Early one Monday

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Early one MondaySave this post in ‘My Favorites’Catsman11’s Blog » early one morning Edit | DeleteIt’s early still but you have been on my mind all night and even when i awoke this morning. Our Monday morning love making was certainly a surprisingturn of events of that morning. Strange as it may seem, we almost always make love on the mornings that I am there and most of that morning was spent just holding each other and breathing in the others aromas and always taking advantage of the others soft lips. I know virtually every kiss that morning was a soft moist one with you, and your natural breath taste was keeping me alert. I’m not sure what causes it, but those early morning tastes and smells of you are intoxicating to say the least. I had dozed off a little during the time spent with you, but not often or for long. And I could feel you beside me the entire time. Always with your smooth sexy leg either over me of touching my thigh and you face so close to mine that I could feel you take each breath. Once when I turned on bayraklı escort my side, I of course could feel your soft hands over my side and on my chest and at the same time that wonderful feeling of your breasts against my back. Feeling your soft mounds on my back might have well been rubbing my cock because it gave me an erection just the same. We laid like that for a little while, and I got comfortable with you that close and again became flaccid in my comfort. Then something happened that changed the course of the entire morning, I got up to leave for work! While turning off my alarm which had already been snoozed once, I saw your sexy little foot dangling out of the covers and I could not resist it one bit. I had to lean over and grab it and it’s softness held me in it’s clutches and I knew then I was not going anywhere. I brought the limb of my desire up to my face and felt the smoothness of your sole on my face and took in the aroma of it’s naturally musky smell and then your hand snuck under my BVD’s waistline bayraklı escort bayan and you could feel my hard cock underneath. I kept your feet on my face and you kept rubbing my now swollen cock with your prying hands. In not much time I got up quickly and removed what little clothing I had on and at the same time, you were removing your tee and then I got to help you take off your panties, which I love to do because I get to sneak a whiff after I remove them. YES, they had that wonderful smell of your wet pussy that I love so much and knew that my cock and your wet pussy would very soon become quite friendly.I positioned myself in front of your and let your hands do the work on my cock and you did not disappoint me at all with your expertise in the arena. Soon, you gave me a leg straight up and I was hugging on your sexy smooth leg and taking in that sweet aroma of your smooth feet while you were rubbing your now swelled clit with my hard cock. Can it get better than this? Obviously yes it can as then I escort bayraklı hovered over you and allowed you to guide my hard cock inside your warm and inviting pussy. That first thrust inside was hard to describe but I held back with all my might not to cum immediately and glad that I could. You however were not so strong, as I could soon feel your first wave of female ejaculate pouring my my cock as your first orgasm erupted all over my hard cock. Then strangely after your did this again, my age caught up with me and I became somewhat flaccid. A little disappointed in my body letting me down, but determined not to quit I withdrew from you, and then with your sexy feet in my face once again, I started to stroke my cock with my own hand, and lubricated with our blended love juices, I got myself hard again and had you guide me into you once more. This time was just as good as the first and you received me with such passion, that I let my mind wonder only on this beautiful woman beneath me and my orgasm exploded deep inside you and you help me tightly with your legs behind my back. I’m so sorry that we had to do such a quick clean-up and I had to go, as I did not get to have my afterwards play time with your legs and feet, but we will have lots of time for that another day.

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