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Good-headNew Years Eve- The Temple of Love Towers- Uptown ManhattanDomina Goodhead was a beautiful woman. Stunning in actual fact. Five-foot-eight in her bare feet. Not that she often had bare feet. She usually wore killer heels with designer and very expensive labels. Much like she was wearing now. She liked to screw in them. Always had done. She knew full well that one of the things many men fantasised over were heels and stockings. She wore full fashioned seamed stockings now. Heels, stockings a suspender belt and nothing else. Her designer slip dress lay on the floor by the poolside as did her black lace bra and panties.Domina had the looks and body for sin. Pert thirty 34C breasts, now being pawed at by the eager man sat astride her on the pool lounger. A flat stomach, small waist and long, very long, shapely legs. A tight ass and slim pelvis. She knew every inch of her body intimately. She loved sex. All kinds. There was nothing she hadn’t tried or wouldn’t be willing to try. She just loved to fuck. She also used sex as a weapon She learned from an early age that she could get pretty much anything she wanted with her breathtaking looks, sexual appetite and her bedroom skills.After all, she had slept her way- or rather- fucked her way, to being a billionaire and one of the most sought after women in the world.Domina ran fingers across her sheer stocking leg. The nails, painted a bright red, set against the black of the stocking. She loved the silky feel. She let out a small gasp as the man changed position and pushed his throbbing cock towards her mouth. She smiled and let her tongue flick the tip of the cock. She slid one hand between her thighs as the man pushed his cock urgently into her mouth. She took it into her warm wetness, wrapping her lipstick coated lips around the shaft. She ran her tongue in tight circular motions and the man quivered inside her mouth.She cupped the man’s balls with one hand and moved her other hand higher up her thigh. She felt her own sex. Brushed it lightly with the tips of her fingers. She used two of her fingers to gently part her lips and inhaled a short, hot breath as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a third finger slipped inside. She worked at herself. Gently at first. Searching for that sweet spot of pleasure. The part of her body that she knew so well.The man was more aggressive now in his actions. More urgent in his thrusting as he fucked her mouth. Domina felt her own excitement rising and caressed her clitoris with a red painted nail. They moved in rhythm to the music from the party in the room below. Rock music that was so loud it made the pool shimmer with vibration. Alice Cooper singing Poison. They moved to the rhythm of their own desires.Domina stroked the man’s balls as he thrust between her lips. The balls were swollen, tight and hard. It wouldn’t be long now before he came. She ran her fingers along the shaft as it slipped in and out of her mouth. She knew how to end this. No man could resist her eyes. Especially not if she was taking them in her mouth. Domina opened her ultra-violet eyes- and looked up at the man. His hard cock pulsed inside her mouth. Instantly, as he looked down into her wide open, inviting eyes he, like all men was lost to desire.Hot cum splashed in her mouth as he came. He grunted in something that was ecstasy and pain mixed together such was his release. His cock throbbed in Domina’s mouth as he spilled more of himself. Still, she worked her mouth and tongue as he exploded inside her.“No!” he gasped, pushing down on her shoulders, trying to pull out of her mouth.“Fuck!” he gasped. “No more.”She arched her neck. Clamped her red lips around his trembling cock and sucked him down.“Oh God!” he exclaimed, withdrawing from her mouth.Domina let out a quiet, teasing laugh as his throbbing cock slipped from her mouth. She smiled up at him. She wiped a streak of glistening cum from her moist lips and swallowed the rest.The man stood over her, his still erect cock inches from her face.“You’ll be missed,” said the man, bending to pull up his trousers.“No I won’t,” said Domina, swivelling on the pool lounger, glancing to the New York skyline and the myriad lights güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of the sky-sc****rs that seemed to merge with the infinite stars to make one magnificent blanket of light. She turned back to the man.“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” she spat, seeing the man pull at his trousers. “I’m not finished with you yet.”“People will ask questions,” stated the man. “You should be at the party and….what the hell-““Don’t worry,” smiled Domina, looking in the direction of the man’s gaze. Three hundred feet or so to their left, under floodlights, a tennis match was being played. The court partially hidden by neatly trimmed hedges.“Anybody know we’re up here?” asked the man, turning from the tennis match.“No. What does it matter?” smirked Domina, throwing back her bobbed hair, looking at him with those fucking beautiful eyes. “I own the fucking building.”“I thought we were on your private viewing platform,” said the man. “I thought we’d be all alone.”Domina laughed at him.“What? You going to go all shy now you’ve come in my mouth?”“That’s not….you’ve got a mouth on you,” snapped the man, a quick flash of anger in his eyes.“I didn’t see you complaining a moment ago,” smiled Domina, mimicking him from moments before. “No. Fuck no. Oh God.”“Shut up!”“What? Fuck you, asshole,” snarled Domina, her words sharp, eyes sharper. “I could have picked anyone from that party. But I picked you. I picked you to fuck. Do you have any idea how lucky you are? This is the last time, so enjoy yourself.”She smiled up at him and slightly opened her shapely legs. The man couldn’t help himself. He looked to her neatly shaved pubis and the lips between.Domina’s breath quickened.“Now drop those fucking trousers to the floor,” she hissed, licking her lips with the tip of her tongue. “It’s my turn. Fuck me, here in the pool.”She stepped into the warm, vibrating pool water, the New York skyline shimmered in the water.“I’m a nasty bitch, and I want a good fuck,” she said. She smiled, looking over her shoulder, an almost innocent look in her eyes despite her foul-mouthed words. She ran güvenilir bahis şirketleri her hands down her wet stockings, bent down and parted her legs slightly. She pushed her tight ass back and up and separated the wet lips of her labia with her two hands. Opening her warm, wet folds.“Fuck me, like the nasty bitch I am,” she gasped, rubbing her clitoris. “Fuck me and then fuck off out of my sight.”The man stepped out of his trousers and advanced on her. His cock was still hard. Harder than before. Domina smiled. The man took her in his hands. He ran his hands up her wet stockings, pushing her legs further apart.“You fucking slut,” he snarled as he slipped his cock between her legs. Domina let out a little squeal of delight as it slid into her warmness.“I am a slut!” she gasped. “Now do me. Hard.”He did. He banged the fuck out of her.He pushed her face down. Her hair and face were splashed with warm droplets of pool water as he bent her forwards and thrust into her. He cupped her pert breasts in his hands and his thrusts became harder and deeper. Harder and deeper. He drove into her. She let out little moans, his balls pounding against her flesh. His cock deep inside her.“Fuck me,” she gasped, pushing back against his balls, she toyed her clitoris with her fingers. As he drove into her, she brought herself to a gasping orgasm. Her legs trembled and she let out a series of deeper inhalations and gasps, looking down at her reflection. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”Her breathing quickened and she closed her eyes as she came again. Washed away on waves of pleasure and pain.Lost in the moment, she didn’t pay any concern to the feel of the cold metal at the back of her head.The man arched her back, pulling at her bobbed hair. He leant close and whispered in her ear.“Consider yourself fucked, bitch,” he whispered.Domina Goodhead’s life ended in a split second flash of light and pain as the twenty-two caliber bullet smashed into the base of her skull. She let out a final exhalation as her body quivered in the throes of orgasm and death.The man slipped his cock from her still trembling body and gently placed her face down in the pool. Her bobbed hair floated around her head and a small trickle of blood swirled in the water. The man placed the gun back into a holster.He quickly dressed and returned to the party. Just one more person getting wasted on New Years Eve.He never saw the people hiding in the shadows at the far side of the pool.

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