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EDUCATING YOUNG BOYS IS FUNBeing the oldest of the guys in our neighborhood often meant I often was recruited to watch over the younger boys while thier folks were gone. Such was the case on one summer afternoon. A number of the boys had gathered at my house, playing in the back yard. Thier ages ranged from 12 to 15. I went outside to check on them making sure they didn’t get into mischief. I glanced up at the sky noting some clouds had begun to move in and was beginning to look like a storm might be brewing. I went back inside for a few minutes when there came a loud rumble of thunder. A thunderstorm had quickly moved in and without warning the boys were caught in a sudden heavy downpour. I hollard for them to get inside quickly, but by the time they made it to the door they were totally drenched. I had them stop just inside the door while I went for some towels. They were so wet it was as if they just got out of a pool with all thier clothes on. I passed out the towels but it was no use trying to dry off. I told them to go into the bathroom and take off the wet clothes and dry off. They came out looking like drowned rats in underware. I had them move into the rec room and sit down and put the TV on. They found a kırıkkale escort movie with lots of pretty girls playing at the beach. A few minutes into the movie some of the girls had stripped naked and were playing in the water. When I walked in to see how they were doing, I found them all staring at the nude girls and I realized they were watching one of the adult channels. Looking around the room I saw several of them were sporting a boner and rubbing the front of thier underware. I laughed a bit and asked them if they thought they should be watching such a movie. I started to change the channel, but the boys pleaded with me to leave it on. I thought, what the hell they were growing up fast, and I sat down to watch with them. The scenes became more explicit, with naked guys chasing after the girls. Titties were flopping and dicks were swinging everywhere, girls were rubbing some of the guys cocks and pussies were getting felt. I was getting pretty turned on myself, my cock was swelling up in my shorts. I looked around to see every one of the boys were playing with themselves, some had a hand down thier underware, jerking on thier dicks. I said “OK boys if you’re going to play why don’t you do it right kırıkkale escort bayan and take off your underware. It will be more fun to be naked.” One by one they pulled off thier shorts and sat there masturbating. I sat watching them and the movie as my cock stiffened more till it was poking up under my shorts. A couple of them looked at me and said “Why do you still have your shorts on. Come on let us see what your dick looks like. You’ve seen us, we want to see you too.” I thought to myself, why not show them, and slid my pants off. When my hard cock sprang out it was fully erect and stood nearly 8″ into the air. I heard some OOH’s and Wow’s when they saw it. I smiled as it clearly excited them as I slowly stroked my shaft. “Well boys what do you think of my cock? It’s big isn’t it?” One boy said “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen, I wish mine was that big. What does it feel like?” I said “It feels great to me, I love to play with it.” He said ” Can I feel it, it looks so hard.” I said ” I guess it would be OK, you can come play with it if you want to.” He move next to the chair I was sitting in and reached up and began rubbing it. “Wow, this is cool. Both my hands aren’t enough to cover it escort kırıkkale all.” I told him what his hands didn’t cover he should put the rest in his mouth. He slowly leaned over opening his mouth and put the exposed head inside. “Now suck on it like a popsicle.” After a minute the other boys wanted to take thier turn. They kind of formed a line waiting for thier turn. As the first one finished and stood up I pulled him over and and sucked on his dick while the next boy started on me. One by one they each had a go with my cock, then stood beside me to be sucked. I enjoyed the attention I was getting and the pleasures that I was giving them. When they had all had a turn I told them to sit of the sofa side by side. I moved in front of them on my knees sucking each of them in succession, back and forth the length of the sofa, increasing my tempo as I moved along. In a few minutes I made the first one cum and licked him clean then moved to the next boy repeating the process till I had sucked them all off. I stood up stroking my throbbing cock before them for several minutes then I started shooting my huge load of cum, squirting my jizz on each of them. I sent them to the bathroom to wash while I sat on the sofa and continued to masturbate till I came again on my chest. I cleaned up and got dressed. The sky had cleared up so they went outside to play. I stood in the doorway watching them, pulling my cock out for them to see several times. It was a day I’ll remember for a long time.

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