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FirstsI could barely believe this was happening; Kara’s incredible, perfect, alabaster body pressed to mine, the perspiration of our lovemaking drying on our skin.She had come to the house with the intent of studying for an exam with my assistance. That had lasted for a couple of hours, but the effects of being so close to each other had finally overwhelmed us both and we had kissed. The kiss had grown passionate until both of us were trembling and panting.Her notes forgotten, I had lifted her into my arms and carried her down the hall to the bedroom, setting her gently onto the bed. My hands trembling, I knelt before her and tenderly removed her clothing piece by piece, revealing a body unparalleled in its beauty.As she watched, I stood and disrobed, peeling away my clothing to reveal myself to her. My cock strained to be free of my clothing and swung to point at her as my pants slid down from my hips. “Oh my God.” Kara gasped, her eyes widening in what looked like fear. She reached out with both hands, wrapping them around the shaft of my erection one above the other, the bulbous head of my cock extending toward her beyond her two-fisted grasp.“Oh my God.” She repeated, her voice tremulous in its reverence.Sliding back to my knees, I leaned to kiss her again, her lips parting to give my tongue free access to hers. From her mouth, my lips moved to her cheek, her neck then, her breasts. With each caress of my tongue on her flesh, her trembling increased, until she was shivering not in fear or cold, but expectation.Gently, darıca escort I lay her back onto the bed, my mouth sliding down her smooth stomach then, dipping to her blazing moist pussy. My tongue plunged between the soft folds of her sex and she yelped as if scalded and leapt up the bed, coming to rest huddled by the headboard.“What’s wrong?” I asked, worried that I had done something to hurt her.A look of confusion creased her pale brow and she almost laughed in her embarrassment.“Nobody’s ever…” She began, her words faltering in her indecision on how to elaborate properly.“Then it’s long overdue.” I replied, reaching out to her with both hands.Uncertainly, she took my hands and let me guide her back down the mattress, her legs slipping over my shoulders to either side of my head. I bent to her again, tasting her, teasing her with my tongue and she responded to each taunting stroke.Legs tight around my head, fingers tangled in my hair, she shook with each caress of my tongue, her body arching as her hyper-excited labia and clitoris experienced my oral ministrations.Too soon she cried out in orgasm, crushing her wet pussy to my probing mouth, her body thrashing in the throes of ecstasy. Her orgasm over, her hands moved to push me away, but I was not yet prepared to stop. I redoubled my oral assault on her quivering sex, smashing her through one orgasm after another until I felt she couldn’t take anymore. As I released her from the press of my lips, I heard the soft sound of her sobs and slid escort darıca up onto the bed beside her.“Kara?” I asked, frightened that perhaps I had gone too far. “Why are you crying? Have I hurt you?”“No.” She replied tearfully and shook her head in the negative, wrapping her body around mine in a fierce hug. “It’s just that nobody has ever made me feel so good before. Never!”“Then,” I replied, echoing my earlier statement. “It was long overdue.”Kara clutched to me more fiercely.“Make love to me.” She pleaded.I was only too happy to oblige. Lifting my body above hers, I positioned the head of my rigid cock to the glistening lips of her pussy. A look of fear crossed her face and I wondered if she truly wanted this, or was just trying to please me in some form of maintaining fair play. The insistent pressure of her hands on my buttocks assured me that despite her expression of trepidation, she truly desired me in her.With a shift in my weight, I pressed my body downward, my cock forcing itself between the wet folds of her sex. I was amazed at the resistance her vagina exerted against the intrusion of my erection and it nearly startled me when the head of my cock finally succeeded in going inside of her.“Oh my God!” Kara cried out in a mixture of ecstasy and agony.Kara’s already soprano voice rose to a keening wail as I forced more of my cock into her. It was nearly impossible; the crushing grip of her vagina was so strong. I had to put my full weight to my attempt to enter her and I had barely gotten more darıca escort bayan than half of myself in when I could feel my penis’ head butted up against the tensed muscles of her cervix. Kara cried out when I didn’t immediately stop my insistent pressure. The sheer pain in her voice made me pull back.“Oh God!” She began to whimper. “Don’t stop! Oh God!”I pressed my rigid cock into her again, pulling back at her cry of pain when I filled her. It was now quite obvious to me that she could only accept about five inches of my dick into her incredibly tight pussy and as such, it fell to me to insure that I didn’t try to insinuate more than that. It was difficult, but soon I was moving smoothly, thrusting in only as much as her compact vagina would allow then, withdrawing again for the next thrust.I had never before experienced the powerful pressure I discovered from her clutching sex. It excited me immeasurably. When she once more approached orgasm, the muscles of her vagina began to clasp, tightening onto my throbbing shaft with crushing force. Suddenly, she was screaming and thrashing beneath me in the throes of ecstasy. The savage grip of her vagina wrenched at my cock and with a roar, I was cumming, my hot semen pumping into her in fiery torrents. Spent we collapsed onto the bed, still joined by our sexes. I tried to pull free, but could not. The pressure of her vagina was such that my now softening penis was being gripped too tightly to move.“Give me a minute to relax.” Kara panted.“I have a choice?” I asked, feeling the crushing power of her pussy holding my flaccid penis in a veritable death grip. Content to remain within her, I pulled her to me, lying with her in the rumpled sheets, a puddle of our sweat sticking the thin fabric to us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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