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DOUBLE DICKEDSome years ago i found myself working with the United Nations (UN) in Nicosia, which is a city split by the border between Northern (Turkish) and Southern (Greek) Cyprus. It was an 8 month mission and quite hard work but had its advantages. Due to our status we could travel quite freely between both the North and South of Cyprus so lots of different culture and scenery to enjoy. A number of times whilst driving through the Northern part of the city I had seen a Turkish bath house. I had been to one before on a holiday in Turkey and it was a great relaxing experience. Towards the end of my mission things were really winding down for me so I thought I deserved a little bit of a pampering visit to the baths.I went in and when I asked to pay one of the staff told me I could pay at the end. I wasn’t overly concerned as members of the UN were very well treated in Cyprus often receiving huge discounts and free access to many areas. I was shown a changing room with lockers, a shower area and a central chamber with a pool and a steam room.I got changed, showered and sat on one of the stone benches, it was really warm from the heat coming through the thermal spring that fed the pool so I lay down on it and the warmth felt good on my back. After about 10 minutes a youngish member of staff, about 5 foot 8. very lean but muscled and wearing a little loin cloth asked me if I wanted a massage. I told him i was ok for a bit as I had just got in and he told me just to let him know when I was ready.It was so relaxing in there and there were only about half a dozen guys in who all looked local. After about another 10 minutes the guy came back and asked me if I was ready, I guessed he was bored as the local guys looked like they were just there for a chill out so i thought I’d get my massage then have a dip and chill some more.He showed me into a small room just a few yards down a corridor from the main chamber. There was a massage table, which looked like a stone plinth, in the middle, a bench about 6 feet long next to it on which sat a large bucket of water a bar of soap and a few towelling cloths. He told me to lay on the table face down and he pulled a curtain across the doorway.He came back to the table and pulled pendik escort at my towel, asking me to remove it, which he hung up behind him, he then doused me down with warm water from the bucket and started to rub the bar of soap all along my back and legs and he then began massaging me in long strokes. He chatted to me, asking me if I was a tourist and I told him I was based here with the UN. He then started to focus his massage on specific body parts, starting with my calves then thighs, buttocks and lower back. His technique was excellent and i could feel his hard fingers rubbing against my tendons and muscles. Although he was small he was very strong, He chatted to me a little throughout asking if the pressure was ok and was I warm enough but not excessively so I was feeling very relaxed and enjoying the experience.He then moved to the end of the table standing by my head and focused on my neck and shoulders, working across my shoulders then running his thumbs down each side of my spine from my neck to lower back. Each time he leaned forward his crotch pressed against my head. He was very slow and deliberate in his actions and I began to think the head bumping was deliberate.I let out a bit of a sigh and he rested his crotch against my head and rubbed my lower back a little softer than he had been doing and I thought I felt that his cock had gotten hard so, taking a bit of a chance I reached my arms forward and cupped his buttocks with my hands. He said “Hold on” and pulled my hands away and i assumed he was going to tell me that touching him wasn’t allowed.He stepped back and pulled me a little closer to the end of the table, and lifted my head so I could see him. He then removed his loin cloth and his erect cock sprang up. He was a little under 6 inches and not too thick but he had quite a big bell end. He stepped forward and fed it straight into my mouth and continued to massage me while I sucked on him. After a minute or two he stopped rubbing my shoulders and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth.Then he stopped, stepped back and said “You like big dick?”“Yes” I replied.Then he called out in Turkish which sounded like a name, a response came back from somewhere outside the room and a bit escort pendik of a conversation took place following which another guy came through the curtain. He was a little taller than the other guy and quite a bit bigger built but still lean.They chatted some more following which the new guy stood in front of my head. He removed his loin cloth and his flaccid cock flopped out. It was al least 6 inches in its soft state. He put one hand on my head and with his other hand he fed it into my mouth. I sucked on it and felt it instantly stiffen and fill my mouth with its size and girth. I reckoned it was 8 or 9 inches in length.He began to basically fuck my mouth almost making me gag every time he pushed it in. I hadn’t realised initially but I was now aware that the first guy had climbed on the table and was kneeling between my legs and was massaging my buttocks and then I felt him insert a soapy finger into my arse. After the initial shock it actually felt quite pleasant.He began to finger me first with one finger, then i felt another one slip in. Then he stopped and put his hands under my hips and basically lifted me vertically so my legs dropped beneath me and planted me down on my knees and I felt his soapy cock slide into me. Although I was bisexual I had never had anal sex before and although it hurt a little it was still surprisingly nice.He gripped my hips and started to fuck me quite hard. Every time his hips slammed into my buttocks it pushed me forward and I gagged on the other guys cock. As they both increased their speed and force I found myself at a point where the line between pleasure and too much pain was very thin. I heard them chatting and then thy both stopped, which I was glad about as the stone table was hurting my knees.The guy on the table climbed off and told me to get down. Once I was standing at the side of it he turned me around and bent me over it and pushed my legs apart and I felt a duche of hot water hit my arse followed by one of them rubbing it with the bar of soap followed by a finger rubbing all the warm soapy suds into my hole.The smaller guy then appeared in front of me, stuck his cock in my mouth and pulled my hands around onto his buttocks. Every time he pushed into me pendik escort bayan his buttocks clenched, they were like two cannon balls in my hands. I felt a hand on my left buttock, pulling it apart from the other one and, what I guessed was the second guys cock pressing against my hole and rub up and down it.He pressed really hard against my hole and all of a sudden I felt the helmet of his penis pop into my arse. I let out a gasp of pain, I could feel my arse stretching like it was going to split, and tried to stand up but the first guy placed his forearms on my shoulders and leaned forward. I could hear him saying, “just relax, it will be okI felt more pressure and gentle rocking as he forced his huge cock into my tight hole, causing me to groan with the pain, until I felt his hips press against my buttocks, my god he was all the way inside me. He held it there and i felt his hands rubbing my lower back. My hole seemed to relax and get used to his cock being there and the initial pain subsided somewhat.His hands moved to my hips and he withdrew a little before shoving it back in slowly, then he repeated withdrawing a little more each time so his strokes were becoming longer. I had gotten used to the pain and feeling of fullness so relaxed a little and the first guy shoved his cock into my mouth and put one hand on my head.I heard them speak to each other briefly and then they started. Both of them thrusting into me simultaneously and hard. They increased their pace with every stroke and the burning pain began in my arse while I also gagged on the guys cock. I have no idea how long it lasted, probably not very, but all of a sudden I could hardly breath and I felt my legs go week.Im not sure if I passed out totally or not but suddenly the pain stopped and I was being lowered to the floor. They leaned me against the side of the table and I looked up at them, both wanking and then I felt their cum spraying onto me. I sat there, my face and chest dripping with their cum.The bigger guy walked off and the smaller guy put a towel in my hand and asked if I was OK. I nodded and he too walked away.I showered, dressed and left, stopping to pay on my way out and the guy at the door told me there was no charge. I left with my head spinning and my arse stinging. I was sore for about 2 days during which I couldn’t decide if I had enjoyed the experience or not. However, to this day I still believe if I found myself in Nicosia I’d be sure to find time for a bath!!!

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