot throbbing cock out of my trousers she stood my cock up and kind of admired it as it stood there in all it’s glory she ran her fingers up and down lightly touching the shaft and then grabbed it like a joy stick“ Well Tom I think you are going to give me a birthday I’m not going to forget” as she grabbed deeper into my jeans and released my swelling balls.“ Tom do you know what I really want for birthday” she casually stroked my cock “ Well I have a pretty good idea yes “ I replied with a big smile“ What I want for my birthday is Dirty Sex do you know what I mean, I want to have sex in a dirty place somewhere filthy do you anywhere we can stop” she carried on stroking my cock and now started to cup my balls. I knew a 24 hr lorry park with showers and toilet blocks pretty sure that would do.The phone rang it was John her hubby I looked at Zoe she smiled and pressed the phone to take the call on hands free“ Hiya babe how you doing,” she asked while still slowly stroking my cock nothing phased her before John answered she mouthed “ I’m such a slut”He was running late“ Listen babe no problem I’ve been telling Tom you are buying me this cottage for being a lovin an loyal wife she laughed and giggled escort kastamonu as she spoke” “ I’ve talked it through with Tom and he has come up with something I am desperate to try ( she squeezed my cock harder as she spoke ) he has got some great ideas and I would really like to give him his head on this one”She smiled as she said it and dropped her lips around my erect cock and sucked away quickly making a loud slurping noise“ Zoe I can hardly hear you are eating something” “ Sorry babe didn’t get any breakfast Tom’s treating me to lunch in the car”“ Ok listen I will be with you around 5 pm depends on the traffic love you loads, Tom take could care of Zoe for me” with that he was gone and Zoe was giggling with smutty pleasure ” Well John wants you to take could care of me ” she ran her index finger around my bell end as she spoke…….I took the exit for the services and pulled up next to the toilet block “ Oh Tom this looks perfect look at it there is rubbish everywhere used condoms needles it’s perfect “She eased my cock back in my jeans and zipped me up “ Tom will you carry me across the threshold” she giggled I opened her door and picked her up out of her seat her straps fell off her shoulders she was barefoot it was like she had been set free I open the first door we came to it was a toilet with a wash area there was piss all over the floor a turd in the pan an old porn mag on the vanity unit and graffiti all over the walls, the lock was hanging off the door.“ Oh Tom this is fucking perfect I feel like a real dirty slut” she looked around and took it all in she took a deep breath “ Oh it smells fantastic so filthy and no lock anybody might find us”She saw the coat hook on the back of the door and quickly slipped out of her dress and hung it on the back of the door“ Well Tom are you going to fuck me dirty ?” she stood in front of me hands on hips looking stunning wriggled out of thong and hung it on the hook“ Ok T shirt please” she held out her hand I pulled it of and handed it to her on the hook kastamonu escort bayan it went“Tom I fucking love a hairy guys” she ran her hands through my chest hair and kissed and tugged my nipples with her teethI slipped out of my jeans and kicked off my boots Zoe took my cock in her hands dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock lifting it up dropping her head and taking my sack into her mouth she ran her tongue around my bell end and then did a full deep throat she was living her fantasy.She pulled my cock from her mouth and eased self on to the vanity unit spread her legs wide and started to ease her fingers into a sweet fanny she was wanking herself off in front of me “ Tom open the door” she had no inhibitions I kicked the door open and moved closer and lifted my cock closer to her swelling lips and entered her she felt fantasticshe took me right up to my balls no hesitation I started to slowly fuck her she bent her legs so her feet and arse where on the vanity unit she was now getting pumped hard“ Tom don’t stop babe keep fucking me” I pumped her hard for 10 mins or more she was moaning and whimpering she was fucking loving it She reached forward and clasped her hands around my neck locked them around my waist she put her mouth close to my and whispered “ I fucking love dirty sex fucking love it”I was fucking lovin it to as I stood in the middle of the room she started to ride my cock up and down slowly she eased my bell end to the mouth of her fanny and then plunged it back into her she got harder and faster and we were both on the edge of cumming we both heard voices but it didn’t stop her then in the doorway came two guys who stood and couldn’t believe their eyes she loved it putting on a show riding my cock faster and faster she let one hand go and arched her back she was cumming in front of these guys I soon followed and filled her dripping hole the guys started clapping Zoe had the biggest smile on her face“ Guys hope you enjoyed the show arn’t you going to wish me Happy Birthday “ .We cleaned up and found the shower block and took a cold shower and got dressed she kissed me on both cheeks “ That was fantastic you gave me the best present ever can’t wait till Xmas” she laughed and giggled as I piggy backed to the car and we made our way to meet John

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