Games With Carla

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Games With CarlaThe apartment spanned the entire top floor of the old, three story building, and was drafty. Four bedrooms — four college k**s in their senior year. Carla and I had been housemates as juniors, along with another guy who had since graduated. Linda and Shelly were Carla’s friends, but neither were around much. My schedule was completely packed with activities and responsibilities that would routinely go from eight am to two am, so I guess I wasn’t around much either.That was a little tough on my relationship with Carla. We had been friends for two years and I think she had expected to see more of me than she did. She was a somewhat heavy girl, who had never really had a boyfriend, and valued the frank sexual discussions we would often have. I valued them too. Carla was so funny and bold, on the rare occasions I would be home when she got back from school, she would talk about her day until I was crying with laughter.Carla was perpetually angry with me because we weren’t seeing as much of each other as we used to. And I missed her, as well.We went out in the snow to rent movies one night, just like I’d promised. Somehow we ended up with porn. But we were intelligent college k**s, so it was classic porn. We plodded home and watched the original Debbie do the original Dallas.And I noticed a few things. First of all, no part of that movie takes place in Dallas. It’s all about these cheerleaders trying to get to Dallas. Secondly, those old porn flicks are sexy. Really sexy. A lot sexier than either of us had expected. And the third thing is that no matter how platonic you think a friendship is, watching an hour of hot fucking together will reveal deep veins of sexual tension you never even knew existed.A month or two went by, and I was still never in the apartment. I was fairly popular in college, and I could always find a place to sleep that was closer to the theater or the coffeehouse or class or whatever I had to do in the morning. So it was unusual that I was home that snowy afternoon.Carla was sitting on the couch, stretched out, watching her soap. She liked to be warm; big sweatshirt, quilt. I was keeping her feet warm by sitting on them, and leaning sideways against her bent knees.”Quit it,” she said.I was tickling Carla a little. Just enough to irritate her and relieve my boredom. The soap was not holding my attention.”Quit it, asshole.””What?” I asked, as if my hand wasn’t just under her sweatshirt, tickling her side.Carla glared, but not seriously. I relaxed my hand against her skin and let my eyes drift back to “Santa Barbara”.Her skin was soft, under the sweatshirt, and my mind wandered to thoughts of Carla’s tits. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra- she never did when she was at home. She was at least a D cup, and she liked to release them from their constraints as soon as she walked in the door. And I knew they were only seven or eight inches above where my hand was resting.If it had been anyone else, on any other day, I would have just gone to my room and jacked off. But something about Carla, and the day, and my mood…I moved my hand a few inches up Carla’s side. Carla turned and looked at me. I gave my best “who me?” look and moved another inch up.”You don’t have the guts,” she said. Normally she’d be right. Lot’s of our male friends would play similar games with Carla, always backing down before quite crossing the line.Slowly, I moved my hand across her skin. Carla stared at me; daring me. I stared back.I lifted one finger and gently touched the underside of her tit. She didn’t move. The flesh was warm and smooth and I slowly slid my finger across the bottom of her enormous boob. We just looked at each other, unflinching. I added two more fingers, slid them up the side of her tit, and gently pressed.I brought my thumb up to the underside and softly moved my palm against her flesh. Now my whole hand held her incredible tit. Still Carla didn’t move or change her expression. My finger slid up from the side of her breast- across the landscape of her soft mountain.Her flesh was smooth and warm and I could feel the blood rushing trough her veins- and my own. But the smoothness ended when my finger found Carla’s large areola. There, her skin was tight and rough, with tiny ridges betraying her excitement.”Nicholas…”I didn’t respond ödemiş escort as my finger finally reached her nipple- swollen with blood, rising almost an inch off the expanse of her areola. As I gently circled Carla’s hard nipple with my finger, her chest heaved slightly with her labored breath.Then, believe it or not, the phone rang in Carla’s bedroom. She paused a brief moment, then slipped from under the quilt and went to answer it.I moved to where she had been sitting, in the corner of the couch, with one leg up on the cushions and the other on the floor. I rubbed my cock through my jeans while I waited. Carla came back in just as the commercial was ending on the TV.”You took my seat.””Sit here, in front of me.””Why, so you can fondle my tits again?” She was already settling down between my legs.”Maybe.” She must have felt my hard-on against the small of her back as she leaned against me.”Do you have a hard-on?”I reached around, under Carla’s sweatshirt with both hands.”Of course I do, can’t you feel it?”Gently, I brought my hands up under her tits and lifted them slightly.”This is weird, Nicholas.””Why? Doesn’t it feel good to have your boobs touched?” I massaged her huge tits slowly and firmly. Her breathing deepened.”Yeah. It feels… good.””Well I like to do it.”We watched TV in silence as I continued to knead Carla’s breasts, her flesh hot and yielding under my strong hands. Since the phone call, I hadn’t touched her nipples, but only the ample areas under them. Now I let my fingers fan across both large nipples, which spiked upward, hard as thimbles. Carla gasped slightly.”Does that feel good?””Uh huh. Maybe too good.””What do you mean?””I don’t know how much more of this I can take…””You mean before you have to go masturbate?” Carla and I had talked about masturbation more than any other sexual topic. We were both fascinated to know about how the other gender did it. But we had never talked about it like this. We’d never done anything like this.”Yeah,” she sighed. “I have to leave for rehearsal in twenty minutes.””Why don’t you just do it now, Carla?””What?””Well, wouldn’t you rather do it while I’m rubbing your tits?” I took each nipple in my fingers and pulled slowly and firmly. “It’d be like assisted masturbation.””You are so weird, Nicholas.” She tried to sound casual, but her voice caught in her throat.”I would if I were you.” I said. “And I’ve never been with a woman while she jacked off.”I squeezed Carla’s hot, heaving tits in my hands, the nipples caught between my fingers. I watched the quilt move as Carla put both hands down her pants. She leaned her head back on my chest and closed her eyes. I could see the rhythmic movement under the quilt as Carla’s fingers stroked her pussy. I knew she had to be as wet as I was hard.I pulled one hand out and brought it to my mouth, where I wetted my fingers with my saliva. I put my hand back under her shirt and rubbed my spit into her stiff, aching nipple.”Unghh…” she moaned, and the movement under the quilt became faster. I wet the other nipple, and twisted both carefully in my fingers.”Ahh… ahhh…” I could feel Carla’s body beginning to tense as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster. I lifted both tits and closed my hands around them hard and slow, tweaking the wet nipples with my fingers.”Ung… AH.” She moaned and her body began to shiver. She was coming. Her tit flesh was flushed and sweaty in my hands and her nipples as thick as my little finger and hard as my cock.I continued massaging Carla’s globes until her spasms subsided. But that was as long as I could wait.”Ok. Let me up.” I said.”Why?” She said, as she moved forward to allow me to slide off the couch.”Because I’m hard as a rock and I have to go jack off.””Really?””That was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me, and my cock is really stiff.”Carla just looked at me.”I’ll be in my room.” I said. It was a bit of a hint. We had talked extensively about voyeurism, and I was trying to suggest that she could watch. I went to my room, at the end of the hall and flopped onto my bed, leaving the door open about six inches.I pulled off my shirt and began rubbing my cock through my pants. I was waiting; hoping Carla would come and watch.My head was turned away from the door, but in the mirror across the room I saw Carla escort ödemiş appear just outside the door. Knowing she was silently watching only made my cock harder.I unzipped my jeans and my cock sprang out. It was seven inches long and thicker than I had ever seen it. The head was swollen and leaking pre-come. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked the entire length of the shaft.I knew that Carla had had very few encounters with a man, none in broad daylight. I knew that this might be the first time she had ever really looked at a hard, swollen cock. I glanced in the mirror as I lathered the pre-come over my dick. Carla was staring intensely, with one hand down her pants, quietly fingering her pussy.”Unghh!” I moaned, my come shooting out onto my chest. In the mirror, I saw Carla watching me orgasm. When the sublime tension finally left my body, Carla silently slipped away.I heard the front door a moment later, and I knew Carla had gone to rehearsal. By the time she came back, I was off building a set or doing one of the many other things I had to do.The blankets were heavy. They held us to the futon with their weight. The drinking had been heavy too, as was Carla’s body, and the thick snow outside. My heart, however, was light. I think hers was too.We had been at a cast party in the campus coffeehouse, playing a game called “Cyclops”. The details of the game escape me; a lot of laughing and ass-slapping and tequila body-shots. My memory comes back walking the mile home just as the sun was coming up. Carla’s room was closer to the front door than mine, so that’s where our drunken bodies flopped.Even with all those blankets, Carla still slept in pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt. I got down to my boxers and climbed into the bed. I curled onto my side and immediately put my arm around Carla’a belly. Even if there’s no sexuality, intimacy is good for the heart. Exhausted, I closed my eyes.But I didn’t fall asleep.My mind kept going back to three weeks earlier, the afternoon when Carla and I had been on the couch, and our frank discussions had turned into her masturbating while I rolled her tight nipples in my strong fingers.My nose was in Carla’s brown hair, which was messy from a night of partying. My cock was hard against my boxers, against her pajamas, against the crack of her ass. My hand was outside the sweatshirt, just under Carla’s tits. I should have been drifting off into sleep, but instead my blood was coursing with excitement. I clenched my muscles and my cock throbbed.Carla rolled onto her back, but I remained on my side, facing her, my hand across her belly. Her hand was by her side just a few inches from my throbbing cock. I lay perfectly still, trying to breathe evenly and deeply. I didn’t know exactly how Carla felt about the last time we had touched, so I waited. I had instigated the first chapter in our story, this time I would be patient, and see what happened.A moment later I felt my boxer move slightly. Carla had slowly moved her hand closer to my cock and was gently rustling my boxers with her thumb. I breathed as evenly as I could. I felt her finger move inside the flap and softly touch the flesh of my aching cock. I flexed my muscles again and my member twitched. Carla was startled by the movement, but encouraged. Her finger slid up my penis ’til it reached the head. A drop of pre-come had formed on the tip, and Carla’s exploring finger moved through it, spreading the thick liquid over the head of my throbbing hard-on. Her other fingers found their way in slowly wrapped around my shaft. My head spun.Did Carla think I was asleep? Or was she making a pass and wanted me to respond?I squirmed. I moved my hand under her sweatshirt, against her warm belly. She turned to look at me, and I looked at her.”Does that feel good?” she asked.I nodded yes, and smiled. Carla smiled back and moved her hand slightly on my cock.”Mmmm” I moaned, and ran my hand up to her tit. As Carla explored my hard-on, I explored her huge tits. Her nipples were already hard and aching, and I gently fanned my fingers across each one. I ran my fingers down her cleavage, to find the deep valley slicked with sweat.”Do you like them?” she asked.I nodded and smiled again. “Can I see them?” I asked.Now it was Carla’s turn to nod. I pulled her sweatshirt up and ödemiş escort bayan her gigantic boobs fell out into my hand.”Why do you like them?” Carla had not had a lot of sexual experiences.”Just look at them, Carla.” I kneaded her flesh with my hand. “So big and natural. They’re beautiful.” I moved my head closer and let my tongue slip from between my lips. Carla squeezed my cock as my tongue touched her lower tit.”Mmmmm,” she moaned.Her hand worked clumsily over my throbbing cock as my tongue slowly traced the faint blue veins of her ample breast. My hand lightly pulled on the tightened nipple of one tit as my tongue slowly wound it’s way to the other. My tongue circled her large, rough areola until it finally found the nub it wanted.”Oooooohhhh” the sound escaped her lips.I slicked the nipple with my tongue, then took it firmly between my lips and sucked. Carla’s body quivered slightly and her hand stopped stroking my cock for a moment. I sucked her stiff nipple into my mouth and danced my tongue across its rough surface.”Uhhh.”As I sucked, I moved my hand away from the other tit and toward the waistband of her pajama bottoms. I felt her hand squeeze my cock as I slipped my hand into her pajamas. I ran my fingers lightly across her pubic hair, then plunged them deeper. I flicked her nipple rapidly with my tongue and moved my strong fingers between her pussy lips.Her pussy was soaked. My fingers slid between the lips perfectly and I let them pause as I slowly, firmly moved my palm against her mound.”Unghhhh…” Carla moaned again, and spread more pre-come over the bulging head of my cock. One finger deftly circled he clit as I sucked as much of her hot tit flesh into my mouth as I could. Her hand on my cock felt too incredible, and I knew I had to move if I wanted to last. I propped myself up on my elbow and ran my tongue through her steaming cleavage. Her sweat tasted exhilarating and I took her glorious tits in both hands, squeezing her flesh and licking her nipples, which shot up from her breasts like volcanoes.”Nich… Nicholas…”Positioned over her, my tongue moved down the landscape of Carla’s body. I darted it in and out of her bellybutton, then moved lower. My hands left her tits for a moment, to pull her pajamas to mid-thigh, then returned to tug firmly on her nipples.My tongue was slow and gentle, but it went straight to her throbbing clit.”UnGHHH!” Carla’s hips bucked toward me and I buried my face in the heat of her pussy. My tongue massaged her clit deeply and my hands spread over her huge tits, her nipples poking into my palms.”N… nn…” she rolled her head back into the pillow and her hands grabbed the back of my head. I moved one hand down to her pussy and slid a finger deep into her wet, tight hole as my lips pushed the hood back from her clit and my tongue darted across the nub. My other hand still worked a tit and Carla grabbed the other one herself, twisting the nipple and raising her hips off the futon.”Oh GOD!” she cried into the pillow. As she came, I could feel the rhythmic throbbing of her pussy as it clenched my finger. I held still as she shivered, until her orgasm subsided.I slid up next to her on the pillow and Carla immediately reached for my cock, which was as hard as it had ever been. She moved her mouth toward it and I rolled onto my back. “Carla, you don’t have to…””Shh.” she said, and looked down at my cock.It was slicked with pre-cum, and throbbing. Carla wrapped her hand around the shaft, leaving only two inches untouched at the top. She wrapped her lips around the purple head and swished her tongue around it. Her hand worked the shaft and her mouth worked the head with a frenzy. She was not very experienced, so didn’t take muck of my cock into her mouth, but I was so turned on it didn’t matter. She wanted my cock, and that’s sexier that any “pro” blowjob.”I’m coming.” I said and she pulled her head away. I don’t think it was because she didn’t want the semen, but because she had never seen a man orgasm before.”UngghhhHHH!” I moaned.Carla watched as my aching cock throbbed in her hand. My come shot into the air and onto my chest and she stared intently, just as she had when she had watched me masturbate in my room. Finally, my orgasm subsided.”Whoa.” I said.”Yeah,” she replied. This was not the direction we had expected our relationship to go.I reached for the tissue and cleaned myself up, but neither of us left the bed.”Sleep?” she asked.I nodded. I put my arm around her and we drifted off, together under the Carla’s many blankets.

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