Happy Wife, Happy Life

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Happy Wife, Happy LifeTo their friends and family, Phillip and Brandi’s wedding was a picture perfect one. High school sweethearts, they waited until they were 24 to tie the knot. A few years later Phillip took over his dad’s construction business and led it to bigger & more profitable heights thanks to his degree in business management and acute commercial acumen. Brandi was the ultimate trophy wife; blond, beautiful and with a centerfold’s body, she made Phillip look better wherever they went together. They had been together for 22 years, had an adorable son and lived an idyllic life. They also had a secret. A secret that even their best friends and closest family members had no ideal about. Phillip and Brandi were swingers and devoted interracialist, she had a powerful attraction to well-endowed black men, and he loved to watch her being fucked by them.Their secret lifestyle began several years ago when their marriage was secretly in trouble. Two years after the birth of their boy, Phillip had noticed Brandi was increasingly unhappy and on edge. She complained about everything and was extremely temperamental. After a few months of her changing behavior, Phillip confronted Brandi about the problem. She confessed to being unhappy and frustrated with the lack of sex and physical fulfillment. By this time Phillip had started to work long hours, sometimes leaving the house early in the morning and coming home after dinner. Exhausted, he would fall asleep on the recliner without hardly a conversation. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife or even find her attractive, he simply didn’t have the energy most of the time. When they did have sex, he wasn’t as worked up as Brandi and usually didn’t perform as well as he did in his early 20’s. Brandi in the meantime seemed to be in her sexual prime. She worked out 3 or 4 times a week for a couple of hours and retained her fantastic figure even after giving birth to their son. Her good looks and ample body often got looks and she was constantly hit on in public. She loved the attention but always remained faithful, because she too loved her husband and would never want to hurt him.One day, while shopping at the mall, something unusual happened. Something that would change their lives. As Brandi left one of the c***dren’s clothing stores with her son, she heard a whistle and looked over to see a group of 4 black men checking her out, head to toe. The men were very vocal with their high praise of how Brandi looked. She was surprised that the men would be so attracted to a woman who was obviously with her c***d. One of the men walked up to her and said, “Damn baby, you have got to be the finest woman here!”Brandi had heard many flirtatious approaches before, but for some reason this man’s words struck something deep and guttural with her. Trying to act standoffish, Brandi ignored him and started to walk away. “Girl, you ain’t gotta be like that! Whats wrong, you don’t like the dark meat?” He said with bravado. She turned her head and caught him grabbing his crotch and shaking it. He obviously had a handful and she walked away, flush with excitement. Brandi called her mom to ask if she could watch the baby, got home, had an intense workout and masturbated in the shower. Her orgasm was one of the most powerful she ever had, yet one of the most frustrating. She knew right then & there she had to have a black cock and she was going to have to confess this to Phillip.When Phillip got home around 7, he quickly noticed that their son wasn’t home, and Brandi was pacing nervously in the kitchen. “Where’s Jake?” He asked.“He’s with my mom, we need to talk.” Brandi said.“Ok, shoot.” Phillip said pulling up a kitchen chair. He could tell there was something weighing heavy on her mind. “You know things haven’t been right for a while.” She tells him.“Brandi, I’m trying. I just have a couple of deals and then…” He started to explain.“No, no. You don’t understand. I know what it is that I want and why I am so sexually frustrated.” “Ok.” Phillip said, knowing she was about to deliver a bombshell. “Baby, you know I love you. I really do but I realize I have a real attraction to something I have never had before. You remember when my sister was in college and she brought home her first boyfriend?” Brandi asked.“The black guy?” Phillip recalled.“Yes, you said you didn’t have a problem with that, if it made her happy. I told you I appreciated your open mind about the matter and how supportive you were despite my father being so against it.” Brandi continued, “My sister would often confide and brag to me how good of a lover he was in many ways. She even confessed his cock was big, like people claim about black men. It made me curious, I’ll be honest. Very curious.” “I could tell.” Phillip admitted.“You could?” Brandi said shocked. “Brandi, for years I could tell you have had a thing for black men. It’s not a shock, you have made it obvious for years.” “I have? You’re not urfa escort upset?” “No. I think its very sexy how you get turned on when you are around them. Every time you visit me at a site and Chris or Kelvin or some of the other black men who work for me are there you get flirtatious and very excited. The men also show their attraction for you and it is a turn on.”“It is? Why didn’t you tell me?” Brandi asked. “I wanted to, but I was worried how you would react if I told you that I like to see you flirt with the black guys who work for me. Do you remember the year that you brought me that cake for my birthday and we ate it with some of the guys?”“Yes, it was the year before we had Jake.” Brandi recalled.“You were spending a lot of time talking to Kelvin. You were giggling and being very flirtatious. You made Kelvin a little nervous because you were showing him a lot of attention in front of your husband, who is his boss. I could see it in your eyes, you are attracted to him. Don’t deny it.”“You could tell?” Brandi was almost embarrassed that Phillip knew. Kelvin was in his early 20’s and built like a professional athlete. Tall and muscular, he seemed to always have a different girlfriend every few months and often the one he broke up with was still stalking him, trying to get back together. “Then there is Chris. Every time you visit me, and Chris is around, you make your way to say hi to him. You usually ignore many of the white men who work for me, but you seem to always to make time for Chris and Kelvin.” “Ok, ok. I admit it, I am very attracted to them. Kelvin is a very hot young man and Chris for a man in his 40’s is very attractive. Although Chris was 45, he looked 35 with a clean-shaven head and youthful eyes. His body wasn’t as impressive as Kelvin’s, but he was very tall and statuesque with a barrel chest and broad shoulders. Chris’ nickname around the yard was “Crowbar” purportedly because he had a huge curved penis. The night that Phillip told Brandi about the rumor, he had to chuckle in his head because his wife always looked at Chris with adoring eyes after that. The rest of the night Brandi admitted that she has wanted to try a big black cock for years and Phillip admitted that he had fantasized watching her with a black man or two. They even had sex and masturbated each other while discussing this revelation with both of them becoming very turned on and orgasming powerfully. Over a week passed after the night of confessions and Brandi had put it in the back of her mind, finding some relief in confessing to her husband. It was a Friday afternoon when Phillip called around lunch. “Brandi can your mom watch Jake for the night?” he asked.“I’m sure she can, you want to go out for dinner tonight?” She guessed.“Do me a favor, have Jake at your moms by 7 and wear your sexiest lingerie.” His request sounded great. She had been extra horny since that last night they had opened up, and she figured he had built up some horniness himself. She was looking forward to an evening of fun and followed his instructions. With the house empty she took a long hot shower and dolled herself up with light makeup but enough to highlight her best features and deep red lipstick. Rubbed some cream all over her body to make her skin extra soft and pleasant smelling. She wore one of her favorite pieces from Victoria’s Secret. A red see-through teddy with an equally sheer, silky Kimono. Her long hair was pulled up into a ponytail, a look that she knew drove her husband crazy. After he called to make sure she was alone and ready, she dimmed the lights in the living room, lit a few candles and put on some sexy jazz. The seductive atmosphere was complete.Phillip called once more and told Brandi to sit on the couch and close her eyes and keep them closed if she wanted to make the night unforgettable. Brandi liked the suggestion and followed it exactly. She sensed his entrance into the room but didn’t open her eyes. She heard the rustling of clothes and imagined he was taking them off. Oddly, she swore she could hear or sense two men but kept her eyes closed. He took her hand and began to kiss it. Licking and kissing her open palm. Suddenly she felt flesh in her hand, but it didn’t feel familiar. The cock was much bigger than Phillips, she knew immediately. Then her other hand was taken, it was soon holding another cock. It was also much bigger than her husband’s. The confusion and shock were too much to bear and Brandi opened her eyes. There was Chris and Kelvin standing to her left and right, with her hands on each of their large, swelling cocks. Brandi didn’t protest, cry out in shock or embarrassment and she didn’t pull her hands back. She simply said “Yes! Yes! Oh my God YES!”, out loud and with excitement. The two men she wanted the most in the world were standing in front of her, completely nude and with their huge black cocks filling her hands. She marveled at the sight of them as she stroked escort urfa away in amazement and with a lustful gleam in her eyes. Standing well out of the way was Phillip, watching with anticipation of what his trophy wife would do next and to his pleasure, she immediately jumped up to start to suck the two men he brought home to his wife. Within seconds Chis and Kelvin’s cocks grew to their engorged state with Chris’s cock displaying that legendary bend upward, making his cock to look dangerously rigid and intimidating. A full 12” and amazingly thick, Brandi jumped on it with her mouth right after she exclaimed “You guys are beautiful. Your cocks are fantastic!” Kelvin’s while appearing a bit shorter, was extraordinarily thick…massively thick. When Brandi pulled Chris’ cock out to start to suck Kelvin’s she paused for a second and shook her head in amazement. As she opened her jaw wide, she looked up to Kelvin as she took his heavy cock in her mouth in wordless approval and praise. Even from 15 feet away, Phillip could see how awesome both men’s endowments were, his cock quickly swelled in his pants watching his beautiful wife going crazy on them. Brandi was clearly happy as Phillip had never seen before. His risky ideal was a winner as he watched his wife gleefully suck his black employees’ cocks. They were amazed by his proposal but very happy and eager to comply. There probably wasn’t a man in Phillip’s company that would pass on this opportunity, but Chris and Kelvin were certainly the best candidates. Brandi simply looked so sexy engulfing each man’s dark manhood. It was a sight he never would have believed he would witness but he was so glad he set up. Already in the first ten minutes she was more aroused than every time they had been together combined, a fire was lit inside her and the heat came from these two black studs. “So big…so fucking big and black.” Were the words Brandi mustered in between the moments her mouth wasn’t filled with thier cocks. When they were buried deep between her lips, she simply moaned and whimpered with exhilaration. Soon the men started to relax and get into it more. They might have been a little put off or intimidated, but Brandi’s complete approval and attraction to them soon fed them with a hunger to give Phillip’s wife what she wanted. An interracial experience she would never forget. “Mmm, yeah Ms. Brandi. Suck that big black cock.” Chris said.“Ohhhhhh, I love it.” She responds. “I love your big black cocks. Give them to me!” Brandi simply went back and forth between both of them, giving each cock equal but loving attention with her mouth. While she had one buried deep in her mouth, stroking it with her lips, she was jacking off the other. “Yeah, Ms. Brandi. Get you all that black cock you want.” Kelvin said. Brandi gladly swallowed as much of the young stud’s thick cock as she could. She marveled at the sheer girth and his fat head. It was delicious as well. Both black cocks were especially tasty to Brandi as she continued to suck them for over thirty minutes. Phillip had already pulled out his cock with the sight of his wife feverishly sucking both black cocks and was ready to cum already. As the cum flew out and all over his lap he quickly jumped out of his soiled clothes and noticed the men were starting to position Brandi for something different. It would only take a few minutes for his cock to grow hard as it was time for Brandi’s pussy to receive her first black cock, something he had dreamed of watching. The men simply took off Brandi’s Kimono, leaving the silky teddy and panties on. They positioned her on the couch so she could still suck on Kelvin with Chris positioning himself behind her on his knees. Chris’ cock curved mightily but seemed perfect to slip into a wet pussy like Brandi’s from behind. It was obviously soaking wet because as soon as he started to fuck her, the sound of her moist pussy getting fucked by Chris’ cock was heard all the way to where Phillip was sitting. The only thing louder was Brandi’s moaning, even with Kelvin’s huge prick stuffing it. Chris didn’t show any mercy and Brandi didn’t ask for any as he plunged his mighty black cock deep in her with fast, powerful strokes. When he really started to give it to her, Brandi pulled Kelvin’s cock out of her mouth and yelled, “I knew you could fuck me like that! Give it to me, fuck my white pussy with your huge black cock Chris!” Chris grabbed Brandi’s hips and worked up a sweat as he continued to fuck her with power. Kelvin took a hold of her ponytail and forced her mouth up and down on his cock, she squealed in excitement when he did. It wasn’t long before Phillip’s cock swelled again at the sight of these two black men controlling Brandi like they were. As soon as Chris started to brag to Kelvin how good Brandi’s pussy felt, the younger of the black men simply couldn’t wait anymore, he had to sample the white woman’s elegant pussy.Kelvin turned her onto her urfa escort bayan back and began to work his dense, bulbous head into her. Brandi gasped loudly as she never encountered anything so thick sliding into her pussy. She wasn’t protesting, to be frank she was impressed like she had never been with a cock. “I love it! I love it. You so fucking thick Kelvin.” Phillip could tell, his young employee was still being careful but soon his cock made its way inside her and began to push deeper. Brandi was in sheer extasy. “Goddamn, Ms. Brandi you sure are tight.” He said.“I’m not used to black cock! I need much more training!” Brandi admitted. Kelvin soon began to slide back and forth, Brandi made sounds like Phillip had never heard and Chris was jacking off over her head, enjoying the show. Brandi begged Chris to stuff his cock back into her mouth, he was happy to oblige. Once again, this Caucasian beauty was filled with big black cock in her mouth and pussy. Phillip was ready to blow another load but stopped jacking off. He wanted to make this one was more intense and powerful. His cock however never lost its erection as the show of his wife being taken by the two black men was too stimulating to witness. Brandi’s panties were constantly getting in the way of Kelvin and in frustration he pulled her back into doggie position and suddenly ripped them off. Brandi didn’t protest because she knew he was going to fuck her doggie style, a position she would later admit was her favorite with big black cock and he stuffed her again with his mighty ebony penis. “Ohhhh, ohhhhh!” Brandi moaned. “You guys are fucking me like never before. I Love it. I love your big black cocks!” “Do you love them more than mine baby? Phillip chimed in for the first time from afar. “Yes! I do, I love them more than your cock honey!” Brandi admitted truthfully with her extasy acting like a truth serum. Her admission was too much for Phillip and he blew his second load without even touching his cock. Now with his body covered in cum and his cloths balled up and soiled, Phillip excused himself silently to the bathroom to wash up. It took him several minutes to clean himself up and get into some fresh clothes. It had been maybe twenty minutes since he left and wondered if they were still going at it. To his amazement, they were and in a completely different position. When he came back in Chris was siting on the sofa with Brandi riding him reverse cowgirl. She was completely nude now as the guys had obviously removed the rest of her teddy. She was sucking Kelvin who was standing to her side and groping her tits. All three were moaning loudly, Phillip figured the men might be ready to cum.As he watched again, he could really sense this was what Brandi needed and wanted. The excitement of interracial sex was even more powerful than he even guessed it was for her. The three of them had been fucking for over an hour, Brandi had probably already cum but the two men’s stamina were amazing. It was still a sight that was too arousing and entertaining for him. His cock once again swelled and Phillip pulled out his cock and jerked it off. “You like watching me get fucked by black men, don’t you baby?” Brandi asked.“Yes, you have never looked so happy or fulfilled.” Phillip tells her.“That’s because I am, more than ever.” As she continues to ride Chris’ cock, she is licking on Kelvin’s cock and balls. “I love their cocks. I think this one is ready to cum. Do you wanna cum Kelvin?”“Yeah.” He simply responds.“Cum all over my face, cum in my mouth Kelvin. Shoot it all over.” Within seconds the man takes his cock from her and begins to flood her with his creamy semen. With her tongue extended far out of her mouth, Brandi catches most of it with her agape mouth letting his black seed fill it. In all the years he never saw Brandi swallow his cum, her doing it now is one of the most arousing things he has ever seen. Soon Chris begins to cum and fills her pussy as she continues to pump on it. When he finishes and she climbs off, his cum can be seen drooling out of her pussy as if it is full of his semen. Brandi gives both men a kiss on their forehead and thanks them both. She leads them into the shower. Inside the three once again embrace and Brandi gets on her knees to suck them both again. Their cocks are just as hard as earlier. After several minutes in the shower and the three are nice and clean, Brandi leads them to the bed. Kelvin and Chris take turns fucking Brandi’s mouth and pussy, usually in doggie style. The three seem to not be able to get enough of each other. Phillip decides to stay in the living room, giving Brandi and her two lovers their privacy. They fuck for another hour and Chris cums in Brandi’s mouth this time and Kelvin fills her pussy with his cum. Since then Brandi has got together with both Chris and Kelvin together and individually. Most of the time Phillip is present but from time to time he has to stay at work and miss the show. They have also begun to meet with other men and even a black couple with both enjoying the wife swap. Since they embraced their new lifestyle, Phillip and Brandi have been happy and their marriage as solid as ever.

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