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Hello i Am A pigMy name is Cynthia and most of you know only one side of me, the friend, mother and grandmother. Many years ago a different side of me was created, a side that I have kept hidden from most of the people around me. Sometimes I think that it all started from the time that I was m*****ed by my uncle years ago. Seems like I have been a very sexual being since then , but my sexuality and depravity grew and deepened over the years.I was a very sexually active teenager, sneaking out of my house and meeting a boy from school who lived down the street. We would fuck like crazy in the empty field beside my house. That came to a screeching halt though when I crawled back in my window one night to find my mother waiting in my bed for me. You would think that would have calmed my hot ass down, but not a chance. I just found someone else and met them while playing hooky from school.It was around that time that I met my first husband. He was three years my senior and already out of high school. I was just a 10th grader. We had sex everywhere, in his car, out in the woods and in my bedroom when my parents weren’t home. When they tried to stop me from seeing him, I ran away with him and wouldn’t come home till my mother signed for me to marry him. Once we were married though things got crazier in our sexual encounters. He started tying me to the bed and bringing me to the brink of orgasm only to leave me tied and go watch TV, oblivious to my pleas for him to finish what he had begun. He would do this over and over again until I became a docile pawn for him to play with. He would then ram his cock into me over and over till he came and leave me again whether or not I had cum. Things went on like that till we had our first c***d and then he stopped tying me up and pretty much stopped having sex with me for a long time.I found myself fantasizing about him tying me up again, even fantasizing about his friends joining in and ravaging my lust filled body. His demeanor changed more and sex became a tool to control me. If I did things that pleased him and didn’t make waves in the relationship I was rewarded with sex but if I crossed him in anyway no sex. We moved away from Georgia after our second c***d was born to Virginia.Once in Virginia thought the control became more physical after the birth of our third c***d. He held me down on the floor by my throat threatening to choke the life from me if I didn’t do as he said. Instead of being terrified though I was turned on immensely by his brutality. He would slap me for no reason and call me names while taking me roughly from behind. He would pull my arms back holding me with my face forced down as he pounded away until he was satisfied. The rougher he was the harder I came. He got more brutal, beating me for no reason and I feared for my c***dren so I divorced him.At this time in my life I decided to use men like men used women, find them, fuck them, and forget them. While out one night I met someone who turned out to be a very dominate man. My c***dren were gone for the summer to visit with their dad so I moved in with him. He was about 15 years older than me and at first was a very gentle and tender lover teaching me new things and taking me to new heights of passion.Once I was eager to please and to learn the way he treated me changed. We had gone out one night with friends and when we returned home he grabbed me and pulled me across his lap. He held me in a way that I couldn’t get up and ripped my panties from my ass and whipped me till I was screaming for mercy. He told me I was his slut and from now on I would be treated as such. He shoved me to the floor unzipped his pants and grabbed my hair forcing me to suck his hard cock. He throat fucked buca escort me making me gag over and over till he pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth and shot his cum all over my tear stained face. He slapped my face and told me to get up and strip for him like a good little slut.He turned on some music and I danced and stripped for him while he stroked his cock. I was so turned on by the rough treatment and watching him stroke his cock as I danced that my juices were running down my leg. Once my clothes were all on the floor he bent me over and shoved his cock into my pussy and pounded me till my legs went limp and there was a puddle of cum on the floor. He slapped my ass hard and shoved me to the floor tell me to lick up my mess of be whipped again. I did as I was told.After that night he would have parties and have me strip for his friends. He would give me to a different guy each time and I would be used like a whore. Sometimes he would sit in the corner and watch and when the guy finished with me he would shove his hard cock in my mouth and hold my head as he fucked my face. If I sucked his cock good I wouldn’t get whipped but if I didn’t I knew that my ass would be set on fire again. I began to practice my cock sucking skills on his friends to make sure that I would please him.It became a big turn on to me to have a throbbing hard cock in my mouth. It was during one of these parties that I met George. He was a very well endowed black man that took my breath away with just a touch of his hand. His cock was so fat that I could barely get it in my mouth and when I sucked it till he came all he could say was oh my god. He never had a woman suck his cock till he came in their mouth and he told me he was going to get me away from there.At the next party he took me out of there after everyone had passed out. He had a van with a bed in the back . We went into a different county to make sure we were not followed. He parked and we laid down on the bed together he slowly removed my clothes and then whispered in my ear do you trust me baby. I said that I did and he put a bandana over my eyes. He then rolled me over on my stomach and put a pillow that raised me up so that my ass and pussy were exposed . He had hooks placed near the bed and he whispered to me as he tied me spread eagle. He told me he had plans for me and my body trembled with anticipation. I had not been tied and vulnerable since my first husband and my mind was racing with the possibilities.He rubbed his massive hands over my bruised ass cheeks and told me that he would make me forget all that and he spread my pussy lips and sucked my swollen clit between his teeth biting and sucking till I was moaning and withering beneath him. With him doing this with my pussy my mind wondered why he had me tied on my stomach. My wonder did not last long as his hands spread my asscheeks and his tongue began to tease my tight puckered asshole. Never had I felt and thing so delicious and so depraved as the sensations he was giving me with his tongue. He pulled my asscheeks wider apart and plunged his tongue deep into my asshole. I groaned in ecstasy and pushed my ass up to meet the thrusting of his tongue. Over and over he rammed his tongue into me opening me up more and more. The cum began to run from my pussy as I was delirious with pleasure. He moved his tongue and pushed to fingers into my asshole. As he did this he moved to whisper in my ear and said I am going to clam a part of you that no one has and he pushed a glob of something greasy into my asshole with his fingers.The next thing I felt was the head of his hard fat cock pushing against my tight asshole and I froze and begged him not to do this. As he pushed against me he whispered escort buca in my ear relax baby daddy will be easy, but I knew that fat cock was going to split me in two. He reached under me and found my swollen clit and massaged it as he pushed the head of his cock into me. I cried out in pain from the invasion and he didn’t move anymore just massaged my clit sending ripples of pleasure through me as well as the pain from my stretching asshole. Slowly he pushed more and more of his fat hard cock into my ass. The mixture of pain and pleasure sensations that he was giving me was sending me to a different place and I was moaning and groaning and grunting like an a****l beneath him. He pushed the rest of his fat black cock deep into my asshole and stilled himself giving my body a chance to adjust to the fullness. His fingers tortured my sensitive clit and when he began to move inside me I exploded over and over again.I pushed my ass up to meet his downward thrust and he whispered to me that’s it baby give that ass to daddy. I could feel his cock begin to throb in my ass and he moved his fingers from my clit and grabbed my hips with both hands and drove his cock in and out of me hard till his cum filled my bowels. He fell forward against me and lay there on top of my sweaty quivering body till his limp cock slipped from may aching asshole. He got up and cleaned himself up and got in the drivers seat of the van. He left me tied and blindfold as he drove through the night. When we reached our destination he whispered to me as he untied me. Are you going to run baby and I said no. The a****l in me had been awakened by his treatment and I needed more. He told me to dress and come into the room he had rented for us. He bathed me in a hot tub to soothe the aches from my body and after he dried me off he asked me again did I trust him. I said yes again and he used the bandana to gag me. He tied me face up this time spread eagle on the bed with a pillow under my ass. He said now daddy is going to have some fun.His mouth covered first one nipple then the other biting and sucking till I was moaning and withering with each touch. He moved from my breast kissing and licking a trail to the mound of my hot pussy. He spread my pussy lips wide with his massive hands and teased my swollen clit with the tip of his tongue. I was writhing in ecstasy beneath him as he took my clit between his teeth and flicked it over and over with his tongue till a orgasm rocked my body. He moved his tongue down and fucked my hole lapping up the cum as it ran from inside me. He moved back up to my sensitive clit and again took it in his teeth flicking it with his tongue as I thrashed and tried to move. My cries were muffled by the gag in my mouth and he continued to eat my pussy. He took his big black thumb and coated it with my cum and pushed it into my sore aching asshole and the pleasure pain sensation had me orgasm again . He made me cum again and again with his tongue until I thought I would pass out. He then straddled my chest and pulled the gag from my mouth and shoved his fat cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock till he filled my throat with his cum. He untied me and we slept. He woke me by shoving his hard cock into my pussy and pounding me mercilessly till he shot his load all over my ass. I lived with George for 4 years and he would tie me up regularly and eat my pussy or fuck my ass till I thought I would pass out. He wanted me to sleep with a woman and that is just something I couldn’t bring myself to do so he slept with my friend and I moved out.I had a few encounters with other men but nothing that satisfied my need for pleasure /pain and need to serve. I meet my second husband by chance one night and we started dating. buca escort bayan He was so different from anyone I ever knew and loved me unconditionally. I put my true nature in storage and married him. He was good to me and the sex with him was great because I loved him. My need to serve was content when he got sick because I took care of him and did everything for him.When he passed away I was devastated. It took me months and months to decide to live again. When I did I decided that his last words to me were be happy and I would not bury my true self again. I began using my computer as an escape. I joined a few online dating sites and then someone sent me an invitation to ONLINE BOOTY CALL. I joined as a joke but thought in the back on my mind maybe I could find someone who would fulfill my need to be used. I meet a few men but none who came close to what I thought I wanted. One night I got an invitation from the Darkknight . His picture caught my eye so dark and mysterious that I replied to his request. We exchanged a few messages and then email addresses and phone numbers. He was very specific in what he wanted and at first I was a little intimidated. He asked me to call him and I told him I would but I didn’t. We lost touch for a few weeks and when we did reconnect his first words to me were You owe me a phone call. I called him and he explained to me that he had been in a wreck and that is why i hadn’t heard from him. I apologized for not calling him before and we talked for a while. Again he told me what he was looking for and I was captivated by his voice. He asked me to come to him and I said that I would on my next day off.I had made up my mind that this was something I wanted to pursue despite the huge butterflies in my stomach. I left on the next night I was off for his place and we texted each other as I drove down the interstate. The closer I got to him the more excited and nervous I became. When I got to his place and stood at his door I thought I would pass out from nervousness. When he opened the door and I saw those eyes I was lost in them. I knew my journey into my dark side had begun.It has been almost 4 years now and he has had control of me from the start. He awakened the whore buried inside of me and I have whole heartedly embraced this side of myself. My need to please him has grown more with each passing day. My ravenous hunger for my DarkLord grows stronger as well. To feel his paddle as he whips my whore ass till it is fire red and burns just as hot, to feel his big black fist deep in my pussy and finally in my asshole is what I crave. His black cock is my d**g of choice, to have it in my throat is what I live for. I love him whole heartedly and my wanton slutty a****l self can’t get enough of the pain and pleasure that he gives me so graciously. He gives me pain glorious pain when I need that release and he gives me divine pleasure that I have never experienced before. On more than one occasion he has left me to weak to move.It turns me on so much to please my DarkLord, to suck his cock, to eat his asshole and drain his balls. I love to taste every inch of my black Master. I will be his slut pain pig forever.As I have been writing this all I can think about is soon I will be with my black Master again, dressed in my slutty best for his approval. Just getting ready to go see him gets me so damned turned on. Even watching the reactions of the people who see me dressed to meet my Black Master turns me on knowing that as soon as I get to him his hands will be on me somewhere tormenting teasing torturing this hungry pig.The need in me now to feel his paddle, his fist, his cock is driving this slut pig insane. The release that he gives me is indescribable. Knowing that he will use each of holes till he has had his fill makes me tremble inside as I sit here typing.I am a willing slut pain pig and proud to be for my Black Master and strive to be an even better pain pig for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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