Grab me a beer will you?

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Grab me a beer will you?Some things are better cold. Beer would probably be at the top of the list though. Never knew pussy could be included on a list of things better served cold however. My story begins at a coed softball game. I was on our company softball team while I was stationed in Alaska. Our team was pretty good, lol well we won more games than we lost anyway. Well we finished the game and we won. Well now what better way to celebrate a win than to go get stupid drunk back at the barracks? There were 5 of us drinking in one of our teammates rooms. Him being a Sgt enabled him to have no roommate and a bathroom in his room. We were all well on our way to being drunk when we ran out of beer. That is a serious party foul in the military. I wasn’t old enough to drink (legally that is), but it didn’t stop any of us u******e soldiers. When we ran out of beer, the Sgt whose room we were all partying in said, “Come on Angie. Beer run.” So up I hopped, off with him to the Class 6. I loved being in the military and be able to go into the Class 6, being well u******e, and yet able to sample whatever they were giving away. Lol I had never been anywhere where they actually had ataşehir escort tables set up so you could sample the alcohol. Well the Sgt and I went inside the cooler to grab a few cases of Bud Ice (the preferred beer of our unit). As you know there are stacks and stacks of cases of beer in a liquor store cooler. We wandered around until we came to the beer we wanted. As I was picking up a case of beer, my friend I was with scooted up behind me and pushed me up against the stack. He grabbed my hips and started grinding his cock into me. He was kissing me on my neck. I was totally shocked and completely turned on. I turned around and looked up at him. Me being 5’2″, I generally had to look up at everybody. He was quite tall however. A full foot taller than me. When I looked up at him and we kissed hard. He had his hands under my shirt, feeling my breasts. I could feel his raging hard-on on my body. I was groping his cock through his shorts. He then lifted me up onto the cases of beer we were standing against. I was so turned on by that my pussy started flowing. We continued kissing hard. My hands were on his shoulders. My legs were wrapped around his waist. escort ataşehir He had a hand under my shirt and bra. Then he slid his other hand up the leg of my shorts and under my panties rubbing my pussy. He could tell how obviously turned on I was by how wet my pussy was. He then slid his finger into my pussy and said “damn you have a tight pussy”. He told me how many times he had thought of sliding his fingers, tongue, cock into my pussy. By this time I was so completely turned on I started moving my hips in time to his finger sliding into me. I wanted him bad. He wanted me too, but felt this would not be the place to fuck. He did however have an alternate plan. He pushed aside my shorts and panties, stuck another finger into my wet pussy, bent over and began licking my cunt right there in the cooler. Oh my god, I was so hot and turned on it didn’t take long for his finger fucking and clit licking to take me over the edge. I came hard. Had to be quiet of course. I grabbed his head and smashed his face into my pussy when I started cumming. I squirted on his mouth and he drank it all up. He told me I tasted exactly how he had always imagined. We somewhat ataşehir escort bayan straightened our clothing up, grabbed a couple cases of beer and left in a big hurry. When we got into his truck we kissed passionately. We drove to a nearby park that didn’t have anybody in it at the time. The whole way there I was stroking his cock. When we parked I couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled my shorts over, straddled him right there in the drivers seat, and shoved his long hard cock deep into my wet tight pussy. We continued to fuck and kiss in the drivers seat of his truck. Then he opened his door, and with me still firmly planted on his cock, he got out of the truck, turned around and laid me on the seat. I started cumming again and he shoved my legs up far and plowed my pussy harder and faster until he shot his hot load of cum deep into my pussy. When we had finally caught our breath we cleaned up and went back to his room with the now less than cold beer an hour later. Everybody was still there. They had started playing a video game in our absence, and didn’t realize an hour had passed since we left for the store. We all had a lot more fun that day and on into the evening. When the last of our friends had left, I remained in his room for the rest of the night as we fucked several more times that night. We took a shower together. It was a great day and night indeed. We had sex many more times after that first wonderful and hot experience.

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