First time with Katie’s nanna

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First time with Katie’s nannaThis is a true story that happened several years ago so bear with me if I butcher some details….A quick back story: I was in my early twenties and dated an 18 year old white girl named Katie. She was a freaky petite white girl that lived with her grandma whom she called “nanna”. Katie and I used to fuck like rabbits. It didn’t matter if we were at my place, a friend’s place, or her grandmas. We fucked everywhere every chance we could get. A few times while fucking at her grandmas house when we thought we were alone her grandma caught us fucking with the bedroom door open and I saw her watching us but Katie never noticed we had been caught so I kept going. Her grandma would drop subtle hints later like “did you guys have fun earlier?” Or “the screws in your bed need tightening”. We both laughed but me and her nanna knew she’d done more than just hear us. After almost two years of dating me and Katie grew apart and broke up. It was more of her decision and not mine so I tried to get back together several times with no success. At the time I was a little heart broken and after Katie ignoring my calls and texts I decided to go to her grandmas house to try and talk things over one last time. When I got there her “nanna” answered the door and told me Katie wasn’t there and had gone to work. I said I was sorry and maybe I’d try again later. Nanna knew what was going on between us and offered for me to come in and talk if I wanted to. Normally I would’ve turned her down but I thought if maybe I talked to her long enough Katie would come home on break and I’d get a chance to talk to her. I came in and sat on the sofa in the den and started pouring my frustrations out to her nanna while she sat beside me. After every point I made Katies nanna explained how she understood where I was coming from. osmaniye escort After I was done pleading my case nanna told me she’s always liked me but she felt like Katie wasn’t mature enough for me yet. I told her maybe she was right and we hugged for a bit. She held me a bit longer and tighter than I was comfortable with. After she released me she said something that caught me completely off guard. She said maybe an older woman could give me everything her granddaughter couldn’t. At the time I never found older women attractive, mostly because I never looked at them in that way.Nanna wasn’t an attractive woman by my standards. She was heavyset with gray hair although she had a noticeably big ass and tits to match. She had to be in her late 50’s or early 60’s. She was wearing gray sweatpants and a baggy t shirt like she usually did. And while I must admit I always wondered how big her tits were I don’t think I ever actually wanted to see them. She then confessed that she’d seen Katie and I fuck several times and she could see why I was so obsessed with her. I tried to play dumb and said we don’t really do stuff like that. She laughed and said I didn’t need to hide anything from her. After all she was once a young pretty girl too. I was embarrassed and sat silent. Then she told me it was ok because she always liked me more than anybody her granddaughter ever dated. That gave me a little relief but I still sat silent not knowing what to say. What she did next caught me completely by surprise. She rested her hand on my crotch and told me everything would be ok. I was shocked but I figured she just didn’t realize where she put her hand so I just said “thanks. I hope you’re right.” She just looked at me and started rubbing my crotch. Now I was uncomfortable but I couldn’t help but start getting hard. She noticed escort osmaniye what was going on in my jeans and looked at me and said “I know a way you can forget about her.” I froze and didn’t know what to say. She sensed the panic inside me and told me to relax while she kept caressing the growing bulge in my jeans. I sat back in silence not knowing what to do. I wasn’t comfortable with what was happening but I didn’t know how to stop it without making an awkward situation. After a minute of her rubbing my crotch in silence she unhooked my belt and said “I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m just giving you what you’re missing.” Now I was completely frozen in amazement but I still didn’t know how to stop her. As she unbuttoned my pants and pulled my erect cock out she told me to relax. I sat perfectly still in shock as she started kissing on my shaft and stroking the head of my cock. Even though I didn’t want it to happen I let out a sigh as it felt so good to have someone fondling my cock that hadn’t been touched in weeks. She definitely took notice and said “see. I knew you’d like it.” I didn’t protest as she kissed her way up to the head and slipped her mouth around it. I tried to hold my composure as I was still in shock and in denial of the amount of pleasure she was giving me. She started working her mouth up and down on me while one hand caressed my balls. I just sat back and tried my best not to moan while she wet half the length of my cock with her mouth. When she worked her way up to the top she would lick around the head and let the spit drip off of her tongue before catching it with her other hand and rubbing it over my shaft. After a few minutes she started going faster and stroking my cock while moaning. I was in complete ecstasy! I lost all negative thoughts about the situation and starting thrusting osmaniye escort bayan my hips toward her wet moaning mouth while grabbing the back of her head. She eagerly took my cock in and out of her mouth making sure to wet every inch of me with every stroke. I replaced my left hand on her head with my right so I could fondle her tits with the left. She gladly pulled her shirt up around her neck so I could touch her naked tits. Every now and then she would take my entire length down her right wet throat and gag a little making me grunt and moan with pleasure. After a few minutes she got off the sofa and down on her knees on the floor and continued her oral onslaught. By this point I was fucking her mouth while she stroked, twisted, and sucked. I was panting like a dog, grabbing her head and thrusting into her mouth. She was making everything so sloppy. Her saliva dripping off of her hands and chin, dripping onto the edge of the sofa cushion and floor. I just couldn’t hold back. Finally with my back arched and my ass lifted off the cushion I grunted out “fuck I’m about to cum!”. She took my entire cock down her throat and grabbed my balls tight. I grunted and my body convulsed while I shot my load down her throat. She gladly took it all. Like a pro might I add. Much better than her granddaughter did. After shooting a few ropes down her throat she lifted her mouth off of me and started stroking the leftover cum from my still erect cock. I was in heaven!After what seemed like eternal pleasure I started to go soft. She was laughing, her face covered in saliva and a bit of cum. “ I bet Katie never sucked your dick like that!” she said. I just laughed and shook my head while catching my breath. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean her face with a cloth then she wiped me clean with the same cloth. I put on my pants and told her I should probably go. She gave me her number and said she didn’t think Katie and I would get back together but she was there if I ever needed to “talk”. I told her I might be back sooner or later. I most definitely would be back……

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