Fucked at the Pub

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Fucked at the PubI went to a local pub this evening for a music pub quiz with my friends, and half way through a group of men three men sat at the table next to us. We were struggling with the quiz kept asking the men for help with the older songs, as we are in our early 20s and they looked to be around 40. I immediately fancied one of the men; he had a couple of tattoos and the stupidly attractive facial hair some men my own age struggle to grow. Throughout the night I kept throwing glances his way, and occasionally I’d see him staring at me (or my breasts). Now I have to admit something about myself which is quite embarrassing. When I’m attracted to a man I end up looking at his crotch and imagining his cock. I think about how I want to unzip his jeans, pull out his cock and feel it get hard in my hands. I want to hear him moan as he succumbs to the pleasure and I want to watch him as he cums. Well after all these fantasies I was feeling pretty hot…We ended up asking the men to join us at the table. The one I’m interested in scoots next to me and we discuss the answer to the question. The music is loud, so he has to talk in my ear. He brushes my hair away and I feel his warm breath on my neck. I feel his knee touch mine, I keep mine there. canlı kaçak iddaa About five minutes later we’re talking with the rest of the group and I feel his hand on my thigh above my knee. Though no one at the table can see us below the table, they can all see my face, so I have no change in my expression. I can feel myself getting wet. I’m no longer paying attention to the quiz. I can’t believe this is happening! I look down and see that his cock has grown in his jeans. I gently slide my hand up his thigh to let him know I’m interested. “You’re so fucking hot”, he says. I don’t know how to reply to this, so I just smile. (What is the best reply to this, ‘you too’?). When no one is paying attention he leans in and whispers “I want to fuck you in the bathroom”. I look over at the bathroom, and it is secluded enough. The women’s has three very large stalls in there and there’s not many women in the pub. We’re not too likely to be caught. Before I answer I feel his hand slide under my dress. He strokes my pussy over my pants and tights. Now I really am wet. I look around the table. Nobody has noticed. Everyone’s just laughing, talking about one thing or another. I can’t focus on anything except his fingers. I look at his face güvenilir casino and its so natural, you would have no idea what was happening. At one point he even answers a question. The fact that no one has any idea what’s happening makes me so horny. I gently squeeze the bulge in his jeans and announce that I’m going to the bathroom. Luckily, none of my girlfriends decide to join.Nobody else is in the bathroom. I check my appearance in the mirror and look in my bag for my perfume. Before I look back up I feel his arms reach around me. He grabs my tits roughly over my dress. I can feel his hard cock in his jeans against my ass as he kisses my neck. He pulls me into one of the stalls. I have my back against the door, his hands either side of my head. I kiss his lips and feel his stubble against my face. His hands reach my neck and he pulls me even closer to him. I slide from his grasp and position myself on my knees. I can see the bulge in his jeans close up now. I unbutton and unzip his trousers and pull out his cock, which is already hard. I lick the length of his cock before closing my lips around his cock. He grabs my head and pushes his dick further into my mouth. I feel him harden a little more.He holds my arm to help me onto güvenilir casino my feet. Then he spins my around so I’m facing the wall. He pulls my tights and pants down to my knees and yanks my dress up to my waist. I feel his hands all over my ass, and his fingers enter my pussy, one at first and then two. I can tell how wet I am. I can feel his hard cock pressed against my ass. He pushes my upper body down so my ass is stuck out.I feel him slide into my pussy, slowly and then with fast thrusts. I let out a moan and he puts his hand over my mouth. “We have to be quiet”, he whispers into my ear. I usually find it hard to orgasm through penetration alone, but I’m so worked up that I cum within a couple of minutes. I feel a flood of pleasure wash over my whole body and for a moment my knees nearly buckle and I almost fall. He cums soon afterwards. He left first and I followed him out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later after I’d cleaned up. I felt a rush of mischievousness as I saw him sat back at the table. No one had a clue, no fucking idea! When my taxi came and it was time to leave, I gave him the same goodbye as everyone else. I said it was nice to meet him, and thanks for the help on the quiz (we didn’t come first. Or second, third, fourth or fifth either!). I never got his name or his number. I don’t know his occupation, or where he lives or shops or works out. It was our secret what happened this evening, and maybe if I see him again we’ll have to repeat the experience.

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