Heather’s Little Story

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Heather’s Little StoryHeather’s Little StoryIt started years and years and years ago, when I was 9. I was playing strip poker with my girlfriend of the time and we both seemed to have lost! We were both naked! I tried her school knickers on! There was no looking back. My life long “hobby” of “dressing” started.I progressed on to wearing my Mother’s and sister’s clothes. I was lucky they all seemed to have a lovely collection of clothes and my Mum even had a wig. My biggest memory of that period of my life was when I first ventured out. I can remember what I wore: a beautiful matching blue checked gingham bra, panties and suspender belt, silky dark brown stockings, a grey dress with a blue belt with matching blue sling back shoes, topped off with my Mum’s wig and a little eye shadow and lipstick. I was about 12 or 13 and that was the last time I went out “dressed” until I started seriously “dressing” about 12 years ago.After I left school, “dressing” really dropped into the back of my mind. I never dressed completely as I do now, Occasionally I would wear women’s underwear, primarily my Wife’s. I was married for 20 years but as far as I am aware my Wife never discovered my “hobby” or knew anything about it. I did have a little stash (as I discovered what it is called) in the attic with a copy of the “Tranny guide” a very good book for girls starting out on their “dressing” journey.Then it happened. I got divorced and started for the first time in my life to live alone. One of the first things I thought of doing was to “dress”. Heather was born. I called myself Heather, my EX wife’s name, don’t know why bodrum escort I have tried changing it but it didn’t seem to work and too many people know me as Heather.The first thing I did was buy a copy of Exchange & Mart. On the back few pages there were TV adverts. Luckily I saw an advertisement for “Repartee”. It opened my eye to the TV world, as well as subscribing to the magazine I subscribed to Rose’s Xtra a contact magazine. I studied the listings and sent off half a dozen letters to other girls, luckily I had a reply from all six! one of them being Karen, a very experienced and friendly TV who lived locally who helped me enormously.My first time dressed in front of somebody else. Karen and I spoke on the phone a couple of times and arranged to meet at my house. I had to rush out and visit Mark’s and Spencer’s to buy a complete set of clothes. Karen had suggested what I needed; I bought a pile of makeup which included a visit to “Dauphines” a very TV friendly theatrical and fancy dress shop in Bristol. I bought myself a couple of books on makeup and practiced intensely. Finally the big day came Karen arrived and I clip clopped down the stairs to meet her, my second really big buzz in my “dressing” life. She seemed quite impressed with my look which I was really glad about. It all seemed to go very well and she introduced me to the hobby in more depth.The next really big buzz was my first night out fully dressed. Karen had arranged to pick me up and we went to a TV friendly pub in Bristol, The Griffin. I spent hours getting ready; I thought I looked really good; I do have a few small photos bodrum escort bayan which I will put on the page. I did have a little problem when I first entered the pub, one of my suspenders came undone tee… hee… so I had to quickly visit the ladies (the first of many times) to adjust them. Finally I got to meet a few other friends of Karen. I found them all to be lovely, friendly and accepting girls. I continued going out with Karen for quite a while and we went to numerous pubs, clubs and parties after that. Then as it always happens we lost contact for a few years, I continued my “dressing” life. Meeting other girls primarily off the internet, I think this is main way girls get to meet nowadays.One of my other favourite memories was going to “Lipstick” at The Philbeach Hotel in London, what an experience. I arrived there looking like a bedraggled back packer but a few hours later I turned into a beautiful girl. That night I met what seemed hundreds of girls, not only from Britain but from Denmark, France, Australia and the States. I have heard recently that The Philbeach has closed which is a great pity.One of my other “girly” experiences that I enjoy is going to the cinema dressed. I’m really lucky my local cinema is within walking distance, as long as I wear a pair of comfortable shoes! I have made the mistake and walked there in higher shoes, the agony! Had to sit and watch the film in bare feet, well in my stockings anyway tee… hee… I always get a great buzz when I venture out. I normally take a couple of hours making myself up and dressing to pass. I walk up to the cinema escort bodrum when I indulge in another girly habit that I have caught, smoking. I think smoking is a really sexy, girly thing and when I dress I always indulge in a few naughty girly ciggies. When I arrive at the cinema I always put on my best walk and cross the foyer into the ladies. Have a wee, adjust my hair and makeup then watch the movie. I love it.Another great buzz I have experienced recently is I caught a taxi into town to visit a club and the taxi driver just couldn’t keep his eyes off me in his mirror. I had butterflies in my chest it was great fun looking at his face. He was trying to make his mind up, was I a woman with a deep voice or whatever! Tee… heee…I’ve also visited “Glos**ts” a TV group based around the Gloucestershire area that arrange a number of meets every month. I have been a couple of times and hope to visit again in the not too distant future,, fingers crossed. It’s great to get out “dressed” love the buzz.Ted Ray, why not Heather? I have been out with a number of girlfriends (GG/RG’s that is) and a short while ago I received a very strange phone call from an ex girlfriend saying that she had a very serious question to ask. I thought what could it be? She said I was on your PC the other day and I discovered a load of photographs of a woman called Heather. Whooooops! She had discovered that I dressed. My heart started pounding but I needn’t have worried as she was great with it. In fact she has embraced herself into the hobby whole heartedly. The first time I dressed for her she was really impressed. We chatted about makeup, clothes and where we could go out with me dressed. I have now been out with her on a few occasions dressed and we have some great times in quiet pubs and clubs in Bristol.So I hope I’ve not detained you and bored you too much and welcome.HeatherX

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