Group party 12/7/12 – 2nd part

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Group party 12/7/12 – 2nd partNoreens initiation was now over. I noticed it close to 11pm so it took close to 3 hours. Seemed a lot quicker. She was a mess, exhausted and elated. Someone lit up a doobie and we all got happy. Noreen made it known she really did not want to fuck anymore as she was quite sore. I expect all the ladies thought like I did which was basically “good for you.” 6 cocks and 6 loads would have me feeling the same way. After a lot of relaxing either John or Cal decided it was time to interrogate the witches and Noreen would be their virgin Oracle on the cross. They stood her up, rearranged her whites and started to apply bindings. All the bindings were soft and velcro. They were mostly new as John had to buy a lot of extra stuff for this large group. So when I say handcuffs, know they are soft felted fabric with velcro straps and stainless clips. I was told that if one needed to bust out they could. All the men could. None of the ladies were able. Though I was assured that in a adana escort bayan panic we would find the strength.The Cross was brought down, Noreen was laid upon it and strapped into place. There was a large platform for her feet and it also adjusted so when done her wrists were only slightly elevated above her shoulders, call it ear level. She was comfy. The men then hoisted her. Her feet were about 4′ off the floor. Chrisy gathered up a load of candles (maybe 2 dozen) and we lit them in front of the base of the cross. Lights were then dimmed to a point where candles and electric were giving equal light. The men in their black robes basically became ghostly images.Me, Chrissy and Mary had our hands bound in front. I was placed in the cage. Chrissy went to the Stocks and Mary to the cieling strap. Unlike Noreens time on the strap, they hoisted her till she was tippie-toes. One man, selected by the men, went to the girl in the Stocks and fucked her. The gang of 5 gave the girl on the strap adana escort the same tease treatment Noreen had recieved. My Gus suggested Nick be the one to fuck Chrissy in the stocks, and he did a good long job of it. So long that Mare got tired of waiting and started to whip his ass telling him to finish. We learned that whipping Nick’s ass does not make him cum any quicker. She eventually left them alone till his second cum load of the night was running down her thighs. Upon his finishing, Mary was lowered to her knees for a little degradation. She was to clean off Nicks cock. And she did a dandy job of it. She was hungry for it. They then hoisted her up again. Now it was Mare and her whip. Mary took a beating by the sound of it but no marks were left. OK, Mare was not looking to inflict punishment though she could have. Hearing that smack of whip on flesh and seeing her quiver with each hit was such a huge turn on. Some of those whip smacks wrapped around her body and ended on her chest and escort adana nipples. Those got a real big jerking reaction out of her. Between hits, the men and Mare were asking “Are you the evil Witch?” “Who is the evil Witch?” To end the whipping, all they had to do was give up a name or admit to being the evil one. Apparently Mary loves the whip. She had to take a hunderd or more hits till she had her fill. Then she yells “Lori is the evil Witch.” And someone went to ask the oracle on the cross if it was true. Noreen’s little voive from maybe 9 feet up announced “I believe it so.”. Mary was released from the strap and she switched positions with Chrissy in the Stocks. Frederick would be the one to fuck Mary. She had let it be known she wanted the black snake earlier so the men obliged. Chrissy got the exact same treatment on the strap as Mary did, the end result was the same, I was pronounced the evil witch. Two things were notable during Chrissy’s time on the srap. She too loves the whip and Mary was really getting off on her first black cock. When all that was finished, the men placed them both in the cage with me. Mare and the men then left for another room.They were rehearsing the plans and details of my execution by hanging.

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