Foursome with Steve, Marie and Mandy

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Foursome with Steve, Marie and MandyI was thinking of getting Steve to undress Mandy while you and I sat at opposite sides of the room watching. He could take his time, taking each piece of clothing off very carefully, he could leave her stockings on and lie her down in between us. I thought maybe then he could take his time to rub that cock of his up and down her body for a while, just like he probably did on holiday. You and I would still be fully clothed, until….. until I offer you a drink from the table. we both go over to the table and I pour you some wine, we both sip from our glass and then look down at Mandy, she is on her back, naked apart from her stockings, her legs slightly open, and stood over her Steve is starting to undress, equally as slowly as he undressed her he starts to take of his clothes, me and you just stand there with our drinks, and then I take hold of your hand, and do nothing more than hold it while we watch Steve undress over Mandy… over Mandy, I squeezed Maries hand and she squeezed back, we looked at each other for a moment, sipped our drinks and then both looked back towards Mandy and Steve, Steve was now naked to, he was stood facing us with his feet either side of Mandys body, his cock was stiff and Mandy began to stroke the inside of his calfs with both hands, as she did so her legs opened a little more so that Marie and I could already see how wet her pussy was, Steve took a step back away from us towards Mandys head and then started to bend over her, his head went towards her pussy, his stiff erect cock towards her face. I let go of Maries hand and put it gently on her bum as we stood and watched… and watched. Marie turned towards me as i very gently ran my hand across her bum, she smiled at me and I thought she was going to kiss me, but she turned back towards Steve and Mandy. Steve was now down to his knees over Mandy, she had raised both her legs up and moved a little more open for us to see, Steve was hanging over Mandy and I could see that his balls were close to Mandys face, I wanted her to lick them for him. Steve looked at me and his wife and then put his hands on Mandys pussy, he opened it for us so that now we could see just how turned on she was, he stroked a finger along the length of her pussy and very gently slid it into her, he took it out and put it into his mouth and sucked it dry. I could feel Marie twitching, I felt her push her arse back against my hand, I squeezed her bum, I wanted to fuck her…. fuck her. We still had our drinks in our hands, so I took Maries from her and put them both down on the table behind us. And then I moved myself so that now I wasnt standing next to Marie, I was standing behind her. I looked down her body, she wore a skirt and a blouse top, I put my hands down by her side so that they resting near her thighs and I leaned forward to kiss her on the side of her face. She turned her head towards me and tried to kiss me but couldnt, so I just kissed her cheek, she smiled and then turned back to see what her husband was doing in front of her. I leaned forward over her shoulder so that I could see too. Steve was kissing the inside of Mandys knee and lower thigh, he spent his time between kissing her, and licking her and nibbling at her, and all the while with one of his hands he was stroking her pussy. Mandy was now totally open for him. I couldnt see what she was doing but I could see that Steve was gently rocking his hips forward so i assumed she was either licking his balls or sucking his cock. I stood up a little more to watch and as I did so i pushed into Maries back and i felt my hard cock press against her back, immediately she pushed back against me and i then let my hands take hold of her hips, very slowly we started to rub ourselves against each other through our clothes as we both watched Steve move his head down between Mandys legs and I watched as his came out of his mouth and made contact for the first time with Mandys clit… …with Mandys clit. This was so exciting my cock was bursting to get out of my pants. I was stood behind the beautiful Marie, my hands on her sides, her arse pushing back against my cock while we both stood just feet away from her husband licking my wifes pussy while she sucked on his cock and balls. We didnt want to stop watching, I think that if we had turned and kissed each other then we would lost control and ended up on the floor there and then. I didnt want anything to stop, but I had to get more of Marie. There was a chair by the table, so I pulle it over towards me. I put it behind Marie and I sat down on it. I put both hands onto Maries hips and the started to move her skirt up her thighs, as I did so again she pushed back, but now it was face near her her so as she did so i kissed her bum through the skirt as I carried on pushing the skirt up. Once the skirt got to mid thigh Marie was able to just open her stance a little so that he legs open just a touch. Her skirt was now just past the top of her stockings, her gorgeous white flesh was there for me to touch. I leaned forward and ran mu tongue along the rim of her stocking so that i touched both material and leg.. As I licked her thigh her legs moved again ever so slightly apart, just enough so that I could see Steve and Mandy through Maries legs. Steve was in a position so that his tongue was extended down out of his mouth and playing over Mandys clit and pussy, while his head was still towards us, so I could tell by his eyes that he was staring at Marie. That was a turn on to know that while Steve was licking out Mandy in front of us he was staring into Maries eyes. By now I had pushed up Maries skirt and I wasnt suprised to find thast she wasnt wearing knickers, I looked between her legs and saw her pussy and arse in front of me. i leaned forward to kiss them and as I did so Marie bent over as though to touch her toes, which made her pussy open just enough for to see its dampness. As i went to kiss is it I knew that Steve had just moved from mandys pussy and had knelt up to kiss his wife on the lips as she bent towards him, and away from me, now we were all in contact… …in contact. I took hold of Maries bum with both hands and using my thumbs just pulled her cheeks open so that I could easily see both her pussy çankırı escort and arse. As I moved orward I could hear her kissing Steve as they played with each others tongues, my cock surged in my pants as i thought that now Marie was tasting Mandys cum from Steves mouth. I put out my tongue and i pushed it as far along Maries pussy between her legs as I could, and then very slowly and deliberately i ran it back along her pussy until I left it and then let my tongue carry along until it came onto her arse and I let my tongue play there for a second, then I pulled away to survey the scene, because Steve had moved a little to kiss Marie, I could now see that Mandy had hold of the root of his cock and was indeed sucking on his helmet and flicking her tongue over him, i dived back into Maries pussy and pushed my tongue deep into it…. deep in Maries pussy. I opened her pussy again with my hands so that she was all exposed to me, I started at the bottom, and rang my tongue around the outside of her and over her lips one side at a time, then I concentrated briefly on the opening of her pussy itself and let my tongue be drawn into it by its gorgeous sweet tasting juice, then after one or two deep insertions into her with my tongue I ran it up to her clit where I started drawing my tongue around and around her clit. Marie leaned forward and needed some support, conveniently she was able to reach out with her hands and rest thm on Mandys raised knees, so Marie was now leaning away from me using Mandys open legs to support herself, I could now see much more in front of me and again glanced past Marie to see Mandy quietly going about her business sucking on Steves cock, deep into her mouth and throat I saw his cock disappear, Steve meanwhile was in such a position that he could no longer easily kiss Marie, but because of how she was leaning over her tits were now right in front of him, he started to undo her blouse… So, Maries skirt was around her waist, she was leaning onto Mandys knees to support herself, I was busy kissing, sucking and licking her pussy from behind while Steve undid her blouse. In almost a flash the top was off along with a bra if she was wearing one, I was so busy tasting her juices that I didn’t even notice how Steve had freed her tits but free they were. I came out from behind her a little and kissed her bum cheeks, then I started to kiss around her bum cheeks and towards the top her thighs, this wasn’t just a nice thing to do, I also wanted to see those beautiful big tits hanging front of me. As I kissed Maries arse I put one hand forward and around her so that I could gently squeeze it and touch her erect nipple, i didn’t need to be able to see to tell that Steve was sucking her other tit for her. So while I kissed Maries bum and thighs on one side, Steve was kissing her tit on the other, this left her pussy free. As I moved m right hand towards her pussy so that I could stroke it I came into contact with Steves hand looking to do the same, we were all over her. Then there was a slight shift, Mandy moved away from us all, Steve had to raise up to let her slide from under him, Marie had to support he self bent over though this was easier now as I wasn’t really pushing her forward with my tongue anymore and in any case Steve was support in front of her. Then I saw Mandy crawling on all fours back towards us, she got herself alongside Steve in front of Marie and knelt next to him just as he was knelt, they looked like they were both begging together, and then she moved my hand from Maries left tit and she held it in both her hands before taking it into he mouth and sucking on it. Steve looked at Mandy briefly and followed suit, they were both sucking on her tits… ..and they were both sucking on her tits. Let me just paint that picture for you again, Marie is stood in the room, wearing stockings and a skirt pulled up around her waist, she is half bending over because I am sat on a chair behind her licking her arse and pussy while kissing and fondling the cheeks of her arse, I am having to fight for the attention of Maries pussy with Steve who is in front of Marie kneeling down sucking on one of her tits while my wife Mandy is on her knees next to Steve sucking the other tit. I am still fully bloody clothed! In a moment of gentlemanly chivalry i suggest to everyone that Marie, who has been standing the longest is allowed to sit down on the chair I am on, and I make way for her. Marie does sit down but not before she frees herself from her skirt, when she sits she sits down very open legged. I am now in a rush to get my cock out, for some time now everyone else has had something sucked or poked and I have had nothing. I step away from the group and start undressing. When I look back at them I see that they havent waited for me. Mandy has stayed on her knees and is sat between Maries legs, Steve is stood up but bending over Marie and they are kissing each other, I am now naked. I walk towards them and to be honest didnt know what to do for the best. Mandy was on her knees but had her bum up so I thought I could bend her over and start fucking her from behind, that way I could push her head forward into between Maries legs where I would find out if Mandy knows how to lick pussy. Mandy has slept with girlfriends before but has never gone beyond a drunken grope and the odd sucking of an occasional tit, I was hoping tonight would be my first time seeing Mandy go down on another woman. While I thought about what to do I stood still and quite naturally started to wank myself, I was sort of day dreaming because another part of me wanted to walk over to Marie and present my cock to her so that she wank or suck it for me, my indecision meant that I was left standing there wanking while the others made my mind up for me. I heard Mandy say to Steve, “Come and fuck Steve me while I do Marie”, well any doubt about Mandy not being at least willing try a bit if bi went straight out of the window, Steve said, “Love to” and immediately walked round and behind Mandy, cock in hand, and got on his knees behind her. I looked at Marie and she waved me towards her and said, “Come and watch them next to me” She beckoned me to stand right next to her at a level of her mouth and my stretched out cock. As escort çankırı soon as I was next to her she took hold of my cock and sucked it staright down into her mouth. With her tongue and saliva she soaked my cock before gripping its base and playing the end of it with her lips and tongue. I could barely stand as she kissed, sucked and licked my cock. I could barely stand also because as I looked down past Maria sucking me I could my wife Mandy toying with Maries clitoris with her tongue, I was even more weak kneed when I saw her use her fingers to open up Marie’s pussy to give Mandy more access to her pussy. i couldnt quite tell but I was sure Mandy was doing more than just her pussy too. Then I looked along Mandys beautiful body to where I saw Steve holding her hips with both hands and rhythmically rocking back and forwards in and out of her with his cock from behind. Steve was fucking my wife, who was performing oral on his wife, who was performing oral on me. And I was still desperate to fuck Marie…. …to fuck Marie. I was able to lean down to my left little and stroke Mandys hair as her head bobbed up and down between Maries legs, it was really sexy to see from time to time Marie herself stroke Mandys hair as she licked her pussy. Every now and then Mandy would have to stop her kissing and licking and take a breath of air, not from the kissing but from the need to gasp with the ever increasing thrusting of Steves cock into her pussy, I can only imagine that the thrusting of Mandy forward into her pussy was a real turn on for Marie. Marie seemed well turned on by Mandy because once in a while she would take my cock out of her mouth, keep hold of it firmly and then look down for a while at what Mandy was doing to her. I remember suddenly saying, “Can I try please”, to no one in particular and Mandy said, “Yes”. She sort of moved herself of Steves cock, stood up and said to me, “Enjoy yourself” and waved me towards Maries pussy. At the same time Steve stood up and he and Mandy stood together and started to kiss each other on the lips. Again i was particularly excited to see Mandy snogging another man, I watched her and Steve’s tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, they looked like they were really enjoying it. I in the meantime got down on my knees between Maries legs and looked at her pussy. I put my arms out and ran my hands up and down her thighs, each time I got to her pussy I paused, touched it and then started stroking again; I was doing this repeatedly while Steve and Mandy hugged and snogged. Marie then said, “Come here you too” and beckoned Steve towards her, Steve stood where I had been, he had his cock in his hand and he held it out towards Marie, she leant forward to kiss it, then Mandy moved in as well. She was effectively leaning over the sitting Marie so that while Steve has his cock in Maries mouth she was able to kiss his balls, hand and the area around his cock. Then Steve moved his cock out of Maries mouth and held it just within her reach, both women leaned forward at the same time, and all of a sudden Steve found both women at the same time kissing the end of his cock, without words both Mandy and Marie seemed to find a rhythm in which they could share the kissing and sucking of him in turn. Every now and then Steve would move more towards one of them and that person, be it Mandy or Marie would then get to suck the whole cock for a short while. If that wasn’t horny enough for me there were the odd occasion when both women, without access to Steves cock for a second or two would leave their tongues out for each other and before long they were kissing each other in between paying attention to Steves cock. And I still hadn’t got to fuck Marie, but then she said to, pushing my head away from her pussy, “Lie back Jon”, I did, I lied down on the floor on my back and then Marie stood up, Steve and Mandy backed away and she stepped up to me and stood up over me and then squatted down over my hard cock, she took it in one hand, held it towards herself and lowered down…. and lowered down. As Marie squatted down I put my hands on her knees, with her hand she held my cock up and just as it touched her pussy she stopped coming down. Then she used her hand to rub the end of my cock over her pussy, she made it open up her pussy lips and used it to rub against her clit, she touched every part of her beautiful pussy with with my cock. I could see she was enjoying herself, and so was I, I was shaking with anticipation, I desperately wanted my cock in her pussy, I wanted to feel my cock deep in that warm wet soft place, I wanted to feel her pussy gripping my cock in itself, I wanted to feel her thighs press against mine as she fucked me, I really fucking wanted her. I raised my hips off the floor so that I could get into her but she smiled down at me and just raised herself away so that I couldnt quite get in, it was brilliant. Then she did it, she just suddenly took away her hand and sat on me. My cock went straight into her tight wet pussy, it was like warm silk, my cock could sense everything inside her, it was gorgeous, she was soaked, i could feel every twitch of her muscles, each one making my cock react itself with a twitch, she just held me there, sat fully on my throbbing cock, with her pussy muscles gripping its base. I let out a moan of satisfaction and pleasure and I couldnt close my mouth and I had to close my eyes. I felt her moving slowly up and down and i knew even then that I would have to work very hard not to shoot my load straight away. I felt something else near me and opened my eyes to see Mandy above my head and getting lower, she was getting into position to sit on my face, I moved my arms to help her and just as Marie was squatting over and on my cock Mandy squatted just above my face. Her pussy was as wet as Maries felt, it smelt gorgeous, it tasted beautiful and I lapped it up, I held my tongue out and Mandy rocked her back and forwards so that she was able to get my tongue where she wanted it, I was in heaven. I only stopped licking her when I could tell that something else was going on and I wanted see, I moved my head, with Mandys pussy still over me and looked up to see that Marie and Mandy were kissing each other. They looked so lovely kissing çankırı escort bayan each other, I could see their tongues touching each other, I could feel Maries pussy all over my cock, I could see Mandys pussy inches from my face and then I saw Steve was stood next to the women wanking his cock. While they were kissing each other he was stood next to them as they say on me and he was wanking his cock next to their kissing faces, just as Mandy sat down a little more so that i could lick her pussy again someone said they were going to cum, and so was I. i tried to say I was going to cum but I couldnt speak, I could feel the spunk building up at the base of my cock, it was travelling almost slowly up the shaft. Then I burst, I felt my cum shoot almost like a geezer into Maries pussy, I felt her pussy contract then expand with even more juice, I could almost feel my spunk running around in there, and then I shot again, and again, and again. And while I was still giving Marie spunk I heard Steve announce he was coming, I strained to see but saw him suddenly stop wanking for a couple of seconds, then wank really quickly as he began to shoot. The girls were still kissing, the first volley of cum hit Marie on her cheek, Steve moved the second volley to hit Mandy on her cheek, both women carried on kissing and just allowed him to shoot over their kissing cheeks, at the exact same time Mandy sat fully on my face and I felt her cum on me, her pussy expanded and contracted right over my mouth and nose, I opened my mouth to take anything that she might have to give me, Marie was tensing too, she was clearly cumming too and i felt that wonderful feeling you can only get as a man when you feel a pussy cumming on your cock, both women let out a moan and deep breaths and for the first time stopped kissing, the moved their heads away from each other, I looked up to see their beautiful faces flushed and splashed on one side with some of Steves cum, and then I saw that Steve, still with cock in hand, was still wanking and still producing a little cum which was now not hitting the women but dripping down onto my chest, as I watched spunk dripped off both ladies faces down onto me, whats going to happen to that lot I thought… …that lot I thought. There seemed to be a pause in proceedings, I was out of breath, Marie was breathing heavily and I watched those gorgeous tits of hers rise up and down with each breathe, she was still sat on my now deflating cock, Mandy rose up from my face and instead knelt next to me on my left so that she was opposite Steve who was still stood up next to and over me, I was quite impressed that he was still quite hard, though he had now stopped cumming on the three of us. Mandy then leaned across and over me and started to kiss and tongue play with Steves spunky cock, it was on the way down but Mandy was giving it enough attention to keep it more than a bit interested, I watched as a mixture of the last of his cum and her saliva ran slowly down her chin and dripped down onto me to join the rest of the cum that had settled on my body. Steve leaned forward and while Mandy sucked on his wilting cock he kissed Marie on the lips, he was also kissing her on the side of her face where he had just cum which I thought was very sexy of him. Then Marie moved and there was squelch of her cum and mine as her pussy let my semi limp cock fall out of her, a mixture of both our juices was all over me as she pulled away. Marie sort of slid away from me and moved her legs and body away but kept her upper half near me. She was in a sort of prone position with her tits just below my cock and balls and her head near my stomach. Then she used her forearms to push her tits together and then rubbed them from side to side over my cum covered cock and pubes. I looked down at her as she did so and I watched how our cream transferred from me to spread over her tits and nipples to make them shiny and sticky. She was effectively using her tits to wipe our cum from me. Meanwhile, looking up I noticed that Mandy had licked Steves cock dry, there was no more cum on his cock, and there was no more cum on his fingers, I can only assume that Mandy had taken that too. I also noticed that his cock had still not lost its drive and then I saw him again take hold of the root and he began to slowly stroke himself again while Mandy poked at the eye of his cock with the end of her tongue. Then Marie kneeled up, but still kept hold of her tits, she pushed them together and up (just like in the photo you sent me x) and turned towards Mandy, without being asked Mandy moved away from Steves cock and turned to Marie. As Marie pushed out her tits Mandy leaned forward and started to kiss the nipples one by one, Maries and my cum still glistened on her tits and Mandy put out her tongue and licked the juice off her tits as Marie held them out for her. Mandy licked each tit and then sucked each nipple before sitting back on her knees for a moment. As she did so Marie leaned further up my body and came to a part of my chest where there was a puddle of Steves cum, she looked into my eyes and then put out her tongue and licked the pool of cum into her mouth, a small drip appeared at the corner of her mouth which she let run down to her chin. She carried on further up me, sort of crawling now, and at each pool or splash of Steves cum she paused and cleaned it up, Mandy was sat back on her knees, one hand resting on a breast and the other just stroking the top of her pussy as she watched, Steve then bent his knees and lowered himself down, he had his cock in his hand, now almost stiff again, and as Marie was almost over me now he ran his cock up and down her shoulder blades and patted her back with his cock. Then Marie was right up to my face, I could see drips of Steves cum around her lips and on her chin, her mouth was just open and I could see cum inside it, I looked at Steve and then I saw Mandy lean forward, put her arms around Steve, he leaned forward too, and over Marie and I, from either side of us they both leaned forward and kissed passionately. I looked back towards Maries face moving towards mine, when she was only inches away she stared a sexy stare into my eyes, then she closed her eyes, she opened her mouth a little more so that I could see the cum on her tongue and teeth, and Marie brought her mouth to mine, as soon as we sealed lips I felt the cum drip into my mouth, I put my tongue into her mouth and ran it around so that I could taste all that she wanted to give me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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