First time at a swingers club

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First time at a swingers clubHiThis is a true story and my first post so please be gentle.My girlfriend, Sarah, and I had been seeing each other for about 2 years and our sex life was still very good but had slowed down to that comfortable level.To spice things up we started telling each other fantasies that we had, mine was to see her with another woman and she said she wanted to see me fuck another girl as well. We talked about how we’d take turns fucking this imaginary woman and Sarah said she’d love to eat my hot cum out of her freshly fucked pussy, we started watching threesome and lesbian porn together and I thought this would be as far as we’d go but I was in for a surprise.We’d been talking about this for a couple of months and one day I came home from work pretty tired so I suggested we have a quiet night and maybe watch a movie and have a couple of drinks indoors but Sarah said she wanted to go out and she had seen a great place she wanted to try so I got showered and dressed in the jeans and a shirt Sarah had laid out while she started getting ready, I knew she’d be a while so I went downstairs and watched a bit of tele.I heard Sarah come down the stairs and she called for me to get in the car, I locked up and jumped in and Sarah was wearing her long black mac, she then smiled at me and opened her coat to reveal a tiny red minidress which showed her stockings and suspenders. I was lost for words and she smiled and said “I hope you like it, didn’t want to be underdressed for our first visit to a sex club”.I was flabbergasted, she explained she had found a place online and wanted to surprise me. We punched the address into the satnav and set off.We arrived at an industrial looking building and rang the bell, the door was opened and we went inside where we were met by the host who explained the rules and took our coats and took us for a guided tour. Sarah seemed very self conscious all of a sudden and I felt as nervous as hell as we waked around and the other people there looked us over. There were lockable rooms, a dungeon type room and even a big padded play area but nothing was bahis siteleri happening and people were just chatting. I commented on how quiet it was and the host just smiled and replied “it’s early, wait and see”Sarah and I got a drink and tried to relax in the bar area, we talked to a few people and everyone was really friendly. It turned out it was couples night so there were no single guys. We both noticed that people were drifting into the play areas and Sarah whispered that she wanted to go and see what was happening.We walked through and we saw two couples on big padded play area. The guys were naked and the girls were on all fours sucking their cocks. Where we were standing gave us a perfect view as the women were totally naked apart from a few little bits of lingerie and I could see their wet pussy’s. We stood and watched for a bit then the girls swapped guys and carried on sucking. I could feel Sarah’s breathing harder and her hand moved onto the bulge as my cock tried to burst through the denim. The girls stopped sucking, looked around at the people watching them, giggled and one reached into her purse on the side and passed the guys a condom each. The guys started to rubber up and the girls started to go down on each other in a 69.Sarah was rubbing my cock really hard now and I couldn’t believe I was actually standing watching people fucking, they kept swapping positions and partners and the girls took turns in being spit roasted. I put my hand between Sarah’s legs and her knickers were soaked, sliding my fingers past the wet lacy material I rubbed her clit for all I was worth. As the guys finished of by cumming in the girls mouths which they eagerly swallowed Sarah pulled my had away and said “I don’t want to cum yet” and then she kissed me, and bent over pulling her knickers down in front of everyone and pushed them into my pocket.We then moved around the club, watching people sucking, licking and fucking, we then decided to have a little play ourselves.We found an unoccupied area and Sarah pulled off her little red dress to reveal her black lace bra and suspender belt, bahis siteleri she then unclipped her bra and slid it off showing off her big, perfect tits. I felt very self conscious as I took off my clothes and was standing there completely naked. I told Sarah how I felt and she reached out grabbing the shaft of my hard cock, pulling me towards her and said “Well let’s take your mind off of it” and then she flicked her long blond hair to the side and slid her bright red lips over my cock taking me deep in her mouth. She was giving it all she had, a real pornstar blowjob, and I could feel myself getting close to cumming when is felt a hand on my arm and a ladies voice ask “do you mind if we join you?”Sarah looked up and smiled at the couple who we later found out was Kate and her husband Dave. Sarah then patted the bed next to her and Kate wriggled out of her dress and she had on no bra or knickers and like Sarah a completely bare pussy.Dave stood next to me and Sarah began sucking me again, Kate had Dave’s flaccid cock in her hand and was trying to coax it into life but with little effect.Sarah asked if he was ok and Kate replied “silly bastard has had to much to drink” and slapped his belly playfully.Sarah then suggested that she and Kate put on a little show to see if that could improve things , with that Kate leant in and they began kissing.I stood back a little to take it all in as slowly at first their hands went to each other’s waists , then exploring higher to their breasts then back down in between each other’s legs where they played with each other. I looked over at Dave who had that glassy look but was trying to wank himself hard but getting nowhere.Sarah than gently pushed Kate backwards and Kate was giggling like crazy as Sarah ran her hands up her stocking clad legs, she then smiled at me and put her face between Kate’s thighs and began licking her pussy.Kate’s giggles became groans as Sarah licked up and down her wet pussy, she came quick and hard and Sarah sat up and kissed me, I could taste Kate’s pussy on her lips and it was glorious.Kate looked over at güvenilir bahis Dave who still hadn’t managed to get himself even half hard and then at me, and gasped “oh my god, your cock is pierced. I never noticed before” Sarah said “would you like to try it.” Kate looked at Dave who leant over, kissed her and said “have fun” and walked back towards the bar.I didn’t know what to do next but Kate definitely did as she ran her tongue over my helmet, round my piercing then sucked greedily on my cock.Sarah laid back watching the show with her legs up and playing with her clit.Kate then turned her attention back to Sarah and with her arse high in the air she began licking my girlfriends pussy.I couldn’t help but stare at her smooth shaven lips and I could see her cum dribbling down her leg towards her stockings tops so I leant in and began licking her, she was groaning and rolling her hips, grinding her pussy against my face.I looked over to Sarah to make sure she wasn’t having second thoughts but she had hold of Kate’s hair, pulling her harder into her pussy and she said “I want you to fuck her now”. I couldn’t believe my luck and after a bit of fumbling for a condom I then rammed my cock into Kate’s tight pussy and fucked her as hard as I could, each thrust pushing her face into Sarah’s pussy. I soon felt Kate’s pussy tighten and I could hear her screaming into my girlfriends pussy and that was it, I was ready to shoot my load. I pulled out of Kate, removed the condom and announced “I’m gonna cum” hoping I might get to come on their faces or tits but Kate grabbed my cock pulling me closer to Sarah and she told me to cum on Sarah’s pussy and began wanking me furiously.I then shot my hot spunk all over Sarah’s pussy, drenching it in cum. When i had finished Kate sucked me clean and set about eating my spunk off Sarah’s pussy which sent her over the edge and she orgasmed onto Kate’s eager tongue.The girls cuddled for a minute, giggling to each other before we became conscious of the crowd that had been watching us. We quickly dressed and went back to the bar where Dave was enjoying another beer, he greeted Kate with a kiss and asked her if she had fun to which she replied “I certainly did”Sarah and I went home and fucked like crazy until we were too exhausted to carry onWe continued to go to swingers clubs until we broke up a year ago

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