Helena behind me…

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Helena behind me…I had starting to date my beloved Victor; but I had been date before with Helena, my sensual girlfriend, my wild partner, my sexy crazy bitch…We both had experienced our bisexual side since we were very young.But now I was deeply in love with Victor; a wonderful man whom I had chosen to share the rest of my life with.I still could not trust him to tell about my ambiguous relation with Helena.Speaking about sex, Victor and I were really like two mechanic fuck machines; we both never got tired of fucking each other…One day I was at my office, when I received a message from Victor:“How is my horny wild bitch today…? I read on the computer screen.I had seen him two days ago; so this message caused me a very excitement effect. I felt my crotch starting to get wet; so I quickly replied:“I am absolutely wet and horny; waiting for a man to come and fuck me…”As I was writing this, I looked upon my computer at Helena’s desk; the bitch was stretching her back like a wild cat in her chair. She was smiling as she looked something in her own computer screen.We shared a small office for just the two of us and we could lock ourselves from time to time; to perform some nasty things as nobody could see us…I then started a hot chat with my boyfriend. The subject started to raise up and my excitement was even worse. Victor suddenly begged me to perform a masturbation for him; so he could hear me in his machine…Helena then stood up with some papers in hand and she went to the door.Although I was so horny and almost dripping sincan escort wet, I said to Victor that I should be careful; since my Boss was in the next office and he could hear me through those thin walls. But my boyfriend was very insistent, so I decided to go ahead to please him…I checked out the door to my Boss’ office was closed at my back.That day I was wearing tight jeans and a cotton t-shirt, with no bra.I had put on a very tiny black thong. I unzipped the jeans and shoved my right hand inside the thong. Sitting in this position, my body balance was not so comfortable.To let Victor hear mi moaning, I put my mouth close to the microphone; but I had to raise on my toes and bend a bit forward, letting my buttocks stick out in the air.I slipped two fingers deep into my soaking wet cunt. I caressed my swollen clit, sensing my increasing wetness condition.I felt really turned on and my moans in the microphone were also driving Victor totally crazy. I was focused in my own pleasure, as I felt one hand holding firmly my waist and another one slipping inside of my jeans; replacing my own hand over my slippery pussy lips.I then felt a pelvis pressing on my exposed butt, pushing me forward, against my desk.I let out a moan in surprise; as Helena whispered into my ear:“Hush, sweetie… we do not want your silly boyfriend could know it…”I felt embarrassing about my sexy girlfriend had caught me masturbating right there; but I was so horny, that I did not care at all…So I stood quiet, thinking Victor would not notice what escort sincan was happening at my desk. I then moaned even louder, to muffle every noise that Helena could make at my back.Víctor asked me to pinch my hard nipples as I masturbated for him; but then Helena reached out and she massaged my tits and nipples…Her other hand had her fingers exploring deeply my wet cunt; it was fully stretched now, letting ooze my own juices… Helena whispered in my ear:“You are so wet with him, little bitch; you do not get so wet with me…”Helena began to moan right with me. My position now was totally reclined over the table and my mouth very close to the microphone. I started moaning even louder, to muffle every loud moan that Helena could make at my back.As Victor kept giving me orders, Helena pulled my jeans down to my ankles. So we were more comfortable to keep on.Helena suddenly stopped caressing my cunt and she murmured softly:“I have a little surprise for you, sweetie…”Holding firmly my hair in one hand, she spread out my wet pussy lips and shoved three long fingers very deep in me; lubricating my inner walls.All of a sudden her fingers slipped out, but quickly I felt something hard opening me. It was not painful at all, due to my own lubrication.With just two hard pushes, Helena shoved this unknown object up to the bottom. I let out a wild scream in pleasure, that covered the soft moans my girlfriend was exhaling.I tried to turn my head to see this wonderful object filling my cunt; but Helena pulled out again my hair; sincan escort bayan making me to look forward…The bitch stood there, enjoying how this thing was stretching out my vaginal cannel. She then began a very brutal pumping, while she pulled my hair and pinched my hard nipples…My beloved Victor liked to fuck me in the ass; so I told her I was wishing he would be there, stretching my tight asshole with his thick cock…I was hoping Helena would sodomize me right then. In just two seconds I felt the toy slipping out from my dripping cunt. In just one single brutal push, she shoved it into my poor anus. The penetration was very painful, since my ass was not lubed at all.I screamed loud this time. Helena was now acting as a perfect Domina. All of a sudden, I felt a tremendous orgasm was starting to run through my whole body. It was an incredible sensation. A very wild one…Helena let go my hair and she slowly withdrew the toy out from my ass.She slapped my buttocks, then caressing them very softly.She then turned around and looked at me in the eyes, making me know she had enjoyed the moment. She showed me the toy that had me made gone crazy: a shiny black rubber dildo, a very huge one. It had the veins well marked and it looked like a real nigger huge cock.Helena smiled with an evil grin and she went back to her desk.I stood there leaning on my desk, breathing hard and sensing my own juices oozing out my wet cunt and sliding down my thighs.My ass felt it was burning and my rosebud felt loose…And then I heard my sweet Victor, moaning and ejaculating close to the microphone, enjoying this masturbation he thought I had performed for his enjoyment…He would never find out that my best masturbation sessions were in the hands of my naughty girlfriend Helena…

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