Divorce and my Mother-In-Law Part Three

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Divorce and my Mother-In-Law Part ThreeIt was around lunchtime one Wednesday afternoon. Darlene was lying naked on the table with her legs over my shoulders as I sat on a chair licking her cunt. There were traces of me and of Eddie inside her but also on my tongue and by now I didn’t care anymore. The phone rang and Darlene asked me to hand her the receiver. I reached for the wall phone with the long cord and handed it to her.She answered the phone while pointing a finger at her cunt so I would continue. I had my tongue deep inside her with my nose on her clit when I heard her say, “Melody, you haven’t called in some time. Are you doing okay honey? Yes, your daddy and I have said Peter could stay here with us for a while.” I heard angry noises from the other side of the conversation but couldn’t figure out what was said though it was easy to guess. I sucked one of Darlene’s labia into my mouth and tried to listen.”Well of course you can come visit honey! Peter isn’t here all the time.” With that she put her hand over the phone and mouthed, “Stand up and fuck me Peter.”That shocked me a little bit, but the idea of fucking my Mother-in-law while she was talking to my ex made my already hard prick even more so. I stood up while Darlene continued to talk to Melody. Her eyes were on mine as she talked. She had this wicked smile on her face. I slid my prick slowly up into my mother-in-law. bolu escort She gasped and continued her conversation. “He has been sleeping in your room honey.” She listened for a while as I moved slowly in and out of that incredible cunt. “Well, I know that’s how you feel about it, but honey I think you were wrong. Peter, I think is sorry for the arguments that led up to this break-up, but he really has…uh (as I ram into her)…some very good qualities you can’t find everywhere.”I reached up and pulled on Darlene’s nipples while she listened to her daughter and winked at me. I continued fucking her, taking it slow and easy. Then I heard her say, “Why yes he is. He’s here right now. Do you want to talk to him? Okay let me call him…PETER! It’s Melody, she wants to talk to you.”My eyes wide open now, Darlene pulled away from me, got down on her knees on the floor and turned my hips so she could suck my cock. I spoke to my wife for the first time in two weeks. “Hello Melody. Yeah, I am doing okay now though it was (Darlene slides her mouth all the way down my shaft) uh tough for a while…uh…uh…yeah I am trying to get back on my feet. Your parents have been very…uh…helpful.” Darlene was fucking my cock with her mouth going fast and trying to get me to shoot my semen into her mouth. It was a strategy that was working.She asked me if I thought it was a good idea to bolu escort bayan be staying with her parents. At that moment Darlene was jacking hard on my cock with just the head inside as her tongue worked around it. “I don’t know Melody. They offered and I” pausing as my orgasm appeared imminent, “I…uh…” My semen spurted into Darlene’s mouth right then. I was gasping as she milked the last of it out of me. Melody asked me what was the matter. I hesitated then said I had just gotten a cramp in my calf. She said, “Oh…it sounded like something else…but no that’s just crazy.” I pretended to have no idea what she was talking about and said I probably wouldn’t stay for very much longer since I needed to find a place and hadn’t really been looking hard.” Melody thought that I should stay until I found a place and asked to talk to her mother. I held the phone down to Darlene, still on her knees. She was a sight. She had let the semen ooze from her mouth down onto her chin and from there onto her tits. She took the phone, the receiver side pressed against the white jizz on her chin. We looked at each other as she talked to her daughter. “Honey, Peter needs to be here as long as it takes for him to get settled in or for…maybe for you and him to get back together.”I heard words on the other side and strained to hear. “Well, think of the great sex your are missing honey. escort bolu Was the sex good? No he’s in the bedroom now”, she said looking up at me. Sure I know you don’t want to talk about it, but….” Darlene was pinching her slippery nipples one at a time as she talked to Melody. “Well of course honey. Just because someone is good looking doesn’t mean he’ll be great at sex…but he just seems like the kind of guy who would be…you know…great in the sack.”My prick has hard again. I put my hand on the shaft and started stroking it pointed at Darlene’s face while she talked to her daughter. “Well I don’t know what you mean Melody, I mean he has a nice cock…well what I mean is, I think he must have a nice one. You can’t always get…well yeah I think he is really good looking…yeah I think he’s sexy…” That was when I blasted her face with jets of semen. Darlene had to close her left eye to keep it out. “Well, any woman would like a man like Peter. Me? Yeah I know you were aware of my fantasies. Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight. Peter has to work at the restaurant and we can all talk.” She said goodbye then and hung up.Darlene stood up then right next to my naked body. She put her arms around my waist and pressed her slippery tits against my hairy chest. She smiled at me with her eye still closed and pulled my face to hers. We kissed, the semen on her face not a barrier to our passion. I picked my mother-in-law up in my arms and carried her down to Melody’s bedroom. “I want you to ride me baby,” I said as I lay down on the bed.” We were doing that when Eddie got home ten minutes later.More to cum?

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