Happy Times, part 2

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Happy Times, part 2The next day I drove to where Jo was working, it was only about one hour away and an easy drive. I found the shop without too much trouble, it was very similar to the previous one. Lovely underwear and outfits , also sex items, some of which I had never seen before. As usual it was staffed by some very attractive assistants, I couldn’t see any sign of Jo, It could be her day off or even her coffee break. It was a much bigger store that was obvious, I wandered around, eventually I asked an assistant if she had seen Jo. “Yes, she is here somewhere, most of the guys ask for her”, the girls eyes smiled knowingly. “Stay here and I will go and find her”. A few minutes later she returned. “She’s with a customer, but says will you wait, she won’t be long”. I found a chair, sat down and waited…After about fifteen minutes Jo arrived, as soon as “she” saw me her face lit up, then she gave me a big hug and kiss. “This is fantastic, where have you been, you said you would come and see me soon”. I explained what had happened and why I hadn’t been around. “Oh it doesn’t matter, come on lets go somewhere more private”. She took me by the hand and into one of the store rooms. “We have some fantastic new panties and bra’s in stock and a dress that will fit you perfectly” In a flash she was gone and two minutes later she was back. “Come on get undressed, I’ve locked the door so no one can come in”. In no time at all she had me dressed, I looked in the mirror.”When I have put your wig on and done your make you will look amazing” It was hard to believe it was me.”You remember where we went last time, out to the country house. Well it would seem you have an admirer. one of the partners has taken a fancy to you. He’s very sexy pendik escort and wants to have some fun with you. Don’t look so shocked, he won’t hurt you. Then we can spend the night together again. You liked my cock didn’t you” I’m sure I felt some pre-cum at the thought of it.We arrived at the country house by taxi around 7-30 on a glorious sunset evening. Jo had dressed me and done my make up, each time I looked in the mirror it took my breath away. We went into the house and straight away were served drinks, this time I took more notice of who the guests were. There were many beautiful “Ladies”dressed in many fashions, Jo excused herself saying she needed to see a friend. As she turned to go she smiled. “Have fun, he knows you are here”. I felt very nervous, I took my drink out on to the sun drenched balcony. There were several people moving around, then an arm slipped around my waist.”I’m so pleased you could come” He kissed me lightly on the cheek. “You look gorgeous, can I have you to myself, Jo said I had to be gentle with you, and I promise I will be”. I could tell he was getting excited . “O.K” I said “where would you like to take me”. He took me by the hand and we weaved through the crowd. I caught site of Jo, she smiled and blew a kiss. We went up the stairs and into a large bedroom which was beautifully furnished, I was now in unchartered waters. I had never done anything like this before and was unsure what to expect. He said his name was Peter and he thought about me every day. “Can I touch you” he said. I nodded and we sat on the bed.His hand went up my skirt and rested gently on the outside of my panties, he stroked my cock. Then he pushed me back on the bed, in no time at all he had me in his mouth. escort pendik I just let him enjoy himself whilst I thought of Jo. I had no intentions of cumming, that was for later. After a few minutes I said “Come on, let me pleasure you”. For the next ten minutes or so I gave his cock a real treat, then he spurted all over my hand. He was happy!!We went back down the stairs and I found Jo straight away, “I hope you saved yourself for me” That smile again. For the first time ever I let my hand rest on her thigh, she turned slightly so my hand was on her groin. “That’s yours for later”. She moved away to talk to other people.I went back to the terrace, by now the sun had set and the moon was climbing up to take it’s place in the sky. I was wondering what to do next when a young lady joined me. “I thought I recognised you” she said ” you were looking for Jo this afternoon, don’t look so worried I saw you come in with her. “Wow she’s done a great job with you. Can I ask you something” I nodded “When you are wearing a bra and panties don’t you get an erection” I nodded again, she put her hand between my legs and got hold of my cock. “Lucky Jo, I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to try on me”. She was very slight and looked about twenty, “Go on, I can tell you want to” My hand went up her dress, I could feel her panties, I moved slightly to her groin and slipped underneath the silk membrane. No hair, just a very nice protrusion. I gently played with her, then pushed her skin fully back. She closed her eyes in pleasure. “I love that sensation” She made no effort to move so I carried on playing with her. “I think you had better stop” she pushed my hand away. She gave me a card, “Give me a call some time and we’ll have some pendik escort bayan fun together” She smiled and was gone.Jo arrived after a short while and we found seats on the balcony. Our glasses were refreshed and we made small talk. Then she said “I think you have other things on your mind, would my cock have anything to do with it, I hope it does. What do you want to do with me, shall we go a little further than just playing with each other this time. I have some lovely oil in my bag, you can cover me all over with it. Then when you find my hole your fingers will slip inside. I love that feeling. Then If you wish you can satisfy both of us” My mind was in a whirl, I had never been this far, then she smiled again. “Don’t worry I will look after you”People were now leaving, it was about time for home. “Come on we are staying here again if that’s o.k with you. We made our way to the bedroom holding hands, once inside Jo fell into my arms. I could already feel my erection growing. She pushed her groin into mine, then that smile again as she brushed past my pole, I was almost bursting out of my panties. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground, then her bra was off. She stood before me in tiny bikini panties, she had a tiny erection, she didn’t have a foreskin. Then she lay on the bed.”There you are I’m all yours, do what you want with me, the oil is in my bag when you are ready” I got the oil and began to massage her with it, her lovely breasts, then moved down to her groin. I gently rubbed her cock and whist it didn’t grow it went rock hard, then I moved to her hole. With plenty of oil on my fingers I entered her, one, two and then three fingers in her pussy. For the first time she spoke. “You know what I want now don’t you, there are condoms in the drawer”. I quickly undressed and put on a sheath, Jo hadn’t moved, my cock was throbbing. I climbed on top of her and gently began to penetrate her. I had never done this before, I was in absolute heaven!

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