Hailey Gets Pulled Over

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Hailey Gets Pulled OverThis is a continuation of my previous story “Cleaning Up By Getting Dirty” that you can find on my profile. Enjoy! – VivicaI was driving home from getting my hair done thinking of my sexy black neighbor Mr. Chapman. I showed up to my appointment late because of traffic and almost had to give up my spot, but the appointment after me arrived early so my hairdresser took care of her first and then did me after. I got myself a cute bob with bangs, like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I kept the color my natural red instead of doing anything neon like Ramona. Traffic had lightened up by the time I left my appointment, so I was cruising home with my new do and a flurry of thoughts.The last time I saw Mr. Chapman, my sexy neighbor, he was in his hot tub and I watched him from my window. It was a perfectly innocent exchange and… OK, I’m lying. I watched him masturbate in his hot tub while he watched me do the same from my bedroom window. There, I said it. That was almost a week ago at this point, and he’s been stuck in my head since.I had only really known him for about two weeks. By ‘know’ him I mean got plowed by his massive dong and haven’t stopped thinking about it. I would have reached out to him to see if he wanted to get coffee or, I don’t know, plow me again, but even if I had his contact info I’m not sure I would have had the courage to ask.Before I met him I was basically a virgin. After I met him I became an insatiable horndog. Ever since our fateful night where he caught me skinny dipping in his pool I haven’t been able to get him out of my head. Every night when I get home I check out my window for any signs of him, but I’m rarely rewarded. Did he work nights? Was he out of town? Was he avoiding me? I didn’t know, and I had no way of finding out. Oh well, c’est la vie.Red and blue lights filled my car. I heard the whoop whoop! of a police siren. My eyes flashed down to my speedometer. I was going eighty. I wasn’t sure what the speed limit was, but I was positive it wasn’t eighty. “Shit,” I said as my heart pounded in my chest. I signaled and pulled over, slowing to a stop in a wooded area of road just before my neighborhood. Great, I was so close. I definitely would have slowed down once I got to houses, but he got me while I was distracted. I sighed and put my hands at ten and two after rolling down my windows.The officer pulled up behind me and stopped. He stayed in his vehicle for a bit, probably checking my plates. I got ready to dish out the waterworks. I opened my eyes wide and stopped myself from blinking to get them to tear up. I didn’t have the money to pay for a speeding ticket and my parents would be pissed to have to cover it for me. I heard a car door slam as the officer stepped out of his vehicle and came around to the passenger’s side of my car. He rested his forearm on the edge of the window and leaned down to look at me.“License, registration and proof of insurance please,” he said, shining his flashlight directly into my eyes.“Sure officer, can I go for my glove box?” I asked. I didn’t want to spook him by just reaching for it. Some cops are testy.“Go ahead, ‘mam,” he said.I leaned over, suddenly self conscious of how low cut my top was, and thought the officer got a good view of my cleavage as I reached for my papers. Maybe that’ll help me get out of a ticket, I joked to myself. I grabbed everything in my glove box and pulled all of it into my lap, sorting through papers to find what he had asked for. Then I pulled my license out of my purse and handed it over along with my registration and proof of insurance. He snatched it up and glanced at it.“You have any idea how fast you were going?” he asked as he shined his flashlight at my papers. If I admitted I was speeding, he’d surely give me a ticket. If I said I didn’t know how fast I was going, that implied I was being reckless and he might ticket me anyway. I considered lying and saying I knew I was going the speed limit, but that probably wouldn’t work either. Instead, I stared at the wheel and kept my eyes open, trying to get more tears to come.“I clocked you going about eighty in a fifty. That could be a very expensive fine, Miss Hailey,” he said. Something about the way he said my name sound familiar. It couldn’t be. I leaned over again and tried to get a better look at the officer. He shined his light back into my face.“Mr. Chapman? Is that you?” I asked, squinting into the light.“That’s Officer Chapman, ‘mam,” he said. He shined his flashlight away from my eyes so I could see him. He smiled and winked.“Oh god, you really had me going for a second!” I laughed. “Wait, you’re a cop?”“Yes ‘mam,” he said, leaning over and resting his forearms on the side of my passenger side window again.“But that night when we… y’know… you were in a suit and everything,” I said.“I had just got back from a funeral,” he said.“Oh, I’m sorry.”“Nah, you made my night a lot better,” he said. I smiled at him as I recalled that night. “But ‘mam, we need to talk about this speeding ticket you’re about to get,” he said, putting his authoritative voice back on. My smile faded.“Yeah, I suppose you’ve got a job to do. Sorry, I was just trying to-”“I understand a young college k** may not be able to afford such an expensive ticket. I’d hate to put a bright-eyed girl like you into a bind, so maybe we can come to some other arrangement?”He couldn’t be serious. Was he still on duty? Was his dash cam running? I was parked on the side of the road in a major suburb, what if someone saw us? Though I supposed if he was suggesting it he probably had answers to all those questions and knew what he was doing. I put on my most breathy Marylin Monroe voice to help sell the act.“Why, surely officer, there must be some agreement we can come to. I don’t know how I’d be able to pay such an outrageous fine otherwise,” I said, doing my best to play along. He snorted at my voice and tried to hold back a smile.“Step out of the car for me, ‘mam,” he said.“Why, yes sir,” I said, opening my door and exiting the vehicle.“Come around to this side, please. We don’t want you getting hurt by traffic,” he said.“Why, of course not officer,” I said. He snorted again. I walked around the front of my car and faced him, arching my back to push my chest toward him and show off my low cut top.“Please put your hands on the hood, ‘mam.” I turned to face my car, placing both my hands on top of it. “Spread your legs a bit for me,”“Why, whatever for?” I asked, already complying.“I’m gonna have to check you for a weapon. Standard procedure, you understand.”“Of course, officer, whatever you have to do,” I said, holding back laughter at my own breathy voice. I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything for him, but at least it made it clear I was playing along.He stepped forward and placed his hands on my hips. I looked at him over my shoulder as he ‘patted me down’. His hands went from my hips and down pendik escort each leg, patting his way down with both hands on either side of my left leg before doing the same to my right. I was wearing a miniskirt, so his pats quickly went to bare flesh.As his hands patted up my thighs he lifted my skirt, took a handful of my booty and squeezed it before sliding his fingers down and under me to delicately rub my vagina through my panties. A pulse of warm electricity went through me. I let out a soft moan.“Everything all right, ‘mam?”“Oh yes officer, please continue,” I said, giving him a coy, pouty smirk as I finished the sentence. He averted his eyes, and I saw his cheeks tense up as he tried not to laugh. My skirt fell back into place and his hands continued up my body. First, he patted my sides up to my armpits, then reached around my body and patted my breasts.“My, my, what do we have here?” he said, cupping them and squeezing through the fabric of my padded bra.“What is it, officer?” I asked.“Seems like you’ve got some heavy artillery here,” he said. He gave my breasts a few quick lifts, as if feeling their weight. “I’m sorry ‘mam, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to see what these are to ensure my own safety.”He turned me around and unbuttoned my top. I looked up at him and put on my best oh-no-I-hope-I’m-not-in-trouble face, but I felt my cheeks tense from holding back a smile. Once the last button was undone, he spread my top open and looked at my creamy white skin the way a fat k** looks at donuts. His big, warm hands grabbed me by the waist and slid up my ribs. I felt his fingers crawl behind me, and before I knew it the familiar support from my bra was gone. As his hands came back around my ribs, so did my bra, and my natural E cups became bare.With a flick of his wrist he tossed my bra into the passenger’s side window and took both my bare breasts in his hands. I kept looking into his eyes, watching his hungry looks as he felt my breasts for the first time since our crazy night two weeks ago. I moaned and chewed on my lower lip. “I missed you,” I said.He kneeled down in front of me so he was head level with my breasts. Being over a foot taller than me, he didn’t have much choice. I smiled as he leaned forward and took one of my perky pink nipples into his mouth, pressing his face against my breast and letting it mold around him. Hot damn, his mouth felt good. I ran my fingers behind his head, feeling the tight curls of his black hair and encouraging him to keep sucking on my nipple.With his free hand he clutched my other breast, squeezing it and jiggling it against his face while he sucked on me. It felt so good and yet so bad. He’s a cop? Is he even allowed to do this? How does he afford a fancy house like his on a cop’s salary? Maybe he was a high class stripper that dressed like a cop. And had a cop car. And a badge. And a gun. If that were even true, would it be better?His mouth switched to my other breast and sucked with more fervor. I had already learned he was a boob guy, but our first encounter he didn’t get the chance to suck on my nipples and he was definitely making up for it. The way he nuzzled into my heavy breasts, sucking and pulling with his lips, showed it was clearly something he wanted to do for a while. I pushed my arms together, letting my biceps squeeze my breasts and plump them up for him. That’s it baby, enjoy them, they’re all for you.He cupped one in each hand and put his face between them, sticking his tongue out and licking over my cleavage while periodically sucking my pale breast flesh into his mouth. I heard him groan, low and loud, almost like a growl. “You like those, officer?” I asked, my fake Marylin Monroe voice gone. He growled again in response. I smiled at the power my chest had over him, enough to turn him into a hungry a****l. Were all boob guys like this, or had I found someone special?I reached down and undid his belt. He stopped me, but then undid his zipper. Maybe because of all the gear on his belt he didn’t want it to come off. I wasn’t sure, but I reached into his fly and dug around until I pulled his long, black shaft through. It was already thickening, but not quite hard, so I was able to pull it out without causing him any discomfort.He stood up and pushed his hips forward. “Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head,” he said. I raised an eyebrow at the command and kneeled down, interlacing my fingers behind my head like he asked. While his blood was clearly heading that direction, he wasn’t completely hard yet, so I thought it would be fun to suck him deeply into my throat. It would difficult without my hands, but that was just going to make it more fun.He was long, so I had to lower my face quite a bit to get his tip in my mouth before regaining my posture and sucking him deeper. He groaned in approval and that only encouraged me to go farther. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and my gag reflex kicked in.I pulled my head back and blinked away the tears that formed at my eyes, then slowly pushed him back down my throat. His dick brushed against that sensitive part of my throat again, and I felt my neck muscles clench around his shaft as they tried to expel him out. He moaned as I gagged. I pulled my head up so that only his tip was in my mouth and sucked on it while I caught my breath.His big hands weaved through my bright red hair but didn’t apply any pressure on the back of my head. “I like your haircut,” he whispered.“Fankoo,” I mumbled around his swollen cock head.I relaxed my throat and slowly sucked him into my mouth again. He was firming up and almost to the point where I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit him anymore, so I wanted to make it count. I pushed my face down his throbbing shaft, wiggling my tongue under the belly of his cock as I did. One of his hands thumped on the roof of my car.I felt him brush against my gag reflex once more and I held it there. My throat wanted to react, but I waited. Slowly, patiently, I pushed him past that barrier in my throat that was trying to keep him from going any deeper. I felt my neck swell as he gradually slid deeper down. I climbed my face down his shaft with my lips like I was slurping spaghetti until my nose touched his pelvis and his heavy balls rested on my chin.I did it. I actually managed to deepthroat my hung AF, black neighbor. He wasn’t completely hard yet, but I was still proud of the accomplishment all the same. I pulled back a few inches and then slid back down, letting his full length enjoy the warm, tight confines of my throat.“Holy shit, baby,” he groaned, applying gentle pressure on the back of my head now to encourage me to stay deep. I felt him swelling inside my mouth. Any second now he’d be hard as a rock and I’d be choking on him, so I slid my face back up his long shaft and left a thick coat of saliva in my wake. I smiled up at him teary eyed because of the effort I pendik escort bayan went through to hold back my gag reflex.“I did it,” I gasped, clearing my throat.“You sure did. Hot damn, Miss Hailey,” he said, smiling down at me.I smiled back and opened my mouth for seconds, sucking on his fat cock head as my hands stayed interwoven behind my head like he asked. Massive as he was, I could barely fit more than a few inches of him into my mouth when he was fully hard, but I took those few inches eagerly. As I bobbed up and down him I wondered if I couldn’t train myself to take his whole length even while fully erect. I took my time and learned to deepthroat him semi-hard, would it be so difficult to step it up a notch?His body stiffened as the headlights of a car went by. I heard the vehicle slow down, trying to rubberneck what was going on. Officer Chapman shined his light at them and waved them onward. I heard a window roll down. I froze with his dick still in my mouth. “Find an abandoned vehicle, officer? I can tow it for ya,” a male voice said.“That won’t be neccesary, move along sir,” he said.“I could use the work, it won’t be no trouble.”Apparently I was hidden behind my car otherwise the man would no doubt have commented. Since he couldn’t see me, I decided to keep going. I pushed Mr. Chapm- excuse me, Officer Chapman’s big black cock to the back of my throat and held it there.“I said move along,” Officer Chapman said. I noticed his authoritative tone wavered as I continued the blowjob.“Y’know it’s i*****l to leave a vehicle on the side of the road like this,” the man said as I sucked harder on my hung police officer, “Someone could get hurt if they don’t see it.”“I already have a tow truck on the way, be on your way or I’ll…” Officer Chapman lost his train of thought as I wiggled my tongue against the belly of his cock.“Or you’ll what, exactly?” the man asked.“Leave. Now.”“All right, fine, suit yourself,” he man said and I heard him drive off.Once in the clear, I felt him relax and push my hair back to prevent it from getting slobbery.“You’re evil, you know that?” he said.I slid off his cock to catch my breath and speak. “Sorry, would you rather I-”“I didn’t say stop,” he interrupted, gently guiding himself back into my mouth.I rotated my face and pushed the tip of his cock against the inside of my cheek, rubbing it against the soft skin within. He grinned and pushed his hips forward ever so slightly, exaggerating the effect and making me look like a chipmunk with an acorn in my cheek. I tried to smile, thinking how funny I looked, but with a mouthful of his throbbing black cock it was difficult. I felt a mixture of saliva and precum drip down my chin and pushed back a loose strand of my hair with a pinky.When he saw me do that, he pulled his hips back to take his dick out my mouth. I looked up at him, my lips puffy from sucking. “What is it?” I asked.“I don’t wanna mess up your new hair,” he said, his voice breathy and urgent, “stand up.” I did so. He grabbed my hips and turned me around. “Spread your legs,” he ordered.I spread my legs two shoulder widths apart. I felt his hands slide up my thighs to lift my skirt, then quickly pull my panties to one side. In no time flat I felt his bulbous cock head probing between my legs, slick from my messy blowjob just seconds prior. He found my vagina and pushed his hips forward, squeezing himself between my tight lips until his head was inside me.I stood on my tiptoes and put my hands on the top of my car for balance. He let my skirt fall and gripped my thick hips with both of his hands to pull me back onto his beefy shaft. My jaw dropped in a silent scream. I had taken him inside me fully hard before, but we spent about fifteen minutes warming up my tight vagina to his immense size. This time, however, he wiggled his hips and buried his meat inside me as eager as a puppy running to their food bowl.I spread my feet farther apart to give his massive cock more room, but he was so big and I was so tight it didn’t make much difference. I let out a big breath of air and tried to relax as he slowly pumped in and out of my vagina with his bare cock. He probably wanted to get balls deep and pound me like k** playing whack-a-mole, but despite his obvious craving for my body he showed restraint. He knew he’d cause some serious damage otherwise.One of his hands went from my hips and down the front of my skirt where he slid his fingers between my legs and massaged my clit. I let out a little squeal of delight as the two sensations mixed; him rubbing me and pumping me at the same time. I felt his hot breath against my neck and braced myself against my car so he could keep pushing his length inside me at the pace he wanted to.I’ll admit it was a rough start, and even hurt a little, but as my body got used to his size once again it became pure pleasure. My calves were getting tired from standing on my toes, but I knew if I stood flat on my feet the angle would be off and make things difficult. I arched my back, trying to push my booty out and up so he had a better angle into my warm, wet vagina.I looked over my shoulder and saw him bent awkwardly to not only get a good angle to penetrate me, but also reach his hand around to massage my clit. It felt amazing, but I didn’t want him to be so uncomfortable. Since my calves hurt anyway, I looked around to come up with a better solution. My passenger side window was still open and not even a foot away.“Wait one second, hold up,” I said as he pumped his mass into me. He slowed his hips.“What is it?” he asked.I tiptoed over a few feet and stuck my head through the open window, bending over and resting my hips on the car door while putting my hands on the seat in front of me. I spread my legs and relaxed my calves, able to put my weight on the car now. Without a prompt from me, he started to pump again. The angle was different now; it felt like he could go farther in me before he got too deep. Maybe I was just getting used to him.With both hands he gripped my hips and sped up. I don’t know what compelled me to let Mr. Chapman enter me without protection again. I knew full well he was going to unleash his seed inside me and I was perfectly OK with that. Not only was I OK with it, I actually wanted him to. What was it about this handsome black man that made me so reckless?I was shocked and slightly ashamed of myself during our first encounter. I barely knew him and yet I irresponsibly let him inside me where he proceeded to pump me full of cream like I was an éclair. I knew it was risky, but I went along with it anyway and was thrilled with my decision after. This was only our second meeting, and I was taking him inside me once again without a second thought. In a few short, blissful moments he would fill me with his sperm again and for some reason I was totally down.His fingers dug into my hips as he thrust into me. I was amazed at his self control, escort pendik going as deep as he was but not all the way. Part of me wanted him to just force himself in balls deep. I wanted him to let loose and enjoy my body to its fullest, but I knew I would regret it. Maybe in time I would learn to accept his full length. For now, there was more than enough of Mr. Chapman to keep me satisfied.My car made squeaking noises as the suspension rocked back and forth. If anyone saw us it would look ridiculous with my butt hanging out the window like it was. Not to mention what they would think if they saw a big black cop plowing a little white college girl. Without context there would be a scandal for sure. Even with context, we barely knew each other. What was our story, that we were friends with benefits and I didn’t want a ticket?I watched the air freshener hanging from my rear-view mirror swing back and forth in time with his thrusts. My thighs were cold, hanging against the metal of my car, but the rest of me was warm and tingly. I felt his hand smack my booty and I let out a little yelp. I looked back at him and he smiled at me. I smiled back and said, “Yeah baby, you get me out of that speeding ticket!” like we were in some cheesy porn movie. He grinned and spanked me again, this time on the other cheek.My breasts swung and jiggled underneath me and I wished that he could see them. I knew he was fond of them, it would have been a great show. His massive cock swelled up inside me. What was already rock hard turned to steel. His fingers wrapped around to the crease of my hip bone for more leverage and held me tight while he thrust into me from behind. He was ready to explode.His pace quickened and his self control wavered. Every few thrusts he would push just a little too far to where it was uncomfortable, but I didn’t care because I knew he was about to unload his aching balls and I wanted every single drop. His tired huffs turned to grunts. His grunt turned to a growl. His growl rose to a roar as his balls unleashed a wave of thick, creamy sperm between my legs.The feeling of his cock bucking and twitching inside me was heaven. My vagina filled with warmth and the previous friction disappeared with the fresh batch of lubrication being pumped inside me as his pace increased. By now he was slamming his rigid cock inside me and that feeling, mixed with the thrill of being outside, brought my arousal up like I was climbing the first and largest drop of a roller coaster. The feeling of going over that first hill was always the most exciting, and I was almost there, ready to climax along with him.I stood on my tiptoes again to lift my hips off the edge of my car window and allow room for my arm to sneak through. I fumbled with my skirt, trying to keep myself upright with his continued thrusts, and got my hand down between my legs. I slipped my fingers down, scooping up some of the sperm dripping out of me and used it as lube to begin rubbing my clit with all four fingers.His hips bucked erratically as his cock head became too sensitive to thrust into me any more. I heard him panting like a dog ready to pass out. He wanted to take a breather, but I wouldn’t allow it. I was so close; I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. I planted my feet on the ground and pushed off the seat in front of me, driving my hips back along his shaft as it continued to pulsate inside me and deposit his seed.His growl rose an octave, which almost made me laugh. I pushed my thighs against the car and used the leverage to grind back against him, working his cock inside me as I approached an orgasm of my own. His hands left my thighs and slapped the roof of my car. I could tell the sensation was bordering on too intense, but I didn’t care. If he was going to get me this horny, I was going to leave satisfied.I felt his sperm trickle down my leg as I bounced my hips back against him, pushing his cock head deep inside me while rubbing myself. My stomach fluttered. I was so damn close. Then I felt his length pulling away, to escape the pleasure of my tight pussy. “No!” I huffed, reaching back and grabbing his belt so he couldn’t escape. His voice rose another octave, bordering on high pitched. I couldn’t hold it back this time, I started laughing.I held his belt tight and bounced against his cock, bringing myself to orgasm. My laugh turned into a moan and my thighs shook with my effort. My knees buckled and all my weight went onto the car. I pulled his belt toward me, forcing his cock deep inside me as my vagina squeezed and twitched around his softening length. A wave of tremors went over my whole body and my moan turned into a giggle. Now it was too intense for me as well.I let go of his belt, giving us both a much-needed rest. He staggered back into the grass and literally fell over. My body relaxed, and I just hung there with my torso in the car and my bare legs hanging out the window. As his cock left me, a gush of cum did too, but I didn’t mind. The two of us panted in silence for a moment, me hanging on my car and him splayed out on the grass.“But for real, you need to stop speeding,” he said after a while. I laughed out loud and pushed myself out of the car window, hobbling over to lie on the grass with him.“You’re still gonna give me a ticket?” I asked.“No, but I’ve caught you speeding a few times down this road. I just never pull you over,” he said.I put my head on his chest. It felt weird because of the kevlar vest he wore underneath. “Wait, I have so many questions. You’re a real cop?”“Yes ‘mam,” he said, wrapping a tired arm around my shoulder.“How do you afford that house?”“When my parents died, they left me a lot of money. Instead of just retiring, I thought I’d use my privilege to help others.”“So, like, you donate?”“No, I just put most of it into some solid investments, got myself a nice place and live off the interest, mostly. Since I don’t have to work, I thought I’d do something to help. Being a cop was what I chose to do.”That was hot. Here was a man who could literally never work a day in his life, but had decided to put his life at risk to help others anyway. How was he not married? At least I assumed he wasn’t married. He never wore a ring, and I didn’t see any signs of another woman in his house. That wasn’t 100% proof though.“Are you married?” I asked.“Nope.”“Why not?”“Never found the right girl, I suppose.”I looked down and saw his cum-covered dick in the moonlight. I pushed myself up and leaned over, licking the cum off his softening shaft and swallowing it to clean him off. He moaned as I did so. Once again he tasted like dark chocolate pretzels. Sweet, salty and just a hint bitter. I freaking loved it. He pushed his hand through my hair, keeping it out of the mess.“How come you’ve never pulled me over?” I asked as I finished cleaning off his cock. I squeezed from base to tip, milking out what was left inside his shaft and watching it ball up at his tip like I was squeezing out the last of the toothpaste.“I don’t know. I like you,” he said.I licked and swallowed the dollop of sperm.“Want my number?”He looked down at me as I pushed his dick back into his pants and zipped him up.“Absolutely.”

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