First MM encounter – a fantasy

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First MM encounter – a fantasyHi all, this is my first attempt at a story for Xhamster, so please bear with me.It is a fantasy about a first real encounter with a Xhamster contact. Other than the possibility of meeting we haven’t discussed details at all, this is one version of that first encounter as played out in my head.Paul, I don’t even know his real name, said it would be easier to meet at his house as his wife was staying away with family. I had his address and a time to meet, instructions to park the car around the corner; that was it. I knew what he looked like from the neck down although during a Skype wanking session, I had seen glimpses of part of his head. Not enough to recognise him in the street but enough to know if the wrong person answered the door.I arrived a few minutes early and parked the car as instructed. I was seriously nervous as I had never done this before. I’d dreamt of it and cum buckets over the idea, but never had the nerve actually to meet anyone else, male or female. We agreed on a very precise time so that Paul would know it was me at the door. I knocked firmly and then wondered if it sounded so loud the neighbours would hear – my nerves were wrecked. The erection I’d had during the drive down was now gone, a mix of fear and the cold.The door opened promptly, had he been behind the waiting in anticipation? He looked me straight in the eyes and said firmly, “Say nothing, just follow me”. As Paul walked off, I stepped in to the house, quietly closed the door and, as instructed, followed him. He led the way into the living room. He was wearing jeans and a loose fitting shirt. Once in the living room, Paul turned to me and said “Stop there”. I was a couple of metres from him. I did as I was told. My erection was coming back!Paul leant back against the arm of the sofa, he slowly undid the buttons on his shirt and opened it. I remembered the flat stomach with a dusting of hair. I removed my jacket, partly to follow his lead and because I was beginning to get really quite hot. I stopped at my shirt as I wanted him to lead at that moment and I would follow in silence after I’d taken in the sight before me.Paul unbuckled his belt. I noticed the bulge in his jeans, pushed over to his left. I’d seen him online and knew that he had a firm and good-sized cock, I expected it would be a little moist at the tip right now. I really wanted to find out that detail in the flesh. He slowly undid the button and lowered his zip, fuck how long was that zip, it seemed to take ages to get to the end and the sound was so loud in my head.He slowly pushed his jeans down revealing himself to be wearing a pair of his wife’s panties. Very shear, pink lacy ones. They couldn’t contain his hardon nor his balls. His cockhead, well probably nearer half his cock, was sticking up and out of the panties. His balls were hanging from one side.He stood upright with his jeans just below his knees. He watched me gazing at his lace covered cock and licking my lips. I had never been this close to another cock and never been so turned on. As I realised he’d stopped undressing I looked up, he had a slight grin, looking proud of both is body and the effect it was having on me, and he should be.Paul resumed the removal of his jeans. I realised that he didn’t have socks on, hey it was his house , so that left him stood in all his glory in pink lacy panties. Well mostly not in to be factual as his erection was so proudly way too big for the pants.Paul stood looking at me, gauging my reaction. He could tell that I was really pleased with what I saw and what might lie ahead this evening. He then slowly turned to his left and with his thighs against the arm of the sofa he rotated slowly until he faced away from me.I just had to watch his arse come into view. His arse is firm and looked good from the side. His turning revealed the panties to be a thong. In a Skype session he’d worn a thong and described how it felt between the cheeks of his arse and, of course, the touching of his arsehole. With his thighs against the sofa, he slowly bent forward. There was of course no material to stretch but I could see that the strip of fabric must have been pressing tighter across his hole.I resisted reaching for him. He started to straighten up and then to turn slowly back to face me. I could now see wetness at the tip of his cock, the small show had turned him on.He stared at me with a slight grin. I started to undo my shirt. I’m not as slim as Paul so I was a little unsure how he’d see me. A grainy, poorly lit Skype isn’t much to see and now he was seeing me in detail. He grinned more, so I took that to be a good sign.His right hand slowly dropped to his cock. He gave it a little stroke between thumb and first finger. He found the wetness and rubbed it between his fingers. I was looking at his cock and not his face but I believe he didn’t stop looking at me.I was still wearing shoes, so I quickly pulled them off and followed with my socks. I pulled off my shirt and put my hands on my belt buckle. Now it was his turn to watch my undressing.I tried to do it slowly as he did, but my hands were shaking and fuck did I want to be naked with him soon. I pushed my jeans to my knees just as he did. I was wearing tight stretchy black underwear, mens not womens. It showed off my erection and kept it within the waist band, Paul licked his lips and his grin broadened.I reached for my jeans again, but Paul spoke. It was such a surprise, we seemed to have been in silence for such a long time. He started to bend down and step forward saying “Here, let me help you”. I straightened and opened my arms to give him access.Paul knelt before me, he reached for the waistband of my jeans as if he was about to push them down further. But he just stopped at that point. His head was level and very close to my underwear covered cock. He was just staring at it. He moved his head from side to side as trying to see through the fabric. I’m sure he could see my cock twitching with excitement.As much as I was appreciating the feeling of being analysed in such a sexual way, I wanted to move on. I lifted my right leg to pull it from my jeans. Paul barely moved, letting me do the work. I pulled my right foot out and then did the same with my left leg. I now stood in front of a kneeling Paul. I took control now, by taking a small step forward to the point that my cock was touching his face. I heard him breathe in deeply, smelling me. I felt his lips grip my erection. He then ran his tongue along my cock, pressing the fabric to my skin. He stretched his neck to get his head tipped at the head of my cock wanting to kiss and lick it. To steady himself, he reached his hands to my arse. As my underwear was a fuller shape, he slipped his hands under the fabric. God, that was an electric feeling. He cupped my arse, very slightly gripping and relaxing his hands.His lips were now trying to take my cock head into his mouth. Still covered in the fabric of my underwear he could only go so far. I took my waistband at the sides of my underwear and slowly pushed it down. The front was hooked over my cock which was just inside Paul’s mouth. I slid my left hand along the waistband nudging Paul’s face off my cock and then unhooked the elastic. As I moved my hand away, my stiff cock leant away from my body pressing against Paul’s face. He let it slide towards his lips. In an instant he had my cock in his mouth.He was bobbing his head up and down on my cock, pulling me gently with his hands on my arse. We both are uncut with a good amount of foreskin. His mouth was only gently moving my foreskin so Paul pulled his right hand off my arse and took hold of my cock. He withdrew my foreskin and then began to suck just the head of my cock. He ran his tongue around my exposed head, licking the tip, probing the hole and generally doing a fucking god job of it. He gently stroked my cock, pushing my skin into his mouth and then withdrawing it again. It felt so good.I placed my hands on his head and slowly met his mouth with a push. We increased the speed of stroking and me fucking his face. It was getting almost too good. I stopped and held his head, slowly drawing him off my cock. I stepped back. There was a line of saliva from his mouth to my cock head, it looked so horny.I tilted his head back and said “My turn”. Those were my first words of the evening.He stood up and stepped back to the sofa. He sat down on the arm and leant back. I dropped to my knees. The site was gorgeous. A precum leaking cock that was encased in far too small lacy pants.I leant in and pressed my tongue to the base of his shaft. The lace düzce escort stimulated my tongue as I drew it along the length of his erection. I continued off the fabric and ran my tongue along the smooth hot skin. I sucked his foreskin and pulled at it with my teeth. I repeated this a few times to the sound of Paul’s moans. I cupped his balls and gave them a kiss before running my tongue across them in all directions. The hair was soft and wiry and I could feel his balls moving under the pressure of my tongue. As I did that, I used my right hand to caress his cock, slowly rubbing his foreskin up and down.I then took a gentle bite of his cock shaft. I looked up and saw he had his eyes closed leaning back. I gripped his hips and forced him to turn around. He looked surprised but then realised how he would soon be facing. With a grin he let me twist him to be looking away from me. More specifically, he was now showing his thong-clad arse to me.I gripped both buttocks and kissed his left then right cheek. I kneaded his arse and pulled it apart, pushed it together. I saw the thin strip of thong appear then disappear. That was it, all inhibition and worry went. I pulled his cheeks apart and from the top of his arse, I ran my tongue along the thong between his cheeks. As I reached his hole, I pressed the fabric into him. Obviously not much really went in, but the pressure must have felt good as he sighed and then groaned deeply. I reached up and pressed on his back, so he was now folded up more. I had access to his balls and began to lick them from behind.I lifted my head and slipped fingers under the thong near the waistband. Slowly I drew my hand down pulling the thong out and sideways. His puckered hole sat there staring back at me. I made a point of my tongue and pressed it to his hole. I pulled his hips to me trying to drill my tongue deeper. I twisted my head left and right while wiggling my tongue. I’m sure he pushed back against my tongue.I pulled the waistband down and followed its progress between his cheeks with my tongue. I spread his legs a little to get the panties off and quickly took a few licks at his balls. With the panties at his thighs, I again turned his hips to get him back facing me. As he lifted his feet to turn, the panties dropped to his ankles. I retrieved them.I sat back on my heels, held the thong to my face, closed my eyes and inhaled. Both the front and the back received my attention. I knelt upright and reached for his stiff cock. I looked fabulous, leaking precum, and occasionally twitching. I wrapped the thong around his cock and leaned forward to take him into my mouth. I lowered my head onto his cock, taking a cock in my mouth for the first time.The taste was divine, slightly salty, slightly sticky. The softness combined with the rigidity was a surprise, although having my own cock I should have understood that. But to have one in my mouth was a delight, warm, soft, hard, salty, wet, and as Paul started to moan and to push into my face, clearly it was an eager cock!I pulled his foreskin back and withdrew my mouth. I couldn’t help myself, I simply had to push my face back down. I needed to rather than just wanted to. I began a rhythm of up and down. I kept his skin held back so his head was receiving all of the attention. I could feel more precum leaking so I began to slowly wank his cock with my hand while sucking him. I swapped hands and slid my left hand around to his arse. He was sitting on the sofa so I couldn’t get far. I slid my hand between his legs, grazing his balls. I placed my middle finger between the crushed cheeks of his arse and probed as best I could.The rubbing of my finger seemed to be good for Paul. He moaned deeper and I felt his cock pulsing. I felt him lift himself up a little and then he must have spread his arse as my finger slipped easily to his hole. He held himself up for a few seconds and I made the most by bending my finger and trying to enter him. My earlier licking and maybe a bit of sweat lubricated his hole and the tip of my finger slipped in. God, his hole was hot.He sat back down, forcing my finger deeper. At this point, he gripped my head and tried to push into my face. That released the pressure from my finger so he switched to pulling my head onto his cock. It was clear he was thoroughly enjoying my attention and might be close to filling my mouth with cum.I was no longer solely in control. I wiggled my finger in his dark hot hole, probing as deep as I could. I was stroking his cock, rubbing his foreskin up and down, but when it came to my mouth on his cock, he drove the pace of that and boy was the pace picking up.He drove my head up and down for a couple of minutes and then slowed with a deeper pull, each time trying to get his cock deeper in my mouth. I heard a slow deeper growl from him and he began to tense. There was no telling me that he was cumming, we’d spoken so few words that it just seemed to be an understanding of what would happen this evening.As best I could I thrust my finger as deep into his arse as possible, I pulled firmly down on his foreskin and on a deep thrust I sucked with everything I had and held my head deep on his cock shaft. He tensed, tensed some more and then pulled tight on my head. His spunk shot from the core of his balls and filled my mouth. I tried not to cough, his cock filled my mouth so there wasn’t so much room for the hot scalding cum. He twitched again and now my mouth seemed full of his spunk. I had to swallow, or I’d end up with his cum spurting around his cock out past my lips. I did my best to keep swallowing. I lost count at about 6 hard shots into my mouth, why I lost count at just 6 evades me but the sensation was just so fucking intense that I couldn’t concentrate.He relaxed his grip on my head. I took a deep breath through my nose. But I wasn’t finished. As he relaxed a bit and relaxed his arse onto my hand, I gave him a good thrust back up into his hole. This caused him to jerk and I received another couple of spurts from his cock.Slowly I withdrew my face, trying to keep all the remaining cum in my mouth. I leant back and we looked at each other. He was red and looked exhausted. I probably looked like the Cheshire cat, but without the smile. If I’d smiled, I’m sure some of the huge volume of spunk would run out through my teeth. I opened my mouth to show him I still had his spunk in there. I licked my lips and then made a show of swallowing.I sat down on the floor and leant back on my arms. I watched him breathing, recovering his composure. His cock was becoming soft, looking good, looking satisfied. It still had the thong d****d over it. He lifted it off his cock and to his nose. There must have been a couple of drops of cum on them as he licked it off with a grin. Behind him, I noticed a clock on the wall. I’d only been here for 24 minutes. In that time, I’d had so many firsts; seen my first erect cock in the flesh, sucked my first cock, fingered my first arse, swallowed spunk, been sucked by a man. Well it seemed a good way to spend an evening!Paul stood up and stepped toward me. He put out his hand to help me up. We both stood in front of each other, him stark bollock naked, me still in my underwear. There was no time wasting, he simply shoved my pants down to the floor, pushed me around to the sofa arm and sat me down on it.He spread my legs and knelt between them. With a quick grin to me, he bent and swallowed my cock, seemingly whole. He bobbed his head up and down and then gripped my arse to pull harder against me. After what had just happened I didn’t think I’d last very long.I could see that his cock was rising again, and I wanted more of it. I pushed him away – he looked quite surprised. I pushed him sideways so he sat down and then I pushed his shoulders down to the floor, He began to realise what was happening and he lay down fully. I knelt over him, knees either side of his chest and reached for his cock. He lifted his head and kissed and licked my balls. My cock was so hard it was almost horizontal pointing away from his face. He continued to lick my balls while gently pulling my hardness down to meet his lips.I had his cock in my mouth. It was almost as hard as before, I could taste the residue of his earlier ejaculation and loved it. I wanked him while sucking, my lips meeting my fist every second.At the other end of our 69, another first done, Paul had my cock in his mouth. There wasn’t so much room for his fist as well so he just sucked away and did great things with his tongue. This was all becoming too much for me, the fun of getting him off and now the joint effort in escort düzce 69 was bringing me close. And then… Paul reached up and gripped my arse. He ran a finger along my crack and pressed against my hole. Oh wow, that felt good and then his finger disappeared. Two seconds later, it was back, with spit on it and the lubrication to make entry easier. He shoved his finger in gently, but firmly. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had something up my arse, but it was the first time it wasn’t me putting it there. I wanted to concentrate on sucking his fabulous stiff cock, I wanted to concentrate on not yet cumming myself, but the sensation in my arse hole was too much.I shot my first load with no warning. I felt Paul turn his head, but with my cock in his mouth and my body on his chest he couldn’t go far. My second load caused him to cough. I reacted by lifting off a bit and then my third load hit his face. My cock sprang up to my stomach and fired a fourth load between us reaching his cock. I couldn’t repeat that shot if I tried. As Paul began to get his breath back and my cock began to settle, I had to take his cock back in my mouth. Now though it had some of my spunk on it. Blending mine with the residue of his, I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and started bobbing my head in earnest. I tried just to give him head, pushing his skin back with my lips but I also wanted to hold his hot cock and wank it as well. I did both and as Paul relaxed back into receiving all the attention, I could feel his erection pulse and stiffen more.This time he said he was about to shoot his load. I pulled back and let him unload his spunk onto my face, rubbing his cock around in the jizzy mess. A few more seconds of spreading his cum after his last shot and I rolled off him and we lay head to toe, spent and ..I don’t know what I felt – it was so good.He sat up first and offered his hand to me. I reached for it and pulled my self up. He shook my hand and said “Hi by the way. My name’s Paul it’s a pleasure to meet you”. “Welcome to my home”I burst out laughing, realising that we had said so little to each other but covered so much ground in the silence. Through the laughter, I responded, “Thank you and it’s been a pleasure to meet with you”. I smiled and then with a deep sigh I asked: “So how does a guest get a drink around here, do I have to suck someone off or something”.Well that’s my fantasy for the first meeting.I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.Part twoIf you’ve read my first story, you’ll know that we were stood laughing at the incredible experience we’d just had and how we’d entered into it so easily, so fast and so quietly.Paul had just introduced himself after twice cumming in my mouth. He said “Sorry, how rude of me to not have offered you a drink. For the record you don’t need to suck someone off to get a drink, but it certainly breaks the ice”.“Breaks the ice”, I replied, “I think we just did that with a nuclear-powered ice breaker”.Paul pointed to the kitchen and said “Let’s go see what we’ve got”. I stopped him and asked him to put the thong back on. I wanted to see his soft cock tucked inside it and the string disappear between his arse cheeks. I said I’d stay naked, of course, if that was OK with him. His grin was the answer.Paul led me to the kitchen and asked what I’d like to drink. As I would be driving later, I asked for a soft drink. He opened the fridge door and bent forward to reach a can. I asked him to pause there while I took in the view of his arse. I put my hands on his buttocks and caressed him gently.He turned to give me the can and saw his cock had begun to rise from the tiny patch of lace. He also took a soft drink. He pointed back through to the living room and we sat on the sofa. I’m not sure that either of us knew what to do next. Our first hour had been soooo intense and we’d hardly spoken that it now seemed a bit unnatural, well at least to me.Paul asked if I liked his panties, stretching back to make him lap more open to see. I ran my fingers over the bulge and said that they suited him, both from the front and the back. He asked if I wanted to see more of his wife’s panties. “that sounds like fun” I replied and Paul stood up and walked towards the stairs. “Come on then” he said and I began to follow him.Paul was walking ahead of me on the stairs and I could see his arse move as he took each step. I would occasionally see his balls between his legs. By the time we reached the top I was hard again.We turned right into his bedroom. He stopped in front of a tall dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside were all his wife’s panties, regularly used ones at the front, less regularly used at the back. He pulled out a couple of thongs again. I suggested a fuller pair that he might wear over the thong he had on. He suggested a silky pair in cream with nice lace edging. I nodded in agreement suggesting they’d set off his arse nicely.He slipped them up his legs and pulled them tight around his waist. As they were his wife’s they were a little snug on him, but hey that made his cock more pronounced. I asked him to turn around so I could his arse in them. As he faced away from me, I stepped forward and pressed my stiff cock to the fabric. He stepped away, we hadn’t talked about what were our limits for the evening. I explained I wanted to feel the fabric on my cock, not wanting to fuck him. He stepped back and bent at the waist a little.I slid my cock between the cheeks of his arse, pressing the fabric while sliding up and down the gap. Oh it felt electric with the fabric doing great things to my cock. I had hold of his hips and he was slowly wanking himself. I occasionally adjusted the angle so that my cock pressed straight at his arse rather than sliding. This might have pressed against his hole or not but either way we both groaned.He pulled away and asked if I’d like to try on any pants. I’m larger than Paul so if they were tight on him, they’d split on me. He found an old thong suggesting that it would stretch and anyway she hadn’t worn it in a very long time. I said I’d give it a go. He insisted on putting them on me himself.I stood there with Paul on his knees slipping my feet in the panties and then sliding them up my legs. His face was close to my cock but he resisted touching me, that it until he needed to adjust my cock in the tiny thong. As with his thong, I didn’t fit into mine. He leant forward and slipped his mouth over my cock and swiped around the head with his tongue. After a few seconds, he slipped my cock through the leg of the panties to get full access to my shaft. He gripped it and began to wank me. He suddenly and stood up and searched in the drawer for a real shear pair of panties. He knelt back down and wrapped the new panties over the head of my cock and then inserted it back into his mouth. The feeling of the fabric and his hot wet tongue was exhilarating.I was rock hard and close to cumming. I stopped his head bobbing and suggested that we get on the bed. I had enjoyed our earlier 69 and asked if he wanted to try it again, maybe with him on top this time. His eyes lit up and he stepped to the bed. I lay down on the bed and Paul knelt across my chest.Paul reached for my cock and wanked it slowly before placing the tip in his mouth. At the other end I pulled at the fuller second pair of panties and tried to get them off him. I managed to get them down to his knees and his cock was hanging from the thong beneath. We both set about sucking and licking each other. Having cum, earlier both of us lasted a while with much caressing, stroking and good old oral action.I suggested that we try frotting to see how that felt. Paul agreed to it and went got on our knees. I held Paul’s cock beneath mine. He’s larger so he could pass as far back as my balls when we stroked towards each other. With both cocks being slippery from so much oral attention, keeping our cocks together in a push-pull action was fun. One or other cock kept sliding out of my hand. I tried using both hands to grip the cocks together. This was more successful but as we were kneeling on the bed I kept rocking about. Paul held my shoulder with one hand and gripped my arse with the other. He took over the motion of pushing his cock to me while pulling my arse to him. I just gripped the cocks tightly.It wasn’t long before I felt the urge to shoot some spunk on Paul’s cock. I looked at him and just started to hold my breath and groan, he knew the signs and this turned him on. He told me to cum on him, to unload my balls and to spray his cock with my hot spunk. This was great to hear and very soon I shot a load of düzce escort bayan cum along his cock, suddenly the stroking was so much more slippery and felt hot from my cum. I shot another load and then a third. Paul stopped pushing/pulling and grabbed his cock. He aimed it at mine and unloaded his third cum of the night onto my cock and balls. The heat of his cum felt great on my balls and I grabbed both cocks again for a slippery final wanking.We were both spent and just sat back on the bed. After a few seconds he says that he needs to pee and stands up. I declare that I also need to go and “maybe we can go together”. He stops in the doorway, turns and gives me a look….Having experienced my second 69 and sucked more cum from Paul’s cock, I’m not sure what he’s thinking now.This is the end of the second part of my fantasy. I’ll see how I want the evening to progress and write a third section.Part 3So we’re both in need of a pee. Paul’s already on his way and I suggest that we go “together”. I can’t be sure what I mean by that and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t thought about what that might mean, maybe never. Either way, he pauses, looks at me and waits. I get off the bed and follow him. We don’t have far to walk but he’s still in his wife’s thong. I’m not really into men’s arses to look at, but interestingly, the disappearance of the thong between his cheeks does look good. I’m still wearing my birthday suit.We get to the bathroom where there’s the toilet, a basin and the bath with shower over. Pretty standard configuration. He lifts the lid and seat of the toilet and steps to the side. I pause and look at his cock hanging from the thong. I begin to get a slow rising erection. I reach for his cock, it feels as if it’s swelling a little in my hand. Mine stiffens more in response.So we are both stood at the toilet bowl with hardening cocks. Soon it will be impossible to pee into the toilet. I pull him by his cock towards me and then turn to face the bath. He gets where I’m going. I pull him to stand beside me facing the side of the bath tub. Now however bad our aim, it will at least end up in something.Paul reaches for my erection and pulls back my foreskin. I do the same to him. I take the plunge and let some pee go. My cock twitches under the pressure and Paul is surprised. He grins and says he’s never done this or even thought about it. I respond “well here we are, I need to piss, you need to piss and so we should, maybe, just take a piss. What do you think?”He responds simply by letting go and taking a piss. The stream flies upwards, splashing against the wall. I wiggle his cock about causing the stream to fly around the bath. Paul looks at me with raised eyebrows, I respond by letting my pent-up pee come out. With a laugh, Paul also engages in the waving of the piss stream.We both feel some of the splatter come back and lightly spray our bodies. Slowly his stream drops off, I stroke his foreskin to remove the last of his pee. It dribbles over my knuckles. My pee is running out and he repeats the same to me. We have stopped pissing but are still holding each other’s erections. I slowly stroke him again, a gentle wanking. His cock is lubricated with pee and there’s a loud squelching to my action. He copies and soon we are wanking each other at the bath.Paul starts to stiffen and relaxes his grip on my hardon. I stroke him faster, gripping his cock firmer. He breathes faster, his legs stiffen, his hand is barely holding my cock and he cums, cums hard and far. His spunk hits the wall with a loud slap and then runs down the wet wall. A second shot nearly reaches the wall, landing on the far side of the bath. He slumps slightly, having to hold this side of the bath to steady himself. He’s breathing hard, it’s his fourth cum in about 90 minutes. I take this opportunity to kneel down and slide my head between his legs and the bath. His drooping cock is there looking worn out. Slyly I take it in my mouth and suck gently. I can taste his spunk and the recent piss. I run my tongue around the foreskin and push the tip of my tongue under the skin to tease the head of his cock.I think his cock is trying to harden but it’s been a busy little thing so I’m not surprised that a swelling is as far as it gets. Paul taps my head and signals that I stand up. He removes the thong as I’m standing. He turns me to the bath and steps behind me, pressing against me. His right hand brings the thong to my cock and wraps it around me. The feeling is great and becomes electric as he starts to stroke me. I stand upright and press back slightly. I can feel his cock against my bare arse.Paul keeps up a regular pace on my cock. I reach behind him and grab his cock. A couple of strokes later I tip it upwards and place it in the valley behind me. His cock is firm but not hard. I raise my body up and down slightly, tensing and relaxing my arse cheeks. He continues wanking my stiff cock and I gently play with his. I’m enjoying both front and back attention and I’m nearing my cumming. Paul begins to slide himself up and down on my arse. He pulls back slightly and I hear him spit on his left hand to lubricate the cock/arse action. I feels so good to be “almost” fucked by him.Paul is pulling on my cock faster and harder. He pulls my body to him with more pressure and he slides his cock along my arse faster. I’m so close to cumming but the double attention is distracting, but too damn good to stop. I need to get over the edge. I grab my arse and spread it. Paul’s cock slips between my cheeks and grazes my arse hole, up and down. That’s it. I tense. I stop breathing, I bend backwards and I cum, as hard as I’ve ever known. As I shot my spunk across the bath, I press back, it coincides with Paul’s up down motion just being aligned to my hole. He stops, I press back. I cum, he stops moving. I cum, he presses forward, I press back, his cock head enters me. I need to cum all over again, but his stroking is too sensitive. I react by pulling away from his hand, oops I press on his cock. I pull forward in surprise and enter his fist again. Fuck, my body doesn’t know what to do with everything going on, wanking, cumming, fucking, too sensitive, surprise.Somehow I just stop all of my movements, taking a deep breath and holding it in. Paul senses that he should stop everything as well. He release my cock and slides his hand to my chest to hold me. His semi hard cock slowly eases from my arse. We both take another deep breath and try to come down from the high.I chuckle, he feels it. “What?” he asks. “Less than three hours ago, I was driving here, crapping myself as to whether I should go through with meeting you, apprehensive about how far we’d go, if either of us would set out limits or not, and …”I reply, “.. and, I just can’t count all the new things that have happened here, with you, and how good they all felt”.Paul chuckles too, “I know how you felt. This started as a simple XHamster chat, became a Skype video wank, and now we’ve broken a few barriers, acted out a few fantasies and” as he looks into the bath, “ made a mess of the bath”.I turn to him. “I need to get away sometime soon, sorry but I do” I say. “I completely understand” he replies “and I need to do some tidying up”.“Well we can clean the bath together with a shower, care to join me” I ask. “this mess came about because you wanted to join me in a pee” he jokes. “OK, well if we shower together, I promise not to do anything to you” I say grinning stupidly.Paul reaches for the shower and sets it running. We shower together, washing each other. We both have sensitive cocks, so a simple wash is all that happens in that region. I wash his back and press myself against his arse, I smile wondering if I’ll get to stand against him like this again. We stop the shower, now having removed the cum, piss and sweat we’ve expelled from our bodies. We dry off separately and then wander back to find our clothes.Now dressed, I’m about to leave. We agree that we simply must do this again, it’s been too good not to repeat. As we near the door, he takes my hand and turns it to face up. From his pocket he pulls his wife’s thong and places it in my hand. I lift it to my face and inhale the smell of the evening. “You need to return those to me, when you’re ready and most importantly unwashed. Whatever you do to them in the mean time is up to you, but I want them back, please”.“Of course”, I reply, “now let’s say no more. I arrived in silence, I’ll leave in silence”. I open the front door, I lift the panties to my face, I inhale, I look at him with the pants on my face and I wink at him. Stepping through the door, I keep walking. Seconds later I hear the click of the front door as he shuts it, ending our evening.Well, that’s a fantasy of how my first encounter may go. Of course it may not, but then that would require another story. Let’s see how it pans out.

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