Harley Quinn and Batgirl

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Harley Quinn and BatgirlBatgirl was out in gotham it had been a long night and she was ready to head home as nothing much was going on. Just then something caught her eye a shadow in the next street.She moved stealthy over and knelt down peering around the corner, she saw harley quinn trying to break in to the back of a jewelers store, batgirl sighed thinking she was in the mood for this but moved round the corner sneaking up behind harley.”need a hand there harley” batgirl said, harley jumped around “no im ok thank’s” she said with a cheeky smile, “oh cut that out right now I don’t have time for this im taking you in” batgirl said and throw a knock out pellet at harley before she could say anymore.Batgirl carried harley back to her bike and started to drive to the police station, she was a little mad for harley messing türkçe bahis up her night and then had a naughty idea, she turned her bike and headed towards her home instead.Harley woke up in a bedroom laying on the bed “hey this isn’t the police station” she said “that’s right” batgirl said and grabbed harley and kissed her deeply her tongue exploring her mouth.Harley was shocked for a moment wondering what was going on then just start to enjoy the kiss, batgirl pulled back a little out of breath “this is just for tonight I want to have some fun you up for that” she said with a sexy smile, “stop taking and more kissing” harley said back.They started kissing and caressing each other their hands moving over each others bodies slowly peeling off each others clothes “masks stay on” they both said and laughed.They were both youwin giriş naked except for their masks, breathless they moved towards each other, batgirl pushed harley down and started kissing her tits making her softly moan, she kissed her way down harleys body licking and teasing her till she was just next to her pussy.Harley looking down her body with batgirl between her legs just as she start to lick sending shivers all over, batgirl licked gentle at first and then started going faster as harleys breathing sped up, she slipped her fingers inside feeling how tight and wet harley was she began finger fucking her hard and fast, harley was grinding against her face driving her wild, “im so close” harley moan out and batgirl pushed her fingers in as deep as she could sending harley over the edge, a spasm youwin güvenilir mi washed over her as she came.”you can use this on me” said batgirl holding a strap-on to harley, still a little breathless harley took the strap-on and watched as batgirl laid back on the bed, harley didn’t waste anytime and just thrust into batgirl making her cry out, she could her how wet she was with ever thrust, batgirl started to squeeze harley bum pulling her in deeper and harley just pounder her faster and harder.Batgirl pushed harley on her back and started to ride her, harley started playing with batgirls tits loving the sight of her riding her sliding up and down on the strap-on, batgirl was moaning really hard now and harley could tell she was close, “IM GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOU” she screamed and slipped off the strap-on and squirted all over harley soaking her, she collapsed on harley both now cover in each other’s juices, harley gentle kissed batgirl and softly whispered “you can punish me like this anytime”.They both smiled and fell asleep in each others arms.

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