Hear No Evil

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Hear No EvilRinko Kimachi was at that age where she had just started taking an interest in boys and was incredibly horny all the time. Despite the fact she was rapidly developing into a very attractive Japanese woman, as soon as boys realized Rinko was deaf, their interest in her dwindled. Rinko lost her hearing as a c***d when she and her mother were involved in a car accident. Rinko’s mother sadly died from her injuries and if it wasn’t for her car seat, Rinko’s injuries would have been more severe, as it was she was knocked u*********s and only suffered some minor head trauma, which had led to her loss of hearing.Rinko’s Father took the death of his wife very badly and just buried himself in his work. Rinko craved the attention of her Father, she wished he would shower her with gifts and treat her like a princess, but when he continued to keep her at arms length, she decided that with her new found interest in boys she would simply seek attention elsewhere. Rinko still had to overcome the problem of her impairment putting the boys off and remembering an old saying she had once heard “Let the dog see the rabbit”, she thought if she discreetly exposed herself to strangers in public, it would be enough to entice them and perhaps distract their focus away from her disability long enough to satisfy her craving for attention.The best place to expose herself she decided was the mall and so Rinko jumped on the very next tube train. She was a little nervous when she first arrived and decided to do a bit of shopping to calm her nerves, whilst in the changing rooms she took the opportunity to slip off he panties and remove her hearing aids and put them in her purse. That final act had Rinko feeling sexually stimulated and also a little hungry, so she picked up her purchases, walked toward the food court and got a salad. She walked toward the tables and picked out one directly across from 3 teenage boys. The thought occurred to her to play with them to see their reaction. Rinko put her salad on the table and purchases in a chair and sat down. She purposely spread her legs, acting nonchalant and began eating and watching people. Rinko noticed the boys looking her way so she moved her hips a little and spread her legs wider.Rinko pretended karaman escort like she was looking down but could see the boys through her eyelashes. One boy elbowed his friend and they were both looking toward her. The boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads and then it became apparent that they had been talking to the boy with his back to her and a few minutes later he got up to get a refill. When he sat back down he sat in a chair where he was able to see Rinko. She slowly ate her salad while the boys kept looking. When she had finished eating, she sat there for a few minutes letting them look. Rinko was flattered and turned on by the boys as they continued to stare at her pussy. Still watching through her lashes, she put her hand between her legs. They watched while she fingered and teased her clit. Rinko’s pussy was dripping and she slid her finger deep inside. She slid it in and out a few times and lifted it to her mouth. Rinko sucked on her finger running her tongue around it tasting her own juices. All three of boys stared their jaws agape. So Rinko raised her head and looked them in the eye and smiled. About that time a couple of other k**s walked up to their table and started talking. Rinko took that opportunity to stand, pick up her packages, throw away her trash and leave the food court.Rinko glanced back at the table where the boys were sitting and it was apparent they were telling their friends what they had just witnessed by the looks they were shooting her way. She left the food court and walked to the other end of the mall to find the toilets so that she could slip her panties back on. She decided to leave her hearing aids in her handbag; it would allow her to focus her thoughts on her little adventure during the ride home without any distractions.As she I walked down the mall towards the tube station, she was not surprised to pass the k**s from the food court. She smiled casually at them and kept walking. Rinko realized showing herself to them had been more interesting than sexual, but the experience was still exciting. Rinko left the mall and boarded a tube train home; little did she know she had a secret admirer. Mr Kobaiyoshi had witnessed Rinko’s little exhibition in the food court and decided to escort kraman follow her home.The train was surprisingly empty, just a small group of people at one end of the carriage, so Rinko decided to stand at the other end. Mr Kobaiyoshi boarded swiftly after and moved in behind her just as the train pulled away. As the carriage began to sway from side to side, Mr Kobaiyoshi brushed against Rinko as if by accident to see if he got a reaction but he got none. There was absolutely no reaction from her. Except for her rocking back and forth with the motion of the train, she made no movements whatsoever. She just held the pole with one hand and clutched her purse and purchases with the other.Mr Kobaiyoshi became even bolder, almost challenging her to do something, dropping his hand, he deliberately grabbed her butt. He didn’t squeeze, he just palmed it, like a basketball. It fit nicely into his hand. He held it there for a few seconds. Again, she did nothing. Mr Kobaiyoshi began softly rubbing her round bottom, freely caressing her bum. She again offered no resistance. “Maybe she likes it.” he thought, closing his eyes and focusing all his senses on his fingers. With each success, he became more emboldened. Slowly his hand journeyed down her leg, gently running his fingers along her skirt, looking for the hem of her skirt. Glancing down he noticed that her skirt cut at her knees and that it would be too obvious if I bent down to lift it up. So, he again goosed her, placing his hand right the crack of her ass. Mr Kobaiyoshi gently as possible grabbed her skirt and began to pull it up. He looked around every few seconds but had not been sighted by anyone. He raised her skirt up a few inches, then let it drop, acrobatically putting his hand underneath the falling garment before it returned to its normal length. Rinko flinched as his hand touched the back of her thigh and doubled the grip on her purse and bags. Mr Kobaiyoshi stopped cold, his hand hanging under her arched skirt. He stood motionless for a few seconds waiting for her next reaction. It never came, he continued his exploration. At first it was just a few gentle brushes that grew to rubbing and caressing as his hand melted in the sheer silky pattern of her panties. karaman escort bayan He journeyed along the edge of her panties, slowly reading the combination of her underwear and her flesh. Her skirt hung over his forearm like a hanger, as the subway roared between stations, he began to take even greater liberties, squeezing her ass and even sliding his fingers between her legs touching the outskirts of her mound. Still she stood motionless as his hand discovered and groped her most intimate areas. Mr Kobaiyoshi had come this far and he wanted it all. His hand moved rapidly up her waist, obviously looking for something. It didn’t take him long to find it. He fingered the tops of her panties, testing the elastic top. In one motion his hand went sliding inside them, pulling her toward him. She still didn’t utter a word or express any indication of his invasion. His hands disappeared into her small silk panties. Her smooth, supple flesh filled the spaces between his fingers as his hand explored her bare skin. Her body was next to his, slighting bumping into each other with the vibrations of the train. Mr Kobaiyoshi wasted no time as his index finger explored her canyon between her buns, grazing her pooper shoot. Not stopping to explore, his fingers soon found her most private of places. Her mound was shrouded in a thick patch of hair, into which his fingers dove. Soon, her crotch was completely under his control and began to explore and play in her womanhood. First, he found and stimulated her clitoris. He could hear her breath deepen as his fingers stimulated her love organ. Then he caressed her moist lips and spread them open enough to slip a few fingers between them. She just stood there as he touched her labia and the opening to her love canal. Mr Kobaiyoshi slowly and very gently probed her pussy with his fingers and inserted two fingers all the way inside her. She moaned and leaned against him for support. Her hole was warm and tight. At first the walls of which stuck to his fingers as they bore in and out of her, then they loosened as he could feel her moisture increasing. He started out slowly sliding his fingers up and down, but soon his wrist got sore with the rapidity of his fingering. After a minute or so, of really rapid fingering, she let out an audible moan, her puss clamped around his fingers and her cream collected in his palm. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her and spread her cream along the side of her thigh, as he pulled her underwear back into place.

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