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FUCKED BY MR. THREE FOOTI met Mr. Three Foot a bar it was a place I had never been to before but had heard you could find hot guys there…I saw him at the bar alone and I thought hmmmm either he want’s to be alone or he’s very fussy about who he talks to…He was tall good looking kind of swarthy with a olive skin complexion I thought what the heck if he blows me off I split and find another cock…So I slithered over and parked myself next to him ordered a drink and tried to look uninterested but he caught me looking at him through the bar mirror and smiled then he turned to me and said “Hello I’m Mr Three Foot!” I shook his hand and glanced at his feet nope he only had two so I guessed he was referring to his cock…Now guys exaggerate the size of their cocks all the time and I was sure he was no different I peeked at his crotch and saw a bulge that ran all the way down to his knee I hadn’t seen it before with the way he had his leg positioned but it was as plain as day now! “I’m Billy pleased to meet you!” I said blushing a little because he had caught me looking at his cock…He was still holding my hand and smiled “Would you like to touch it?” I blushed harder but nodded my head yes I was dying to tough it to see if it was real…So he took my hand and casually placed it on his cock man it felt real and I let my hand roam it’s length and I felt it move under my hand “Now he knows your there!” Mr Three Foot whispered in my ear as I felt the head of his cock which was close to his knee…Could this thing be real? I just had to find out for myself…For a guy I’m good looking in a girly kind of way smooth features and slim athletic body I never had any trouble attracting another guy when I wanted to and tonight I wanted to so I looked him in the eye then took his drink and finished it for him “My place or yours?” I said standing while still having my hand on his cock I just couldn’t seem to let go of the thing…He smiled like he knew what I was going to say all the time and said “Mine!” He took my hand off his cock and I reluctantly let go then holding my hand we walked out together I saw a few cute guys give me the “Uh OH” look but I just smiled back and left with my date…When we were in his car a hot sexy sports car with smooth leather seats that felt great under my ass I asked “So what’s your real name?” My hand found it’s way back to his cock which as luck çorum escort would have it was running down his right leg so it was easy to grab! My date smiled and said “Simon” I repeated his name rolling it over my tongue I liked the sound if it so sexy! “Mines Billy! Just in case your interested!” He smiled again “Billy! Cute sexy name I like it!” I squeezed his cock to show him that I liked what he said…soon we were away on the highway and a short while later we pulled into his drive he had a nice place kind of Spanish hacienda looking lots of stucco and stone I liked it but I didn’t have a chance to see it much as we kind of rushed inside eager to get to the good part but first he took me to the bathroom where he made me drink a small glass of cherry flavored antacid he said for what we were going to do I would need that in my stomach…I was curious to why but didn’t ask as I just wanted to see his cock…He took me to the bedroom and undressed me he liked my body and ran his hands all over it I was hard and he stroked my cock a few times making me groan with pleasure and anticipation… then he let me do him I too off his shirt rubbed my hands over his chest then I couldn’t wait any longer I got down on my knees and opened his pants pulled them down and saw his underwear with his cock trailing down the leg hole on the right side I was amazed at the length and thickness of him and was eager to see more I pulled down his underwear carefully and slowly freeing his cock which now hung free like a snake I was hypnotized by it bobbing my head to the swing then I took it in my hands and raised it up and gaped in awe at the huge pair of balls hanging between his legs they were massive things like two oranges in a skin sack OMFG I was in trouble!Simon said “Simon says suck it!” So I did taking his cock head into my mouth licking and sucking I felt his cock lengthen even more as blood flowed into it I had both hands around it and was slowly stroking the length of it then he said “When I tell you to swallow just swallow and keep swallowing!” Did he expect me to swallow this huge cock? Could I do it? I didn’t know I never had anything so long in my mouth ever! Then Simon said “Swallow!” and so I did and he pushed his cock down my throat I started to gag but he said “Keep Swallowing!” so I did and it just kept going down I watched it enter me inch by inch foot çorum escort bayan by foot until his huge balls were resting on my chin I felt his length all the way down my throat and even in my stomach that was the reason for the antacid he knew he would be in my stomach then he began to stroke his cock in and out faster and faster my stomach was taking a pounding until he pulled almost out and with his cock head still in my mouth he came and came hard his cum blasted into my mouth I couldn’t swallow it fast enough and it rocketed up my nose and shot out like twin jets thick ropy cum and it kept spraying until he finished cumming…I was amazed at the force of his cum it had taken me by surprise but I was still up for more so I blew the cum out of my nose and licked what I could off my lips Simon had a big I knew that was going to happen grin on his handsome face the bastard…giggle…I took his huge cock in both hands and said “WOW! This thing has some kick! What else can it do?” I said smiling “Would you like to find out?” Simon said still smiling…I nodded my head yes and his cock was still hard harder in fact then it had been when I sucked it OMFG what a cock…Simon took a remote form his nightstand and raised the foot of his bed all the way up then he had me lay face down with my ass hanging over the edge my feet were off the floor I was suspended it was kind of like floating on a cloud his mattress was so soft…I felt lube oil running down the crack of my ass and then I felt his cock head rubbing it up and down and over my rosebud I shuddered in anticipation of taking this unbelievably long cock into my ass could I take it all I didn’t know but I was going to find out as his cock began to enter me he was stuffing the head of his cock using his hand as a guide I could feel my hole expanding wider and wider I moaned loudly as it popped its big head in then it began to move in and out going a little deeper with each push in I felt it going deeper and deeper until I felt like it had reached the end of my channel but I was wrong Simon took my hips in his hands and said “Now this may hurt a little!” I said “Okay!” and he pushed on past the end into another part of me I felt a little pain as it entered this new realm he was going where no man had ever gone before at least not in this ass anyway…Snaking deeper inside me I heard strange noises and escort çorum realized that I was making those noises after a few more strokes I felt his huge balls between the cheeks of my ass …I had taken it all and he was completely inside me he left it all the way in for a minute letting me get used to it and I was the pain had gone and was replaced by a feeling of fullness like I had never experienced before holy crap I had taken it all I was amazed so was Simon “Everyone else has made me stop when we got to that point but not you Billy you took it all…damn your ass feels nice it’s so wonderful to be all the way inside someone!” I just wanted more I wanted to be fucked now by this giant cock so I said simply “FUCK ME!”Simon dug his fingers into the soft cheeks of my ass and began to do just that his huge cock began to move slowly at first then faster his strokes got longer and longer I heard those strange noises again but knew I was making them and could not stop…Like a Python seeking prey his cock explored my assholes deepest channel I just clung to the bed and kept my ass held high I heard his breathing quicken some time later and I knew I was going to get an ass full then with a roar he let loose his orgasm I felt it rushing through his cock like a fire hose under full pressure it burst from the head gushing deep in the other channel of my ass then after the initial blast he drew back and milked his cock into my normal channel filling that up with cum as well…When he finished he dropped the bed down turned me over and with wonder in his eyes he kissed me deeply…he told me he had never cum so completely that the feeling of cumming all the way inside me was the most amazing thing of his life…I told him it was just as incredible for me and we talked through the night…I discovered that I liked him a lot we shared a lot of the same likes and dislikes and I also decided I was going to see him again if hwe wanted to that is…He did! So now we’re a couple and they look at me in amazement when we go into the bar together the one that gave me the “Uh OH!” look came up and said “Simon seems so happy I’m glad for you both don’t know how you managed it but I take off my hat to you I couldn’t do it he was too big for me!” I smiled and shook my head “I amazed myself baby!” I said and we both laughed Simon saw us talking and just grinned then I came back to him and sat beside him my hand possessively perched on his thigh…We would go home to have more amazing sex as I found different ways to take that snake into me and Simon loved every one of them! He still does!Never, THE END!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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